Topics regarding layoffs at Pearson PLC

Topics regarding layoffs at Pearson PLC

Pearson to merge with Ed?

Pearson has no innovation and creativity. They have been milking old software and textbooks for decades. They are going to be left behind as higher Ed changes and won’t be able to compete in the corporate training world. Their reputation is not good... —  read more 

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5 Divisions ? Shares are up, HEd Courseware is now its own division setup for easy spin off, and the ship continues on... —  read more 

Terrible management

Listen—there is NO reason why Pearson shouldn’t have record sales this year. None, zip, zero. Declining enrollment doesn’t matter.... Almost every non digital user had to move to a digital product or platform. There should be a massive... —  read more 

Waste of resources

We can meet a dozen professors from multiple campuses instead of wasting 5 hours in traffic. Sales meetings are a complete waste of resources. Haven’t we learned anything from being online on how to conduct business differently? Huge liability... —  read more 

Stay away

I've started warning people who show even the slightest interest in joining Pearson to stay as far away as they can. This is the place to join only if you want to see your career die. Once it might have been a good place to advance or even work, but... —  read more 

New DTC Division

Interesting news about the new direct-to-consumer division. Pearson is spending big on this as they continue to cut costs in North American Higher Ed sales (14% decline reported last month - I understand the shift to digital means lower price per... —  read more 

Pearson Stock

I started with Pearson about 5 years ago and remember the stock was around $20. Leadership talked about how it was going to increase and I could buy it at a discount so I would already make money just by buying it and then it would grow. Fast... —  read more 

POLS meeting with KW

Just got a calendar invite for another wave-style meeting. KW is meeting with small groups of EAs for an hour in several waves from Wednesday to Thursday. Anyone have any thoughts about what’s going to happen? I’m sure we’ll find out tomorrow. —  read more 


Well, it looks like the posts here are being moderated and removed pretty quickly! Makes you wonder how much time senior “leadership” spends on this page instead of actually LEADING. Nice work KW and JV. You must be proud.

Andy Bird

Does anyone know how Andy Bird feels about layoffs? It would be nice to not have that hanging over us all the time and be known as the layoff solution. One thing’s for sure, he had great luck with Goofy and Donald Duck, hoping he can work that... —  read more 

Will it ever get better?

It wouldn’t surprise me if the person who continues to brag about the daily 3 and 4 cent gains in their Pearson stock shares is also the one making all the decisions around Pearson! Talk about “Ready, Fire, Aim” You lay-off countless EAs and an... —  read more 

This is on Pearson

Pearson has been treating its employees like c-ap and now management is seeing the results of that treatment. A happy employee is a good employee. A mistreated employee couldn't care less if he or she is doing a good job. And that is becoming... —  read more 

Dissonant Days Ahead

All these roles being filled with all the wrong people is close to completion! KW’s half-c—ed plan is coming together like a fork in a power outlet. With the perplexing promotions of those who couldn’t get it done in their previous positions now... —  read more 

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