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Debt relief for former ITT Tech students?

"On Wednesday, a federal judge gave final approval to a settlement that will erase nearly $600 million that 750,000 students owed ITT Technical Institute. The agreement, which was first announced in January, will also refund $3 million that students... read more
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Debt relief for former ITT Tech students?

"On Wednesday, a federal judge gave final approval to a settlement that will erase nearly $600 million that 750,000 students owed ITT Technical Institute. The agreement, which was first announced in January, will also refund $3 million that students... read more
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CEO and CFO settle with SEC

"The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has voted to approve an eve-of-trial settlement of the fraud case against two former leaders of the bankrupt for-profit-education titan ITT, replacing last year's unusual rejection of a first settlement... read more

Transamerica releases funds

Received letter Saturday that IRS has completed it's part and 401K funds are being released. Form needed to complete this was included in packet.

401k Transamerica and Katz Sapper and Miller

I have just spent some time on the phone with consumer financial protection bureau, 855–411–2372. If anyone has a complaint against Transamerica, you can call that number and they will take your complaint over the phone I was told Transamerica has 15... read more
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Am I still responsible for the loans

I attended ITT Tech and received my A.S. in 2010 and my B.S. in 2012 degree and since the school has closed completely, Am I still fully responsible for the loans I took on? If not, please advise on how to get rid of them. Thanks!!!!!

No classes in over a year

Hi- I'm an adjunct at campus #86, and I haven't been assigned a new class in over a year. Has anyone else seen a drastic decline in course assignments at our campus? Very strange.

So Peaks loans just called me wanting me to pay

Breaking news! So Peaks loans just called me wanting me to pay. I confirm my info after he tells me the spheel and that the conversation will be recorded for quality purposes. And I responded " I too will be recording this conversation for quality... read more
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SEC vs ITT ESI settled.

MINUTE ORDER for proceedings held before Magistrate Judge Mark J. Dinsmore: Settlement Conference held on 5/15/2017. Settlement reached. Any pending motions now DENIED AS MOOT & all previously-ordered dates now VACATED. Parties to file appropriate... read more

Kevin Modany started new education company

See here: Have it from good sources that Kevin Modany is funding this. He made sure he was not public facing due to his reputation. The other senior leaders are all ITT Tech... read more

Mother Earth to for-profit colleges ...

Earth Day 2017 just happened yesterday. Science and technology education is more important than ever! Millions of jobs can be created for graduates if our country and its companies invest in our future! Providing adequate food and health care for... read more
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Intervention into ITT's bankruptcy

Quick update: The intervention into ITT's bankruptcy started out moving quickly, but it has slowed down. Currently the attorneys are negotiating a deal with the Trustee that would stipulate that former students are creditors and allow the lawyers to... read more

Nice coverage by Gizmodo
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Employment Verification

Does anyone know if there is a way for employment at ITT Tech to be verified? The phone numbers on the final correspondence we received are not in service. Background check companies are requiring contact information. Thanks.

Servicing Loans Through Great Lakes

Not sure if anyone else had their loans through Great Lakes. I tried to login over the weekend and these 2 screens popped up in their app and on their website. I just called them and they said that Great Lakes is no longer servicing my loan and the... read more
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Can ITT Afford it?

3214 proof of claims filed for the bankruptcy case. Total amount thus far : $29 billion I wonder if ITT can afford it?

Bankruptcy Update

The bankruptcy judge, Judge Carr, appointed Harvard lawyers as "interim class counsel" yesterday at a bankruptcy hearing. That means that all former ITT Tech students will be represented by them until he makes a final decision on the matter. There... read more
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Bankruptcy as the only option?

my husband has just been served today because of 2 of his student loans (They are private loans) totalling together 4,552.73. These two loans were through SLM Education Credit Finance Corporation(We are not sure it this is Sallie Mae or PEAKS) and... read more

Healthcare Verifcation

When should we expect to receive the proof of healthcare (I do not know the tax form number) form? Does anyone have any leads or updates?

Remnants of Modany

Like Corinthian Colleges before it, ITT eventually crumbled last year under a federal government crackdown on the for-profit college industry. Outside the office of the embattled CEO Kevin Modany, a marketing photo still hung on the wall — of... read more
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W2 Access

How can we access our 2016 W2 document? Will it be available on ADP?

Minnesota ITT

Has anyone who graduated in the last few years filed or looked into filing for the borrower defense to repayment to get loans discharged? My husband graduated from the Minnesota ITT back in like 2011, so not eligible for the discharge for recent... read more

Ordered an mpn from fedloan.

For me in the question of fraud specifically i need to fill out the dtr. I've done it and submitted a million documents with it that show the fraud. I've heard absolutely nothing in regards to this and it's really destroying my hope on it. I'm... read more


I got a Medallion Signature as required by Transamerica 2 weeks ago and I am still waiting for my funds to roll over. I called Transamerica and was told that the money was in a hold by the IRS and had to go through a testing process prior to release... read more

What's this school? CSI?

I saw a thread, there is nothing on them - they seem to be a carbon copy of IT&T - see the thread at @K1YXNNw or here Are they the next one to fold (Computer Science Institute - CSI)?
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