Topics regarding layoffs at McGraw-Hill Cos.

Topics regarding layoffs at McGraw-Hill Cos.

re: McGraw Hill NSM

Interesting to see the pics from the NSM and the money the company spent -- I'm just curious, do you all think McGraw Hill is the whitest sales force you have every seen? My goodness every group pic looked like pics of them from the old South.

Mgmt Issues

Having worked for McGraw Hill for about 30 years, I feel it's fair to say that top management is ill-equipped to compete on the digital frontier (and the death by a thousand cuts like OER, lean digital ed tech players, even mega giants such as... —  read more 

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Merger Prospects Growing Dim

"Put simply, given this large (and growing) number of opponents, there is very little chance the merger closes in its current form."

Merger in Peril?

A piece on the InsideHigherEd site, the proposed "McCengage" merger delay may spell chaos for the important fall start/selling season and may not end up going through at all. The major issue seems to be the amount of overlap in lists and the number... —  read more 

Merger Deadline Extended to 1 May

Merger deadline has been extended until 1 May 2020. Regulatory approval is still a question mark, as significant objections have been raised in the UK and in Australia, along with numerous groups in the U.S. (most notably the College Bookstore... —  read more 

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MHE Layoffs underway

Looks like MHE tech and operations teams are being gutted for higher ed and school. Are the other businesses affected. Any word on sales and customer support cuts? Who will be left to build new products? Santa monica closing? Any word on what... —  read more 

If I were you

If I were you I'd be really worried this extremely bad mojo is about to infect your organization. MH is bringing a big load of b—s— to your doorstep real soon. check out the cengage stuff:

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McGraw/ Cengage Merger

I’m concerned McGraw is going to be consumed by Cengage. We have been stealing business from Cengage for years and Cengage always seems to be restructuring and trying new thing unsuccessfully. Maybe time to go back to Pearson?

What reps will be retained....?

How worried should I be with MH taking over as CEO? How will the sales force be determined? Who will run it EM/MGH or ER/CL? The Pearson reorg seemed to favor those with PH ties so worried Cengage reps will have the advantage.

2019 layoffs?

McGraw-Hill is part of the US College Meltdown. Let me know what is happening.

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2018 Re-Org / Upcoming Change

Here's a little insider information about the upcoming Re-Org. Will it happen in November before the Main Sales Season or in April/May after the Sales season... that's the Question? Now our new leader "NB" has to decide when to Execute his plan, but... —  read more 

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