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Chris Gloor asked me the other day

He said, "why is Erin Amsden so annoying"? Said her laugh is hideous and people make fun of her all the time and she's embarrassing. Sounds like a great group of leaders we have. Chris pretty much tells everyone everything and is an embarrassing... read more

Apollo Education Group Betting on Hillary Clinton to Win

Apollo Education Group and for-profit colleges are betting on Hillary Clinton to win. Apollo is also betting on the Republicans to maintain their hold on the US Congress.
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You can't hide much longer

Removing the comments and threads about Jennifer (Beane) Barker doesn't do anything other than confirm its true. Everyone knows she is awful- just having the posts removed are proof you agree and can't handle the truth. S---s being married to such a... read more
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Did you like my baked goods?

I always add 'bodily fluids' to my dish for potlucks and random days. Surprise!!!! Hahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

college of business

Here is the UOP keys to success -- promote the mormon cult / band together and infiltrate a good business / then take over leadership positions / bring on more Mormons / wear magic underwear / then destroy it from the inside to unlock more leadership... read more
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SECRET (they're here)

IF YOU'RE READING THIS POST THEN YOU'RE RIGHTFULLY CONCERNED FOR YOUR JOB: You are on this open forum called "layoffs" because you know that the only way to get the real insider information is usually on this forum. Yes, the information on here is... read more
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Do UOP employees believe in it or know its a scam?

I was in the Navy Nuclear program and went on to get a real engineering degree from a real school but I always noticed how service members with lower asvab scores would always do scam schools and I had a freiend from the Army that I would sometimes... read more

Old article about our friend Camden... Very interesting. This old article seems to aid in explaining why Camden is the way he is. "This is how Shaulis s---ed up “40 hours of purgatory and a paycheck” every week for seven... read more

Executives are a bunch of idots

I'm not sure where to start. Apollo has been going in reverse ever since Jared Tausz was COO. What a disaster that was. They give him a golden parachute and tell him to pound sand somewhere where he could no longer do any harm. BUT, before he goes he... read more

Voluntary Layoffs in June or July ? August?

After the recent quarterly results....does anyone know if there was voluntary layoffs in any dept?? If so, how many? What departments were effected? Any voluntary layoffs scheduled for August? Share what you know and your opinion's.
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If I still worked at UOPX...

I'd sign up for a class or workshop and try to get the Spotify student discount. This is the only reason to enroll. Phenis
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Buying and selling those fake degrees

If I started a business that bought University of Phoenix degrees from people who no longer wanted them and removed the names of them and then resold them and reprinted names of new customers would there be a market for that? What would be the going... read more

Destined to fail

So... you layoff the people that review documents and certify files. Student escalation goes up because everything takes more time. This leads to more work for the ones that are left and a far worse environment for everyone. Decreasing payroll... read more

HLC Delay on Transfer?

"On July 7, 2016, the HLC formally notified us that the HLC Board of Trustees had voted to defer action on our change of control application until such time as the Department of Education provides us and HLC with a written response to the... read more
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What They Did to Hostess is What They'll Do to Phoenix?

This is how Apollo Global Management makes money, as a vulture firm. That means that they will reduce costs as much as possible, including labor costs.
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Third Quarter

Third quarter results will be announced Thursday and layoffs have historically taken place a day or two prior to the announcement. You all may want to start getting your resumes out before your colleagues because it's going to be tough competing with... read more

Don't Vote for Clinton


Po knows change. Po says streamlining in enrollment is happening soon next two weeks. Po see more shares duties. Po sees save money. Po sees less employees. Po sees busier. Po not sure like busier and more duties. Po will wait and see if Po still... read more

Slottow. Make Phoenix Great Again!

Please, get rid of the dead weight... mostly, the so-called management (not even close to "leadership") that seem to continue to advise on how to get out of the problems that they created. Stop asking them for advice. There are still a few passionate... read more

My goodness

This thread is to talk about your Vice President. Please tell us how Romney, Gloor, Zuzich and Jackson are doing. I'll start...holy sh--balls. Can we get anymore incompetent? Why has nothing been done? They get rid of the only VP's with a brain and... read more

Make a real change its anonymous

There are several categories that fit University of Phoenix submit your anonymous complaint today
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Managers always pick who gets fired!

HR does not fire anyone they dont even know who works in what department. Your manager inititiates the firing and we process. Every lay off is determined by your manager's input. By the way, theres a Rocs/Cweb that you see and acknowledge then theres... read more

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