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Higher education, colleges and universities.
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Educational instituion. No ticker. Not Listed.
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Univesity/College. Provides services in the area of education and skills improvement.
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University of Phoenix is one of the largest employers in Phoenix, Arizona (AZ) 85040. Tel: (602) 966-9577.
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(Fri 09/04/15 07:31:27 UTC)

UOP's VA funding will not cease

VA funding will not cease. It's unjust and they just attempted it with ITT and it was backed out. Meaning that ITT was not ceased from VA funding. Vets are treated well and provided an opportunity to earn a good education so there shouldn't be a need to force them out of an option to attend a ... read more


(Fri 09/04/15 03:34:30 UTC)

Stop Bitching

Stop bitching about UOP and enjoy the new Iron Maiden record the gods have bestowed upon us today.

Ralph Marij

(Fri 09/04/15 00:36:32 UTC)


Do not believe the lies that investors are championing on this site about UOP's financial welfare. This school has run afoul of the VA and they are going to put a hold on VA funds beginning in December, but not for those already in a program. No new VA funding for new students beginning in January ... read more

Brent Crude
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(Thu 09/03/15 23:35:52 UTC)

VA funding will not cease

It's unjust and they just attempted it with ITT and it was backed out. Meaning that ITT was not ceased from VA funding. Vets are treated well and provided an opportunity to earn a good education so there shouldn't be a need to force them out of an option to attend a school that fits their adult ... read more


(Thu 09/03/15 23:33:47 UTC)

IT Spend is at $10+ Million Over Budget

We are buying things left and right, stupid things that will take us nowhere. All of this is happening while our stock is tanking. So, something has to give - right? We'll have major layoffs in IT very soon, wait until they report numbers again, they will have to react quickly to calm down the ... read more

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(Wed 09/02/15 12:09:23 UTC)

UoPX Fails Character Test

@Anonymous146227, you are right that Apollo Group made a big mistake from going away from its roots--that was many years ago. Instead of listening to John Murphy and several others, John Sperling went with criminal minds like Todd S. Nelson. Presently, they do not have the qualified leadership or ... read more

Camden Kid (, @USinjustice)

(Wed 09/02/15 01:30:35 UTC)

IT 15 million over budget.

Time to lose some more employees. Wait for these earnings. Thanks Sajor.


(Tue 09/01/15 20:42:21 UTC)


If people get welfare and I pay taxes to support welfare, then I deserve to pick up a few of them to come clean my house, cut my lawn, trim the trees and wash my car. Nothing is FREE so GET TO WORK!

Work for food
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(Tue 09/01/15 11:05:48 UTC)

Where's the student resistance at University of Phoenix?

The Corinthian Collective, I Am Ai, and ITT Tech Warriors are making a difference in raising consciousness about US ‪#‎zombiecolleges‬. Where's the organized resistance from students and alumni of University of Phoenix and other failing for-profit ... read more

Camden Kid (, @USinjustice)
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(Tue 09/01/15 01:42:10 UTC)

How about them VMA's??

What a great speech by Kanye West. Vote for Kanye in 2020!

Kimmy on my jimmy

(Mon 08/31/15 21:13:55 UTC)

APOL will implode by June 2016

I believe Apollo has lost the analyst community. This should bring mid-quarter analyst downgrades as well as negative estimates revisions. This should hurt share price heading into what is to be an expected terrible quarter reported. From Seeking Alpha 08/31/15.

Brent Crude
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(Mon 08/31/15 11:10:02 UTC)

Well as if there couldn't be any more bad news

Well as if there couldn't be any more bad news but Seeking Alpha column says 1) UOPX guidance is worthless because it can't hit it, 2) upper management has not had the decency to step down, and 3)everyone start shorting the stock. I am a proponent of UOPX but even I have to say this is going to ... read more

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(Tue 08/25/15 14:08:26 UTC)


This fake school continues to micromanage in order to pressure employees for numbers, especially in enrollment. Tell your manager and director that traditional schools don't have one-on-one meetings about numbers every two weeks. Push back and if they don't listen, share your experience with the ... read more

The Shadow

(Tue 08/25/15 12:10:29 UTC)

Word of University of Phoenix's demise...

Claims of University of Phoenix's demise have been greatly exaggerated. EDMC (Art Institutes, Argosy, Brown-Mackie, South), ESI (ITT Tech), CECO (Colorado Tech, AIU), LINC (Lincoln Tech), UTI, and other for-profit education companies seem more likely to go bankrupt first. The winding down process ... read more

Camden Kid (, @USinjustice)

(Tue 08/25/15 04:49:04 UTC)

So when are layoffs again?


(Mon 08/24/15 14:08:06 UTC)

APOL Stock Crashing to single digits!

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(Sun 08/23/15 02:52:47 UTC)

Did dat bad blood Larry Fitz done buy he edumacation from da UOP?

