Topics regarding layoffs at Comcast

Topics regarding layoffs at Comcast

Chicago South layoffs.

Over 20 years at Comcast-Chicago region- and dismissed with many others. Worked in Supply Management dept. and new direction of sending CPE and supplies directly to technicians homes removed many positions .Guess I'm glad I'm gone but the few... —  read more 

Where’s the beef?

Nothing burger here, plenty of cheap talk and uninformed buzz, rumors and a few dozen actual retirements/reorgs does not equal a layoff for those of us who have actually WORKED through true massive layoffs in the early 90’s and after the dot-com... —  read more 

One of the lucky ones

Got my walking papers from sale but a birdy told me google spent most of 2022 poaching advertising budgets from linear for their new shorts program. anyone here have experience with adsense? seems similar, albeit in the digital space but would be... —  read more 

a certai hostile takeover

Hey this side business is profitable. Let's sink our teeth into it and search all their couches for loose change. Don't they see the tension in the room? Or did WFH dull that sense?

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More cuts announced in HQ

There were more cuts and "retirements" announced today in the HQ HR space. While it's sad to see, I don't believe these cuts are anywhere close to what is going on at other tech companies. Comcast has always been conservative with its compensation... —  read more 

Layoffs in NBC Tech Ops

There's talk about layoffs that are slated to happen sooner rather than later in NBC Tech Ops. Does anybody know more about it? It's really hard to get any official info on something like this even if there should be at least something. I guess... —  read more 

Comcast stock

Long time Comcast employee here. Our stock is down 46% over the last year. Does anyone know of any impending budget reduction activities in the works? I can't believe we haven't heard rumors yet.

Put In My Notice Today

Been here 8 years, all of them miserable. Wasted my time, a good portion of the prime of my life, and hated every single second of it. Wokeness turned this company from bad to worse (I'm hispanic fwiw) and to say its a relief that I'll finally be out... —  read more 


I recently got hired as an inbound sales rep working from home. I start in September, but I was just curious about the commissions? How much are commission checks usually? I know it’s uncapped, but what can I expect? $1500? $3000? Or more?

Q4 profit down 9.6% So what do you think about the financial results?

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More Shameful practices

Shame on you Comcast. Yet another example of how terrible Comcast treats it’s employees. A long tenured employee was just laid off and yet leadership tells all of us that this person retired. The fact is they didn’t retire and are looking for work... —  read more 


When will they tell employees they have to be vaccinated? I’m assuming this month, with the deadline by end of year or earlier for anyone who travels.

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