Topics regarding layoffs at Scholastic Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Scholastic Corp.

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Sorry late warning. We have some new layoffs coming before end of quarter. Mostly due to the bad revenue and mismanagement of vendors.

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More layoffs on the way

We have more layoffs coming. All the write downs from classroom books, content, and clubs keep mounting. The fact that we are now trying to sell off ed group means we are in trouble.

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Any news on layoffs?

We're closing on the start of a lot of back to school activities, and we usually hear about a chunk of layoffs. Wondering if anyone has any news?0

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Scholastic is a train wreck

I came into Acholastic thinking it was a great place to work and in the almost year I was there managing several projects, I saw many terminations of people who were doing their job and spoke up against the red tape and politics going on there. Great... —  read more 

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Management Needs Serious Help

I have not had a serious raise in 5 years or the ability to move to a next level position as an editor. So many people are leaving that makes me want to consider taking a package and find something at another publisher

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They keep cutting benefits, 7 years in the row Pay is not that great Small layoffs If you a dir or up you will be taken care of

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