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Learning, Education and Skills improvement
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Private company. No ticker. Not Listed.
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Not applicable
About Bridgepoint Education:
Acquired and operates Ashford University in Iowa and the University of the Rockies in Colorado. CEO Andrew Clark makes a point of strolling around chatting with employees, believing that this casual approach removes typical management filters. In fact, each month, he hosts "Lunch with Andrew," in which ten employees sit down and talk about everything from sports to music to higher education. CEO Andrew Clark makes a point of strolling around chatting with employees, believing that this casual approach removes typical management filters. In fact, each month, he hosts "Lunch with Andrew," in which ten employees sit down and talk about everything from sports to music to higher education.
Revenue information:
Bridgepoint Education is located in San Diego, CA (California). It was established in 1999. 2004 estimated revenue was $1.2 million. 2007 Estimated revenue was $85.5 million. It's estimated that it employed 1300 resources in 2008. You can visit Bridgepoint Education's website here:
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Posts regarding layoffs at Bridgepoint Education

(Sun 04/26/15 12:11:53 UTC)

Bridgepoint and the For-Profit Zombie College Crash

If there is anyone at Bridgepoint, Ashford University, or University of the Rockies cares.............. (look in the section ... read more

Camden Kid (, @USinjustice)

(Fri 03/13/15 16:35:49 UTC)


The moral bankruptcy of Bridgepoint started with the company's inception (and Michael Clifford). I'm amazed how this corporation has survived. ...........

Camden Kid

(Tue 03/10/15 17:24:38 UTC)

More Losses (and Enrollment Drop) for BPI

More losses. Total student enrollment dropped from 63,624 to 55,823 a year ago (about 12% ... read more

Camden Kid
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(Wed 02/25/15 10:40:37 UTC)

Here come the lawsuits.....

"NEW YORK, Feb. 24, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Milberg LLP announces that a class action lawsuit has been filed in the United States District Court for the Southern District of California on behalf of purchasers of Bridgepoint Education, Inc., ("Bridgepoint" or the "Company) BPI, +0.98% securities during ... read more

Camden Kid
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(Tue 02/24/15 15:28:40 UTC)

What happens if Ashford Students "Can't Pay, Won't Pay" Student Loan Debts

The Corinthian 15 have gotten lots of press for refusing to pay off their student loans. And these students have linked up with a larger social movement, Strike Debt. Could this happen to Bridgepoint/Ashford?............. ... read more

Camden Kid

(Fri 02/13/15 15:52:19 UTC)

President of UOR to RETIRE!!!!

So the President of University of the Rockies is going to Retire! or at least that is the public story. My guess is that because the school has been struggling to get new students that there could be an underlying reason for the sudden retirement.


(Fri 02/13/15 15:46:29 UTC)

More layoffs! 2015!!!

So things keep getting worse for BPI. University of the Rockies has laid off several staff this week 2/9/2015. The schools enrollment has been stagnant the last few years and since they moved the school to Denver on ground enrollment has sunk to around 30 students. They spent over $8,000,000 to ... read more

Former staff
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(Mon 02/09/15 17:52:56 UTC)

More Bad News for BPI

Nothig looks good in this article. Downward trajectory continues.

Camden Kid
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(Mon 02/02/15 16:35:49 UTC)

Ashford is having another Layoff

Ashford will be having another layoff soon

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(Sun 01/18/15 02:50:26 UTC)

Bridgepoint Next in the 4Profit Zombie College Crash?

These charts would suggest that Bridgepoint will join Corinthian Colleges and Education Management in the for-profit zombie college crash. Last one, turn out the lights.......

Camden Kid
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(Sun 01/18/15 01:37:57 UTC)

Resisting Cybertrends

For those IT people still at Bridgepoint, how much time do you think you have left before you will be unloaded? Is there anything you plan on doing to slow down the process (resistance)? Has anyone talked about organizing with a trade union? Have you seen the latest issue of CyberTrend? It sounds ... read more

Camden Kid

(Fri 01/09/15 21:19:30 UTC)

Obama Proposes Free Community College

As ABC News says, it's more of a "political pipe dream." But more progressive states can do this.....

Camden Kid

(Thu 12/18/14 03:12:55 UTC)

"Lawsuits attack Bridgepoint's automatic dialing pitches: Civil suits, government investigations pile up"

"On December 3, a suit was filed in Arizona federal court charging that Bridgepoint Education is violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act by using an automatic dialing system to send prerecorded messages to sales prospects. Similar suits were filed in October in federal court in San Diego ... read more

Camden Kid

(Tue 12/16/14 05:30:37 UTC)

200 to be let go in San Diego

I am very surprised that nobody is talking about it

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(Mon 11/03/14 22:32:24 UTC)

Layoffs next week?

Anybody heard about November 2014 layoffs? Potential?

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(Fri 10/31/14 15:18:47 UTC)

Gainful Employment

"Arne Duncan, the education secretary, said Wednesday that an estimated 1,400 academic programs that enroll 840,000 students would fail to meet the standards with their current performance. Fully 99 percent of those programs are at for-profits, he said."... ... read more

Camden Kid

(Thu 10/23/14 15:37:30 UTC)

Whistleblowers Expose Bridgepoint's Predatory Practices

""I speak with people, for example, who work at boiler room call centers for for-profit colleges and the lead generation companies that provide the industry with many of its students. Recently I've been learning more about one particularly offensive trick the industry uses. Multiple companies ... read more

Camden Kid
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(Wed 10/01/14 19:17:26 UTC)

Hitting a 52 week low - we'll have layoffs soon

As soon as our valuation drops the execs start cutting, let's see what happens here.

