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Who Should Buy DeVry?

In your opinion what would be the best company or organization to purchase DVU to give it even a minimal chance of survival? Maybe Arizona State Uni or some other school with a lot of virtual students? Maybe Coursera or another MOOC host? Amazon? You... read more

Naperville building closing

I heard from a reliable insider source that the ultimate plan is to shut down the Naperville building entirely, which means all the DeVry Online and Chamberlain Online employees would be remote. This would make sense, considering that a high... read more

DeVry Education Layoffs 2018

You can never tell if layoffs are planned, but if HR has too many meetings with closed doors you got to be freaked out. I am in Downers Grove.

DeVry Tech = ITT Tech?

Some eerie similarities between DeVry Tech and ITT Tech. Both defunded the schools. Both refused to upgrade their computers. Both had high student loan default rates. Both had institutional loan programs with high interest rates. Both deceived their... read more
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Barthy's Video Message Today

Reactions to JB's video message to colleagues? He's not quite presidential yet but miles ahead of his blundering dimwitted predecessor. I like that Barthy acknowledged that there is a reputation problem. Finally some honesty, for whatever good it'll... read more

Blackrock keeping ATGE afloat

For some reason, Blackrock is showing increased confidence in ATGE. Does this mean that cost cutting is ahead sooner than expected?
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Hint about which schools will be shutting down

The Department of Educations' College Navigator gives DeVry's enrollment numbers, but the numbers are two years old. Are all these DeVry institution's still in business? I see that some of these have really low numbers (Indiana, Missouri, Tennessee)... read more
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DeVry update (need your comments)

Here's my latest update to my DeVry article. Rather than including the financial data, which is awful, I decided to focus on worker comments. I'd appreciate more comments about the decline, from the ground level. What's it like enrolling students... read more
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Executive compensation

CEO-6.4M (2.5M raise) CFO-1.3M (500K raise) President of Chamberlain-1.3M (50K cut) President of DeVry-1.3M (40K cut) SVP, External Relations-990K SVP, Counsel-1.1M Interestingly, there is no mention of DeVry closings... read more
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Threholds for closure

DeVry claims to have 55+ locations. Which of these locations have less than 500 DeVry students? Less than 400? Less than 300? Also, I only count 20 Chamberlain campuses... read more
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Devry Restructure

Layoffs will continue. The consolidation of groups is just ridiculous! The Chicagoland should have closed centers (O'Hare, Elgin, Gurnee and Merrilliville). Chicagoland has centers close to the campuses where the students can travel to the campuses... read more

Center/Campus Closures & Consolidations

I'm from one of the locations that is being consolidated into another campus. We've been sitting here for 2 weeks wondering when our last day is, when the center is closing, etc.. Does anyone know what the heck is going on? We were told that our... read more

Nobody I Know is Cancelling Class on 10/9

None of my coworkers are cancelling their classes on 10/9 as a protest to the sh8tty ways that we have been treated by management over the last five years. Or the sh4tty way that our reputations have been dragged through the mud and students given... read more

Sounds like ITT Tech over again

I am not kidding. The chatter here reminds me of the stories I was reading on the layoff sites for Corinthian Colleges, Education Management Corporation, and ITT Tech before they went under. Funny thing, I don't hear anything about stock shorts... read more
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Things will not get better

Things will not get better. Money is being thrown away on things that have no bearing on the quality of the education we provide. We just spent a bundle to move a barely-used center to a new, freshly remodeled space in a nearby building. We renewed... read more

All of this in the name of short-term profit

My personal manager was fine, fair and good to work for. She just got laid off. Surprise, surprise, surprise. Don't even know who I report to now. I have had some good local managers. The overall direction of the company however, is to burn through... read more

Not all bad

I know there are a lot of bitter and angry folks in here, but it seems like bashing a lot of people in management positions even tho there are some that really do care. It can’t be fun to have to constantly deliver bad news to people and they need... read more

DeVry is being phased out

Devry has been in the process of phasing out for at least two years. Devry will not be sold due to the risk of legalities just phased out. It takes time to phase out and within one year the process should be complete now that most management and... read more

So Where's My Success Sharing Bonus, Huh?

Okay, DeVry you fired all of my friends, you shorted everybody on raises, golden parachutes the clownish outgoing president who helped destroy the company, you are closing buildings and promoted the genious guy who came up with the stupid scheduling... read more

Are layoffs done?

Should we be expecting any more layoffs today, or was yesterday it? Yesterday was nerve wrecking enough, not sure I can take another day of anticipation. I feel for all the people who lost their jobs, I hope you land on your feet and find a better... read more

140 people let go by DeVry yesterday

140 people were let go yesterday, most of them faculty. I was one of them, they just did a cost analysis and decided that my salary versus an adjuncts clearly wasn’t equitable. I’ve survivable many, many reaper visits and all of my colleagues are now... read more

It's going to get much worse

The National Student Clearinghouse numbers get worse every year. Higher education enrollment is down by 2.4 million from the peak of 2010-2011. Check out the numbers. I am projecting an enrollment loss of 5-7 million students from the Department of... read more
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Sneaky way to avoid raises

It looks like everyone is being rated lower than they should be to avoid pay increases. My IPP has no negatives on it and plenty of superlative language describing how "amazing" I have been, but that only results in a rating of "Effective/Achieves"... read more

Under Governmental Investigation by the HLC

According to the Higher Learning Commission website, DeVry University has been designated as under Governmental Investigation through increased monitoring as of May 10, 2017. The Massachusetts Attorney General is actively investigating allegations of... read more

Corruption Continues

The government like always appointed one of the executives that created the problem to regulate the problem. Previous Dean of Devry, Julian Schmoke Jr, is now the chief enforcement officer in enforcing student aid. Hmmmm.... I wonder if Devry will be... read more



DeVry Settlements

It sounds like students are getting very little from the FTC settlement. One student I know got $280. How much are they getting in arbitration? I have seen $7000. Is anyone getting more than that?
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Increasing class size to get to profitability

Yes, Lisa did mention that increasing class size was part of the strategy of getting to profitability. I wonder if that's true of Chamberlain. If it is, that strategy will backfire, with lower pass rates.
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Additional cost cutting ahead

Looks like DeVry found a former Apollo Group executive for the professional segment. Any ideas about what that means? And the numbers again look really bad for the "traditional segment." Fourth quarter segment revenue decreased 21.3% to $136.3... read more
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Is DeVry complying with anti-deception policy?

Is DeVry complying with anti-deception policy? Or are people finding some way to get around the compliance? This is what I was told: "DeVry instituted technology to screen all of its recruiters phone calls. Specifically, the technology picks up on... read more
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Dvo Registrar

Anyone want to talk about the 80 percent productivity quota? Much of my team is complaining about it

Gurnee campus
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