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Run out the clock

Upper management knows it is entitled. So run out the clock with bad ideas, failures, dead ends, then cash out. Lovely.


Our manager told us that you might work from home if you're near a RUNNING campus like within certain miles. But if you are in the outlying teachout locations you can kiss your job good bye. They are only going to need a couple dozen enrollment reps... read more
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Now that the Qualifying Center is gone.

There are fewer and fewer potential students calling in but yet management expects each enrollment counselor to enroll 12 enrollments or more. Newsflash a$$holes our team of 10 enrollment reps had a total of 52 newly enrolled students for last month... read more

More layoffs

More layoffs are coming before September. It’s amazing how far this “company” has fallen.

June 29th, 2015 ... Never Forget.

Seriously. That was a great day for me. I caught the round of layoffs three years ago from yesterday and I'll say it: there were some struggles after experiencing that. I mean, I took a substantial pay cut for a while and tried a few different jobs... read more

More layoffs in following weeks

There will be more layoffs there aren't enough new enrollments and "leadership" does not care to make the changes necessary to invite new enrollment and retain them. There will be more layoffs in next 6 weeks Agree with @TFFyZua-2ppz completely. Be... read more

Select Campus?

Does anyone know what a "select" campus is? UOP has designated some campuses as teach-out, select, and market. No one seems to know what select actually means.
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Severance with layoffs?

Anyone know if they typically give severance to the laid off? Ever heard of them laying off without it? Just curious in case they hit this month.

Dump those who phone it in

I am in Phoenix and there is panic behind the ivory doors. Enrollment is plummeting and there isn't a clue on how to stem the tide. Faculty are being slashed- those who haven't taught in the last 6 months are done. There is no consideration for a... read more

UOP - Utah

The Utah location has been dead for some time. But they have an Education Program Chair and no students. I was told I wasn’t needed anymore because they weren’t running the programs. But they kept the staff. Maybe that explains the failures of UOP.

June layoffs?

Traditionally we have layoffs in June. Anyone confirm they are happening again?

Happy Faculty Appreciation Week

I got an email telling me it’s faculty appreciation week and I should reach out to my local campus leadership to find out what they are doing. I haven’t heard from local leadership in over a year. I’m not even sure who is still around. They announced... read more

Glint, no action

We give up. For all the excitement and feedback provided guess no action from Glint. Are no leaders brave?

Oracle Buys Vocado

Not The Onion:

Some faculty will ride it down to the end

Well --- I'm a former faculty member, starting at a local campus and then going online. For a long time we had a great reputation here, with many dedicated faculty. We put out a good product. The downfall of UoP came, in my opinion, with the rise of... read more

What UOPX the company needs....

Faculty needs to band together and do a walk out. Given the disrespect, increase in class size and decrease in quality. Stand united and walk out. You need to be treated better. When our instrutor told us about how they are treated, dang. Not good.

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