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Hiring now

There is life after UOP, and we are hiring in Phoenix, Cleveland, Detroit, and San Diego. You need to be referred in, so email me your resume at: Theres More To Us Than You Think It's... read more
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College Meltdown is accelerating...

Lower enrollment, lower revenues, higher student loan interest.
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Is this layoffs wave over?

Anybody knows if they are done with this wave of layoffs, or should we expect more? We know a number of people were let go in the past two days, but I am yet to hear that anybody was let go today. Is it time to relax a bit, or is this just a short... read more

C-Level Messag

Executives - please to your markets and before mass layoffs! Make sure you interview the leaders to see who should stay or is worth keeping!

Work after Apollo

"Mehul Patel has been named group president, professional education, for Adtalem effective Sept. 5, Most recently, Patel was president of Apollo Global, the international education conglomerate within Apollo Education Group, Inc."... read more
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When is upper management getting layed off and where are the software updates? Time to unionize!!!!
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Good luck today

If the rumored layoffs happen today - good luck. Being laid off from UOPX has been a good thing. I work in a better environment now. It's hard to be told you aren't wanted anymore, but the grass is so much better elsewhere.

LayoffsPlayoffs by timeframe.

Im in Alumni enrollment. After hearing the info from lasy weeks call, layoffs are inevitable, however, I have no idea which divison. Arent enrollment layoffs traditionally around Thanksgiving and academics and finance around February or March?
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meeting for marketing

After today's meeting I want to be laid off. So it seems that most people hate upper management. Big surprise. Someone shoot me.

Today's president call

What is your take on today's call? How many more employees will be laid off in the next 45 days? When will they start looking more closely at the VPs, deans, and the IT along with the IRA departments? How many FPA staff do we really need? What will... read more

Layoffs and Contraband Search

Any word on where the layoffs were and where they will be this month? Guys came around with dogs searching each cube for "contraband" tonight. Must be getting pretty desperate to get rid of some of the veterans or worried about people going postal.

Fire Sale

Old CEO went to international schools. When the international universities are separate from Apollo Education and UoPX, the fire sale begins. UoPX will be sold in whole or piecemeal. You think the layoffs of old were huge? We are talking in the 90%... read more

August layoffs?

I heard a rumor there would be more layoffs in August. Anyone heard anything?

Iron Yard flunks out

Within the past week, two well-known and well-established coding bootcamps have announced they’ll be closing their doors: Dev Bootcamp, owned by Kaplan Inc., and The Iron Yard, owned by the Apollo Education Group (parent company of the University of... read more
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Any word on vacation benefits for the next financial year??? The same or less

Life after UOP, great company is still growing

I found a great company that values the skillset of student services positions, IT, and other typical business services. Amazing benefits from day one, awesome culture, and they are growing and hiring. Many of the hirings are done by referral of... read more

Faculty Conversion project??

Anyone know anything about "the current Faculty Conversion project that will impact the University" being referenced in an email response from Faculty Records to an associate faculty member? Is this the CARs project that has been underway for a while... read more

Same Old

So, it looks like some mid management got cut loose instead of the VPs and above that turned UoPX into A cr*p hole. Usual procedure. Let's not fix operating systems to function correctly or upgrade classes instead develop work arounds and cut labor... read more

August 4 is my last day

I have put years into this place. August 4 is it. Thankfully I have sick time. I'll be sick most of next week.

Layoffs have started

This is no joke, I know dozens of people who have been let go today. Very clinical two minute meeting individually between supervisors and HR. Of course only middle level management is getting canned, the Executive Deans who waste money and add no... read more

Here we go!

Tomorrow is the big day. Who else got a meeting request? How many telecommuters were told they can't telecommute on 7/27? Do you think getting a meeting request means you're safe or getting the axe?

Various bits

The little guy is always working on his golf game because his team of advisors only takes about 20 percent of the calls that other advisors take. They literally sit there, play movie trivia, etc... Lucky to be in good with your director and advising... read more
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Anonymous Anonymous Call

Call an office below and tell the DOE that UOPX fraudulently maxes Financial Aid to all staff. Its anonymous. City/State Telephone No. Boston, MA (617) 289-0174 New York, NY (646) 428-3861 Philadelphia, PA (215) 656-6900 Pittsburgh, PA (215) 656-6900... read more

Trump owns the college meltdown

The Trump plan is to defund, deregulate, and privatize higher education. This will make college even more unaffordable for working families.
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July a repeat of 2015 layoffs?

In 2015, they laid off like 900 enrollment reps in late either late June early July. I wouldn't put it past them to lay people off in late July even though the busy season is approaching. This came to mind when I saw people commenting that busy... read more

Third Way exposes college meltdown

It's not just for-profit colleges that are in trouble. Hundreds of community colleges are downsizing. Community college enrollment has gone down by 1.6 million (versus 600 thousand at for-profit colleges)... read more
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This will backfire

They took away the number of classes available now increase number of students in each class, reduce faculty, increase fees. Used to be resource fees for electronic books was a way to control book costs and have books readily available to students... read more

Financial Aid

Out of curiosity does anyone know how we all got certified for the maximum in financial aid loans and grants when UOP paid for most of my tution. $5250 per year. I still was able to collect about $10000 in financial aid take home. My girlfriend was... read more

UoPX will be gutted

When the international units of Apollo Education are legally separated from UoPX then UoPX will be sold piecemeal or as a whole. It the mean time UoPX will be stripe to the bone to make bottom line profit. No new technologies. Increased work around... read more

July 27th 2017

Have been hearing a rumor of layoffs to occur on July 27th for a few weeks. Yesterday I get a meeting request for our entire department to take place on July 27th. Anybody experiencing similar occurrences?

It is all about the money

UoPX sells a product, Degrees. An Auto dealer sells a product, vehicles. At the dealership you agree to pay so much a month for so many months to own the vehicle. No guarantee that the vehicle will not break down or continue to perform. At UoPX you... read more

Political "investments"

Apollo continues to politically "invest" in politicians about "education."
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UoP not a resume asset

Absolutely there is a taint on former UoP employees in the job market! I was laid off recently (relatively speaking), and out of the 7 interviews I have had, three of them made open and sarcastic remarks about UoP. For example, at an interview for... read more

Small campuses to disappear

We just completed campus remodels. I realize this had already been budgeted in the previous years, so the $ were already allocated. Most campus operations are being centralized. This is an efficiency and control measure but also likely to be the... read more

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