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My time at DOS at the end was just misery. They tried to preach that Take Hold Of Your Career or whatever that BS was called, but then threw up roadblocks to stop you. I gave up on it. Then there was a layoff at least once a year. Those who were left... read more

Layoff can be a good thing

I was part of a layoff. To be honest, it was the best thing that could have happened. I was at Online Services. We had multiple rounds of layoffs over the last few years. After surviving each round, the environment became more and more oppressive... read more

After DeVry

Having come out of DeVry, I was accustomed to providing my number, being accessible to students broadly, willing to offer do-overs and take late work. With my online students (in my new role, I teach both on-site and online), I offered to meet with... read more

The job market is tougher than we might think

I am a former DeVry full-time Professor who was blessed to have been hired as a,full-time professor at a community college last year. I had been at DeVry 17 years. While it is true community college jobs are out there, they are difficult to get. I... read more

Pressured Out or Able to Stay

For those who left after 2016: did you feel pressured to leave? What were your circumstances? For those who remain: do you feel pressured to leave? How are you coping?

Can DeVry professors explain this quote?

Can you tell me more about what's happening for professors at DeVry? It sounds like you are being squeezed out. "we’re now being maneuvered into an increasingly untenable position the way these courses are being packaged, monitored and evaluated."... read more
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It's a small world...
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How many DeVry students are "grifters"?

How many DeVry student veterans are "grifters"? If you have names, please let me know. Also, please let the VA and ED-OIG know.
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Disabled veteran calls out DeVry at House Subcomittee

The House Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, Education and Related Agencies invited former for-profit college student Eric Luongo to testify about his experience at DeVry University. Loungo, also a disabled veteran, said he received... read more
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Argosy studemts are coming over!!!

DEM get ready for good session. Argosy got into Federal trouble....and guess what???Devry will be there, to take All these students. I HOPE this time, its a cleaner transition compared to Westwood, ITT Tech!

Fewer jobs in subprime education

Hope workers here can find more legitimate work.
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Thanks Myrtle Beach...

Why isn't anyone else saying anything? "Unresponsive Faculty Managers and Infrequent Opportunities" Pros Students, tools, teaching resources, competitive pay. Cons Faculty Managers aren't very responsive. Very little support from higher. Infrequent... read more
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Well the long anticipated change is on the horizon. Expect changes to come in the next 30 days and a reorg to come before the new fiscal year. JB was voted to stay for one reason and that's to "right size." Hello Tomorrow is near.

The misguided initiative

Most of my online students reject the idea of attending a live synchronous event, while my onsite students detest the online modality. Trying to combine them into this hybrid, kluged onsite/online “Frankenstein monster” is another naive, misguided... read more

90 Minute Weekly Live Sessions for all classes?

Just learned in the training about the 90 minute weekly live sessions required for all classes starting in July? I can see that being great for math or accounting type classes, but for all general education classes? I can't get my students to attend... read more


I have many students who register but never submit a single assignment. They post one blank post per week so that the system records an "academic event" so they don't get dropped from the class. The only explanation for this behavior is that they are... read more

Beware the Ides of March

March 11 is the 91st day of the transition. There has been a call for faculty CVs, due March 8th. "Hello Tomorrow: The Next Chapter in the Journey" begins March 12th. Emails March 10th? Meetings March 11th? Anyone worried?

Thanks to the couargeous person who posted on GlassDoor

"Advice to Management" "I worked at DeVry University for two years and the first 6 months was okay. However doesn't align with my educational philosophy. This university is very numbers based. There is no sense of care for what the students want and... read more
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Frigid Cold!

Chamberlain is closing both tomorrow and Thursday, asked my boss about DeVry and couldn’t get a commitment about Thursday. We live in the same area and share buildings, how does that make sense. Is AK afraid to make decisions or does she just not... read more

Where will DeVry downsize?

I've heard that some of these locations are actually ghost towns. Online Education Arizona Glendale Center Mesa Center Phoenix Campus California Colton (Inland-Empire) Center Folsom Campus Fresno Campus Long Beach Campus Newark Campus Pomona Campus... read more

Hard Feelings

As one who did quit, I came to believe that no matter what I did (and my gifts and productivity were considerable), I could be fired over not achieving a 3.6 or higher. I taught "killer" courses, which students despised because they were so weakly... read more

Has technology become a distraction?

We hear so much about how great group projects are; how "engagement" increases with the use of IFF; and how much the use of video and other technology enhances the learning experience. To some degree, this is true; however, I feel like we've become... read more

Deceived by DeVry

In 2019, DeVry University continues to deceive consumers through its DeVry website and online recruiting. As a subsidiary of Cogswell Education and Palm Ventures, a shoe-string operation in comparison to its previous parent company, matters could get... read more
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Is DeVry still involved with Reboot?

A veteran advocate friend of mine in California tells me that Reboot is a big scam. Is DeVry still involved with them?
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College Meltdown shows few signs of slowing in 2019

"For-profit colleges and community colleges continue to be hardest hit. But small rural colleges and Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) are also struggling. Even second-tier public colleges and universities have been declining in... read more
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