Topics regarding layoffs at Pearson VUE

Topics regarding layoffs at Pearson VUE

"November Pay Increase"

Has anybody else checked their first paystub for November? I see they haven't implemented the first pay increase yet. I'm so sick and tired of this cheap a-s company. Vue employees worked through this entire fu----g pandemic in many states and here's... —  read more 

No greater vision

Layoffs or not, this company is poorly managed and I advise everyone who has talent to get out of here as soon as possible. There hasn't been any vision for a long time, and without a clear vision and good direction, nothing good can be expected.

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Test Center Employees

Test administrators and others at testing centers are being paid through mid-April. Any word on what might happen after that? I'm wondering if they'll furlough most of them. It doesn't seem like these locations will be reopening soon.

Every man for himself

This sentence, pretty much explains the culture and mentality that are present at this company for a while.Almost all of my colleagues don’t like each other, and are basically actively trying to sabotage each other whenever the opportunity for that... —  read more 

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