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Higher education, colleges and universities.
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Educational instituion. No ticker. Not Listed.
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Univesity/College. Provides services in the area of education and skills improvement.
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University of Phoenix is one of the largest employers in Phoenix, Arizona (AZ) 85040. Tel: (602) 966-9577.
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(Fri 05/29/15 12:23:41 UTC)




(Thu 05/28/15 17:09:21 UTC)

In your opinion...

If Corinthian was the most sleazy and corrupt of all 'for-profits' and if ITT is almost as bad, who takes the third and fourth place?

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(Thu 05/28/15 17:04:27 UTC)

How low can wages go? How about $3 per hour?

Apollo Education Group and University of Phoenix can continue to cut labor costs, especially as it grows globally. How low? How about $3 an hour?................................

Camden Kid (, @USinjustice)

(Mon 05/25/15 03:56:49 UTC)

After UOP collapses can I start a business selling UOP degrees online

Im thinking I can continue selling the fake degrees online. If the parent company is no longer existant why not start a buesiness that still sells the fake University of Phoenix degrees at a lower price with less overhead to whoever wants to buy them. A blank UOP dimpoma shouldnt cost much I can ... read more

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(Sat 05/23/15 17:56:12 UTC)

Directors work people, I have seen this with my own eyes.

Just last week I noticed a few roaming around with carts of candy bars feeding the animals. Some others were giving out stale nacho chips. Others were roaming the floors taking pictures. I wonder how I apply for one of these positions. It seems the qualifications of a ball park hot dog tosser / ... read more

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(Fri 05/22/15 19:02:27 UTC)

WARNING** To every UOP and Apollo employee:

FYI: we have recieved over 750 computer access change orders so far for June. Which means so far those 750 won't have access. Get the picture? On top of that, we were told and are being given ot to process more. I am hopeing it's not just a mass layoff, but as of right now our reports show to be ... read more

HR Manager
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(Fri 05/22/15 15:10:16 UTC)

Directors and managers are a big joke!

People in positions for 10+ years don't even know what the floor is like. They complain when they have to take a call more than once a week. Many ask advisors how processes are done because they have no idea. All of these people need to be cycled out. Giving them a new title just stagnates the ... read more

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(Fri 05/22/15 15:04:14 UTC)

A place which represents higher education yet half of the managers hold nothing but a high school diploma. Six figure salaries for people with

no teams. Black's who are complete imbeciles put into positions of power who hold a clear bias agenda against anyone who is not black. Managers who push case closure over quality and true review of student accounts. An employment pool of nothing but fat and disgusting vomits trolling everywhere. An ... read more

No direction but an $8 stock price come July - June numbers will be worst ever so far - Corinthian repeat coming.
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(Fri 05/22/15 04:31:19 UTC)




(Fri 05/22/15 01:07:26 UTC)

A major setback for APOL.

Article on the failure of APOL leadership and the expense involved--having to pay to go BACK to the old system. "Apollo may be required to pay Pearson as much as $5.6 million over the course of a full year to abandon its Adaptive Math Practice system, which perhaps gives a sense of how costly those ... read more

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(Mon 05/18/15 04:12:14 UTC)

Family Guy episode 5/17/15

Stewie has his laptop taken away and quips, " I can't be without my laptop, how on ever will I get my law degree from the University of Phoenix". Hey, idiots, degrees from UOP are store bought idiocy. LMAO. Employers laugh at your degrees, dumbarses.

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(Sun 05/17/15 23:32:30 UTC)

Is UOP next?

ITT in California is prohibited from enrolling any veterans using post 911 benefits going forward. It's expected that UOP and EDMC schools will be choked off from VA funds this summer/ fall. Bye UOP--you frauds are finished.

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(Sun 05/17/15 11:40:34 UTC)

Thank Godness there are lots of jobs in Phoenix so I got employed right away but I have to say:

Elaine V. & Ryan H. Are tied for WORST manager ever! Both no nothing and do nothing. Ryan should come out of the closet and Elaine should learn something about the military. Both are horrible at their jobs. Sad

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(Thu 05/14/15 04:31:16 UTC)

UOP rips off everyone!!!

Many know UOP is a for-profit school and yes they rip people off for there education. To make matter worse is the requirements that they are cramming down the employees throats. Each Enrollment Representative daily duties are to get 70 or more dials, talk on the phone to potential student for over ... read more

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(Thu 05/14/15 00:16:07 UTC)

Should University of Phoenix Get the ZombieCollege (c) Designation?

