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It has been predicted that layoffs will happen in March prior to the Town hall. Please update this thread if your campus suffers layoffs.

Must read

I can't believe people are not aware of the truth of what a "for profit school" really is ??? sorry to burst anyone bubble, but DV is a BUSINESS. I'm so surprise certain employees don't believe this. I have been with DV for 10 years now. I have seen... read more

Palm Ventures

Palm Inc is out of business and Palm Ventures is not related to them. They are still in business. Does anyone think it’s strange they have not made any public announcements with the deal only be 3 months away?


Rumors are circulating a restructure is in its way. Plan is not been met and the declining enrollment is continuing. There are good intentions for this deal to go through and DeVry has longevity and history to turn around. Let’s not forget that all... read more

Trump University

Are we heading in the same direction? I assumed for profits will thrive in the current environment. Am I wrong?

How do we survive the death of Devry university?

Einstein's famous quote, he said "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." But how do we think in a new way? How do we escape our own limited ways of seeing the world that determines what we do? How do... read more
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Is DeVry complying with DOD MOU?

Do you really think DeVry is complying with the DOD MOU? I'm especially skeptical of this: f. Before enrolling a Service member, provide each prospective military student with specific information to locate, explain, and properly use the following ED... read more
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Possible layoffs soon

I've been hearing some whispers around the office that we might be looking at more layoffs soon, but that's about the only thing that's being said. Nobody knows when soon is, just that they heard "soon." No info on who, how many, where... I'm trying... read more

The final nail in DeVry's coffin

According to this study, "Public sector students outperform for-profit students on nearly every measure, suggesting that the overwhelming majority of for-profit students would be better off attending a public institution. But what if attending a... read more

DeVry was designed to fail from the start

The recent publicly-traded share owners of DeVry knew that the target market, e.g. unprepared and unskilled students, would be unable to complete their studies successfully and most would drop out after several classes. The business model was to make... read more

New SVP/General Counsel

Adtalem has a new legal boss.
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DeVry website deceptions

Can anyone tell me specific false claims or misleading or deceptive information on the DeVry website? I can find at least three major ones.

How can Palm Ventures profit from DeVry?

Palm Ventures knows about profit making in for-profit education. What will it take for DeVry to turn a relatively quick profit? I've heard some say they will need to... read more
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Is it really this bad?

I left DeVry for greener pastures three years ago, but I still check this page occasionally to see what's going on with my friends still stuck there. I ran into @R5N3AEk-5hst post, and couldn't believe that things have changed so drastically in such... read more

An Odd Prediction

We are all expecting the worst when it comes to Cogswell’s Cogs taking over DeVry. It’s only logical to expect layoffs and campus closures—it’s what any of us would do if we have even a shred of business sense. But here’s an even more terrifying... read more

Campus closings in 2017?

How many DeVry campuses closed in 2017? How many will close in 2018?
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Worth a read

Having been away from DV for awhile I can honestly say I had some hesitation about even working for DV before I got the job offer. Then I saw how all the people who worked there wanted to help students aucceed. Remember their “We’re Seeious about... read more

Walk away from DeVry, NOW

If all you disgruntled employees really want to get back at Adtalem, then just walk off the job or get the blue flu and stop showing up. THen you can watch all C suite execs really panic. Hell, you’re all going to lose your jobs anyway. Move on with... read more

How can this surprise you?

Promotions just went out. Mostly to kiss asses and brown nosers. People getting passed over by newer incompetent colleagues. Guess we now know what the job status and values are. Where have you been for the past several years for this to surprise... read more

Who will stay at DVU? And for how long?

No one knows the fate of DeVry colleagues. Regardless of the outcome of the pending transfer of ownership, outlook doesn’t look good. Surely management says nothing nationwide, and its business as usual. Do people think Cogswell will want to maintain... read more

Student loan defaults skyrocketing

For those who havent figured out what's going on, let me summarize it. From around 2009 until 2015'ish, the govt practically gave money away to anyone who could sign their name on a piece of paper stating they would use it for school. Kids using the... read more

Sad but not unexpected

I was an employee of DeVry and I had a feeling that 90% placements were phony. Still, I think bigger issue was not delivering value and charging such high prices. If Devry did not expand for all degrees but stayed as a small technical school... read more

This is what our students are going through

I am a student at Keller in Jacksonville. Since enrolling in late 2015, I have seen onsite class sizes drop from 8-12 students to just two or three. That is, if there is a class onsite. Some terms there are only one or two classes onsite and they... read more

Why did DeVry Fail

Let’s be honest, DeVry started going downhill when they let every student in who was breathing. Many had no business being in college because they were ill prepared. Deficient in Math, English, Reading, etc. Everyone in Admissions perpetuated this... read more

Missed Opportunity

In transferring ownership, they really missed an opportunity. They should have transferred ownership to the employees and let DeVry University continue as an employee-owned company (like was done Avis, United Airlines, etc.). The current employees... read more

It is a shame

I am a DV alumnus and worked at DVU for several years. I have since moved on and think fondly on the days when DV made a difference. Unfortunately senior leadership's (you know who you are) focus changed, sometime after Hamburger came on board. The... read more

It is all truly all about $

One valid thing Camden repeatedly points out is how these are corporations/companies own colleges (with students as customers) versus a college with students as learners. Yes, all schools have to stay afloat financially. However, the taint that these... read more


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DeVry being Sold

As often speculated here, official announcement of sale of DeVry University to Cogswell.

Instructors expected to be tutors as well

A fundamental flaw in DeVry's approach was to blame the instructors for the lack of student learning, rather than realizing that most students lacked the skills to succeed in higher education, and that the DeVry classes were not structured to help... read more

DeVry on resume, yes or no?

I've read here before that some people received adverse reactions from potential employers to having DeVry listed among previous workplaces. Is this true? Should I really leave DeVry off? Isn't missing five years on the resume going to be an even... read more

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