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Dear new owners

Isn't it about time for all of the president's direct reports and exec deans to also go on bereavement?

ED stacking the deck with for-profit people

DeVos has now hired Taylor Hansen (CECO, Apollo Group) and Robert Eitel (Bridgepoint) for their beachhead team read more
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More tomorrow

A sudden meeting called for the faculty who were not let go in February. If the managers of faculty were let go this week, then faculty likely next.

Managers Layed Off

Bunch of managers just got word that their jobs would be cut in June as part of the ongoing cuts to departments.

Work from home survey?

Im in ADG enrollment and got a work from home survey on 3.9.17. Did the entire college get this? I hope so.

Ugly Week Ahead

Next week will see more adjustments being made to "headcount" across the campuses. Out of one side of their mouth they tell us about "job of choice" while our of the other side they're constantly harping on "headcount." They don't care about real... read more


What are your thoughts on splitting Apollo Education into four separate identities over the next 30 to 90 days?

Veterans Education Success Looking For Whistleblowers

Veterans Education Success is looking for University of Phoenix employees who are willing to tell how UoPX is exploiting service members and veterans. The contact information is Sean@VeteransEducationSuccess.Org
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It finally happened today

After 15 years putting my life into this company, today is the day I finally found out it's my turn to leave. Our team in re-entry was "unofficially" informed by our manager that the company will announce this week that tenured ERs will be asked to... read more

Still Reading The Same . . . .

I left University of Phoenix nearly five years ago and I am sadden as I read the current postings because they look the exact same as when I was there. I stayed with UoP for nearly 10 years, went through the bonus years where you made mad bonuses and... read more

No change no hope

I heard the new owners were No nonsense quick moving folks but besides FTF nothing happened. New owners are as worthless as old management. This place still heading downward.


The Streamlining has began. New shifts, new pay, new titles,less people. We will all know, some shifts changed this morning, in the next 48 hours. I hope the best for all. I hope those that want to leave will be layed off and those that want to stay... read more

Drug testing

I received my new title today which falls under AIG per se. We were told that they are going to use random drug testing to get rid of quite a few people. Even though it is a right to work state, it is easier to deny severence and contest unemployment... read more

Oh my

1 question at UoPX is, how big is the severance and where do I sign? #2 question is, how do I get out of the parking structure without a badge?

Call lawyer


What's the deal? To many potential students stating you have been calling me every half hour. I thought we called every two hours. To many potential students stating, I was signing up for a job, insurance information, etc online not education. I... read more

This is just the beginning...

Where's the bottom for University of Phoenix? The final quarterly report said that enrollment wouldn't begin stabilizing any earlier than 2018.
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No news on massive layoffs

Interesting how no one has reported massive layoffs. Time to send anonymous letters to news media to warn students about the fall of the Phoenix. 5

Looking for Confirmation

Heard there will be a reduction in enrollment labor force especially those in areas affected by the Gainful Employment Act. Heard the QC will be replaced with an automated phone system that will route students to a region thus the reason for... read more

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