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Could "Rise to the Top" Kill University of Phoenix?

I would put University of Phoenix's "Rise to the Top" campaign as the most misleading for-profit college ad campaign that's currently being used.--almost as misleading as the Devry ads that recently got that school in trouble with the FTC. The Rise... read more
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What do you think about Vocado?

Any info on SFSO?

Does anyone know what's going on with student financial services? They kindly mentioned in a web x that if enough people don't leave on their own then a layoff is indefinite. How many people need to leave and will that honestly matter or is SFSO... read more

In debt you can never repay? Stick it to the schools!

"If officials in Washington want to take meaningful action against the student debt crisis, the most important step is to stop backing loans to schools that leave their students with no hope of gainful employment. And if that means eating loans that... read more
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Redlands Business Degree

It's shorter, less expensive and better than UOP - please visit Redland's website
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Will vocado truly end jobs?

So we got news in a web ex that vocado is just around the corner for students financial operations. We've been long dreading this time and although we heard the system is a fluke, they said layoffs are right around the corner. Anyone have any updates... read more

Vicado the end?

Does anyone know any inside information about Vicado? We had a web x in SFSO and they said they're hoping a layoff won't happen but if so, mid August. We're all worried and I'm wanting to know if it is going to truly be the end to financial services... read more

CDs Leadership deteriorating ridiculously fast.

For the past months I have watched our CDs leadership skills deteriorate drastically, ignore campus issues, comes in late/leave early and show a lack of growing the campus. I can only imagine how the CD will layoff its staff. I think the CD is out... read more
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Existing issues that could improve the company

As far as I'm concerned this company can close any day now. Since the last round of layoffs in November this place has gotten worse internally. If the federal government allowed sweat shops, UOP would operate as one and deem it to be ethical. F---... read more

Stop paying for fraud
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Who will buy University of Phoenix?

Rumor reported in the paper says the hedge fund Apollo Global Management is sniffing for a deal. Any idea what they would do with this shipwreck? Does Camden Kid have any juicy bits to share?

Management is doing a superb job

Degreed enrollment down 22.2% in FQ1; new degreed enrollment down 38.1%. Segment revenue down 22%. These numbers are not too bad and management is already starting steps to keep revenue up during implementation of transition plan. Management is doing... read more

Power of Love

" Save the clock tower, save the clock tower, 30 years ago, lightening struck that clock". Marty responds, okay lady, here's a quarter. This is a shout out to "valence sheet" here's a quarter, go play wild gunman" that's like a baby's toy! Here's... read more
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ATI Enterprises Closed?

Do you know what happened to ATI Colleges? Are they closed? No news on the web, no website...
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David Halperin's Expose Now Free Online

David Halperin's ebook on predatory #4profit colleges is finally free online
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Monday, January 11, 2016 Layoffs

Immediately after the earnings release, if you are in IT and you are not in a critical role you will be laid off - just my two cents, take it with a grain of educated salt

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