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Has technology become a distraction?

We hear so much about how great group projects are; how "engagement" increases with the use of IFF; and how much the use of video and other technology enhances the learning experience. To some degree, this is true; however, I feel like we've become... read more

Deceived by DeVry

In 2019, DeVry University continues to deceive consumers through its DeVry website and online recruiting. As a subsidiary of Cogswell Education and Palm Ventures, a shoe-string operation in comparison to its previous parent company, matters could get... read more
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Is DeVry still involved with Reboot?

A veteran advocate friend of mine in California tells me that Reboot is a big scam. Is DeVry still involved with them?
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College Meltdown shows few signs of slowing in 2019

"For-profit colleges and community colleges continue to be hardest hit. But small rural colleges and Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) are also struggling. Even second-tier public colleges and universities have been declining in... read more
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This is huge surprise to me, some DEM advisors DON'T even have Bachelors Degree? Your "selling" something that you don't even have or understand .... That the DeVry way...promote "SELLERS" not experienced, educated, rotating students 100 to 150 per... read more

NCES numbers

These numbers from NCES suggest that several DeVry sites are defunct or in the process of failing. CO, IN, MO, NV, NC, OK, TN...and these numbers are old. DeVry College of New York 1,528 DeVry University-Arizona 672 DeVry University-Colorado 221... read more
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DeVry taking Art Institute students

About two dozen Art Institutes closed December 28th. And DeVry is taking Ai students. The Art Institute schools were owned by the Dream Center (DCEH)
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If Skunk Odor Mated with Venomous Frog Slime

If Skunk smell mated with venomous frog slime, the resulting spawn would be for-profit education. It is as toxic, mind-killing, and soul-crushing as its worst critics say. But, the problem isn't exclusive to for-profit education: anywhere students... read more

Cogswell Workload

Former colleagues still employed: now that you are with Cogswell (or is it Palm Ventures--nothing on their page) what is your workload like? Still 40 to a class? Any humanities or writing faculty--how do you grade so many? Can you? Or is it just no... read more

Be prepared...

If you don’t already have a Plan B in place, it’s time to have one. Change is coming in the new year. Expect changes and it may be your number pulled. Things will not remain status quo...expect a significant shake up. Those that remain, the future... read more

I Guess All is Well

The boards have been quiet, so I guess all is well: class sizes are lovely and small, perhaps no more than 20 in a class. DeVry has raised its standards and is only admitting prepared students, who actually want to learn. Quality of instruction has... read more

The subprime college circuit

Has anyone here also worked for Ashford University, University of Phoenix or other subprime colleges? I see that it's common for people to move from one to another, especially in the management ranks. Also, has anyone moved on to a more legitimate... read more
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An interesting read...

An interesting read, especially considering DeVry essentially being taken over by a hedge fund...
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Campus closing

I just saw that the Decatur, GA will be closing. Is this the only one closing or are there more?

DOD, VA Get Low Grades for Helping Vets Make College Choices

"In 2011, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) reported that DOD had done some work on ensuring greater accountability from online schools, but that more needed to be done. DOD has made two review of schools receiving TA funds, but the... read more
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8 tips to help vets pick the right college

I wanted to get Military Times to name names but they were reluctant
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Cuts ahead

The numbers do not look good. How can Cogswell make a profit?
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Borrower defense live!
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Brace yourself, layoffs will start before end of October.

Deceived by DeVry

There is small group of former DeVry students on Facebook. Tell your students bout Deceived by DeVry.
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So, Camden....

What are you actually planning on doing about any of this? You troll this board and ask for whistleblowing type information, and then you write a few articles generally on the for-profits. This seems largely for your own benefit more than the good of... read more
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What's Reboot?

Is Reboot a lead generator for DeVry? Sounds like a big scam against veterans.
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The system is utterly corrupt

If you thought DeVry was bad...
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Please Explain The DeVry Logo

I’ve always hated the DeVry logo. Can anyone explain what it is supposed to represent? Is the missing chunk of the (fugly) shield supposed to be “you” as in the student? I really hope that Cogswell does new branding, and if the don’t get rid of the... read more

DeVry's accreditation

No wonder any complaints to the HLC go into their trash can.
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This is heartbreaking

It is heartbreaking that this once fine institution will be a thing of the past, or at the very best, a shell of its former self in the not to distant future. DeVry was absolutely ruined by Keller, Taylor, Hamburger and his minions. First point -... read more

Subprime medicine for Watts

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science (CDU) and Ross University School of Medicine (RUSM) today announced an agreement to establish joint education programs that are expected to increase the number of... read more
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Anything on possible layoffs?

Just wondering, it has been a while since any substantial layoffs rumors surfaced here. Still nothing new? (I'm not complaining, just checking.)

Gladiator Tactics

Has anyone heard about Lynn B's new thumbs up/thumbs down tabs in the Canvas shells starting in September for the new year? Students can secretly use it to rate their teachers and only the deans can see it! Wish they had one for her-but people may... read more

Devry gets the most complaints

Education Department documents obtained by The Associated Press through an open-records records request show that students filed nearly 24,000 federal fraud complaints between President Donald Trump’s Jan. 20, 2017, inauguration and April 30 this... read more
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Is Adtalem teaching the money laundering classes as a pro or con? Just wondering.
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