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Bonus Structure

Just giving everyone the heads up here - There are going to be major changes to the bonus structure for the next fiscal year. So, buckle up...

And the actual Pearson Alumni URL.... I would LOVE to know the method behind this move of Pearson’s. They anticipate 5000 people to join the site within the first 12 months. Don’t know what the set-up of the site will be but I don’t know too many people that... read more

Participation Trophies

So now we don't get goals and everyone gets paid no matter what. Plus, bonuses are capped now. So now many of us will earn less. What is going on?

Class Action Lawsuit

Any other reps get a letter regarding a possible class action lawsuit for unpaid wages? I’m gone now but got a letter a couple of weeks ago. Hoping reps will speak up.

Uncertain Times for the Certain

Just like many other departments, restructuring came and went. They outsourced Technical Support Reps and Customer Service Reps for Clinical and Higher Ed. They then kept a handful to clean up the messes that the new offshore reps made. Slowly they... read more

Thank you to the people who give me hope

Thank you to the former employees who post about life after Pearson. I’m working on my exit plan and it’s scary but I’ve just had it! Every year it’s the same sh**%! I remember KC at the NSM talking about how BTS should be a non event! Ah ha! Good... read more

Just move on from Pearson

I left Pearson years ago and, looking back, the only thing I regret is the amount of time I stayed. The culture is fine for a new-graduate that needs to be micromanaged, but as you gain experience and expertise, you will need to leave to be treated... read more

How does Pearson get away with this

This is the worst BTS in my 8 years here and that’s saying A LOT considering the XL platform hasn’t even gone down......yet. How does Pearson get away with this garbage year after year? How have we, as employees, not revolted??? I’m so sick of the... read more

Have you figured it out yet?

Pearson dropped the ball (again) on fall BTS. By the time these textbooks arrive in bookstores, students will have found their course materials elsewhere. The bookstores will return the majority of what comes in late and NET sales will be way down... read more

Facebook Group

IS there anything more annoying than the Pearson employee Facebook group??? I do not care about how much BTS BS you are doing, what bookstores you’re working, what faculty you’re training, FDOCs, how many people you’re supposedly signing up for... read more


Here we go. What's the over under on how long it takes XL to crash?
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Feel bad for those left to pick up the pieces

My phone has been ringing off the hook for assistance. I was let go with the layoff so now I don’t answer my phone. The customers are really, really upset. I’ve given them some direction, but holy crap, do I feel bad for those who remained. What a... read more

Pearson Service "Disruption", AGAIN! Tue, 31 Jul 2018, 16:37 (EDT) We have confirmed a technical issue that may be impacting access to your course(s). Some customers may receive an error message when accessing their... read more
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Pearson Goal Achiever Awards

Did Pearson give out Goal Achiever awards to reps with negative sales goals again? Is this the only way that they can try to entice people to stay in their dying company? How was yesterday's prom? Lots of drinking and fine dining? For a company that... read more

Exodus of experienced employees

Pearson will not need layoffs anymore very soon from what I've been seeing lately. All the seasoned employees with most knowledge and experience are leaving in droves on their own. I'm not sure many will be left soon, and then what? Does the company... read more

Pearson National Sales Meeting

How can Pearson afford to have a Sales Meeting in San Diego this week after laying off so many? More unlimited drinking and eating at fine restaurants on the backs of students paying for their labs that don’t work properly. Surely the “favorites”... read more

Pearson just one part of the College Meltdown

In 2011, it was the Harkin (HELP) Senate Commission. In 2015, the media reported on Corinthian Colleges. In 2016, it was ITT Tech. But now, the College Meltdown has reached community colleges, private colleges, HBCUs, and second-tier public schools... read more

More layoffs?

Been hearing about more layoffs coming to Pearson this month. It's not the most reliable source though, so I'm hoping somebody here can confirm or deny this info.

Office Shrinkage

The rumor is that most development offices are being shrunk to a point of no return. Like , in Denver 4 floors are being shrunk down to 1.5 floors with all new hiring going on in India (Cognizant). Most local resources who have any talent will... read more

Sustainability? What Sustainability? Loved the irony of this well crafted and edited report on all the amazing things that Pearson is doing around the... read more

Missing in action

What has happened to the executive management team? The company goes through a major systems upgrade that is a complete disaster (and the nightmare continues even almost 4 weeks in), they announce a major NA sales reorg while laying off a significant... read more

2018 Leadership Council

Is Pearson still planning on spending a Million + dollars to send the boys club and spouses to a 5 star resort (with paid excursions) despite laying off hundreds to save costs? It's usually reserved for the boys club executive group and their rep... read more

TEP /New Systems

What a complete and utter disaster. We have customers who ordered materials in April who still haven't received shipments. It numbers in the thousands! How about laying off the clowns in charge of that circus and hiring someone who knows what the... read more

Lack of direction

True leaders create a vision all or most stakeholders rally around. The current leadership at Pearson has done little to calm the fears of those who have been the face of the company to customers. Without internal support of a vision, the desired... read more

Layoffs info

I realise the vast majority discussion is about the sales team here but technology and product have been hit hard in various areas - crippling or effectively eliminating the teams Any chance we can get some more info on this, @TCYAI4M-2ykf? Or... read more
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Funny how

all the posts about C.A. and B.S. keep disappearing .............


Boston has been a sh---show of toxic culture for over a decade. - -Absentee management at best. I've seen or heard: - -People leaving meetings in tears - -Management discriminating against non-whites & documented in email - -Homophobia and g-- slurs... read more

Boston/Columbus Inside Hybrid sales models

Do you think that is going to be the future for the sales teams at Pearson? Know both offices have their issues but anyone heard any rumors of going to a predominately inside sales model?

Any layoffs this week?

Are we looking at more layoffs at Pearson this week? I think I read somewhere that it is expected layoffs will continue all throughout June, but frankly, after last week and the numbers of people who were shown the door I'm kind of hopeful that was... read more

Why no hiring freeze?

My question is why was US HEd not on a hiring freeze the last 12 months? People that were hired last fall, moved their families to their territories out of state, were laid off yesterday. JF announced there would be another round of 3000+ layoffs... read more

Pearson MyLabs

MyLabs for social sciences was a poor investment. The lack of updates for MyLabs products is pathetic. Pearson is a legacy company and has no idea how to function in the 21st century where everything is mobile first. Revel is the only product that... read more


Why do we still have LTS’s? That role is a shadow of what it used to be. We all know our tech platforms now. And LTS hasn’t helped me sell a thing since 2012, but they sure are getting paid on everything I win in my terriotory .


The very sad part is that everyone knows that bullying/intimidation is going on and not doing a darn thing about it. It's acceptable and unlike the playground bully, one cannot go up to them and throw a nice uppercut at them to make them go away... read more

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