Topics regarding layoffs at Pearson PLC

Topics regarding layoffs at Pearson PLC


I’ve been thinking of changing industries but to be honest I’m not sure if it’s a good idea. I’m mid-career and the thought of starting over terrifies me. Have any former or current employees made the switch and if so were you happy with the move?... —  read more 

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Be ready Aug 16th

Just finished a meeting with those in the know and it’s sad to say but Pearson as we know it will be experiencing a major shape up in the coming weeks. For those that want out, hang on for the severance and for those who are stressed out and worried... —  read more 

How to deal with it?

Has anyone had to deal with stress/anxiety due to work related issues? Short of seeing a doctor and getting prescribed medication how have you dealt with it? I’ve tried yoga, meditation, nature walks, therapy and other methods but it’s not helping. —  read more 

LOL at this chair policy

Pearson didn't have to do anything, and it probably would have been better if they didn't. With the new WFH policy NA workers can get a subsidized chair for their home office. Of course, this is all through some corporate partnership. Employees... —  read more 

A slow painful death

As bad as it’s been at POLS for the past few years, it’s 10x worse now. Everyone I know is looking or leaving, except at the senior levels where they keep hiring more people that don’t know this business. Meetings upon meetings upon meetings... —  read more 

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Everybody is leaving

I've noticed that walking out is no longer limited to older employees who've been here a while. People who have joined in the last year or two are also quitting in growing numbers. I guess we're at a point where we have become a company that people... —  read more 

HR is a joke

Is there anyone who is happy with HR? Have they ever helped you? Or perhaps the better question is: how many problems do you have with HR considering that it is already clear to almost everyone that they are not here because of us? I worked in... —  read more 

Different company

Lately, Pearson seems like a completely different company than it was ten or even five years ago. People are always in a bad move, all I receive is negative feedback. Nobody seems to care about their jobs anymore. I see full teams of people who are... —  read more 

Pearson to merge with Ed?

Pearson has no innovation and creativity. They have been milking old software and textbooks for decades. They are going to be left behind as higher Ed changes and won’t be able to compete in the corporate training world. Their reputation is not good... —  read more 

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5 Divisions ? Shares are up, HEd Courseware is now its own division setup for easy spin off, and the ship continues on... —  read more 

Terrible management

Listen—there is NO reason why Pearson shouldn’t have record sales this year. None, zip, zero. Declining enrollment doesn’t matter.... Almost every non digital user had to move to a digital product or platform. There should be a massive... —  read more 

Waste of resources

We can meet a dozen professors from multiple campuses instead of wasting 5 hours in traffic. Sales meetings are a complete waste of resources. Haven’t we learned anything from being online on how to conduct business differently? Huge liability... —  read more 

Stay away

I've started warning people who show even the slightest interest in joining Pearson to stay as far away as they can. This is the place to join only if you want to see your career die. Once it might have been a good place to advance or even work, but... —  read more 

New DTC Division

Interesting news about the new direct-to-consumer division. Pearson is spending big on this as they continue to cut costs in North American Higher Ed sales (14% decline reported last month - I understand the shift to digital means lower price per... —  read more 

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