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David Halperin on Whistleblower Revolution (S2, Episode 5)

Just in case anyone feels that they need to let others know. David Halperin is a good source.

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UoPX gets $6.5 million from CARES Act

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Deadline with VA

Any word on whether UoPX has resolved their issues with the Department of Veterans Affairs?

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Upcoming layoffs?

Wondering if anyone has heard about possible layoffs or furloughs due to current economic issues....

For those who know, care, and have the courage

University of Phoenix could have listened to its best people and become a stronger organization by accepting constructive criticism. Instead, it has become a symbol of American Greed and the demise of America's largest university. Over the years... —  read more 

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With the possibility of 30 percent unemployment...

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Apollo will make billions from Covid19

Let's all pretend we didn't see it coming.

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Is Coronavirus a golden opportunity?

"There are many parts to the current Coronavirus crisis and its effects on US higher education. But they all boil down to the Trump mantra (defund, deregulate, and privatize) and the opportunity for the elites to capitalize from the crisis, as they... —  read more 

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VA suspends funding

new pay scale for faculty

The new faculty pay model is basically an insult to long-term and doctoral-level faculty. UOP ended the extra pay for faculty who had taught for years and for faculty with PhDs. Pay is now on based on which school the course is in. Essentially, all... —  read more 

Fake regs non-degree

It's sad that leadership is not doing the right thing and firing everybody that misled the company into believing their enrollments were higher by creating fake opportunities, putting them in reg, and removing the start dates so that they still met... —  read more 

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Latest enrollment?

Anyone here "in the know" re current enrollment at UoP? I'm seeing many instructors complaining about not getting teaching assignments.

Ripping off veterans and stealing tax payer money?

How does it feel to know that UoPX has been ripping off veterans and US taxpayers? I've tried to get the VA to produce records that may show this, but they refuse. 577 complaints, the most of any school, by far. And 343 complaints related to... —  read more 

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Enrollment Numbers? Ghost Campuses?

Yes, the enrollment numbers and campus numbers from the Department of Education are stale. Reports of campus closings trickle out each month, but the media don't care because UoPX students these days are typically not readers... —  read more 

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UOP Implodes

University of Phoenix is rather quickly imploding as it relates to customers (students) so they will definitely be less classes overall which means less faculty. Also, UOP's 'new' model for dissertation students has them taking more group... —  read more 

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wut woh....

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UOP fined $191 million by FTC

As a former Qualifying Center employee who was lied to by management about these partnerships and any associated potential tuition benefits that an Enrollment Rep could discuss, I'm glad UOP is facing some justice. However, I do feel bad for any... —  read more 

FTC settlement

Under the settlement announced today by the commission, Phoenix and its private investment group owners will owe the FTC roughly $50 million in cash while forgiving another $140 million in fees owed to the university by former students who allegedly... —  read more 

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Median earnings for UoPX grads

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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from Po. Just checking in. Po has been gone for almost 2 years now. You all have a great day.

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God Friended Me?

Looks like Apollo still has money for expensive ads, even if they are old ads.

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Happy Veterans Day weekend...

By the way, how is the carpet bombing going at University of Phoenix?

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Is anyone here going to CCME in 2020? I hear that it's not what is used to be.

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UoPX "ghost campuses" are dwindling

Old numbers, but the only ones made public. AZ 95,777 CA 6,952 CO 99 FL 246 GA 143 HI 351 IL 54 LA 15 MI 52 NV 320 NJ 47 NM 91 NC 72 PA 62 TN 62 TX 890 UT... —  read more 

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A rule repealed§ion=Education

You know how you can tell when a business is failing?

When managers do everything to get people enrolled, then call those targets names behind their backs. When the business blames its advertising firm for not being able to get more vulnerable prospects. When people get sick because they cannot take the... —  read more 

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Enrollment is down to 85,000?

Did UoPX actually give out enrollment numbers to faculty? Is it really 85,000? If so, this is significant. But you cannot add it to Wikipedia unless it's in a verifiable source.

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