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Higher education, colleges and universities.
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Educational instituion. No ticker. Not Listed.
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Univesity/College. Provides services in the area of education and skills improvement.
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University of Phoenix is one of the largest employers in Phoenix, Arizona (AZ) 85040. Tel: (602) 966-9577.
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Posts regarding layoffs at University of Phoenix

(Mon 07/06/15 12:07:18 UTC)

Jim Berg, Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer, Quits Apollo Group

Perhaps this is old news, but VP Jim Berg (Chief Ethics and Compliance officer) has recently "retired" from Apollo Group. Did anyone else mention this?.........................

Camden Kid (

(Mon 07/06/15 11:41:38 UTC)

University of Phoenix: Higher Ed Disaster

"I am in disbelief of where I am working today. Dread, disgust, and anxiety are my daily emotions--"Blue", University of Phoenix employee"...................

Camden Kid

(Mon 07/06/15 03:53:36 UTC)

Is mass arrest in the making by Feds?

Is anyone in the know here? Has anyone had any signs of their desktops being tampered with or imaged? Has anyone been approached by IT in a suspicious manner? If so, please acknowledge...


(Mon 07/06/15 03:53:36 UTC)

Is mass arrest in the making by Feds?

Is anyone in the know here? Has anyone had any signs of their desktops being tampered with or imaged? Has anyone been approached by IT in a suspicious manner? If so, please acknowledge...


(Fri 07/03/15 17:53:43 UTC)

Serious systemic curriculum faults found by accreditor.

APOL set to announce massive round of layoffs in the wake of loss of HLC accreditation. It will be another bad day in the next few weeks.

-The Love Phoenix

(Fri 07/03/15 04:38:56 UTC)

Latest Seeking Alpha report

Key bullets-- How much longer will investors give Apollo Education Group (APOL) management? How about the Board that hasn’t been minding the shop? Apollo’s latest toxic quarterly report was packed with more of the same. Deteriorating key metrics, falling revenues, and decreasing relevance. Of ... read more

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(Thu 07/02/15 10:44:59 UTC)

Accreditation Decision Should Be Out This Month (July)

According to John Hausaman, the Higher Learning Commission should have made their decision about the 2-year "notice" status in late June. The decision should be out in July. Mr. Hausaman's email is

Camden Kid (, @USinjustice)

(Thu 07/02/15 04:45:08 UTC)

Anyone fired was a worthless pos who was lazy anyway!

You should be ashamed of yourself if you somehow managed to get fired. Your family should be embarrassed and ashamed of you as well. You deserve to be out of work for the rest of your lives. You are the lowest of the low you worthless piles of dung. May nothing good happen for you ever in this ... read more


(Thu 07/02/15 00:09:41 UTC)

UOFP management fails at being leaders

The Biggest problem here is that MGT does not have the skills to manage. Basically they have failed. Stockholders you should be ashamed at yourselves for being so GREEDY. You corporate BIGSHOTS do not have a clue to what really makes you the money. Its the people in the desks and students who pay ... read more

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(Wed 07/01/15 21:21:05 UTC)

Layoffs but no problems solved

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(Wed 07/01/15 18:32:32 UTC)

North Central Association of the HLC in Process of Full Revocation of Accreditation for University of Phoenix

Students beware! The North Central Association of the Higher Learning Commission, the regional accrediting body that authorizes the University of Phoenix, is pressing a full-scale investigation of recruiting methods and validity of curriculum in all curricula to commence immediately. As this comes ... read more

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(Wed 07/01/15 18:10:45 UTC)

Stock price just above $12


(Wed 07/01/15 15:14:54 UTC)

UOPX is my Potemkin village

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(Wed 07/01/15 13:09:55 UTC)

I was let go Monday

And I just want to say. ..... I have my first interview today! I'm excited to have a fresh start somewhere after spending a substantial amount of time at UPX. I feel the time I spent there has prepared me to do well anywhere. UPX treated me well, benefit-wise, but it was pretty frustrating for a ... read more

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(Wed 07/01/15 09:39:26 UTC)

Severance Package

I have a quick question for any employees that were already let go. Do you know what the severance package consist of? You dont have to go into details, but was it a set amount of weeks or months across the board or did they give you x amount of weeks or months for each year of work? I am trying to ... read more

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(Wed 07/01/15 01:21:02 UTC)

Poor Upper Management

I would like to say upper MGT has done a poor poor job. They are so worried about the stockholders they forgot where it all started. From the CEO on down. Lacking professional MGT skills. Lacking skills in general....Here is how you win UOFP upper MGT....... 1. Get a list of all the popular people ... read more

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(Tue 06/30/15 23:20:00 UTC)

Only way to get back at the company

If you got let go and saw something unethical or illegal taking place now is the time to blow the whistle. This place is destroying lives just like Corinthian, ITT, Devry, and all of these schools need to go bankrupt. It should piss you off to know your hard work means the owner goes home to a ... read more

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(Tue 06/30/15 22:58:52 UTC)

So sorry to hear about the lay offs...

