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Don't quit! And don't hard sell!

EAs who are not making their quotas--please consider not quitting--especially if you are doing the right thing. I hear that many of your leads are not good for the long range future of the school. A large percentage, I hear, are people who really... read more
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Did Marketing reapply for their jobs?

Manager is saying that Marketing did not have to reapply for their jobs. He says it was all rumors and bull. Can someone please confirm or corroborate? If marketing did reapply were salaries affected? Did terms of employment or benefits change? Were... read more

I hate you Phoenix

You lied and told me I would have job offers and I never get interviews I only have 40K in student loans. This school is bullshit.

Why is tuition so expensive
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ITOC.... Done

Al, Ed, Jim, Bill and teams hate to see you go. Once the lease servers and the agreement is figured out all services are to be sold to the new outsourcing company then we lease back services. Good way to save money bad as what it will do to the... read more

Padding the Balance Sheet?

For a previous poster who wanted to know what cash Univesity of Phoenix had had, the parent company's balance sheet is linked below. Apollo Education Group has been burning through cash quickly, from $808M on May 31, 2015 to $579M on February 29... read more
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Layoff rumors are crap...

Where is all the proof to all the rumors on here? Who says we will get cut in pays?!? If we do, who says it will be to 35k? Nothing anyone is saying has any validity to it. Do you think maybe that the people who are being fired deserved it for poor... read more

Proved Apollo cut the wages for most of the production and maintenance workers at its Waterford plant. The National Labor Relations Board... read more

Wages Vacation Medical

Heard wages will be restructured. FA capped at $35,000 same for AA and ERs at $35,000. ACC/QC at $11/12 per hour. No addition pay for degrees/certificates earned. Restart on vacation and waiting period on medical. I have not heard anything on... read more


I worked for a company that was sold to investors. The first day with the new company we were told here is you entry pay rate. You will start earning vacation after the first year. We needed to wait ninty days for insurance. Where are the details for... read more

F--- Romey

F--- Brett Romey - piece of sh-- hounds his managers about login and log out times all day and monitors Verint like a bitch. That f----t works 2hrs a day and comes and goes when he feels like it. Hell he couldn't even work a full 8hr day if you added... read more

The Majority of Our Students

Please watch this video. Get through the ads and watch. Brenda Johnson is a perfect example of the students I talk to every day.
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Ellen DeGeneneris to Save the Day

Ellen is promoting University of Phoenix by giving 10 scholarships to deserving folks. She's following a long line of UoPX supporters, including Al Sharpton, Suze Orman, and so many... read more
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Ok no surprise with my unexpected departure let's call out the dealings with Vocado. Software to save money at the direct expense of getting rid of people. Questionable contracts and take a look at who is supporting them and why. I will put together... read more

UEH 359 & UEH 360

My fellow FA's, how much do you love explaining this one to students? I also love it when you tell the students Enroll Rep that they have this C-code and the ER acts like they have never heard of it. The student asks, "What does unusual enrollment... read more
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