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Ashford could lose VA (GI Bill) Funding?

"An Iowa District Court has dismissed a petition by Ashford University, asking that the Iowa State Approving Agency allow Ashford's online programs to be eligible for GI Bill benefits."... read more
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Getting a free lunch?

Anybody here getting a free lunch?
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New Chief Accounting Officer

On June 1, 2017, Bridgepoint Education, Inc. (the “Company”) appointed Steve Burkholder to serve as the Company’s Vice President, Chief Accounting Officer and Corporate Controller, effective immediately. Russell Sakamoto, who served as the Company’s... read more
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Bridgepoint the last subprime college with deep pockets

Looks like Bridgepoint is the last of the large for-profit college companies to be paying up in DC. And most of its going to Republicans.
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DeVos names Bridgepoint Executive for Advisor Role

Betsy DeVos named Bridgepoint executive Robert Eitel as an advisor.
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Bridgepoint continues to lose money

Another losing quarter. Enrollment down. Revenues down. Another net loss. Last quarter was terrible at more than -$13M net loss.
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Bob Dole Lobbying for Bridgepoint Education

From David Halperin: "According to a federal disclosure form, Dole and two colleagues will lobby on the issue of 'Post 9/11 G.I. Bill Benefits,' meaning educational benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs for U.S. military veterans."... read more
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Bridgepoint Sign in Sand Diego Coming Down

"While Bridgepoint Education, Inc., still has its name at the top of the building at 600 B Street, that sign is coming down soon. A Bridgepoint spokesperson did not respond to questions, but a source close to the situation said on July 5 that the... read more
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Stock Falling Fast

At the time of writing this post, the BPI stock has fallen .46 in a matter of 3 hours. This is coming after Bridgepoint disclosed a subpoena from the SEC. Sign of things to come?

Massive hiring spree after losing millions??

Ashford is having a huge hiring event on March 12 for enrollment counsellors yet there is a huge loss financially and they have already hired hundreds of sales reps. Does this mean they will be trimming the top $$$ folks and hire cheaper replacement?

CEO Andrew Clark Lying to Investors?

Internal Email from Andrew Clark "There is no doubt that we have passionate employees and strong leaders in our growing Denver location! " If you closed the UoR campus in downtown Denver, fired most of your staff, subleased the floors, and removed... read more


I am paying back a 35 thousand dollar + loan, for a associates degree that I CAN NOT USE!! I am very furious at this!! Nothing was done that I work so hard for!! Monies that I am paying back can be going to my family!! I shouldn’t have to pay the... read more

Have a nice day!
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$700 per student on instruction

Bridgepoint Education, spent in a recent year more than $2700 per student on recruiting and marketing and only $700 per student on instruction. Industry leader the University of Phoenix wasn’t much better -- $2225 per student on marketing and $892 on... read more
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Merry Christmas: Enjoy your lump of coal.

Q: If the Organization determines merit increases are possible in 2016, what will that amount be? A: Human Resources will communicate further once merit adjustment decisions have been made. Q: If the Company decides that merit/market based... read more
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Recent Layoffs

Really? Not a single posting about the recent layoffs? Was there a gag order in those severance packages?


As i have said before,I think you will see them close the On ground campus of the University of the Rockies in Denver within the next 12 months as it continues to be a drain on their profits. Bridgepoint will probably be around in some form as they... read more

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