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Why did WaPo use UoPX?

Is University of Phoenix the butt of jokes again?
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Education is not enough...

"This belief system, which I have come to think of as “educationism,” is grounded in a familiar story about cause and effect..."
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How much has UoPX been spending on marketing and ads?

Despite all the losses, University of Phoenix continues to spend bundles of federal government money on its fantasy land ads. "According to data, among the most visible marketers that bought time in the “Big Bang” finale were Universal... read more
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University of Phoenix and the College Meltdown

It boggles my mind that few reporters see a big story here, about the decline of America's largest university and the larger College Meltdown. We're talking about a school whose promise in the 1970s was to further democratize education. But it... read more
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Enrollment leads

If you don't think UoPX is moving toward collapse, what's it like on the ground? What are the quality of the leads? How many of these people you talk to are functionally illiterate? How many of the people who are literate, say those in grad school... read more
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No teachout dates?

Campuses have known for more than a year and a half that they were closing, yet students and staff still have not been given closing dates? How long can this go on? Aren't schools supposed to close within 18 months of teachout?... read more
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2018-19 Numbers?

Everyone has seen the FY 2017 numbers...a loss of about $52 million, with losses in every segment except Arizona, and that was a very slim margin. What are the FY 2018 numbers and what are the projected FY 2019 numbers? It's hard to believe that it's... read more
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Phoenix Fantasy Land

UoPX lost approximately $52 million in fiscal year 2017.
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UOP should be sued for firing enrollment reps that don’t enroll their quota number. I was forced to enroll a student that said they only wanted the financial aid. My manager said it doesn’t matter why they enroll. My job is to get them ALL enrolled... read more

Congrats UoP

From Provost: "I am pleased to share with you the news that the Higher Learning Commission’s (HLC) Institutional Actions Council met recently to make a final decision regarding the outcome of our Comprehensive Evaluation that took place last year... read more

Is this true?

"Worst school! GO SOMEWHERE ELSE! Financial Aid office is very unprofessional and unorganized. The school makes you take courses in the beginning that are nothing but a way for them to get more money and would never transfer to another college. They... read more


From the provost: I am pleased to share with you the news that the Higher Learning Commission’s (HLC) Institutional Actions Council met recently to make a final decision regarding the outcome of our Comprehensive Evaluation that took place last year... read more

2019 Faculty Engagement Survey Response

The following is the comment I offered on the 2019 Faculty Engagement Survey: "University leadership does not engender trust and confidence. Repeated work-force reductions, campus closures, and declining enrollment as well as lack of transparency... read more

What’s happening?

Is it just me? Seems like this board has devolved to Camden posting random things, unfounded rumors, or vague insinuations but nothing that really is meaningful. Nothing better to do than try to stir the pot in any way he can think of?

"Best Place to Work for LGBTQ Equality"

"The annual assessment of how well corporate America is protecting the LGBTQ community in the workplace showed that University of Phoenix, GoDaddy Inc. (NYSE: GDDY) and law firm Snell & Wilmer all scored 100 on the CEI."... read more
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"Our Business Ethics"

Our Business Ethics Apollo’s Code of Business Ethics (this "Code") is intended to express our ethical values and describes the expectations we have and the standards we set for ourselves. The Code guides our decision-making processes and shapes our... read more
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Too tired to scavenge?

A long list of schools that are scavenging off the Dream Center wreckage. Where's UoPX?
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Is University of Phoenix paying all of its bills? Or can they just run up a tab then use bankruptcy to reduce their losses?
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Sad state of affairs

In addition to way fewer students in my department, we’ve had both layoffs and natural attrition as people get nervous about where the company is headed. We have not hired one new person and the workload is unmanageable. My manager goes back and... read more

How low is too low?

I'm just wondering, with enrollments going down drastically each year, how low would they have to go to trigger closing? How far are we from that point?

Update on University of Phoenix collapse

The story would be more informative if University of Phoenix would release the 2017 and 2018 numbers. I have included a link to Apollo Global Management's Annual Report, which is worth reading... read more
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Revenues down down down?

Year Enrollment Revenues (in billions) 2010 470,800 4.5 2011 380,800 4.3 2012 328,000 3.9 2013 301,100 3.3 2014 251,500 2.6 2015 190,700 2.2 2016 142,500 1.6 2017 Unknown 2018 Unknown University of Phoenix campuses will be closing in Albuquerque... read more

Looking for devine intervention?

God Friended Me? Is someone looking for divine intervention?
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Annual revenues down more than 90% since 2010?

From Apollo Education's Annual Report, when annual revenues were $4.95B, and roughly $4.5B came from University of Phoenix. Enrollment at UoPX was more than 470,000. Strategy Our goal is to strengthen our position as a leading provider of high... read more
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How far off are the NCES numbers?

State Student Population Arizona 103,975 California 9,832 Colorado 261 Florida 699 Georgia 470 Hawaii 741 Illinois 146 Kentucky 18 Louisiana 56 Maryland 32 Missouri 74 Nevada 554 New Jersey 111 New Mexico 266 North Carolina 157 Pennsylvania 143... read more
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One of more than 50 "Assets Under Management"

Apollo Education and University of Phoenix are an afterthought in the eyes of Apollo Global Management. They are one of more than 50 "assets under management." If the profit/loss numbers people have leaked out are true, how long will Apollo Global... read more
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Jobs at Bridgepoint Education? Maybe not.

I know some people were bailing from University of Phoenix to Ashford, which is moving much of its operations to Phoenix. But it looks like Bridgepoint is in trouble.
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