Unbelievable that there are posts stating that UOP is the best and the need to trim the fat needed to be done. How many years did these rumors go through the buildings like wildfire every month? Probably since the beginning. Anyone remember the term "Flavor of the Month" regarding the new and ... read more

Free of UOP
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(Tue 06/30/15 22:13:10 UTC)

Free future planning help / 401k rollovers..

Hello everyone. I will miss working with you. I, too, was laid off after nearly 13 years with UOP. It has been a remarkable roller-coaster journey together and I was proud to work to fulfill the mission for which the University was established. I will now be helping people with their financial ... read more

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(Tue 06/30/15 21:09:09 UTC)

Who is Shart Barf?

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(Tue 06/30/15 17:43:52 UTC)

A light hangs from its ballast, throwing shadows

against the walls of the halls of the RPDC. I walk, looking for others. The break room is barren, a spider has made its home in the popcorn machine. I round the ITOC. Black. But there are sounds. Unnatural sounds, rising and falling, mournful sounds. I want to see them, meet with them. It doesn't ... read more

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(Tue 06/30/15 17:41:41 UTC)


Amazing how bad they are bleeding.


(Tue 06/30/15 16:24:24 UTC)

APOL down 20% in last two days, trading at just over $13 at this hour.

This company is finished.

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(Tue 06/30/15 16:17:30 UTC)

UoPX Whistleblowers Tried to Help

Several UoPX whistleblowers have tried to help University of Phoenix, but University of Phoenix and Apollo Group did not listen to staff, teachers, and students. Aldrich and Nolan are two of the last whistleblowers of note, but there were many more. Some came out publicly, others worked with ... read more

Camden Kid (, @USinjustice)
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(Tue 06/30/15 14:06:57 UTC)

The aftermath

I'm lucky to still have a job but not looking forward to being there. So many good people who were my friends will not be there today. I'll try not to throw up in the faces of the shit managers and dip shit directors.

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(Tue 06/30/15 11:49:45 UTC)

Mad Max Analogy

"it is by my hand.... You will rise... From the ashes.... Of UOP...." (Satire ....) ;)

Immorten Joe

(Tue 06/30/15 10:53:55 UTC)

How many people talked to the HLC?

How many people have emailed John Hausaman at the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and expressed your concerns? My guess is very few. To those who have reconsidered this option, Mr. Hausman's email is

Camden Kid (, @USinjustice)
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(Tue 06/30/15 06:23:35 UTC)

I have a massive throbber with all the scoopy news regarding the anal poundings administered to turds

More raping to come for many more liars in the weeks to come.


(Tue 06/30/15 05:12:38 UTC)

There are people that enrolled less students than you, have no degrees and are still working at UOPX today. You should rally together!

Find out why you were "laid off" and join forces to sue Apollo for discriminating against you. I work for HR and there are hundreds of people currently employed with no degrees that barely enroll. If you get a half way decent lawyer it will be found it was wrongful termination. After you are taxed ... read more

Dont sign the severance so fast
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(Tue 06/30/15 03:23:04 UTC)

Testing...testing...1,2, this thing on?? Can the higher ups hear this? Because it is time to take notes...

Todays layoffs needed to happen. I know it is a hard fact to face, but it was nessesary. The layoffs were not the problem, how those let go were chosen, now that is the problem. University of Phoenix grew too big too fast and in the process many people were promoted to management and upper ... read more

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(Tue 06/30/15 00:42:44 UTC)

2 week severance package

Hey I was laid off a while ago. Let me let you know the dirt you ill be going through those who got laid off today. My final paycheck was almost all taken. If you used your vacation time they deduct that from your final check. I had 7 days I worked and only got $31.02 for it after the vacation was ... read more

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(Tue 06/30/15 00:06:49 UTC)

We fine in the sunshine

San Diego not touched nobody got deleted here you all don't no shit.


(Mon 06/29/15 23:40:34 UTC)

Police at building six

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(Mon 06/29/15 23:34:57 UTC)

How many people were let go?

Locations? Positions?

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(Mon 06/29/15 22:23:56 UTC)

layoffs are done!!

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