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"T" courses?

I've seen some comments about courses changing to "T" (Technology) types. Anyone know what that is? I've also seen comments about "automatically graded" exams and such, with observations that the answers are all available on the Wed (!Who woudda... read more

UoPX ghost campuses

How long can University of Phoenix operate all those ghost campuses?
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Enrollment REG goals

Hit those numbers or lose your job. Not getting any calls, or just voicemails and people who hang up, NOT leaderships problem. Hit those REG totals. What a joke

More deleted posts

These new VP’s must be really intimidated. Posts on this site are getting deleted right and left. Goals not being met and enrollment is down. Hoping everything crashes soon. I could use a few weeks off.


I found the following article (link below) about workplace stress instructive. It is probably a safe bet to perceive that workplace stress is a major factor at UOP given its challenges. Stress is the enemy of productivity and morale. The question of... read more

Can UoPX survive without targeting vets?

The GI Bill Comparison Tool says that UoPX made $191M from GI Bill funds in FY 2017. Can it survive without targeting vets? How does UoPX still get so many veterans despite all the bad press?
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Attn Marketing

What on earth are you doing??? Stop with the buy two get one and speding efforts on apply now buttons. Run a solid sales campaign! Add some value back into our product. Joan step aside.

My two weeks notice

Fire all Directors and half of all managers!! They do Nothing!! They add no value to retain, enroll or market new students. UOPX is sooo stupid to keep directors and managers as they berate and diminish all morale. Tell us President Cohen what major... read more

Enrollment Manager Layoffs

Did anyone hear about managers being laid off in Phoenix? Laid off, fired or quit? I heard there were 3 or 4. Anyone know if this is true? If so, it shows we are still on a trend of downsizing. If we had so many students to enroll, we would need all... read more

Budget Deficit

I heard recently Phoenix is facing a huge budget shortfall of about 85 million. Has anyone heard this from a reliable source? If true, there will be another major reorganization. It seems new enrollment is far below projections and retention is... read more

HLC Visit?

Any news about how the HLC visit went? I assume everything was fine, but am now wondering if they will be moving forward with a big reorg or if they'll wait until after Jan. 1.

Texas Campuses Status Possible Teach Out

Does anyone know the status of the Houston and Dallas campuses? I heard rumors of the campuses eventually becoming teach out locations and staff moving to work from home. Can anyone add light to this? Talk has been floating around about this for some... read more

Texas Campuses Status

Does anyone know the status of the Houston and Dallas campuses? I heard rumors of the campuses eventually becoming teach out locations and staff moving to work from home. Can anyone add light to this?
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Buy 2 get 1 free

Really? This is the best idea our “brilliant” management can come up with. I know this “deal” has something to do with retaining students through two classes for some number they need to hit for bonuses or to make the school look better on paper... read more

Last Try

There are larger serious issues. First with struggles from Joan B it was cartoon marketing ads. Then came flat pricing, period. Well then they kept discounts too which just makes it as confusing but just lowered profit. Then push for separating... read more

Desperate VP’s

Is it me and my team, or do VP’s and management sound more desperate than usual? It’s life and death these days to enroll a student that won’t even complete a first course. Embarrassing!

AXIA College

Is AXIA College that was renamed to something else now history with no more students?


Late Friday evening, the IT department submitted emails to staff members in enrollment and academics that is/will be affected by this reduction. You would have received a notice of a meeting on Monday morning. The email reads: “Many organizations are... read more

Red Flint

Looks like Red Flint is dead in the water.....staff got let go in the last few days..... it is definitely a culture of “layoffs”

University of Phoenix Homecoming?

What's it like at the UoPX homecomings after all the campus closings? I see that the number of homecomings has been decreasing from 40+ in 2017 to about 25 in 2018. And several of the venues for 2018 are in cities that are closing campuses... read more
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Phoenix never had prestige

The problem is that Phoenix will never have prestige. A prestigious university does not operate on open enrollment. Prestige develops when there are high standards, both for students and faculty. Phoenix is continually lowering its standards and... read more

Culture of corruption

Significant Changes at University of Phoenix Warrant Reevaluation and Closer Scrutiny Based on our analysis of public records and information from credible University of Phoenix employees, it is our opinion that the Higher Learning Commission (HLC)... read more


Those that just got or will be getting a package, what a good time to take it and be thankful for the opportunity. With the changes ahead if you are not driven to succeed and one of the few that will get a chance the same result is coming. For UOPx... read more

Layoffs instead of transition

Theres only a handful of remote enrollment counselors and the "promise" to transition from the teachout campuses to work from home is more and more dismal every day. From what I am hearing they will layoff the teachout locations instead of making the... read more

Academic Affairs

Several layoffs within the colleges and academic affairs. 100+ Who’s left? Academic Deans and associate provosts who don’t teach. Sorry one left who cares or understand your needs.

Universities can't fail students anymore

I used to teach there for 15 years (2001-2016) and the last 2-3 years things got out of control. They did not allow me to flunk students and demanded that I changed grades for certain of them. Once, I had an evaluator who came into my classroom and... read more


I remember reading that the new hires are becoming concerned about how the managers are acting. This is so true. The managers run from office to office and continuously have closed door meetings. Somebody is c-apping on them and they in turn treat... read more

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