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LOSERS Just leave already

You people who keep complaining about your jobs are some of the biggest losers I have ever seen. Seriously shut the hell up and quit already. I mean if you are so miserable and feel mistreated blah blah blah then leave go find work that will pay you... read more

Diploma Mill

I was told last week that I cannot fail students, even if they do not complete work. My campus is a “teach-out” so they want everyone graduated regardless of quality. Guess I’ll keep teaching and just give As; why grade if they all have to pass.

Enrollment quotas

If you are having to make specific enrollment targets to keep your job, please let me know. The more documentation, the better. Also, if you know of ways UoPX is targeting veterans against the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), there are concerned... read more
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Vacation time

The rumor floating around is that vaca time will be cut in September. It will be tiered as it is now, but max tenure will cap at 3 weeks, 120 hours rather than 196. Anyone have valid source for this?

Worst management ever!!!

So they spend over $30mil on Flint in Las Vegas NV which was supposed to "incubator for small business and technology to grow" according to D. Bon then they spend millions on Iron Yard and both have already been shut down no business or lead... read more

June 18th

Final layoffs will take place on this date. Kicking off Q4, all final cuts will be made to the VPs, Directors and Enrollment Managers along with ERs, ACs and FCs. Start preparing now so when the time arrives you will be prepared and can take your... read more

All Glint and no action!

Sad that the leaders get some direct solid feedback from Glint and stall. Our president has all the results and does not take immediate action. Very surprising. Peter, they will be honest once but don’t cone back and ask again... Don’t just sit... read more

Enrollment Requirements

Management is telling enrollment representatives there will be a required number they must enroll each month or they will be fired. Is that legal?

Which is it??

Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence. Or Never ascribe to incompetence that which is adequately explained by malice .

The end

Apollo Global is a private equity firm that's got billions of dollars of portfolio. It bought Phoenix as a what seemed to be a leveraged buyout and installed a doofus from its other property McGraw Hill as its president. Phoenix is like a drop in a... read more

HR, legal and VPs - ethical??

Reviewed today the many layoffs over the last 6 months. Many, let me repeat, many of these were not related to bad HR yearly reviews, or DMs or WW. Many appear to be more related to the employee's age. Hey, we know of 2 leaders who reported to HR... read more

Who is steering the ship wrecked boat ?

Who makes the decision to layoff and/or terminate Enrollment Managers? Is it the Vice President of that specific college for example the VP of the College of Business, Education,etc? Or is it someone else? Who evaluates the Enrollment Managers too to... read more
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To those who remain

Why do you remain in the fake degree business? Everyone knows University of Phoenix degrees are a joke.

The Funeral Bells are ringing at UOP

We still are not hearing that directors and VPs are being let go. Today 65 finance advisors and 7 finance managers were informed that today was their last day. 1 manager and 4 employees of the student accounting department were also let go... read more

Current Enrollment

It would be nice to know the current matriculated enrollment. It was once close to 500,000, but has been declining for years.


Are severance packages taxed like crazy? Anyone know how much they can take?

Merger Agreement Question

I thought the new owners could not lay anyone off for one year after the merger. Here's a link to the merger agreement. Can someone look at section 6.10 D (iii) (p. 77)? To me, it reads that per the Merger Agreement, the new owners could not... read more

Do you think UoPX is really complying with DOD MOU?

Do you think UoPX is really complying with DOD MOU? I'm especially skeptical of this: f. Before enrolling a Service member, provide each prospective military student with specific information to locate, explain, and properly use the following ED and... read more
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This is truly the beginning of the end

Salary caps, severance packages, QC gone, more layoffs...I give UOP 1.5 years before it completely implodes. How long will good employees stick around? Not long Id say. Folks are depressed. The company will rehire with folks who will burn out in 6... read more


Did anyone notice that severance will be paid 30 to 40 days after last day of employment.

Goodbye QC

You know the kicker was the vp coming down to tell us they were closing the QC and next Thursday would be our last day. The first question asked was who are you? Yeah so that happened. Even better they want contractors working till next Friday. True... read more

Enrollment layoffs and salary reduction

Enrollment had layoffs and salary reductions for some ER’s today. It’s 100% true. Does anyone know the exact details? Salary limits? Number of reductions? Arizona only or other campuses too? Grab a life vest. The ship is taking on water.

Over paid

Honestly... Did none of you see this coming? A quick search shows you that enrollment / admission pays between 39k and 50k industry wide. There are people making TWICE that at UOP. Are they putting in TWICE the students?

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