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Online learning should soar after COVID-19 dies down

A general comment, not necessarily DeVry related. With almost all college students required to be online due to COVID-19, many will find that online fits their life better than on campus. Something they didn’t expect or consider. I expect the... —  read more 

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Is Coronavirus a golden opportunity?

There are many parts to the current Coronavirus crisis and its effects on US higher education. But they all boil down to the Trump mantra (defund, deregulate, and privatize) and the opportunity for the elites to capitalize from the crisis, as they... —  read more 

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MoneyInc rates DeVry a worst college in America.

According to, “DeVry University is located in Illinois, and we've included it as the worst college in America for 2019 because of the fact that only 29 percent of students who enroll actually graduate. The average debt for those who do... —  read more 

Course Cancellations

Amazing how course shells for adjuncts are set up with a student placeholder months ahead, the student is then eliminated closer to session and then course is finally cancelled yet the expectation is for adjunct faculty to train, set up course and... —  read more 

So, what is the bottom line here?

The bottom line is that the DeVry "classes" are a rigged system that takes people with almost zero academic skills and limited mental abilities, puts them through a diluted learning experience. This is designed to give them fake letter grades for... —  read more 

I smell a rat

Pay off? "DeVry University Receives Guard-Friendly School Designation by the Pennsylvania National Guard Associations" “What an honor to be named a Guard-Friendly school, and we will continue to work hard to meet and exceed the expectations... —  read more 

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The Higher Education Assembly Line

Management signals workers an organization's true values and priorities. What values and priorities are online managers signalizing to their faculty? And how does this play out in the classroom and in decisions by faculty and staff? ... —  read more 

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One Whistleblower

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Who will win the race to the bottom?

Can't tell the horses without a scorecard.

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Brace Yourself

Changes are about to come down. More “consolidation” of positions and more jobs will be cut. A lot of changes will be happening between now and mid-February. Brush off those resumes and look for more centralization of operations.

Are there any full-time faculty members left?

Sad to see Devry cratering like this. I'm wishing all who somehow remain my best. Left in 2012 before it became so awful. Management was awful then–they never asked for my laptop because they didn't want to create an Exit Interview from me.


Is anyone here going to CCME in 2020? I hear that it's not what is used to be.

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IPPs: a Setup?

How do you feel about the IPP process these days? Are they fair and unbiased? Are they used aggressively to lay groundwork in case the organization needs to downsize further? Do end-course evaluations play a role in IPPs? Do faculty still compete... —  read more 

End October Begin November

I'm thinking of my former colleagues and all the strife they must endure–from students, administrators, and (at time) each other. My body still recalls the stress. And let me also say, I left of my own free will. But, I fondly remember so many of... —  read more 

Vague story on 2020 sessions off

Former full time faculty member here. Left for much greener pastures a while ago. Friends still there tell me talk of 2020 sessions off planning is pretty vague, and no commitments are being made. In fact, mgmt really doesn’t want to discuss it. So... —  read more 

Well beyond DeVry

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Moving Day?

Just heard the Columbus Campus has been sold...

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DeVos Borrower Defense Update DeVry is mentioned by name a few paragraphs in.

Hammer will start in January 2020

According to the HLC, Cogswell cannot make any major changes personnel or facility wise for one year after signing the agreement. The one year will be up in January 2020. This was verified by 3 different people who all read the agreement. The HLC... —  read more 

Live Lectures

How’s it going with the 90 minute live lectures? Any purely-online VPs doing this? Have you had any student feedback (positive or negative)? Sept will be my first time teaching since the implementation of this requirement, and I’m honestly... —  read more 

DeVry #2 in GI Bill complaints

Number of POE Complaints by Main Campus "Complaints (All Campuses)" "GI Bill Students (All Campuses)" Facility Code OPE ID UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX-JERSEY CITY 577 22,714 21000130 20988 KELLER GRADUATE SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT-MERRILLVILLE 219 7,468... —  read more 

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Is 2019 going to be the end for DeVry?

I heard an unsubstantiated rumor that DeVry is closing its doors for good at the end of 2019 and will do a teach-out in 2020. Seems Cogswell simply cannot manage its acquisition to keep it economically viable. Has anyone else heard this?

New Session, New Fiscal Year

Former colleagues: the summer session is now in full swing. How goes it? 60+ in each class? Does any learning take place? Are faculty well treated? Don't leave us hanging!

Any thoughts about organizing a union?

What are your thoughts about organizing through a union? With a labor contract, workers could have at least a little more control over labor conditions and educational quality. In the long run it could be good for the company, if they have the... —  read more 

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It's too late baby, oh it's too late...

Is it too late for Devry instructors and staff to consider organizing? I probably brought this up years ago, when it may have made a bigger difference, and when more people cared about the school. Art Institutes had some union membership, in New York... —  read more 


Online services

What is the culture like at online services in Naperville now? Have there been layoffs? Have benefits changed since things switched to Cogswell?

Devry scheduling cannibalism

I think the ship is really going down as it "seems" that the scheduling has increasingly less and less sections to offer online and there are many many payroll rats vying for those sections. So now the scheduling looks like a ship on which the rats... —  read more 

Education is not enough...

"This belief system, which I have come to think of as “educationism,” is grounded in a familiar story about cause and effect..." —  read more 

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DeVry had help

Let's not forget how all of this started, with greedy bankers and investors wanting profits every quarter. Eventually, almost everyone bought in. Even teacher pension funds were invested in the greedy enterprise... —  read more 

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Need teachers who will come forward...

@Zgud0it-9cmb, will you and others come forward and talk to Veterans Education Success about what is happening with instructional quality at DeVry? "Class sizes have doubled and in many cases tripled, with 60+ students in each online class now the... —  read more 

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Last few years at DeVry were brutal

I got a new job a few years back and my new boss pretty much told me that she thought I had PTSD from that place. I didn’t have it as bad as some who post here but I watched all my friends get laid off and many rounds of broken promises to students... —  read more 

How is this place still standing?

Seriously, I left two years ago, I was certain it would be long gone by now... My condolences to all who still have to deal with this mess.

“White-collar PTSD”

I have no background in psychology, but reading through so many postings here from current and former full-time colleagues I can feel the widespread mental health damage caused by the organization. As for the adjunct faculty, many seem to have... —  read more 

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