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Another For-Profit sold.

Maybe we'll come out on the other end of this as a non-profit institution, with an administration led by scholars, provosts and deans with credentials in keeping with their positions, and a faculty supported not only in the classroom but in areas of... read more

Why all the negativity about Devry?

I totally disagree with all the negativity posted here as I believe most of the complaints are coming from the emotional pain felt by the changes we are experiencing. Perceptual blindness is preventing most of us from knowing what our priorities are?... read more
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DeVry Quality: What's An ECE?

What's an ECE? "And, with the cap removed, faculty were teaching 40 or more students in online classes in a cultural contest that promoted the student to customer, obviating any faculty authority to establish rules and at times, even basic human... read more


Consolidations have been occurring since 2015: first, online which had always been separately governed as its own campus, became one with on-site campuses. Next campuses were consolidated into regions (and centers closed). Before I left, the original... read more

The Future of DeVry

If you really want to see what the future of DeVry will look like post sale, watch the Dream Center Educational Holdings layoff site (formerly EDMC)... they will be shuttering over 20 Art Institute campuses tomorrow (June 29). Cogswell plans the same... read more

Illinois Board of Higher Ed. Approved Transfer

From the June 5th Illinois Board of Higher Education Minutes (available at, IBHE seemingly granted DVU "operating authority" under its new owners: "Under the proposed transaction, the closing of which is... read more

Well said!

DeVry is a fraudulent, abusive, and corrupt company that systematically cheats its students and abuses its faculty and other employees. There is no academic integrity and the "education" that is provided is worthless. Having taught for the company... read more


Is there somebody who is not ashamed to admit they work at DeVry? Honest question.

Age Discrimination

Signs To Prove You're A Victim Of Age Discrimination › Work & Jobs Watch video · Here are the signs of age discrimination if you're being demoted, fired or passed over because of your age. I have experienced everyone of these things... read more
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Learning site closings?

@Tl4tMLA-5wbf does DeVry have a list of learning centers (as opposed to campuses)? I can't see where campuses and learning centers are differentiated on the website. Also, is there an up-to-date record of enrollment numbers by campus?

Low morale

I think we can safely say that morale has hit an all time low at DeVry. I can't find one person who is not forcing him or herself into coming to work every single day. How sad is that? And how do those on top expect to see any improvements in results... read more

Its starting

Hey guys.. It's starting. Some colleagues at HO have been told that their jobs have been eliminated at the end of June...Brace yourself!

It's starting

Hey's starting! Some people at HO have been told they jobs are being eliminated at the end of June. Brace yourself!
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Is DeVry violating its FTC consent decree?

Is the DeVry violating the consent decree it had with the Federal Trade Commission? If so, let Veterans Education Success know about it. The whistleblower form is posted below, and VES will protect your confidentiality and anonymity... read more
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Employee Engagement Survey Coming!

Always right before the layoffs. Brace yourselves. Be sure to let them know exactly how you feel because they want to collect nice happy numbers before the sh8tcanninh begins. Like it here? Great! Great company! Yes, we eliminated your position but... read more

June 1st

I heard from a reliable source that all DeVry campuses will be moved out of Chamberlain or closed. This is the end people!

No Student Evaluation Results Yet?

Does anyone else think that it’s suspicious that the student evaluations from last session haven’t been released yet? They are usually out much faster. I am wondering if it has something to do with the new ownership, maybe scrubbing the data before... read more

Adtalem changes Board

Changes in the ATGE Board. Chamberlain President out.

Stand-alone University

Anyone else find it interesting JB said DVU would be transitioning to a “stand-alone university”? Does this mean Cogswell/PV is out and DVU will sink or swim with no parent company? Interested in your thoughts on this.

Local Campus Community Sites Taken Down

The local DVU campus “community” websites have been taken down. A lot of the information was out of date anyway, but seems like an opening bid for a new round of consolidations and cutting. There are only a handful of faculty who have profiles on the... read more

Chicago Campbell Campus Relocating

DeVry has been looking for real estate to relocate the Chicago Campbell campus and get out of the building with CCN that Adtalem owns. They want to relocate near an L station for better accessibility for students. This will be an absolute mess trying... read more

EDMC/Dream Center - Layoff

If you want to know the future of DeVry (assuming the sale goes through) you might want to take a look at Education Management board today. About 6 months after the change in owners, the layoffs ramp up.


Don’t expect a large amount of layoffs before the sale but do expect a cleaning up and some restructuring of managers and other positions by the end of May. Cogswell (Palm Ventures) has yet to confirm the sale or made any form of public announcement... read more

How long do we have?

I know everybody here knows that DeVry's days are numbered, but what do you think how much longer do we have? In all honesty, I think we'll be done within two years, if not even sooner. Such low number of students is completely unsustainable, and... read more

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