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AXIA College

Is AXIA College that was renamed to something else now history with no more students?


Late Friday evening, the IT department submitted emails to staff members in enrollment and academics that is/will be affected by this reduction. You would have received a notice of a meeting on Monday morning. The email reads: “Many organizations are... read more

Red Flint

Looks like Red Flint is dead in the water.....staff got let go in the last few days..... it is definitely a culture of “layoffs”

University of Phoenix Homecoming?

What's it like at the UoPX homecomings after all the campus closings? I see that the number of homecomings has been decreasing from 40+ in 2017 to about 25 in 2018. And several of the venues for 2018 are in cities that are closing campuses... read more
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Phoenix never had prestige

The problem is that Phoenix will never have prestige. A prestigious university does not operate on open enrollment. Prestige develops when there are high standards, both for students and faculty. Phoenix is continually lowering its standards and... read more

Culture of corruption

Significant Changes at University of Phoenix Warrant Reevaluation and Closer Scrutiny Based on our analysis of public records and information from credible University of Phoenix employees, it is our opinion that the Higher Learning Commission (HLC)... read more


Those that just got or will be getting a package, what a good time to take it and be thankful for the opportunity. With the changes ahead if you are not driven to succeed and one of the few that will get a chance the same result is coming. For UOPx... read more

Layoffs instead of transition

Theres only a handful of remote enrollment counselors and the "promise" to transition from the teachout campuses to work from home is more and more dismal every day. From what I am hearing they will layoff the teachout locations instead of making the... read more

Academic Affairs

Several layoffs within the colleges and academic affairs. 100+ Who’s left? Academic Deans and associate provosts who don’t teach. Sorry one left who cares or understand your needs.

Universities can't fail students anymore

I used to teach there for 15 years (2001-2016) and the last 2-3 years things got out of control. They did not allow me to flunk students and demanded that I changed grades for certain of them. Once, I had an evaluator who came into my classroom and... read more


I remember reading that the new hires are becoming concerned about how the managers are acting. This is so true. The managers run from office to office and continuously have closed door meetings. Somebody is c-apping on them and they in turn treat... read more

Your new neighbor is much more corrupt than UoPX

Corruption is a relative term. And in the case of University of Phoenix, they can't hold a candle to their new neighbor, Charlie Kirk and Turning Point USA.
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New documentary exposing for-profit education "Veteran newsman Dan Rather serves as executive producer on the doc, which carries the tagline 'Subprime Goes to College,' a reference to the... read more

NUMBERS.... all about numbers

It is all about the numbers. Campus Operations Coordinators are used to robocall students that have been out 1-3 years and pass possible reenty calls to enrollment. They are calling hundreds of students and must have so many transfers and starts for... read more

VP laidoff

Now in the lay-off news VP in Tech asked to leave. Stand by for more.

Stack Rank

Welp everyone received their stack ranks today for shift bid. How did everyone make out? Wish we could stack ranking the managers and directors and VPs - Saturday’s for everybody.

Whats new at Uop?

I used to work there for a long time. Heard they were hiring again, AND heard you all have quotas now. Is this true? No layoffs mentioned in a long time. Are things starting ro look up for you all for once? Please give me the scoop.

When will the teachouts be complete?

When will the teachouts be complete at the following schools? Tucson Arizona, Oakland, San Bernadino, San Marcos, Costa Mesa, and Woodland Hills California, Colorado Springs and Lone Tree Colorado , Central, North, South and West Florida, Atlanta... read more
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I just remember the acronym. I think it was rapport, admission... can anyone fill in the blanks? Payment. Motivation.
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Does University of Phoenix deserve HLC accreditation?

The Higher Learning Commission has five criteria for granting accreditation. Is UoPX meeting these standards, especially as they downsize?
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Keep the back door closed

The level of incompetent, at the campus level, is staggering. The managers that are left keep digging a bigger hole that we will never climb out of. Somebody save us from them!!!

Visa mill now has as much power as UoPX

Move over Apollo Education. Looks like Thompson Education Center is vying for power in higher ed.
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How do we keep get any students

Many of UOP students don't have a valid high school diploma or GED. UOP enrollment staff dont get proof the student has GED or HS diploma and enrollment doesnt realize that there are crowds of people that will enroll because we just don't care. If... read more

if it weren't for Camden ...

posting all kind of bs and biased stuff trying to stir the pot (here and other taxpaying universities), this page would be pretty damn quite by now. Ponder that ....

CNBC may be interested in a story

CNBC may be interested in a story on University of Phoenix, especially as it relates to student debt and campus/learning site closings.
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With all of the state colleges and community colleges now offering online courses of higher quality, for less money, and with greater prestige than UOP (or other for-profits)--why do students even enroll there? This is a question I can't seem to find... read more

Not happy? There’s the front door.....

“Not happy? There’s the front door.....” What is up with this statement? I’ve heard this now from a manager, our clueless director who is not “Sharp”, but dull and useless, and an awkward ginger manager trainer thing who’s training was pointless like... read more


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