Topics regarding layoffs at Pearson PLC

Topics regarding layoffs at Pearson PLC

Pearson has lost direction

That's my opinion. Issues are just piling up, and nothing is being fixed. I think the question is no longer whether the company has lost its direction, because that is almost obvious, but whether it will be able to get back on track? I doubt it... —  read more 

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Dear Pearson

You wonder why you continue to lose partnerships, you wonder why you continue to lose top tier talent and you wonder why you continue to lose recruitment numbers…. Too focused on the wrong thing. Too focused on KPIs that don’t mean sh-t. This... —  read more 

The new

You have to admit, the new experience is really great. Customers are raving about the change. And just in time to make back to school so much easier for everyone! Winning!

Strategic Review

So a strategic review is being done and we may sell off POLS division because we cannot tell students we are Pearson? This review may take up to 6 months. Who else thinks we will be sold before Christmas? If we do not get a job offer we may not be... —  read more 

Big changes ??

I think more layoffs are coming based on things that are happening now. Student support is pushing metrics again and I wonder if they are looking to cut low performers. Anyone know anything?

Moonlighting policy?

I’m a new-ish current employee of Pearson and thinking of getting a second gig on evenings/weekends to save extra money. Is this allowed? Does Pearson have policies against second jobs? I couldn’t find any specific policy.

Another new executive

While we in POLS and others in different divisions are facing potential job eliminations, another executive was hired. I completely understand that the position is open, but it is alarming that so many executive positions are open. Studies show... —  read more 

The hilarity ensues!

With the announcement that the warehouse is now located in Indianapolis, the Cranbury staff won't be shipping orders beginning tomorrow and thru the weekend. Great timing! People on the cusp of making goal or trying to bump their bonus up? Sorry... —  read more 

Bye bye ASU

Announced this morning...POLS is losing its biggest partnership, ASU, in June 2023. That's 250+ advisors and leaders that will be losing their jobs next year. But let's face it, we knew this was coming. Ineffective leadership all recycled from UOPx... —  read more 

The pay gap

It’s awful how the pay gap between the leading people and the employees here is getting bigger and bigger. This makes me sometimes feel like I'm working harder so our CEO can have a bigger salary and not working to earn a bigger salary myself. And... —  read more 

Meanwhile, at the asylum…

“London, 16th March 2022 - Pearson, the world’s leading learning company, today announced the appointment of Marykay Wells, Chief Information Officer, to Pearson’s executive leadership team. Reporting directly to CEO Andy Bird, Wells will work with... —  read more 

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