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Ok no surprise with my unexpected departure let's call out the dealings with Vocado. Software to save money at the direct expense of getting rid of people. Questionable contracts and take a look at who is supporting them and why. I will put together... read more

UEH 359 & UEH 360

My fellow FA's, how much do you love explaining this one to students? I also love it when you tell the students Enroll Rep that they have this C-code and the ER acts like they have never heard of it. The student asks, "What does unusual enrollment... read more
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Great news folks! The voting was a clusterfu©k which was to be expected. Additional layoffs in the thousands and rolling furloughs was at least

talked about as this is what Corinthian did in their final chapter. It worked out well for them as they spun the company down into the abyss. At least the schedule was moved to June, August and October. It is good to see the death squad accelerating... read more
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Tomorrow is lose lose for employees

Ok tomorrow it is. We either sell and it's bad for employees because super layoffs or not sold and UoP is sold then stock crashes we lose employees. Why did leadership not innovate and make this a good company?? Did you ever ask the employees... read more

Lawsuits and Settlements Don't Cost Anything?

Does anyone know how much Apollo Group and University of Phoenix spend on lawsuits and settlements? Apollo Group reports that they do not have any current liabilities from these events. How can that be? I know that University of Phoenix settles... read more
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Run for it Marty!

Doc, you mean to tell me that we must travel back to 1976 and prevent your nemesis Dr Spermling from getting accreditation for this fake school which has destroyed the lives of millions in this current alternate 2016.

Please respond-

I'm trying to figure out which VP of enrollment is actually dumber... Chris Gloor or Brett Romney? Seriously...this move to keep these two idiots answers a majority of questions on this message board around what's next for UOP. They are quite... read more

Local Full Time Faculty Layoff

UOP laid off 30+ Local Full time Faculty today. Offered full time adjunct jobs. Will make more on unemployment. Don't take adjunct courses for half pay. Take the unemployment

If you own even one share of Apollo stock

Please vote no to the Apollo sale and especially to the compensation packages purpose to reward those who successfully destroyed a once proud and successful company. The Phoenix is dead and won't be rising from these ashes. Time to put a fork in it.

Can't figure this out

Stock price is still hanging in there despite this: I guess some investors still think the company has potential. Management is hanging in there, too. But where else can management have so much bad news for so... read more

Certification garbage

Why are people shocked by all this? When they let people who had no management experience be leaders everyone was doomed. When the transition from ACS to UOP took over all the good people left. This is the outcome when you let losers from... read more

CALPERS would be largest investor?

Pardon my ignorance, but if Apollo Global Management (APO) takes over Apollo Education Group (APOL), does that mean that University of Phoenix's largest institutional investor would be CALPERS (California Public Employees Retirement System)?... read more
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Why no incentive this time around?

I am curious as to why we are not being offered an incentive like enrollment was? A few months ago enrollment had layoffs and those that volunteered were given an additional 3 weeks I believe. So some reps got 12 weeks pay for severance. Why is it... read more

4/28 D-day

Everyone should wear black as a sign of solidarity and mourning. Leadership has driven UoP into the ground and now they are trying to bury it. There will be no miraculous rising from the dead. We are not a Phoenix. We are a bastion of idiocy and... read more

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