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(Mon 09/15/14 18:23:04 UTC)

Why So Little Discussion

Bridgepoint has been downsizing for years, from 8900 employees to 3700. Why so little discussion?.....

Camden Kid
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(Wed 09/10/14 18:10:55 UTC)

signing up brain injured soldiers

Per Daniel Golden (Bloomberg News), Asford University was sending recruiters to the wounded warriors barracks (Marine Base in North Carolina) - one recruiter was signing up brain injured patients for classes at Ashford.

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(Thu 07/10/14 13:56:28 UTC)

Bridgepoint's Problems with the Securities and Exchange Commission

"...Bridgepoint acknowledged challenges with the SEC in getting its 10-Q filed -- a bad sign. The SEC wanted to further review Bridgepoint's revenue recognition and doubtful accounts policies. How Bridgepoint will resolve the SEC review remains to be ... read more

Camden Kid

(Sat 06/28/14 16:05:01 UTC)

Bridgepoint "Fraud" Named in KPBS Expose

"Nationally, Ashford University has received $110 million to educate Iraq and Afghanistan veterans in the last five years. In May, it agreed to pay $7 million to consumers in Iowa after that state’s attorney general, Tom Miller, accused the company of making false statements to prospective students ... read more

Camden Kid

(Tue 05/13/14 14:22:18 UTC)

Bridgepoint At the Breaking Point?

It's not good news when Bridgepoint is late on its latest Quarterly report and there is talk about misstatements in previous financial statements. ......

Camden Kid

(Mon 02/24/14 05:58:39 UTC)

Trust me I'm a kid and I KNOW higher education82

What a dumbfook advert. Anyone somewhat intelligent should do her homework and would find out these for profit crap stands are too expensive. WAKE UP, you idiots! This is just another scam and employers are left howling in the the halls in laughter when you submit your resume with ASHTURD on it. ... read more

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(Thu 02/13/14 05:26:18 UTC)

Trust me I'm a kid

So are the fooking idiots in management and enrollment. What a dumbo commercial. Ashford is such a GD lie.

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(Fri 01/31/14 21:33:29 UTC)

University of the Rockies Downsizing

Given that the enrollment is going down consistently nobody should be surprised with the downsizing. 117 people is not a lot given the magnitude of the problem – check out UOP and Apollo and Corinthian pages on this site and you’ll see that thousands were let go over last two years. Both Ashford ... read more

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(Fri 12/06/13 00:33:23 UTC)

UOP rejects crap canned on the for profit butt of Assturd.

Another diploma mill fires a load of idiots.

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(Sun 10/20/13 07:30:20 UTC)

thousands of posts on UOP and Corintihan and Apollo - yet nobody said it better "this isn't a college it's a scam."


(Sat 10/19/13 17:41:37 UTC)

Fellow Assturds the layoffs are coming this November. No one will hire a graduate of a for profit school you stupid asses this isn't a college it's a scam.


(Sat 10/27/12 08:34:54 UTC)

Back in September 2012 Ashford University announced roughly 500 cuts - has this ever materialized?


(Fri 09/28/12 04:41:50 UTC)

The Cal Warn Act is not applicable in this case. It only applies to employees who have been with the company 181 days or more. It appears that the severance is your best option.

Job Seeker 39

(Thu 09/27/12 01:02:45 UTC)

Do you have more details on what we need to do? I fit the bill and not sure what to do...


(Wed 09/26/12 18:15:23 UTC)

Ashford University Layoffs. If you were laid off, dismissed, eliminated, or asked to end your relationship with Ashford in the past 60-90 days, the definition of that is Laid Off. Ashford does not like to use that term, but the Labor Dept. does. Before you sign the 2 week severance package, check ... read more

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(Tue 09/25/12 20:46:42 UTC)


(Tue 09/25/12 04:37:50 UTC)

Today Ashford University laid off over 1000 employees. they made sure to lay off all employees hired less then 6 months ago to not have to pay the 60 day or give pink slips for the 60 day notice.... they are restructuring. I believe they just wanted to screw people because their own mistake. Feel ... read more

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(Tue 09/25/12 00:28:41 UTC)

WASC is a major flop


(Mon 09/24/12 22:48:28 UTC)

BPE is reformatting to save their behind for WASC accreditation however they should worry about their own HLC first! Major FAIL!

Your admissions counselor

(Mon 08/27/12 05:19:43 UTC)

Admissions will be hit pretty hard in Oct/Nov timeframe

ashford university layoffs

(Fri 07/27/12 04:14:57 UTC)

Ashford University staff is the next target


(Wed 07/18/12 08:08:25 UTC)

Just take a look at all discussions that are happening at the University of Phoenix, Corinthian Colleges and Apollo Group boards - not much different here at Bridgepoint Education. Bridgepoint is big, 7000 people in the States, 3000 here in California, mostly San Diego area. We had massive layoffs ... read more


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