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Odd posts citing himself - is he losing it?

Higher Learning Commission

No wonder any complaints to the HLC go into their trash can.
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What could be worse?

What could be worse than UoPX right now? Some ex-Phoenix's know...
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Layoffs not coming?

Waited for layoffs. The dates posted on here came and went. Please don’t play with my emotions. I was really happy for a second.

UOPx IT, more with less.

Lost all respect for UOP. We were a good shop for a long time, now with investors wanting to get paid on the back of employees the scramble to get more with less is heavy.

UOP stadium renamed

Former Apollo COO finds a job...

"To continue this positive momentum, we recently brought on a new President of Online Operations ...who boasts 20 years of experience in strategic operations and recruitment in the higher education industry. Jerrad comes to NAU after over 15 years of... read more
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Last week of the fiscal year

What will the next year hold for those still there? CFO tendered his resignation, IT is falling apart,and federal contracts regs are being ignored. Many directors and VPs are not available or even putting in a 40 hour workweek . Key support personnel... read more

Former UoPX favors monument to white supremacy

In response to the toppling of a confederate/KKK statue, at the University of North Carolina, a famous former Apollo Group board member stated that: “The actions last evening were unacceptable, dangerous, and incomprehensible,” they said. “We are a... read more
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When UoPX had juice

Does anyone remember Sally Stroup?
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I was hoping to get laid off and maybe get some time off to look for a long term, career job. A real job. But now I hear that they are hiring enrollment reps again in California and Arizona. Dammit! What happen to all those layoff rumors?!!

Blast from the past...

"But its reputation is fraying as prominent educators, students and some of its own former administrators say the relentless pressure for higher profits, at a university that gets more federal student financial aid than any other, has eroded academic... read more
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Even Old Numbers Look Bad

These NCES numbers are two years old,and they look horrendous. Look at the numbers for Louisiana, Alabama, and some other states.
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All the big vps directors etc getting the numbers right now for layoffs prior to fiscal year. Get ready

Phoenix Today

No-trust culture paralyzed by fear, duplicity, deceit, retaliation, reprisal, blame, conformance, obedience, complacency, and favoritism. Management fails at any facsimile of collaboration, transparency, honesty, integrity, and support. Management is... read more

Take a look. Interesting article
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Confirmed, layoffs will take place Weds 8/18. VP's already have the number's they need to get to and once the layoff happens, teams will be back down to manageable sizes even with the new EM's they have recently hired. I have sat in on these meetings... read more

Layoffs May be Coming to University of Phoenix

With the University of Phoenix’s enrollment down more than 50% of what it was just two years ago and nearly 80% since the height of the private, for-profit’s enrollment of approximately 455,000 students, many are hedging their bets when it comes to... read more
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42 Days until 9/1/2018

Enrollment numbers continue to decline; IT improvements are talked about but are constantly delayed. In certain departments staff is promoted who are not even putting in a 40 hour work week. So, Mr Pres. who should be 'laid off' next? Perhaps you... read more

Run out the clock

Upper management knows it is entitled. So run out the clock with bad ideas, failures, dead ends, then cash out. Lovely.


Our manager told us that you might work from home if you're near a RUNNING campus like within certain miles. But if you are in the outlying teachout locations you can kiss your job good bye. They are only going to need a couple dozen enrollment reps... read more

Now that the Qualifying Center is gone.

There are fewer and fewer potential students calling in but yet management expects each enrollment counselor to enroll 12 enrollments or more. Newsflash a$$holes our team of 10 enrollment reps had a total of 52 newly enrolled students for last month... read more

More layoffs

More layoffs are coming before September. It’s amazing how far this “company” has fallen.

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