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What do you think?

The Committee on Efficiencies was formed in November 2016 to search and find avenues of economizing. The committee’s mandate is to find systems and processes that can be streamlined. My Question is, was this committee formed to research and implement... read more
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Terms of Sale Dec 2016 Department Of Education Requires 25 Percent Letter Of Credit To Approve University Of Phoenix Owner Change 12/07/2016 06:39 pm ET | Updated Dec 07, 2016 The U.S... read more

Watch out

February 1st is coming, tick tock, tick tock, what!!!! Streamlining!!! What does that mean???? Look! A shipment of cardboard boxes??? I am moving to my car..... then the Department of Economic Un Security. I thought the new company was going to... read more

Continuing declines in enrollment. More layoffs ahead.

"We expect that the University’s enrollment will continue declining as we implement our currently planned initiatives, although we expect the rate of decline to moderate compared to the rate during fiscal year 2016. We do not expect the University’s... read more
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Happy Again

New purchaser Apollo and UoPX future is very bright. I cannot wait. Come on February 1st.

Transferability of credits

I know that University of Phoenix is HLC accredited, but it doesn't look like credits transfer to more legitimate schools. I typed in UoPX business courses, and got no matches. Does anyone ask if credits will transfer? And if they do, how do you... read more
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Enrollment must fire reps.

Enrollment managers are being told to fire staff so they dont pay severance or tuition benefits. If your only making 3 to 4 Regs per month chances are you will get a write up or terminated. They are pushing reps to do the unethical and make the quota... read more

Certification layoffs

Does anyone know what's going on with the certification layoff? Still technically in the plans until late February, but they've lost more people than needed to be laid off and the last 9 people on the initial layoff are now on their 3rd extension... read more

Apollo Global also investing in Laureate

"Laureate Education, a Baltimore-based firm that owns and operates universities around the world, is planning to raise $383 million by selling stock privately to a group of six investors that includes Apollo Global Management and The Abraaj Group."... read more
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ED giving Apollo a better deal

ED is giving Apollo a better deal. Will they take it now?
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I heard dhat

Enrollment gonna have layoff 2dae Time fo KFC n slaw. You feel meh. Happy holidays y'all , Camden where you at?

8K on 12/8/16

CAUSES FOR CONCERN: (1) "Requirement that the University of Phoenix and Western International University will BE REQUIRED TO MAINTAIN ENROLLMENT LEVELS THAT ARE NO HIGHER THAN THE ENROLLMENT LEVELS ON THE DAY BEFORE THE MERGER" (2) "Requirement that... read more

Department of Education

With the DoE's decision does the $385 million dollar line of credit/reserve apply only to the incoming buyer (Apollo Global) or does it apply to current owner (Apollo Education) as well even if the sale does not go through?

Deal may fall through

The U.S. Department of Education today approved the application of the Apollo Education Group, owner of the University of Phoenix, to convert from being a publicly-traded company to one owned by private equity firms and still keep its eligibility for... read more

Burning through a lot of cash

Burning through a lot of cash. New commercials on major networks and shows cannot be producing new enrollments because of the place's bad rep. So the illusion of doing something when nothing can be done except close and lay off is coming closer. What... read more

Call FTC and DOE

FTC is suppose to be investigating this 'place'...on their business practices. One point would be how often the Stop on Demand (recording of phone calls software) works. How often it works? Constant technical issues with this software. Finance is... read more

Up to 3 colleges now Constant St. Germ

Next college on your list to take over is Business, correct St. Germ?? You are slowly but surely managing to take over the university as you planned all along, college by college. Anyone perceived as a threat to your endgame you continue to have... read more

Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Has anyone considered or filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy in the past? With me being unemployed for 6 months now and unable to pay all my creditors, I am considering it. Every time an employer sees the degree on my resume, i feel like I am laughed at. How... read more

Trump, Devos, and University of Phoenix

How will the Trump administration's new Department of Education affect University of Phoenix?
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