Topics regarding layoffs at Pearson PLC

Topics regarding layoffs at Pearson PLC

The Market is Starving

I know you're pi---d that you've been let go but this could be the opportunity you need to create wealth for you and your family. The market needs SMALL OPM companies. All you have to do is create the infrastructure and you could be making MILLIONS... —  read more 

Something is not right!

Couldn't have said it better myself: No payout for unused PTO, no severance, no reasoning as to why certain people were cut and others stayed. They also screwed people still there by not... —  read more 

You deserve better

I know it's not easy to be laid off. It is a very stressful time for everyone. I know great people who were cut and who feel it's their own fault. No, it's not! Don't take layoffs personally and keep in mind that you certainly deserve better than... —  read more 

Executive Whistleblowing?

As a result of hearing of more layoffs in my business unit this week I'm waking up anxious again at 4am. Although I know I should leave, I'm finding it difficult to get a role that isn't in a destructive industry. If our blood-su-king leadership... —  read more 

No more severance

As of 6/15 Pearson no longer has a severance policy. Tenure means nothing. This opens up opportunities for inconsistencies and bias. I’m sure there’s going to be discovery and lawyers once someone feels they got less than their former coworkers. —  read more 

HE next?

Now that the ecumenical TAS is running HE, will they be next for the chopping block? Especially now that there’s a hiring freeze in place? He’s made more cuts than Gillette.

Mid-way point

That’s the call out from KB in an email to staff that went out this week. Same blah blah except that our new Regent owners want us to be working back in offices. Because….? So let me get this straight…we know we’re going to be working in an office... —  read more 

Imposter Syndrome

I got laid off at the end of last year at Pearson and have found a new job at an excellent company a couple months ago. What do I mean by excellent? I got a lot more money for the same kind of work. I got new equipment. Everything my new employer... —  read more 

Keeping skills up to date

Striving to keep skills relevant is extremely important for all of us. However, am I mistaken or is it becoming increasingly difficult to do so here? I'm about to quit because I've been stagnant here for some time in every possible way.


What customer in their right mind would consent to having their voice and likeness recorded by a corporation in the AI, Chatgbt world we live in?

HE Poor Leadership

How can we further erode rep morale? Take away a role that focused on actual customer care Make up some new roles without clearly defining them Let sales reps tell a story since January meant to go after OER and other low cost options to... —  read more 

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