Topics regarding layoffs at Zayo Group Holdings Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Zayo Group Holdings Inc.

Good ole boys club, hot garbage

As more of the 'good ole boys' were brought into management the company became worse and worse. It seems their mission is to promote incompetence as much as possible and layoff people based on arbitrary selection (seemingly a dartboard) when they... —  read more 

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Huge layoffs today

130 Canadian ((just Canadian) employees laid off today. We were told all the jobs would be moving to the US. That leaves a shell of Canadian employees left now. The old Allstream clan is officially done now.... Well done CRTC and well done... —  read more 

More layoffs at Zayo, July 2018

Another round of what really amounts to back door layoffs. Tons of great employees who are dedicated and hard working, they just happen to do it from home, were told to move to an office location or you no longer have a job. Some actually worked from... —  read more 

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Zayo Layoffs April 2016

Around the middle of April 2016 Zayo laid off upwards of 300 employees nation wide mostly from operations and with no internal warning (as you'd expect). The odd thing is a lot of these did not seem to make since outside of straight budget/head count... —  read more 

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