Topics regarding layoffs at DeVry Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at DeVry Inc.

Help for consumers misled by DeVry

The Sweet v Cardona group helps consumers get debt relief after they have been misled. Please pass this on to all the people you hurt. It may assuage your subconscious guilt.

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Sweet v. Cardona

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DeVry next?

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DeVry and College Meltdown 2.0

"College Meltdown 2.0 comes as US fascism advances, the Coronavirus Pandemic becomes more normalized, student loan debt approaches $2 trillion, and the 2026 enrollment cliff is just a few years away. This wave includes remnants of for-profit... —  read more 

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Borrower Defense

Substantial Misrepresentations An institution that commits substantial misrepresentations is not administratively capable and ED should not deem it “qualified” for Title IV participation. Loans made to students at schools that commit substantial... —  read more 

FTC Warning

"The Federal Trade Commission this morning announced a new initiative to combat deceptive and unfair practices in the for-profit higher education industry. At a press conference, FTC Commissioner Rohit Chopra and Bureau of Consumer Protection... —  read more 

Debt Sentence

Student loan default is a traumatic, stigmatizing experience. Because of that, many working people keep the pain of their student loan problems to themselves. Can you feel it? Do you feel any guilt at all... —  read more 

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Is DeVry still standing?

Man, I must admit. Life has been very different since I left this company. Different for the better. Disclaimer: I left willingly and was damn good at my job in admissions. So good, I was making over 100K to just make dials and enroll students... —  read more 

Is Dane getting any better?

What a relief after I left here a few months ago. What is the Trolling like now compared to what it was half a year ago, are there any improvements? No matter what, I would love to hear that there are improvements, if anything because of people who... —  read more 

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Class Action

"According to Chicago attorney Andrew Stoltmann who tried the case "DeVry's marketing message targeted students like the Claimant in this matter, who was an African American student. We alleged DeVry actively targeted minorities with misleading and... —  read more 

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Buyer Beware

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Student X

How does this make you feel?

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