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Season worker with 34 years years of experience

You put you life and soul into a company CBS and they just discard you like trash! Your told take this or be let go with nothing?? This is how Corperation like CBS treats their loyal hard working people. Plus they hit you up with, oh in 2009 we made... read more
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The merger with Viacom was imminent?

My boss just said he knows of "a lot of stuff coming down the pike." We were talking about my group potentially being able to do away with a position when he mentioned this. Heard that someone on the West Coast said merger with Viacom was imminent... read more

CBS Television City
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Are they laying him off?
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CBS Layoffs 2018

I do not know if we'll have job cuts but I do know that many folks here are worried - this applies only to some employees in NYC.

Layoffs are a regular thing at CBS

Layoffs happen all the time at CBS - they are not big enough to be reported to the state or the media though. Yup, pretty much what @Kvd9v4P-4gftp said. Layoffs are a regular thing at CBS, but they are smart to avoid laying off too many people at the... read more
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CBS Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of CBS layoffs in New York in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.
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