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To all of you who want to leave, leave.

The facts are below: You are going to get fired anyways and there is NO requirement to pay severance. Just ask your pals who were wiped out by cci and Itt. No matter what new job you get, you are going to be taking a big pay cut. Since most of you... read more

The end is near! Get those boxes ready!

How do I know this? The breakroom is BARE. No sugar, no coffee stirrers, no coffee cups, the vending machine is nearly empty. We're doomed. Doomed! No seriously. Will there be layoffs? Yes, but I don't think until after the buyout....which is... read more

Interesting article about the sell
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Has anyone heard rumors of Enrollment Mgr's firing Enrollment Rep's for any reason to reduce severance packages and to reduce payroll, etc?

I was fired and I was with the company for a long time and I was the top producer on my team ! They are bunch of a--holes !! Watch your back Enrollment !! I think they are doing this because it looks better for them and less Enrollment Reps to lay... read more
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If you haven't packed already...

Form all apparent indicators, University of Phoenix is done. The quality of the original posts and comments on are one indicator. The organization's racism, sεxism, classism, and distaste for its customer-students have been obvious for... read more
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Friends at QC/ACC

Hi everyone I use to work with. Just heard from an ER about some ERs recieving new leads from websites and not routed through QC/ACC. Just Heads up to ACC/QC.

How is it possible???

Hello everyone, I have a question for the EA'S, how is it possible to convince students to enroll into UoP? No one in their right mind should go to UoP, so how do you do it? Also, how do you enroll students and not feel bad about it? The company is... read more

Its all about the money

To this day we are forced to get referrals. We are not just told we have to ASK but we HAVE to get atleast 6. They told us the reason for referrals was because they converted at such a high rate. I think the real reason is that probably 95% of the... read more

I'm afraid, quite scarred.

Tomorrow could be it. Reg dat final students towards that pell cheque in da sky. Scary fo sho. Holla.
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About the deal

If the school is bought out access to financial aid will suspend for 30 days. This will show how many FA students UOP will have on the books. Make a note! No FA for 30 days.

Weekend at Bernie's remake

Management is trying to convince the public that UOPX is still alive. This place is where dreams die, not where "we rise". Get out and start living.

Tim is the best!

Tim, you are the best leader and President. You make the effort to get to know your staff and look them in the eye when you pass them in the hallway. It doesn't matter that you don't have a PhD and are our President. You represent us well and thank... read more

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