Clearly, Corinthian Colleges and Education Management have reached ZombieCollege (c) status and ITT Educational Services (ESI) may be there soon. Should University of Phoenix get the designation? If not, please explain.................... ... read more

Camden Kid (, @USinjustice)
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(Sun 05/10/15 17:37:15 UTC)

Recommendations Recommendations

For-profit colleges like UOP tell accrediting investigators and the DOE they are dedicated to delivering an excellent education to their students meanwhile in the boiler room, directors and managers are pushing advisors to ask anyone they speak to for a recommendation, including the family dog. ... read more

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(Sun 05/10/15 04:36:52 UTC)

Zappos, the Amazon-owned online retailer, confirmed with the Las Vegas Sun that 210 of its 1,503 employees — nearly 14% of the company — took a

UOP and other embattled for-profit schools are said to be looking at adopting this too. Directors and managers are done by the end of this year.

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(Thu 05/07/15 10:51:10 UTC)

Loves a challenge?

Swartz leaves APOL to join Zulilly--a company that has lost 75% of its value in the last year (high of $40, now hovering around $10). Is he that good? Does he love a challenge? An alternative hypothesis-going forward Zulilly (even in its current state) looks better than APOL.


(Tue 05/05/15 12:28:54 UTC)


How is Barbie doing these days? Still balling around with her flock of boy toys? Did she recruit any new boy toys?

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(Fri 05/01/15 22:24:51 UTC)

Just 2 Cents

Dear President Tim - here is my opinion: You can appoint and hire all the provosts, VPs , etc you desire and will not affect change. The current directors and managers are from a culture where anything goes and have been in place for too long. They do not have managerial experience, but rather ... read more

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(Fri 05/01/15 01:17:34 UTC)

Executive Exodus

Apollo Education Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: APOL) today announced that Brian Swartz, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, has resigned from his position with the company effective May 15, 2015. Joseph D’Amico has been appointed to serve as interim CFO effective upon Mr. Swartz’s departure, ... read more

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(Thu 04/30/15 17:49:33 UTC)

University of Phoenix, Have you Googled yourself?

Dear Tim Slottow President, University of Phoenix I am a recent graduate from the University of Phoenix (UOPx). I obtained a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Accounting degree, class of 2014. Prior to attending the university I had doubts, but the curriculum has proven to be thorough and ... read more

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(Thu 04/30/15 02:49:47 UTC)

Disappearing Posts

Hey is deleting the posts and why?

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(Wed 04/29/15 22:21:33 UTC)

Make me laugh more...can you? Burn Feenix

Ted Mitchell, Education Department undersecretary, said the department is bound by statute and regulation on how it handles such a case when a student's school closes. "You can have the credits you paid for or you can relinquish the credits if you want the money back .... Students can have one or ... read more

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(Wed 04/29/15 05:10:58 UTC)

CCI just took it up the a** from kamala' s office.

Other for profits next? Discuss.

Mr. Big

(Sun 04/26/15 22:26:54 UTC)

CCI has gone tits up

Will it be ITT Tech to fall next or UoP?


(Fri 04/24/15 18:32:10 UTC)


Let's go to Brazil, my fellow UOP minions: "Apollo Education Group continues to direct capital to promising education markets overseas, like Brazil, a strategy that could potentially propel a return to sales and profit growth in the future" - More at: ... read more

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(Fri 04/24/15 11:52:04 UTC)

Tip of the Iceberg?

Goes along with previous article about fraud perpetrated by UoP. Add to this a news series coming out of Miami and the Miami Herald. Question is, will this highlight the heavy lobby influence and push politicians to distance themselves from for-profit money? If so, this might actually be the tip of ... read more

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(Fri 04/24/15 07:01:51 UTC)

University of Phoenix doles out financial settlements after misleading students

MENASHA (WITI) — The University of Phoenix has admitted to misleading a Wisconsin student enrolled in the university’s Bachelor of Science and Human Services online degree program. Schoenke 3Penny Schoenke, a single-mom from Menasha, Wis., says she enrolled in the program after academic counselors ... read more

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(Fri 04/17/15 19:15:42 UTC)

Bigger Headwind for Schools

Goldman Sachs: "An Update on Student Loans: A Bigger Headwind but Still Not a Deal Breaker" ---

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(Thu 04/16/15 04:35:32 UTC)

Dare you

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(Wed 04/15/15 22:02:36 UTC)

A silver lining

Rumors of University of Phoenix layoffs have helped the stock move up the last two days. Peter Sperling can really use the money.

Camden Kid (, @USinjustice)
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