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University of Phoenix Resource Fee

Do you guys at UOP have any plans to stop rise of Resource Fees? My budget cannot keep up with you guys - I'd appreciate if you tell someone who's making decision that we have students who are quite a bit concerned about Resource Fees and would... read more

Resumes at the ready

Get your resumes ready. Pistol Pete is going to cut cut cut. 3 rounds of layoffs by the end of the year. Get out now!!!

Wow it

Bet these record temperatures are only adding misery to being in the hot seat, right constant st germeany? Looks like you will have an extended summer vacation after all.
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Course development moratorium

Moratorium on course development? What are we supposed to do in the meantime? Start cleaning out our desks and look for new jobs? Something's up at Sperling.

June 9

Tomorrow is the last day for many middle managers (CCC, ADAA, DAA). Lucky for them, they were give several weeks' notice. Some have already found jobs and have moved on. A few were hired for other positions in the company. The rest will be out... read more

UoPX just the tip of the icerberg.

It's not just University of Phoenix or even for-profit colleges. Colleges for the working class have been facing a downturn for years.
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Faculty Alignment

Its bad. Positions that were offered are being rescinded and positions people applied for were removed. I'm impacted. I'm taking my crappy severance and throwing out all the UOP crap I've got. Too bad my degree is from here too.


Good Bye to my coworkers in enrollment and my past friends in the QC. It's been great passing information back and forth on what is happening at UoP. At least we brought some transparency to operations. Uop is not a bad place to work it is just a bi... read more

Autodialer (and robocaller) lawsuits

(1) How is University of Phoenix getting these call lists? (2) Are people actually giving their consent to be called? (3) Is the University of Phoenix cross-referencing the numbers against the Do Not Call List? FYI: Capturing a telephone number using... read more
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The Saga Continues

I was nursing faculty at Breckinridge, saw the corruption and got out. ITT folded a month later. Now I am working for a Community College with a 90% NCLEX pass rate in the ADN program. I thought my troubles were finally over. Not so much! The U of PX... read more

Tony Miller and the enrollment demands

How do they expect us to get a 3 day REG when it takes the student 3 days just to complete all of the paperwork? And now since the school is FINALLY requiring that all students get a copy of his/her diploma/GED its going to take even longer. The... read more

College Meltdown

It's going to get worse...
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The worst is over!


So you have sick time and you use it and it's held against you, what a joke. As the r2t4 calcs go undone due to vocado, process a, b, c and constant understaffing where is the department of ed? What a joke UoP is....

For Sale

Looking for a Public College or University in Need of Online Growth. Willing to Set and enforce College Level Admission Standards? Willing to Have a rigorous education that stretches and Improves students? Willing to bring your standards and... read more

What's next for UoPX during the College Meltdown

Any thoughts on the future of University of Phoenix during the College Meltdown? Purchase by a non-profit perhaps, in order to reduce risk?
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Keeps getting better

University of Purdue is buying Kaplan University. I wonder who will buy University of Phoenix??? I am sure no jobs will be lost, hehe hehe

Call I took yesterday

Student told me he was using additional funds for Xbox and "dank weed". I hope that call was recorded.

Phoenix Scholarship Reward Program

Can we all agree that this was just a big scam on our students? I would get calls from students looking for more money and they would ask "what about that $10,000.00 scholarship I got" it was always fun to explain. Total scam. Bunch of crooks here at... read more

I'm getting nervous

i think they may lay me off. I can't enroll people who want to be a RN into the whack associates degree. Where u at Camden u feel me? Holla


Too many meetings this morning. End of month coming. No big changes in last three weeks. Spring fling activity for enrollment. Hold On!!!! Change is soon.


Try The University of Phoenix!!!!!. Remember. WE AIN'T SO BAD


Only $400,000 in write offs for Vocado in March, glad to know the system is working much better.

New Owners

Why is employee morale so low now that there are new owners? What's wrong now?

Po the Last

Our Town Hall is in May. Our whole department will meet together. We usually split into groups so we can continue to help students. It will be nice to all be together. I wonder who will help students while we are all together for an hour and a half... read more

Project Forward?????

Every time I receive an email for Project Forward, there is a list of employees no longer with the company.

teaching in AZ K12 vs UOPX

What's worse, working in AZ public schools or working at UOPX? I'm trying to decide whether to leave teaching or not and going to UOPX is an option.

Town Hall Meeting

Anyone have information to share about the Town Hall held yesterday that was not open to ALL staff? Where's the transparency?

Why did the University of Phoenix go private?

What exactly happened to the University of Phoenix? Were people taking out loans and not paying back? Did they lose accreditation? What went wrong in their business model? How did it get to where it is today and why was it bought out by a private... read more

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