Topics regarding layoffs at American Public Education

Topics regarding layoffs at American Public Education

OCR Investigation

AMERICAN PUBLIC UNIVERSITY SYSTEM under Department of Ed OCR investigation?

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American Public University System Appoints Seasoned Acadamic Leader Javier Miyares to Board of Trustees

"Miyares served as president for eight years at UMGC until September 2020, and then worked in an advisory capacity with the University System of Maryland (USM) until June 2021. During this time he led UMGC through several major shifts, increased... — read more 

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$5 million plus in "synergies"

"Synergies"=layoffs? "As we have become more familiar with the Rasmussen team, its leaders and the business, we are extremely pleased that the institution we are acquiring is not only as originally understood, but even better in many respects. We... — read more 

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Closing the 90/10 loophole some time in 2023 means that APEI has about two years to figure something out. Grantham University already gave up and sold the school for $1 to University of Arkansas System. ... — read more 

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APEI acquires Graduate School USA

Graduate School USA was established in 1921 as part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture and is celebrating its centennial anniversary this year. GSUSA provides training to the federal workforce through a catalog of over 300 courses specializing in... — read more 

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Debt Sentence

Student loan default is a traumatic, stigmatizing experience. Because of that, many working people keep the pain of their student loan problems to themselves.

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APEI acquires Rasmussen

"American Public Education (NASDAQ:APEI) to acquire Rasmussen University, a nursing- and health sciences-focused institution serving over 18,000 students at its 24 campuses across six states and online for $329M, consisting of $300M in cash plus $29M... — read more 

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Enrollment continues to decline

"In the first quarter of 2018, net course registrations by new students at APUS declined 11% and total net course registrations declined 4% compared to the prior year period. However net course registrations by returning students only declined by 3%... — read more 

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More labor cuts

"American Public Education (NASDAQ:APEI) is up 3.8% and tagged a new four-year high after weekend word that it committed to a workforce reduction plan."... — read more 

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Enrollments way down. Projections also bad.

Total enrollment at APUS slipped 8%, owing to a decline in enrollment of students using Federal Student Aid (FSA) and Tuition Assistance (TA) program – a trend over the past few quarters. New student enrollments at APUS -22%. New enrollment of... — read more 

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