Topics regarding layoffs at Pearson PLC

Topics regarding layoffs at Pearson PLC


When is this long awaited announcement finally going to come? Who will be the new proprietors? I've heard of a few likely candidates. Curious if it will be KP as expected

Any updates?

Is anyone else curious if parts of the company are being sold? It has been hush hush from senior leaders. I am actively looking, but unfortunately many companies aren't hiring due to downturn in economy.

Should I quit?

I’ve only been at Pearson a few months. All the layoffs scared me and had me searching for another position and I got a job offer. Should I take it? I didn’t get laid off this time so I feel bad because I’m obviously screwing my team over by leaving... —  read more 

POLS Updates?

The strategic review has been finished and we were told a sale is in the future. Suddenly we are having end of the year functions. Metrics are getting worse and we are being threatened with termination. Are they trying to get us all to quit so... —  read more 

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No Way to Communicate

If you work in a different area of the company, you wouldn't know the extent of the lay offs except by reading here. I believe interactive NEO was taken away so employees can't reach out to comment or say good bye. No responses allowed on the Hub so... —  read more 

Dear Pearson

You wonder why you continue to lose partnerships, you wonder why you continue to lose top tier talent and you wonder why you continue to lose recruitment numbers…. Too focused on the wrong thing. Too focused on KPIs that don’t mean sh-t. This... —  read more 

The new

You have to admit, the new experience is really great. Customers are raving about the change. And just in time to make back to school so much easier for everyone! Winning!

Strategic Review

So a strategic review is being done and we may sell off POLS division because we cannot tell students we are Pearson? This review may take up to 6 months. Who else thinks we will be sold before Christmas? If we do not get a job offer we may not be... —  read more 

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