Topics regarding layoffs at DeVry Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at DeVry Inc.

Schools Worse Than DeVry?

Looks like someone got politically butthurt by the last version of this question—which wasn’t intended to be political (much), so let’s rephrase it without mentioning he-who-apparently-must-not be-named. In your opinion, which educational ventures... —  read more 

Still on HCM1

According to the FSA of Department of Education , DeVry is still on HCM1, Heightened Cash Monitoring for Financial Reasons: Click on the latest excel sheet download (March 2020) toward the bottom of... —  read more 

Why keep the campuses?

Why is DeVry hanging on to the campuses at this point? Is it access to a handful of state aid eligible students and promising higher MAH payments to veterans? It seems like an awfully expensive way of simply maintaining "presence" when almost nothing... —  read more 

So. Many. Layoffs.

Serious question: Do you think DeVry ever gets tired of their regular rounds of layoffs? A healthy chunk of their leadership team is gone— Assoc Provost, VP, Group Presidents... what next? The amount of instability with talent at DeVry is... —  read more 


With the possibility of 30 percent unemployment...

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Is Coronavirus a golden opportunity?

There are many parts to the current Coronavirus crisis and its effects on US higher education. But they all boil down to the Trump mantra (defund, deregulate, and privatize) and the opportunity for the elites to capitalize from the crisis, as they... —  read more 

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Course Cancellations

Amazing how course shells for adjuncts are set up with a student placeholder months ahead, the student is then eliminated closer to session and then course is finally cancelled yet the expectation is for adjunct faculty to train, set up course and... —  read more 

I smell a rat

Pay off? "DeVry University Receives Guard-Friendly School Designation by the Pennsylvania National Guard Associations" “What an honor to be named a Guard-Friendly school, and we will continue to work hard to meet and exceed the expectations... —  read more 

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Brace Yourself

Changes are about to come down. More “consolidation” of positions and more jobs will be cut. A lot of changes will be happening between now and mid-February. Brush off those resumes and look for more centralization of operations.

IPPs: a Setup?

How do you feel about the IPP process these days? Are they fair and unbiased? Are they used aggressively to lay groundwork in case the organization needs to downsize further? Do end-course evaluations play a role in IPPs? Do faculty still compete... —  read more 

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