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Looks like Purdue University Global has been advertising on MTV's "Catfish."
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How's the Purdue University Global scam working?

"Kaplan Higher Education's (KHE) steep revenue decline is largely the result of the completed sale of its domestic higher ed business to Purdue University last year. The past 12 months also saw KHE's operating loss widen from $360,000 to $3.4... read more
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University of Massachusetts joins online schools

"When University of Massachusetts System president Marty Meehan on Monday night announced plans to launch a new online college in the state, higher education observers lit up social media with a range of reactions: excitement, curiosity, puzzlement... read more
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DOD, VA Get Low Grades for Helping Vets Make College Choices

"According to Student Veterans of America and their NVEST report, 46 percent of all people using the GI Bill do not finish school, and that 25 percent use their hard earned GI Bill on for-profit colleges. In 2017, CBS News also reported that 40... read more
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University Partnerships

What's University Partnerships? https://seekingalpha.com/pr/17286037-brandon-busteed-joins-kaplan-new-role-focusing-university-partnerships
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Teach outs?

Are the Urbandale, IA, Milwaukee, St. Louis, and S. Portland, ME campuses in the process of teach out? If so, why isn't anyone talking?

Kaplan using MilitaryBenefits.info to target vets

Looks like the only school option for the lead generator in MilitaryBenefits.info is Kaplan. Wonder how much Kaplan pays QuinStreet. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/lead-generator-quinstreet-preying-vets-misleading-shipping-shaulis/
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Problems with ED

The U.S. Education Department wants Purdue University to absorb the debts and liabilities of Kaplan University as a condition for approving the state school’s controversial purchase of the for-profit college, a request that critics say could place... read more
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Dev Bootcamp closing

Dev Bootcamp, a coding boot camp that Kaplan acquired three years ago for an undisclosed sum, this week announced that it will shut down this December... read more
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I am a former student of Concord Law School.

It is pretty good law school. I decided to go online after trying a local law school. The local law school was terrible with professors that did not prepare for classes and were not interested in teaching. The bar pass rate is lower than ABA law... read more

Purdue University Buys Kaplan?

Purdue University just bought Kaplan? I thought this was a joke, but it was in Inside Higher Education. https://www.insidehighered.com/quicktakes/2017/04/27/purdue-buys-kaplan-university-will-create-new-nonprofit-chain

Trump, DeVos, and Kaplan

How will the Trump administration's new Department of Education affect Kaplan? https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/educational-corruption-devos-devolution-dahn-shaulis?published=u

Protest being organized against Camden Kid

There is a protest that will take place next Month at Camdens residency. It is a multi school collaboration and details to come. We are in the process of obtaining permits. There will be a Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter page. More info to come

Concord Law School

How does Concord Law School stay in business with such a low bar pass rate?...................................https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Concord_Law_School

"Kaplan Collective" on Facebook

Students, former students, and justice-minded teachers can join together on Facebook at the Kaplan Collective....................................https://www.facebook.com/groups/KaplanCollective/

I am with Kaplan

And I am really surprised that no employee decided to post here - it's very tense here at Kaplan right now and I am puzzled why employees are silent when many other for-profit schools have very active boards here. I am not counting Camden as he posts... read more

Kaplan Indicated in Miami Herald Expose

Kaplan was the first school named in the Miami Herald's expose of for-profit higher education in Florida.......... http://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/education/article19196526.html

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