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Comcast Denver Layoffs Today

Comcast had layoffs today, 6/25/2018 in Denver, Colorado. I know we had larger cuts before but this one was big too. Some very talented folks were let go.

St Paul/Minneapolis Layoffs?

Heard in the office from a few supervisors that layoffs might be happening. Anyone know or hear about any of this? I am a level 3 Specialist. Wonder if i should be worried

April layoffs at Comcast

Well mid April is here and Comcast is at it again, layoff have started. They plan on bringing the Belgium over to work. Didn't the learn anything from the outsourcing to India..They didn't save money just lost the consumers. Customers start to come... read more
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More layoffs in Ad Sales

About 30 laid off. It's a pretty bad situation as other companies are laying off Ad Sales folks as well... It's time to pay the piper...
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Getting a new job

My husband was among those laid off by Comcast a few months ago and now he is not sure what to do. He is in his early fifties, and from what we've been hearing, finding a job at that age is pretty much impossible. Has anybody who was laid off and who... read more

Comcast’s Lying Executive Lineup

Comcast fired 500 folks despite falsly claiming tax cut would create thousands of jobs...

Level 3 Specialist St Paul/Minneapolis

I work as a level 3 specialist out of the St. Paul office and there are rumblings from supervisors and management that cuts are going to happen! I am close with my supervisor and she said things are going to change soon.No specifics but with all the... read more
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Comcast layoffs for the entire year

Summary of Comcast layoffs for this year. Is it just me, or does it feel like a lot of it is missing? We've had a number of smaller scale layoffs that are not noted here. I guess that was the point, make them small enough to stay off the radar... read more

Are layoffs done?

Anybody knows if last week's layoffs spree is going to continue into this week? From what I gathered more than 500 people altogether were laid off on Thursday and Friday, most if not all of them in sales. It'd be nice to know if that was it, or if we... read more

Comcast too

Never ceases to amaze me how many trolls patrol this site, desperately trying to prop up the "Everything is AWESOME!" narrative. The latest are people saying how great life is at Comcast, tons of hiring, etc, etc. A quick google search and reading... read more
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Massive cuts are coming, 'savings' are needed but no executive will take any cuts and they keep hiring in the corporate office like it's party time. Sick.

Stop hiring outside managers!

It would be really nice if Comcast would stop hiring outside managers, especially when they don't know customer relationship management system they'll be working with. This keeps creating major issues for everybody under them, especially with the... read more
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better get thicker skin

those with thin skin will not make it at comcast sales... atmosphere here is absolutely brutal... the goals are getting increasingly higher, and those not reaching them are being penalized for it... it affects both the position and any chance of... read more
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No work/life balance...

Next round of layoffs should deal with certain levels of management... Why create completely unnecessary cut-throat workplace environment when things were going well before? People are being overworked to do the point they're leaving on their own... read more

Unrealistic metrics

If you are working at Comcast forget about being treated like a human being. You are nothing more than a number to them and that's how they'll treat you. They have to know that the metrics they set up for us are unattainable, but do they care? No... read more


Weird people, odd interviewing experience. Some attitude, too, from some annoying woman in Philly. Is that normal?
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Sad news. One GREAT resource on the subject of corporate layoffs is a piece titled The Hatchet Man's Playbook. Can't recommend it highly enough.
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And so I left...

I spent 8 years with Comcast in the corporate office - I liked it overall but we did have some layoffs and that made things unstable. I left a couple years ago and I am working for a much smaller company right now - you are not a number here and I... read more

The Signs of Layoffs - Comcast - NBCUniversal

The most obvious sign layoffs are coming: Executives hint at layoffs using other terms, like 'restructuring' "downsizing," "reorganizing," "incremental synergies," organizational efficiency," "offshoring," "streamlining," "headcount reductions"... read more

Spending Money Wisely

This will all end up in tears, right... While its TV broadcasts will shutter as part of the auction — the shifting of stations must occur in... read more

Data Enginnering Analytics & Platforms Layoffs

The DEAP organization led by Antonia Tartanella has undergone lots of layoffs due to the restructuring of T&P within the company. DEAP is ranking existing talent and serving pink slips to those on the bottom.

Any updates about possible layoffs (WEST)?

That's the rumor, I think we are doing fairly well overall, I think Comcast is the only company that has no major job cuts right now in the whole industry. I hope this stays the same way as I am hearing horror stories from my friends who work for... read more

Comcast Layoffs 2016

I am not sure if we are cutting jobs this year, but I can tell you that some groups at Comcast never had layoffs - if you compare this to our competition where job cuts are frequent and almost inevitable, we are doing really well. I am not sure if... read more

News for 2015 Layoffs

Post if you know anything about IT layoffs, I heard many rumors but I am sure if the merger goes through it will be tough on both sides.

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