Topics regarding layoffs at Bridgepoint Education Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Bridgepoint Education Inc.

Two new board members

Zovio "announced today the appointment of two new members to its Board of Directors: Dr. John S. Wilson, former Morehouse College President who serves as a Visiting Scholar at the Harvard Business School and Mr. Ron Huberman, Chief Executive Officer... —  read more 

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CEO is out

"Zovio, Inc. (Nasdaq: ZVO) announced today that Andrew Clark, Founder, President and CEO, and the Zovio Board of Directors, mutually agreed to his departure from the Company as its Chief Executive Officer ("CEO") and all other offices of the Company... —  read more 

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Buyer Beware

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Student X

Tell me how you feel about this.

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Piled high and Deep

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A match made in intergrity h*ll

"the notice of allegations (NOA) that the University of Arizona received from the NCAA’s enforcement staff on Friday allegedly includes nine allegations of misconduct, five of which are Level 1, the most serious... —  read more 

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"Now more recently, organizations like Ashford thru Arizona, GCU, and Kaplan through Purdue Global have in housed their own subprime appointment factories. Not having first hand information, I would still unequivocally say these operations have not... —  read more 

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Zovio HQ Wins Award for Amenities

While the 2020 Depression ravages the economy, subprime colleges operators get an award for tone deafness. The building features: A full-service cafeteria that provides healthy food options for employees with an adjacent dining area that... —  read more 

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With the possibility of 30 percent unemployment...

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"CHANDLER, Ariz., March 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ – As U.S. jobless claims reached unprecedented levels, education technology service provider Zovio (ZVO) (Nasdaq: ZVO) announced today it would hire more than 200 enrollment advisors in the next four... —  read more 

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COO Fired

Andrew Clark sent out an email saying: "Effective Immediately, I have terminated Greg Finkelstein and he is no longer employed at Zovio" Looks like they found a sacrificial lamb for the historically low stock price, although no one liked working... —  read more 

Accounting tricks?

Can anyone explain how Zovio is going to pull this rabbit out of the hat? From Zovio's latest SEC Form 10K regarding Department of Education financial responsibility scores for Ashford University: "The composite score is a number between negative... —  read more 

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(Stars and Strpies) "Vets group sounds the alarm after VA greenlights controversial Ashford University for GI Bill funds"

“Ashford University preyed on veterans and people of modest means,” Attorney General Xavier Becerra said in a statement. “This for-profit college illegally misled students about their educational prospects and unfairly saddled them with debt.”... —  read more 

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Write off

Donated 200 junk computers? Hope they scrubbed them of incriminating evidence.

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I am confused

Nobody has entered into an agreement with Zovio Except for Ashford for services. Zovio has no real profit without Ashford. Take my word that Zovio has no tech, and all of this just means that Zovio can become even more shady with prospective students... —  read more 

Shares down to $1.82

Guess the shareholders were not amused by news of the "transition" news. Paying for the transition, a $103 million loan at 15 percent annually, sounds like a company that has issues. I know I thought Zovio had found a free market patsy, as Kaplan... —  read more 

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"Our goal is to close the proposed separation and conversion or announce the signing of the agreement for the sale of Ashford University by the end of 2019." "As I said, our goal is to announce either the close of the conversion or assign... —  read more 

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Hechinger Report

"He found a website listing Ashford University as friendly to service members and veterans. He said the online for-profit university promised him a comprehensive slate of classes and flexibility in scheduling them, so he signed up. His relationship... —  read more 

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Zovio Celebrates New Headquarters

PR Newswire CHANDLER, Ariz., Nov. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ – Zovio (ZVO), an education technology services company, cut the ribbon at their new Chandler Headquarters yesterday. Andrew Clark, Founder, President, and CEO of Zovio, was joined by over... —  read more 

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Job Opening

The full-time Corporate Communications Specialist position is a key part of the communication team at Zovio. We’re looking for someone who enjoys writing stories, planning events, managing projects, and reporting results. This role will have a lot to... —  read more 

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I hear Ashford profs have been pressured to pass all their students, that some students have been granted degrees despite not meeting degree requirements, and that plagiarism has been ignored. Any truth to that? If so, how rampant is it?

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