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Call lawyer


What's the deal? To many potential students stating you have been calling me every half hour. I thought we called every two hours. To many potential students stating, I was signing up for a job, insurance information, etc online not education. I... read more

This is just the beginning...

Where's the bottom for University of Phoenix? The final quarterly report said that enrollment wouldn't begin stabilizing any earlier than 2018.
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No news on massive layoffs

Interesting how no one has reported massive layoffs. Time to send anonymous letters to news media to warn students about the fall of the Phoenix. 5

Looking for Confirmation

Heard there will be a reduction in enrollment labor force especially those in areas affected by the Gainful Employment Act. Heard the QC will be replaced with an automated phone system that will route students to a region thus the reason for... read more

Buyout scenario

This is my third corporate buyout of a company I have been employed at. The pattern in the other two was first notify employees all is well and nothing is going to change. 2nd, is to notify employees that there will be restructuring to increase sale... read more


It is customary for companies to fire/lay employees off on Fridays. To ensure less backlash...

Looming layoffs for faculty?

Full-time faculty and managers have been called to meetings on Thursday at 9, 10, and 11 am. Managers at 9, a large group of FTF at 10, and a smaller group of FTF at 11. If they follow the same pattern as before, the larger faculty group is in for... read more

What does this really mean?

To implement this alignment, we have defined a three-phase transition approach: Phase One: The initial phase began in 2016, with cross training enrollment representatives (ERs) in our Business, Information Systems & Technology (IS&T) and... read more


Can/have UOP employees form a union to force better treatment, pay, and benefits?

Lets The Games Begin

University of Phoenix $1.1B merger closes, stops trading on Nasdaq Feb 1, 2017, 10:59am MST INDUSTRIES & TAGS Education Phoenix Business Journal John Sperling founded Apollo Education Group Inc., setting the stage for online learning for the working... read more

Last Day

January 31st is the last day we all work for Apollo Education. February 1st we work for Apollo Global. More investment monies for new technology, new benefits, better working enviroment, more positive approach focused on student needs not bottom line... read more

Layoffs = Severance?

I have been with UOP for quite a long time. My hopes are to end it with a severance package but I have my doubts. What are the odds, if they do have layoffs, that anyone would get a severance??

Past History

Apollo Global Management's trademark. Buy a company, reclassify job requirements with 20 to 33% lower pay. Build larger profits. Then sell stock for a gain. Will that happen at Apollo Education/UoPX who knows? This is just Apollo Global past track... read more

The GI Bill "Carnage"

How much of the GI Bill program is just a scam so that enlisted soldiers can pay the rent after they PCS? Could UoPX survive without targeting vets?... read more
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OAR Layoffs?

The employees in the OAR department received an email last week saying we had to have our timesheets completely filled out by the end of day Friday instead of the normal Monday by noon. Plus all the managers were in an afternoon meeting at... read more

What "they" do

To those who refuse to believe venture capital companies only care about maximizing returns/profit....beware. 100% of the time, labor costs are cut close to 50% of previous ownership. There will be numerous areas of "corrective sizing and... read more

Just get out

I like to think of UOPX as a virus. I've coined it Upox. I left on free will for a much lower paying job. At first I was worried but after a couple of months I've come to realize how liberating it is. That environment is toxic for employees. It's... read more

Be Careful what You wish For

My wish has come true. I will not work for Apollo Education on February 1st. Now the big question, will I be working for Apollo Global or be down sized to the Department of Economic Security? Any thoughts or knowledge?

Oh no

HR people are swarming all over the place. Looking for individuals by name. I am hiding under the ice machine. Ahhhhh... then all went silent.

HLC approves the deal

Today--Phoenix Business Journal- Angela Gonzalez writes: "the Higher Learning Commission has approved Apollo Education Group Inc.'s (Nasdaq: APOL) proposed merger with a consortium of investors, marking the last regulatory approval needed for the... read more

No Holiday then why???

All payroll has to be completed on the weekend instead of the usual Monday at noon, why??? Hmmmm. I wonder.....

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