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Department of Education

With the DoE's decision does the $385 million dollar line of credit/reserve apply only to the incoming buyer (Apollo Global) or does it apply to current owner (Apollo Education) as well even if the sale does not go through?

Deal may fall through

The U.S. Department of Education today approved the application of the Apollo Education Group, owner of the University of Phoenix, to convert from being a publicly-traded company to one owned by private equity firms and still keep its eligibility for... read more

Burning through a lot of cash

Burning through a lot of cash. New commercials on major networks and shows cannot be producing new enrollments because of the place's bad rep. So the illusion of doing something when nothing can be done except close and lay off is coming closer. What... read more

Call FTC and DOE

FTC is suppose to be investigating this 'place'...on their business practices. One point would be how often the Stop on Demand (recording of phone calls software) works. How often it works? Constant technical issues with this software. Finance is... read more

Up to 3 colleges now Constant St. Germ

Next college on your list to take over is Business, correct St. Germ?? You are slowly but surely managing to take over the university as you planned all along, college by college. Anyone perceived as a threat to your endgame you continue to have... read more

Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Has anyone considered or filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy in the past? With me being unemployed for 6 months now and unable to pay all my creditors, I am considering it. Every time an employer sees the degree on my resume, i feel like I am laughed at. How... read more

Trump, Devos, and University of Phoenix

How will the Trump administration's new Department of Education affect University of Phoenix?
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Gainful Employment Penalties Start January 1st?

I believe Gainful Employment was supposed to kick in on January 1st. Programs where students were paying more than 20% of discretionary income or 8% of total earnings would be sanctioned.
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DoE just end it

Tell us what days we will have off for Thanksgiving and Christmas, great. Make plans. Two weeks later, now, tell us you have to work. How do you expect employees to believe any management at the highest level. Let's reopen those surveys on our... read more


I am sitting here reviewing my week and MY future here at the University of Phoenix. I thought how would I sum up my career at the University of Phoenix in one word. That word would be ahhgangeeeoooooo. I cannot stop laughing. My head is down on my... read more


Is it true the UOP wants to buy Trump University? I heard on Twitter that UOP was trying to enhance its academic reputation That would be yuge GOOD MORNING SAN DIEGGOOOOOO

Very Productive Week For Our Department!!!

Most weeks our department pretends like we do something productive and make up work to stay under the radar, but this week was the most productive we've been in a really long time, maybe EVER and made a great video. I can feel things starting to turn... read more


If I put in my two weeks notice this friday, will I get paid for Thanksgiving holiday? I plan to take that week off with my last day being Dec 2 nd. Will they walk you out when you put in your two weeks? Not working for competitor. What should I... read more


I just heard 50 Enrollment Advisors were laid off and 10 in healthcare in phoenix. What have you heard? Is it 50 in Phoenix or nationwide? Share what you know.

Teach out

Been limited to the program level mostly as a result of gainful employment. Deal aside, will teach out extend to the college level? If so, which UOP colleges? This site could get much more interesting.


If DOE waits till Jan 20 2017. A more business President will be in charge. There will be regulation but no death blow. 71 days to go. DOE can strike before that. The final count down has begun . The final countdown

More layoffs comming

Read on another thread that a more layoffs coming soon, and that some of it will be in academic affairs. Does anyone have more info on this?

Layoff 50?

What departments did people get laid off in the other day?
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6 weeks severance

I was laid off today. I was offered 6 weeks severance, have benefits until Friday and will get paid this Friday and next. 7 years and that's what I get. Also 1 year tuition waiver....Titanic is going down....

Gainful Employment

50 people laid off total today! Gainful Employment is coming on to slay UOPX
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For those that got layed off today, we would like to bring some Joy to you. We have Greg and Tim and the tenth floor choirs singing... Happy Holidays May the merry bells be ringing happy holidays to you. And you and you you you you.......


There was layoffs that happened today, can anyone else confirm if there was any in there location. So far ER, and MGrs

What happens if/when the golden parachutes deploy?

What happens if/when the top executives at APOL/UoPX get their golden parachutes? If this happens, who will be in charge of personnel decisions? Would Anthony Miller really be in charge, or just serve as a figurehead? Does sound at all like what's... read more
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Read this quote, thought of you St. Germ

If someone treats you like sh!t, just remember that there's something wrong with her, not you. Normal people don't go around destroying other human beings. About time you got laid off for your wonderful treatment of others!

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