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Higher education, colleges and universities.
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Educational instituion. No ticker. Not Listed.
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Univesity/College. Provides services in the area of education and skills improvement.
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University of Phoenix is one of the largest employers in Phoenix, Arizona (AZ) 85040. Tel: (602) 966-9577.
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HAPPY TURKEY DAY to UOP. Soon to be a Dodo bird.

Finally, Apollo Education Group dropped 6%. The company found out last night that index manager S&P Dow Jones Indices would delete the for-profit education specialist from the S&P MidCap 400 index. S&P said that the company behind the University of... read more

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Stay away from UOP

Please do not go to this school. The degrees from UOP are not recognized by any employer. Even CTU ranks higher than UOP. Go to a school where your degree means something. Be proud of your degree and not be ashamed of it as you would be if you got it... read more

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The university is down to the barrel,,

And you CEO continue to receive poor and incompetent consultant advice. Admitted. The university is a lost cause. Not even your global aspect is thriving. These folks are for the money not for the students education, you miss a great opportunity now... read more

Knowledgebase was made to replace almost every service position.

Don't use knowledgebase! Not only is it retarded and loops you around infinitely to several random links it was meant to replace service positions. If you are in academics, ACC, Enrollment don't use it. You are being replaced by it. Don't buy into... read more

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Trump, A For Profit Educator

SAN DIEGO (CN) - Donald Trump cannot escape class action claims that his profit-seeking real estate school used misleading advertising to commit financial elder abuse and deceptive trade, a federal judge ruled. Lead plaintiff Tarla Makaeff sued Trump... read more

Another 1000 to be fired the week of 01/25/16.

You have been warned.

ADG Update

Although I left a couple of years ago here's some genuine information I got from someone who is still there after the recent dust settled. ADG lost 9 managers and 79 reps on Monday. ADG now only has 3 teams. Thought other former ADG-ers might be... read more

Does Anyone know how many people were let go yesterday for voluntary severance?

And why is none of this in the media?

Look at this Gem:

Dept. of Defense bans UOPX from recruiting military personnel. It's about TIME!!!!!

If you haven't already, you HAVE to read this!!!!

Voluntary separation is not what it seems!

I feel bad for all of you that thought you were getting a good deal. FEAR what the day has in store for you!!!

The piece of garbage stock will close in the $5 range in the next two weeks. S*&t is getting ready to really hit the fan. The next earnings

session is going to look like Paris. The doors will be shuttered within a year at the rate that they are burning through cash.

To the managers in the ACC

There are very few managers in the ACC that should have such positions. I see managers have a social hour or more with other managers and yet there is so much micromanaging of people on the phones actually making the company a few pennies here and... read more

I saw the writing on the wall a year ago.

If you have a real education and any self respect, get out of there. I suffered at that place for 3 years after grad school. The economy sucked and they were the only ones hiring entry level people at a decent salary. I transferred out of enrollment... read more

Erased Posts

Hey has anyone noticed that some of these posts have been deleted?

As Stocks Continue to Plunge, All But One Major Investor Has Bailed

Apollo Group stocks continue to plummet and it looks as if the company may fold if it does not sever ties with its University of Phoenix asset. Only a single major investor remains of the original 'Big 12' and it looks as if Mr Malory could be... read more

Volunteered for the layoff, didn't know what I was signing

I didn't know what I was volunteering for...i just found out it was to lose my job. Do I have a case? It said 'no severance' I thought that meant I wouldn't be layed off, turns out it means I volunteered to be terminated without any severance. I was... read more


Po loves. Po loves truth. Po says ACC will be bye-bye. Po thinks phone system replace ACC. Po is sad for workers. Po loves education. Po loves helping. Po loves helping students. Po needs to love new job. Po will get new job. Po will love to help... read more

Post you Phoenix Nightmare stories at

The student (and worker) protests against University of Phoenix are growing. Share your stories here...................................

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University of Phoenix to Lay Off Several Hundred Employees Once Again

You know they had a bomb threat like a month ago right? These underplayed overworked hacks are set to do damage. I hope the police are present when the names are called. No one needs to get hurt now. Just take your exit and please leave!

Layoffs Now Beginning

Another report just came out. They're meeting at 1:00 to decide who goes, looks like BLDG 6 is going to get hit hard. People crying. We remember what happened this summer. There were 2 armed workers restrained, guns in bags, the lady that sat where I... read more

A tune for the desperate hanging on to their shitty jobs in this diploma mill.

Stroking my cock with your fingers/rubbin her clit with your beard/killing us softy with Greg's song/killing us softly...with Greg's song/makin' are whole lives miserable/killing us softly/with his song.

Now that's a nice nosedive for APOL. This stock is finished.

NASDAQ As of 12:16pm EST APOL  Watchlist 7.53 -0.22 -2.84% Apollo Education Group, Inc. Volume: 337.4k

Now that we have all these deans at every school, I am trying to figure out why we have all these directors still.

I would actually like to hear from directors here. What do you do. You call in every day, the same goes for finance managers and academic managers. What purpose do any of you actually serve? You cover for one another. When one is off, the other... read more

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Snack Cart

Look, all we need is the snack cart people! The joy, laughter and pure inspiration which it brings every time it comes by with the stale Easter candy and Kirkland cookies brings a smile to many. God I miss those days. Seeing the directors do what... read more

Be Kind in Our Troubled Times

Cancel All Potlucks and Celebrations on the 18th!! We need to be sensitive about the , you know- The Layoffs, there I said it. Many will be mad or upset about volunteering and not being chosen and must return to work on Friday. Be caring!!!

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If we volunteered do we still have to work?

I volunteered for the voluntary lay off but I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do? There aren't any calls coming in and I've already called my students dozens of times. I also heard there was a party next week macayos but the rumors here are so crazy... read more

Westwood college stopping enrollments and teaching out.

Dear Snowflakes: Use your sick time between now and the end of the year. 2000 employees will be let go by end of January.

APOL is shopping for buyers and will spinoff UOP by late next year or early 2017.

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It's happening this Friday.

The HR paperwork will be done by tomorrow, and Friday will be the last day for those who volunteered. You heard it here first.

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