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Layoff Updates

Interested in hearing what’s happening. Very little news in P&C geos/sales world. Any updates in sales in HSSLE, M&S, Lines of Business or Marketing?
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Cengage is planning on buying Pearson out

I heard that Cengage is planning on buying Pearson out next year. With the new program they have we at Pearson do not stand a chance. Where exactly did you hear this? Is there any actual truth behind this or is this just another runaway rumor? Any... read more

Writing is on the wall

I believe it will happen in April. It will be massive, quick and brutal. I loved this company and have sacrificed so much to stay for a culture that’s no longer. I've read this on another thread (the one about ranking reps). Don't know if OP has some... read more
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Ranking/Rating Reps- Change is a comin'

I can't believe DMs have been asked to "rank/rate" their reps and ranking who is the most adaptable to change. My DM is horrible and apparently she is in charge of my future at this company?! I hope her boss is ranking the bottom. Writing is... read more


Pearson hasn’t offered 1 month per year of service in severance packages in over a decade. A typical package is two weeks per year of service for most staff; high-earners and senior execs get three per year of service. Some include health insurance... read more

8000 Pearson layoffs coming up?

During the Hoboken town hall today they just announced 8000 layoffs coming up. 5000 from the sale of businesses and 3000 from within. Unbelievable how the executives treat people like pawns. We're just numbers. What a joke.


S-xual harassment within Pearson Education USA is protected by HR and management If you call out a manager for it and you get blackballed w no support from HR or management Also this is a company that obviously doesn't value diversity Avoid this... read more

My loyalty

The first half of my 16 years with the company didn't feel like constant upheaval. Now, not so much. Today I'm hearing rumors of layoffs throughout HR in NJ. I used to believe in the company and what we do. Now my loyalty is to the customers I serve... read more

Manager Movement

We are beginning to see movement of managers to phony positions with obviously inflated titles. What does everyone make of this?

November/December layoffs at Pearson

Pearson North American Higher Education will most likely get reorganized in early November/late December so in January new territories and heads can get ready for 2018. Also decisions will be made by then and won't impact orders from bookstores... read more

Pearson PLC Layoffs 2018

I need to ask you a few things - are there going to be layoffs, who will be affected, if yes where and when will cuts take place. How about employees located in London.


Whoever created Pearson's TPS site either had a morbid sense of humor or got rolled hard. Seen my share of TPS filler-outers over the years as most managers couldn't correctly fill out the online forms... read more

The IT Crowd

HR is a joke, you report bullying they go against you. You have witnesses but they are too scared to come forward in case of retribution. As soon as you report it you suddenly find your self getting put on PIPS. The fact is IT buys things for so... read more

Reporting people is useless

Posting on this site has more of an impact than reporting awful people to their managers or HR. Until the company figures out ignoring employee concerns is probably not wise, expect it to continue. @OBPj2nS-nfia, unfortunately this is so true. Not to... read more

Rampant bullying and intimidation

Bullying and intimidation by the DMs and RMs is rampant at Pearson. Yet they offer zero help or guidance. Very toxic culture. I've worked with all the regions and the central region is by far the worst. All the good Pearson people left 2010-2013... read more

No respect for the employees

there is absolutely no respect for the employee at Pearson. people are being laid off left and right, with no regard for merit. those who stay get miserable raises that don't even match cost of life, while the completely useless CEO pockets another... read more

Layoffs are nothing new at Pearson

Pearson has been having layoffs through organizational restructuring continuously for years now. Most of it flies under the radar since they are making sure to get rid of small enough number from various departments to avoid having to issue WARN... read more

Pearson business cycle

Pearson business cycle is defined as follows: Lower earnings expected Annual 3000 layoff Restructure CEO get pay increase and bonus Repeat Eventually there will be nobody left.

Pearson is a mess, no wonder layoffs are coming

This company has been a complete mess since the latest CEO took over. There is absolutely no strategy for the overall company, different groups are either not communicating or are asserting their will (I am looking at you, Finance) in a way that does... read more

All You Lifers Enjoying the Open Floor Plan?

bright lighting noisy neighbors people still watching youtube or playing solitare in the open pu--y senior management hiding away in alcoves major mistake reason why alot of competent folks have left on their own ps: work from home? complete... read more

Doubt it'll be the managers that are let go

I'm skeptical that they'll actually cut managerial positions. My department in Boston is so top heavy that, with all the layoffs of non-managerial positions and people leaving, there are almost as many middle managers as non-managers. Yet, I bet... read more
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Does anyone know if you are able to accept another position with another company while still collecting severance with Pearson.

No forward thinking in Pearson

That was by far the worst NSM to date. They will never figure out how to alot time for the sessions. Not enough time and not every marketing team deserves time to speak. Focus on the $ makers that are coming out. Not the 5 copy adoption. There were... read more
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Cut the trophy stick, give us our commission

I was at the awards show and it is a joke that everyone got the participation trophy. I got one and forgot to take it back to my room, so probably was discarded. I don't want a participation trophy--I want my commission that they continue to screw me... read more

The Emotional Stages of a Pearson Rep

The emotional stages of a Pearson rep: Triggered bc they got screwed on their bonus for the 5th straight year. They start looking for a new job. That will show them. Contact a bunch of ex Pearson people on LinkedIn telling them you want out FOR REAL... read more

Pearson NSM

So I'm an inhouse employee in Boston -- I'm currently working 10 hour days pushing projects through to get ready for the higher ed sales force. While I am working like crazy to get everything done for successful delivery, I see lots of wasted time... read more

Zero accountability for everybody but reps

They will never be able to rip the bandaid off. The people making the decisions know if a major restructure actually happens, then their jobs and all manager jobs are on the line too. Soooooo many middle management all trying to save their butts... read more

More layoffs in the assessment division

They're probably going to shutter everything and ship it to MN. Testing numbers are down 30% this year. Customer service is suffering because there isn't enough staff to answer client inquires. Good luck to them. Get out before they can you.

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