Topics regarding layoffs at Kaplan University

Topics regarding layoffs at Kaplan University

Purdue Global continues to lose money...

...and it owes KHE $127.8M

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Keeping the propaganda going...

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Perhaps no television talk show is more appropriate for Purdue Global than “The Balancing Act.” After all, Purdue Global students – adult learners – stand out for their ability to successfully take classes while also holding... — read more 

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1449 Borrower Defense Claims

"On May 6, 2021, Kaplan received a notice from the Department of Education (ED) that it would be conducting a fact-finding process pursuant to the borrower defense to repayment (BDTR) regulations to determine the validity of more than 800 BDTR claims... — read more 

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Purdue and Purdon't Marketed Together

“The excellence and ideals that led Fast Company to recognize Purdue University for a second year come to life in Purdue Global,” said Frank Dooley, chancellor of Purdue Global. “Beginning with the expansion of Ethan Braden’s portfolio to lead... — read more 

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Sweet v Cardona

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Lose-Win Situation

This Graham Holdings Company-Purdue Global situation really is a racket. Purdue still owes Kaplan $113 million but GHC can write it off their taxes. The US government has to pay for this mess, first with the CARES Act money, then with the money... — read more 

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From the CEO...

"The school that systematically misleads students or enrolls those who don't have the capability of succeeding is unlikely to last long. It will have a difficult time making money, and it will build problematic word of mouth in the community in which... — read more 

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The Great Master's Degree Swindle

"If you want to pay more and get less go to a for-profit school like DeVry, the University of Phoenix, or Purdue Global."

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Debt Sentence

Student loan default is a traumatic, stigmatizing experience. Because of that, many working people keep the pain of their student loan problems to themselves.

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Purdue Global Turning the Corner?

Interesting numbers. Revenues have dropped every year. Good thing Purdue Global got $40 million in free money.

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Student X

Tell me how you feel about this. http://collegemeltdown.blogspotcom/2020/11/a-letter-to-us-department-of-education.html

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"Now more recently, organizations like Ashford thru Arizona, GCU, and Kaplan through Purdue Global have in housed their own subprime appointment factories. Not having first hand information, I would still unequivocally say these operations have not... — read more 

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