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Higher education, colleges and universities.
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Educational instituion. No ticker. Not Listed.
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Univesity/College. Provides services in the area of education and skills improvement.
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University of Phoenix is one of the largest employers in Phoenix, Arizona (AZ) 85040. Tel: (602) 966-9577.
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Posts regarding layoffs at University of Phoenix

(Sat 10/03/15 01:45:23 UTC)

If a peep of color black you keep ur job

Blacks and ass kissing woman keep the job at UoP

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(Fri 10/02/15 15:44:21 UTC)

Layoffs Today

All anyone could talk about were layoffs happening today/this week. Has anyone gotten updates on who/when/if?

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(Fri 10/02/15 11:58:14 UTC)

"University of Phoenix Launches Correctional Program Support Services Degree"

No need for me to comment. I invite all of those who were laid off (and students who were ripped off) to comment on this development and news story. "To address challenges faced by our nation’s correctional facilities and better serve the professionals who seek sustainable solutions to the ... read more

Camden Kid (, @USinjustice)

(Thu 10/01/15 00:41:04 UTC)

There is truth in this forum.

As posted on here re-org. It happened in IT first more to come. Talks of layoffs and this started today in IT in PHX other groups tomorrow and Friday. West to be cut off and yes collections and other things given back to them. Head C levels having got cought in wrongful things, done. Read through ... read more

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(Wed 09/30/15 23:57:33 UTC)

Apollo - More IT layoffs Today

Yet again more huge layoffs in IT today destroying entire teams/roles.

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(Wed 09/30/15 20:31:25 UTC)

Two days to departure for many

Lambs you are walking into your slaughter in two days time. The blade is whetted for your scrawny throats. Now bah, bahhhhh, like the idiot herd animals you all are.

The Butcher

(Tue 09/29/15 22:25:06 UTC)

Ha, what a great place

The Brookings report estimated that, of the University of Phoenix students who left the school in 2009, 47 percent had defaulted on their loans by 2014. "I regret attending the University of Phoenix more than I regret marrying my first husband," Riley told me. ... read more

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(Tue 09/29/15 19:47:59 UTC)

The original cut of 2K employees for 10/02/2015 will be spread out

Big cuts are coming and as many as 3K will be fired between now and next spring. A substantial number will be let go this Friday, mostly at physical campus locations.

HR Sentinel
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(Mon 09/28/15 23:21:41 UTC)

APOL Stock to be desisted by 6/1/16

Mark my words on this one

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(Mon 09/28/15 17:40:22 UTC)

10.02 Any Specifics?

Any specifics on who might be getting laid off on 10.02?

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(Fri 09/25/15 23:40:43 UTC)

How many sacks of shit were flushed today?

Glad to see more are getting the ax next week. UOP is a fraud--so many students were ripped off and taxpayers. You deserve to rot in hell Capelli and investors.

Truth teller
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(Fri 09/25/15 04:09:56 UTC)

For those losing their jobs....

If you want to get justice for students (and for workers like Aldrich and Nolan who were forced to lie to and manipulate students), if you have documented evidence of wrongdoing, send it to me. We may actually be able to get something done--as more political allies begin to run for the exits. For ... read more

Camden Kid (, @USinjustice)

(Tue 09/22/15 10:41:15 UTC)

University of Phoenix College of Education Announces (Clueless) Teacher Appreciation Scholarship

You have to just laugh (or cry) at the pathos here. UoPX is offering scholarships to teachers who somehow have no clue about Apollo Group, University of Phoenix, or the #zombiecollege crash. If this weren't real, I'd have thought it was a Monty Python ... read more

Camden Kid (, @USinjustice)
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(Tue 09/22/15 05:11:56 UTC)

Coming soon to a campus/office near you.

States will start to disallow their residents to enroll at University of Phoenix. Enrollment is shrinking every day. Please look out for yourself.

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(Mon 09/21/15 11:01:29 UTC)

The soundtrack to enroll by... I found that listening to brutal music helped me channel the rage I felt working for uopx. Shut it down!

Pig Benis
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(Sun 09/20/15 12:06:02 UTC)

#Zombiecollege University of Phoenix and the US College Meltdown

University of Phoenix will continue to be propped up by Title IV and GI Bill money. Yet they are part of the ongoing #zombiecollege crash and the much larger US college meltdown. Almost all major for-profit colleges are affected, to include EDMC, LINC, CECO, and BPI. HBCUs, tribal colleges, ... read more

Camden Kid (, @USinjustice)
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(Fri 09/18/15 00:40:52 UTC)

2000 will be let go on 10/02/2016

Big meeting of executives and directors here in Phoenix they have finalized cuts for many mostly in enrollment.

HR Sentinel
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(Fri 09/18/15 00:40:51 UTC)

2000 will be let go on 10/02/2016

Big meeting of executives and directors here in Phoenix they have finalized cuts for many mostly in enrollment.

