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If you're looking for someone to lay off

Start with H McLaughlin, "VP of Public Relations," whose $200k+ job inxudes putting out worthless press releases that take advantage of veterans like this: University of Phoenix Congratulates Retired Command Sgt. Maj. John Ramirez... read more
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Those that have followed.

My previous posts are not directed toward the school closing up referring to the QC. The university will go as lean as possible in effort to rebuild. We all know this has been the am for a long time. Question really is if your... read more

Bonus and possibly golden parachutes? Amazing.

Top executives get bonuses and possibly the golden parachutes they dreamed of? Frankly, I did not see how creative the accountants could get. An amazing income statement (never mind the enrollment numbers) and an unbelievable balance sheet. Besides... read more
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Total enrollment down for the year by 25%?

How does any of the shareholder class A or B board, how does the class A comp committee, how does the new investment group justify ANY exec bonus, severance, pay package after UOP loses a quarter of its total enrollment in one year The only... read more

Dual Enrollent/QC job functions starting

ADG was just told (10.18.16 @ 9am) we will now be half time ADG Enrollment and half time QC indefinitely. Four hours of my day will be ADG, the other four QC. Apparently QC is severely understaffed, and our director chose us to be the beta department... read more


Why is it so quite today at UoPX. No one really talking. No date for year end earnings or 4th quarter. Another for profit college career point shut down by DOE today. Just too quite

Give Joe a 3rd try!

You seriously couldn't make things worse Apollo and UOP. Of course that is what is being said about a presidential candidate. Just make sure to pay him an exorbitant monthly fee, let him have a Rolls Royce for a company car, and give him a much... read more

Tuition is going to be cut.

Tuition is going to be a flat $410 for many reasons. But what matters as a result of revenue loss by cutting layoffs will occur in late January. The Gainful Employment tutorial will show you why. Once again they are informing you but in an indirect... read more

E-mail translation.

We are s---ing the blood from this place and sending what is left to outter space. Good luck in space coworkers!

Full text of Timmy's letter

Colleagues, This September marked the beginning of the second year of our five-year transformation plan to make the University of Phoenix a more focused, more trusted, less complex and higher retaining institution. September also marked the start of... read more

We know now...

Well I guess Ragu was right there will be no scheduled layoffs because the executive team is hoping for attrition to occur. Considering the email that I came into this morning, UOP will not have a hard time slimming down. What a brilliant plan! Happy... read more

Why do we work here again?

8 years Ive been here. $60,000 a year and 5 weeks vacation. I know anyone reading this who doesnt work for UoP will probably not undrrstand this next sentance, but Im really starting to wonder if it's worth it any more. I have no chance for... read more

The Mirage of Deception

The Projection of Image over Substance We Rise Executives stand to make millions from the buyout Employees’ pay not increase in 2017 We Rise UoPX is on the cutting edge of technology with partnerships with leading industrial giants Employees are... read more

Job of choice?

How easy must it have been for our so-called leaders to screw us out of raises when they stand to make literally millions from the buyout?

Hey Greg

Wells Fargo CEO resigned today. See How easy it is, hint hint.


No More Money But you all Get Millions in the Buyout
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Blood s---ing

QC shift bids came out this week. They will s---ing our blood before cutting the QC than its all enrollments problem. Im looking for a new job. Hate being here!

What is UoPX's Plan B?

What happens if the merger doesn't materialize? Is there a Plan B? This is what I suggest, for anyone interested in this corporation's long-term survival. (1) Learn from mistakes. Cultures of silence and cultures of deception (including... read more
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Cops at BLDG 6

It's GOIN DOWN at BLDG 6! 2 PPD cruisers in the pking lot and one blocking the entrance, I think this is it!

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