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This is on Pearson

Pearson has been treating its employees like c-ap and now management is seeing the results of that treatment. A happy employee is a good employee. A mistreated employee couldn't care less if he or she is doing a good job. And that is becoming... —  read more 

Dissonant Days Ahead

All these roles being filled with all the wrong people is close to completion! KW’s half-c—ed plan is coming together like a fork in a power outlet. With the perplexing promotions of those who couldn’t get it done in their previous positions now... —  read more 

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It just keeps getting better !

Those Fall start goals should be just within reach now! The dialer is down, SMS is broken, Conversica is a disaster, a vCita rollout is on the horizon with no understanding of how it actually works, EdPlus just took two states from RS (UT & CO) and... —  read more 

Pearson's path to destruction

When good leadership is in place in a company, it can be felt throughout the entire organization. With good leadership, corporate culture isn’t forced, it is developed. Communication is daily and open. Everyone understands the vision and goals of the... —  read more 

This is utterly unprofessional...

133 people were on a zoom call. There was a script read, did not look into the camera. It lasted a minute and a half and then they ended the meeting. They put us mute so no one could ask question or cause problems. We have no idea what to do because... —  read more 

Bloodbath Today

Good luck everyone, today looks to be a Potentially bad one for us. Let’s try to support and help each other through Pearson’s “leadership”. If you can help each other or have information you want to share, please do.

How are you responding here? I'm struggling with these lawsuits. When I speak to our C-Suite folks individually logic and reason really does hold... —  read more 

How does a layoff go?

What happens when people find out they are getting laid off from their job? I am nervous and wondering what to expect.

Pearson UX Lays Off Entire Research Staff

In another money-rich experience-poor move by the new UX and Product leadership, the entire Research team has been removed from Pearson UX. Experience development will now be led by - best guesses. At the same time, the company's Design Language team... —  read more 

Here we go again...

Get ready for TEP part 2. They might call it something different, but it's more of the same. System "efficiencies" that aren't efficient for anyone except the technology and operations team that can cut their own costs in the short term. Meanwhile... —  read more 

More layoffs this week?

Now that they started with the cuts last week, are we looking at continuous layoffs throughout May or will it be more spaced apart?

Worst customer service ever!!

This company has been a nightmare to work with!!! My daughter can not access her class and has been waiting 11 days for access! Yes...11 days!!! No one in customer service can help, there is no way to speak to a live person and the reps via text and... —  read more 


"We are, however, announcing today that over the next few months, we will start to move ahead with further plans to simplify the company and make it more efficient." CEO 4/24/20

Why so quiet?

Just checking this site and saw no updates. What’s it like inside Pearson during the COVID era? Any news?

Test Center Employees

Test administrators and others at testing centers are being paid through mid-April. Any word on what might happen after that? I'm wondering if they'll furlough most of them. It doesn't seem like these locations will be reopening soon.

Uh oh ...

Pearson US Courseware Down 12%

Pearson released revised preliminary results for fiscal 2019. Overall the corporation was down 6% and sales of courseware here in the U.S. were down 12%. This represents loss of marketshare. Profs are either dropping Revel and MyLabs altogether... —  read more 

The Grass is Greener, Get Out Now!

I wasted three years of my life at Pearson...under a manager with ZERO management skills, unrealistic sales goals, and toxic team dynamics. It wore me down physically, mentally, and emotionally and impacted my relationships greatly. I left last... —  read more 

Gloomy 2020

"Guidance for 2020 was gloomier still, with adjusted operating profit expected to fall to £500M-£580M."

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End of 2019 results -- who didn't see this coming?–unaudited-.html "The weaker performance was driven by the following factors: Modest adoption share loss caused by the delivery issues due to the... —  read more 

Town Hall went well?

I got caught in the one crm vortex of pre-qualification and negotiation and missed it, unfortunately. Got to make sure my data entry is on point. Tracking that business, navigating tah-blow, closing out opportunities after rummaging thru oasis... —  read more 

Such a good business policy

I've noticed that when Pearson lays off people, they tend to get rid of talented folks with the most experience. Then when it's time to hire a replacement, it turns out they need two people to do the work of that one person. Now tell me, how is... —  read more 

Fallon out

As soon as a new ceo is found. He's gone. Interesting timing and perhaps a weak attempt for the company to save face in the midst of such drastic changes. Reminds me of Bagdad Bob during the Iraq War trying to convince the world that his country is... —  read more 

Pearson Motto

“Your tracking better be accurate & complete. Your sales data....hahahahahahaha. Yeah right.”


Whoever made the choice to move from Google to MS should be next on the chopping block.


Just had a flashback of Cengage weirdos joking about Pearson layoffs on their page this past May. They called us “obsolete cutie pies” - I was one of those who was cut (and found something much better quickly). I must say hearing about their layoffs... —  read more 

Blind, Naive or Clueless?

I recall Pearson Management a few years back stating they didn't expect college kids to purchase used books when the truth was that college kids had been purchasing used books for many years. For goodness sake, if there is one thing kids will do is... —  read more 

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