HR Sentinel

(Wed 09/16/15 10:54:57 UTC)

University of Phoenix's Culture of Hate

The person who posted about M is obviously homophobic as well as racist and ageist. How wide and deep is this deviant culture of hate at University of Phoenix? I've observed an enormous number of these immature posts over the years and attribute the posts to dysfunctional management attitudes. Even ... read more

Camden Kid (, @USinjustice)

(Wed 09/16/15 07:01:40 UTC)

Pell Chasers

Do they still exist? I left in 2011, changed line of work completely. Was EA before that.

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(Mon 09/14/15 16:46:32 UTC)

Removal of posts

What the hell happens to the good threads on here about Apollo. They ask for info then remove it???? Well here come the re-org and layoffs.

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(Mon 09/14/15 13:45:36 UTC)

Google APOL insider trading...

Greg Cappelli dumped 236,900 shares of stock last month. You are not even getting severance during layoffs, and he is dumping millions in stock. Just read through the insider trading report and do the calculations yourself. How are you being treated, while leadership cashes in on the remaining ... read more

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(Fri 09/11/15 18:49:21 UTC)


“The real story is that the Great Recession hit graduates of for-profit and community college programs the hardest,” she said. The University of Phoenix, one of the nation’s largest institutions, had the most outstanding federal student loan debt, with 1.1 million borrowers collectively owing $35.5 ... read more


(Fri 09/11/15 18:40:57 UTC)

If you want justice and/or reform let me know (it's not hopeless)

If you are a present or past worker of UoPX and are disgusted by corruption that you actually witnessed, please let me know. I don't make promises, but there may be two or more avenues where we can go that could be helpful.

Camden Kid (, @USinjustice)
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(Fri 09/11/15 05:01:20 UTC)

UOP graduates are functional illiterates. Time for the Feds to shut the spigot

Borrowers at for-profit and community colleges, by contrast, earn low salaries — a median of about $22,000 for those exiting school in 2010 — and have had difficulty paying their loans. From study just published by Stanford researchers

Dr. Tom

(Thu 09/10/15 17:59:12 UTC)

What is a pell chasers favorite pizza topping?


Regular John
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(Thu 09/10/15 01:04:48 UTC)

Earnings call this month will not be pretty


(Thu 09/10/15 01:03:39 UTC)

All resign in disgrace ... Chairman and CEO ... EVP of Communications and Government Affairs ... SVP for Corporate and Government Affairs

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(Wed 09/09/15 16:57:20 UTC)

Time to make a stand

There comes a time in everyone's life when they can either stand up for what they believe in and the values they claim to hold to, or they can be spineless wusses and look the other way as lives get destroyed.


(Wed 09/09/15 10:53:49 UTC)

Truth Hurts Again

Oh yeah, stock was $10 last week. I remember when it was in the $80 range. That should tell you a lot! Get out while you can or at least start working on a plan of escape. FYI..your severance check (if you get one) will be taxed at 40% and you cannot get unemployment at the same time. That's ... read more

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(Wed 09/09/15 10:48:59 UTC)

Truth Hurts

UOP is a joke. Not pertaining to the education component but more regarding the leadership. Pay attention! None of them do anything on the Director, Sr. Director or VP levels except bark orders that make no sense. They're borderline racists and sexists. I had a couple of Directors ask me why there ... read more

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(Mon 09/07/15 01:19:01 UTC)

If it really mattered.

I used to visit this site for the gits and shiggles of it . Watching the posts that ranged from the absurd to down right comical. The posts that I love the most are associated to the demise of the school/company, or one of the various theories surrounding some impending doom for the school. Now ... read more

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(Sat 09/05/15 14:21:15 UTC)

Soooo who kno

Sooooo, who knows for sure about slaw premier layoffs??

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(Fri 09/04/15 07:31:27 UTC)

UOP's VA funding will not cease

VA funding will not cease. It's unjust and they just attempted it with ITT and it was backed out. Meaning that ITT was not ceased from VA funding. Vets are treated well and provided an opportunity to earn a good education so there shouldn't be a need to force them out of an option to attend a ... read more

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(Fri 09/04/15 03:34:30 UTC)

Stop Bitching

Stop bitching about UOP and enjoy the new Iron Maiden record the gods have bestowed upon us today.

Ralph Marij
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(Fri 09/04/15 00:36:32 UTC)


Do not believe the lies that investors are championing on this site about UOP's financial welfare. This school has run afoul of the VA and they are going to put a hold on VA funds beginning in December, but not for those already in a program. No new VA funding for new students beginning in January ... read more

Brent Crude
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(Thu 09/03/15 23:35:52 UTC)

VA funding will not cease

It's unjust and they just attempted it with ITT and it was backed out. Meaning that ITT was not ceased from VA funding. Vets are treated well and provided an opportunity to earn a good education so there shouldn't be a need to force them out of an option to attend a school that fits their adult ... read more

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(Wed 09/02/15 12:09:23 UTC)

UoPX Fails Character Test

@Anonymous146227, you are right that Apollo Group made a big mistake from going away from its roots--that was many years ago. Instead of listening to John Murphy and several others, John Sperling went with criminal minds like Todd S. Nelson. Presently, they do not have the qualified leadership or ... read more

Camden Kid (, @USinjustice)

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