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Enrollment suspended for GI Bill vets

"Ashford University on Tuesday suspended enrollment of students using GI Bill benefits, according to a corporate disclosure filed on Wednesday. The for-profit institution, based in San Diego, made the decision days after the U.S. Department of... read more
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Hear it now?

"This does not pass the smell test," said Carrie Wofford, president of Veterans Education Success. "How could a company that’s headquartered in California hastily open a tiny office in Arizona, pull a lot of political strings, and get Arizona to... read more
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Enrollment is down... again

Someone hit the nail on the head last week regarding enrollment numbers. And now the numbers are out. "Enrollment at our academic institutions decreased 11.9% to 42,132 students at September 30, 2017 as compared to 47,831 students at September 30... read more
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More corruption ahead

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) intends to waive the application of applicable Federal regulations (see SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION) for all VA employees who receive any wages, salary, dividends, profits, gratuities, or services from, or own... read more
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What's Ashford's real student loan default rate?

According to the NCES, the 12-year default rate at for-profit colleges is 52%. Is Ashford any better?
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50% chance of bankruptcy within next 2 years

Worth a read: Main issues: -Diminishing cash reserves. Down to $190M currently (on $260M market cap). True company valuation at $70M. -Constant earnings and margin issues... read more

Punishment for not generating your own business

Company is starting to go down a slippery slope. Managers are now giving corrective action if you don't generate your own students who are interested in school (referrals) in other words if you don't bring money to the table on your own you are in... read more

Bridgepoint keeping shareholders in the dark too

Shareholders must be asking what Bridgepoint is keeping quiet about.
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Eliminating ESAs

Word is they are trying to get rid of almost all ESA's and transferring the remaining to the Denver location

5 Sales reps (esa) were fired today

Included a woman who gives birth to a child in two weeks. This place is a ghost town and now even more ...I have a feeling a lot more people will be canned This week

Bridgepoint August 2017 layoffs

Bridgepoint laid off 65 people between last Monday, Aug 14 and Friday, Aug 18, myself included. No warning, no time to bid colleagues goodbye, just boom, done and out of the building. I since heard that people in leadership and management were also... read more
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VA Warned Arizona Regulators Over Approval of Ashford

The Department of Veterans Affairs warned Arizona officials about running afoul of federal law after the state approved Ashford University’s ability to accept GI Bill education benefits, according to a letter obtained by POLITICO through a public... read more
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Dumping 26 percent of shares in stock

The company who owns 26 percent of bridgepoint stock is dumping it today. In addition ashford bought $150 million worth of stock a few months ago not sure what is going on

Culture of silence at Ashford University

Why is it that Ashford people haven't said anything on this site? It's obvious that people are reading the posts. Are you happy with what's happening at work? Are you concerned about your job? Do you have concerns about the students?... read more
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Ashford could lose VA (GI Bill) Funding?

"An Iowa District Court has dismissed a petition by Ashford University, asking that the Iowa State Approving Agency allow Ashford's online programs to be eligible for GI Bill benefits."... read more
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Getting a free lunch?

Anybody here getting a free lunch?
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New Chief Accounting Officer

On June 1, 2017, Bridgepoint Education, Inc. (the “Company”) appointed Steve Burkholder to serve as the Company’s Vice President, Chief Accounting Officer and Corporate Controller, effective immediately. Russell Sakamoto, who served as the Company’s... read more
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Bridgepoint the last subprime college with deep pockets

Looks like Bridgepoint is the last of the large for-profit college companies to be paying up in DC. And most of its going to Republicans.
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DeVos names Bridgepoint Executive for Advisor Role

Betsy DeVos named Bridgepoint executive Robert Eitel as an advisor.
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Bridgepoint continues to lose money

Another losing quarter. Enrollment down. Revenues down. Another net loss. Last quarter was terrible at more than -$13M net loss.
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