He be one dumb blood dat love da cream lady fo sho

Jungle Chuck

(Sat 08/22/15 15:29:20 UTC)

Selling the American Dream Scam

Blaming those who take out loans to go to University of Phoenix is biting the hand that feeds everyone at Apollo Group and University of Phoenix. At this point, anyone still recruiting at UoPX is complicit--there is no redemption at this point in the company's history. Teaching at UoPX is ... read more

Camden Kid (, @USinjustice)
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(Sat 08/22/15 02:41:35 UTC)

ASU accepts anyone like UOP

ASU and UOP attract idiots and give away diplomas. Maybe they should merge. University of Phoenix State: Diploma Mill.

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(Fri 08/21/15 22:49:10 UTC)

Turn on the news Camden

Quit crying and using the PC card. You sound like a troll. If the black population is so great, why are they constantly on the news stirring up trouble. What does their inappropriate animal like behavior have to do with this university? You know the facts yet you continue to have a hard on for ... read more

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(Fri 08/21/15 21:51:39 UTC)

Busy, Busy, Busy

To the insolent coward who issued a veiled threat to posters here by suggesting UOP was taking legal action against this site I spit in your retard-confused face. UOP legal have more important things to worry about. The FTC report and court-required clawback is going to make the executives heads ... read more

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(Fri 08/21/15 16:38:50 UTC)

Looky Looky Dey be going to lots of barber shops and wannabe clothing makers UOP is really grasping at straws now. LOL

University of Phoenix® School of Business and the U.S. Black Chambers, Inc. (USBC) today announced a new educational training program for USBC members and African-American small business owners. The USBC Step Up Entrepreneurs Program, powered by University of Phoenix, includes a three-course, ... read more


(Fri 08/21/15 03:52:18 UTC)

I'm coming for you Humpity Dumpity and your fellow stoolies.

Your car is going to look like a clown cruiser when I'm done trashing it you stupid fat f***. Look over your shoulder cum guzzler. LOL


(Thu 08/20/15 21:52:49 UTC)

Kapolei location

Wanna joke? Goes 2 Kapolei location & get advisor called bobby. Dumb lady. Laugh at her own jokes. She's the joke. DUMB


(Thu 08/20/15 15:10:31 UTC)

Feds shackled Corinthian with 21 day hold times on releasing aid which ultimately did them in.

People are talking about 45 to 60 day holds possibly going into effect. This would ultimately lead to disaster and I think that is the point. This place is imploding faster than the WTC.

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(Thu 08/20/15 15:09:30 UTC)

If they go out of business, does the name stay with the stadium?

I hate seeing that name all over at the Cards games. Makes me sick! Like a billboard for this sham school. I hope they are forced to sell the naming rights soon. There is no way they will be around at the end of the lease.

Sham stadium

(Thu 08/20/15 01:26:34 UTC)

How ironic that they advertise Pell on this site


(Wed 08/19/15 23:19:15 UTC)

No saving this turd! Will see low single digits before earnings. No amount of money or good press can save it. The name is trash.

It is sad for the people who actually graduated and were just trying to do better for their family. The Negroes and other low life scum that attended this school simply to pocket federal aid money are ultimately to blame for the destruction of this university. Chalk this up as another lesson ... read more

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(Wed 08/19/15 21:28:34 UTC)

APOL down another 3% today

This stock will trade at less than $10.00 by the end of Sept. 2015. This fake school is finished. LOL

You're Fucked
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(Wed 08/19/15 20:53:34 UTC)

Another stellar close on Wall Street for this steaming heap of ripe dung.

Throw this pile right into the dumpster.

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(Wed 08/19/15 14:00:56 UTC)

The Apollo Group's Damaged Goods

The Apollo Group's Damaged Goods Aug. 19, 2015 5:16 AM ET | About: Apollo Education Group, Inc. (APOL) Earlier this year, we broke the news that the Apollo Education Group (NASDAQ:APOL), the parent company of the University of Phoenix, had suffered a major setback with respect to its strategic plan ... read more

Been There
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(Wed 08/19/15 08:08:24 UTC)



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(Tue 08/18/15 17:40:37 UTC)

UOPx will rise again

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(Mon 08/17/15 02:19:40 UTC)

I have been on the FTC site and even after doing a search can't find any information on how to send the FTC information about UOPX

I have hundreds of emails from manager warning me and others that we don't have enough new referrals (leads) and that we haven't REG'd enough (enrolled) students this month so forth and so on... is this something the FTC should see? This seems like old news to me but not sure if FTC could use it? ... read more

How do you contact FTC?

(Sun 08/16/15 21:07:33 UTC)

Is it going down tomorrow?

Does anyone have any information about the next round of layoffs? Is it tomorrow? We just had this big move, so when are Finance and Academics getting hit? Anyone have any credible information?

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