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Corrective action hit last week

Enrollment has been dealt the corrective action bug again, which means firings will be happening again in the next few months.. here we go again

I left in 2016 on my own

I could not stand the industry any more. I hear they are laying off again. I wish you all the best.
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Enrollment working from home

Directors have been saying that the plan is to possibly have San Diego enrollment work from home when the Arizona megaboffice opens...not sure if that means everyone, top producers, lay off the rest, small office for the rest etc tbd

GF named COO

SAN DIEGO, Dec. 31, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Bridgepoint Education, Inc. (BPI) today announced the appointment of GF to the position of Chief Operating Officer effective December 31, 2018, reporting to CEO AC. Mr. F will oversee the operational and... read more
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Huge year for bridgepoint and ashford

This year will either make or break the organization... things are delayed with the OPM, as well as the non profit status...keep those resumes fresh just in case things don't pan out

The Gainful Employment rule is dead

The gang of liberal Attorneys Generals sued ED to stop them from using earnings data from the Social Security Administration in borrower defence decisions and they won - but they had no idea that they just shot themselves in the foot because this... read more

What's it like to teach and learn at Ashford

About 93% of all teachers at Ashford are adjuncts. What's it like to teach for Ashford? I have heard that that it takes more hours than they are paying for. Do teachers have much say in the content? Do students at the higher levels write papers? If... read more
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Ashford University Free Lunch Program

How many of you have gotten a meal from the Ashford Free Lunch Program? read more
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WSCUC Accrediation Standards

Does anyone really believe that Ashford meets accreditation standards? With just a cursory look, it seemed to miss the bar for 1.2, 1.7, 2.1, 3.1, and 3.6. Would any faculty be willing to talk about this? According to the WSCUC, faulty should be able... read more
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Ashford University (Real and Imagined)

What's the real Ashford like? read more
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"Military Friendly" and "Best For Vets"? Not

Ashford is claiming that it's "Military Friendly" and "Best For Vets". But they have lost those designations. These are deceptive and misleading claims. Victory Media should already have notified Ashford/Bridgepoint about their inappropriate use of... read more
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Happy thanksgiving enrollment!!

Enjoy the next four days off of no calling !!! Coming Monday, a whole bunch of new team meetings and same bs!!
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Ashford violating DOD MOU

Since its inception in 2005, Ashford University has been an overly priced, low value educational institution with questionable ethics and poor student outcomes. As a result, servicemembers and veterans have filed a disproportionate number of... read more
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A day in the life of a sales rep

First, your day starts off by laying in bed and contemplating if you should call out sick and re-evaluating your life decisions that led to your employment at Ashford. After fighting traffic and arriving to the parking structure, you realize the cars... read more

Wasc denied non profit status

Things are about to get interesting ... WASC needs more information before it can approve the non profit status.. looks like the urge to dump the university and become an OPM will be delayed

250 calls a day?

What's a work day like for an Enrollment Services Advisor? I have read on GlassDoor that there is a culture of fear and deception. However, there are others that say the job is great.
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What happened to the CTO?

Looks like Bridgepoint is looking for a Chief Technology Officer. What happened to the last one/
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DOD, VA Get Low Grades for Helping Vets Make College Choices

"According to Student Veterans of America and their NVEST report, 46 percent of all people using the GI Bill do not finish school, and that 25 percent use their hard earned GI Bill on for-profit colleges. In 2017, CBS News also reported that 40... read more
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Earnings call will be a joke

They will play on the merger but morale is at an all time low, managers are acting very snakey, and we now have close to 8 Vice Presidents for enrollment and shared services..... what a disaster

Earnings call scheduled for November 8th

More enrollment losses? If so, more layoffs of people in San Diego? Stay tuned and listen to the BS on November 8th at 5:00 p.m. (Eastern Time) / 2:00 p.m. (Pacific Time).
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Here are the retention awards...

Here are the retention awards What did you get?
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SOMETHING in the water for Monday

Performance score cards came out for the first time in three weeks and enrollment advisors aren't allowed at the beginning of the week meeting for the first time in the past few years

CVSP Training?

Why is subprime @AshfordU hosting Certificate of Veterans Service Provider (CVSP) Training? Isn't that like the fox hosting an event for chickens?... read more
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Something is about to go down !!

Management has not sent out the performance score cards for two weeks and nobody knows why start saving the cash because I have a feeling massive layoffs be coming to enrollment in San Diego asap
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This will be bad

Buckle up. Your jobs are about to get relocated to Arizona. Unemployment or scorching heat. Pick your poison. This, people. Be prepared because judging by the latest development, this is what is coming. There will be two options, and most of us can'y... read more

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