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Higher education, colleges and universities.
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Educational instituion. No ticker. Not Listed.
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Not applicable
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Univesity/College. Provides services in the area of education and skills improvement.
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University of Phoenix is one of the largest employers in Phoenix, Arizona (AZ) 85040. Tel: (602) 966-9577.
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Posts regarding layoffs at University of Phoenix

(Fri 04/17/15 19:15:42 UTC)

Bigger Headwind for Schools

Goldman Sachs: "An Update on Student Loans: A Bigger Headwind but Still Not a Deal Breaker" ---

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(Thu 04/16/15 04:35:32 UTC)

Dare you

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(Wed 04/15/15 22:02:36 UTC)

A silver lining

Rumors of University of Phoenix layoffs have helped the stock move up the last two days. Peter Sperling can really use the money.

Camden Kid (, @USinjustice)

(Tue 04/14/15 23:09:14 UTC)

Bullet points of Seeking Alpha article on APOL

Summary APOL management has to go - too much time has been wasted and zero progress has been shown under this regime. APOL continues to be a horrible story with zero hope on the horizon - this company's chances at long-term viability are shrinking by the quarter. APOL's saving grace right now is ... read more

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(Mon 04/13/15 17:52:50 UTC)

June Meltdown

The earnings report will be dismal for sure - we are not enrolling enough to sustain even the basic operations, we'll implode in June...

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(Mon 04/13/15 11:37:19 UTC)

Will Teachers Say Anything About the Crash to Unsuspecting Students

Are (ethical) teachers telling their students about the crash of Apollo Group/University of Phoenix?

Camden Kid (, @USinjustice)
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(Thu 04/09/15 23:56:56 UTC)

"University of Phoenix co-founder to speak at ASU (4-10-2105) — what he says about UOP isn't pretty"

University of Phoenix co-founder John Murphy will be talking about University of Phoenix at ASU. I hope someone records it................

Camden Kid (, @USinjustice)
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(Thu 04/09/15 17:15:57 UTC)

Who makes money here?

Here's your list, straight out of our 10K: Peter Sperling, Gregory Cappelli, Terri Bishop, Brian Swartz, William Pepicello, Curtis Uehlein, J. Mitchell Bowling, Frederick Newton, Robert Wrubel, Sean Martin

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(Thu 04/09/15 06:16:32 UTC)

What do you all think of this information? Credible or not?

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(Thu 04/09/15 02:38:20 UTC)

Former employees: where did you end up working after UoP?

Just wondering...


(Thu 04/09/15 02:30:35 UTC)

Stop the Stupidity!!

Good people are losing their jobs but MM is still around playing with cats. When will they wake up!!


(Thu 04/09/15 00:27:03 UTC)

Laid off adjunct

I taught for UoP Ground in Bham, Al for five years. Was terminated via email two days ago for not teaching a class in six months I reminded them none had been offered on schedule. It was then stated that majority of students were Business students and they were cutting back on other faculty. ... read more

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(Wed 04/08/15 22:58:57 UTC)

Should I short or buy APOL stock?

Thouths? What do you guys think? I have $50K to play with and will pull the trigger tomorrow at noon, I want to see how much I can make or lose in 30 days. Should I go long or short on APOL?

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(Mon 04/06/15 21:08:13 UTC)

Anyone Has More Details on This?

Apollo Marketing Group, an online advertising network affiliated with the University of Phoenix and its parent company, will move as many as 200 staffers out of town and eliminate dozens of positions before its Financial District lease runs out in the fall. The "vast majority" of up to 300 San ... read more

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(Mon 04/06/15 05:12:57 UTC)

Any schools closing (Mid West)?

Do you have any info?

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(Sun 04/05/15 08:53:30 UTC)

University of Phoenix Bankruptcy

How likely is this? Given the state of the for-profit sector, are we heading in a Bankruptcy direction just like Corinthian, etc.


(Sat 04/04/15 03:49:17 UTC)

To those that recently went through a layoff at UoPX: what kind of severance did they give you?

Just wondering what kind of severance package they are doing now? Last year they gave nothing to a ground campus layoff and there was so much vandalism from the disgruntled ex-employees that they ended up costing the company way more than a severance would have so they went back to giving a ... read more

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(Fri 04/03/15 07:06:32 UTC)

you dumb fools

you're as sharp as your customers. are you really can just stand there and wait to be laid off?

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(Fri 04/03/15 03:02:00 UTC)

Tampa too

Only Operations remain in Tampa


(Fri 04/03/15 02:47:07 UTC)


Once again enrollment is getting hit with lay offs - rather walk-outs. 3 managers and a whole team walked out today at one of the online Phoenix buildings. Leadership (Directors) really need to figure out that "top heavy" doesn't mean entry level employees or managers . . . . Psst, here is a hint . ... read more

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(Fri 04/03/15 02:15:56 UTC)

Positioning for a sale?

Signs point to a sale.

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(Thu 04/02/15 23:05:48 UTC)

Atlanta and Detroit today too.

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(Thu 04/02/15 22:44:53 UTC)

approx 399 riffed today

Maryland campuses riffed except for 8 in columbia. all of VA and Dc tooooo

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(Thu 04/02/15 22:44:48 UTC)

approx 399 riffed today

Maryland campuses riffed except for 8 in columbia. all of VA and Dc tooooo


(Thu 04/02/15 22:44:47 UTC)

approx 399 riffed today

Maryland campuses riffed except for 8 in columbia. all of VA and Dc tooooo


(Thu 04/02/15 20:47:46 UTC)

As the stock continues to slide

The execs are preparing their bailout plan. Do you have yours?

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(Thu 04/02/15 19:49:27 UTC)

Portland office completely Laid off today.

The trend continues. I feel sorry for all of the loyal employees and families..

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(Tue 03/31/15 18:41:20 UTC)

Just look at to see inside trade activity for APOL...

Usually there are lists of "automatic" sales listed. But over the last several months, it appears that your executives have been directly selling off their stocks. This past year I've been watching them dump millions worth just before quarterly results are released. I saw an article on this very ... read more

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(Mon 03/30/15 16:48:55 UTC)

The Benghazi of schools!

What a train wreck! Look at that stock drop.

The Timmy

(Sun 03/29/15 23:50:53 UTC)

You cannot legally be located from your posts?

Some anonymous poster claims that if you post here, your location can be viewed by anyone. This does not appear to be true. So is the anonymous poster (quite possibly management) BS'ing to squelch dissent, or is that person illegally hacking?.........

Camden Kid
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(Fri 03/27/15 21:16:25 UTC)

All these losers gonna be lookin for jobs

Img UOP has lost half of their students
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(Fri 03/27/15 18:51:34 UTC)

Wow, these posts keep getting deleted

What does that wonderful person who delights us to no end have to be afraid of? Is he afraid to lie in the bed he makes? It seems as though he has a direct pipeline to the to get his name scrubbed from this site immediately. Its so tough being the victim all the time. the cognitive ... read more

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