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Former Apollo Group CEO becomes interim CFO of Bridgepoint

On October 12, 2017, the Company entered into an agreement (the “Agreement”) with Joseph L. D’Amico, age 68, to serve as Bridgepoint Education's interim Chief Financial Officer while the Company searches for a permanent CFO, effective October 16... read more
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Caution: Student Loan Forgivenes

There are many scams around - be careful. Let every one know about this: Please don't trust anyone offering FAST loan forgiveness (the emphasis is on the word FAST) Do not pay ANY upfront fees. Seals are easy to fake - scammers can and will fake... read more
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Can't fail students anymore

I used to teach there for 15 years (2001-2016) and the last 2-3 years things got out of control. They did not allow me to flunk students and demanded that I changed grades for certain of them. Once, I had an evaluator who came into my classroom and... read more

I was enrolled with no GED my counselor told me that while attending UOP I would be able to take the GED exam. It didn't happen that way.

VA to end conflict of interest laws

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) intends to waive the application of applicable Federal regulations (see SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION) for all VA employees who receive any wages, salary, dividends, profits, gratuities, or services from, or own... read more
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What's UoPX's student loan default rate for African Americans?

"Nearly two-thirds of black students who took out loans to attend for-profit colleges, or 65.7 percent, ended up in default."
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What's UoPX's real student loan default rate?

According to the NCES, the 12-year default rate at for-profit colleges is 52%. Is UoPX any better?
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UoPX at the top of the bottom for military veterans

According to VA's GI Bill Feedback System, University of Phoenix continues to have the most complaints. Only DeVry and Colorado Tech have a higher percentage of complaints. The spreadsheet can be downloaded here ("download data on all schools")... read more
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UoP degree not accepted when applying for a job

I'm reading the last few posts - one from an arguably worried UoP graduate and two from insiders. Here are my 2cents. I worked for UoP for 2 years and left. Ran away to be more precise. I now work for a large, Fortune 100 company in recruitment (you... read more

Poor communication

So my campus is closing. Not a peep from Campus administration. When is this happening? Will I still teach? Did I just get laid off by email?

Phoenix is at the top (of the bottom)

Of the 115,985 graduates from programs that failed the gainful employment test in the first year of reported data, 32,801 of those students—or 28%--came from programs housed within just three institutions: The University of Phoenix, ITT Technical... read more
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Blast from the Past

How many people go back this far?
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About campus closures

Campus closures or as UOP is currently calling it teach out never stay open as long as the proposed campus timeline. So staff at those locations never last more than a year. The offer to work from home makes no sense since you have to be near a... read more
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The Spin is On

The HR hired Social Media team or the damage control team or the reinvent the image team is fully operating to spin the campus closings

Another fun week and it's just starting!

Last Friday we get the notification that they will be closing down/teaching out campuses and learning centers. Was that about 11 campuses and 15 learning centers? Then yesterday the 'powers that be' start cleaning house in VAland and admissions. A... read more

Bizarre one on one with VP of Enrollment

I had a one on one with a VP of Enrollment. He sat with his legs tightly intertwined like a pretzel with his arms wrapped around his stomach. One hand was clutching his side and the other hand held a finger pressing tightly to his clenched mouth. His... read more

The word is out:

In-Depth UOP Layoff Coverage by the Phoenix New TImes - they make references to our posts here:
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Lay offs today

Well they are attacking the smallest but most profitiable department. They laid off the Director of Veterans Affairs. They laod off the Welcome Center manager for VA. This is hemorrhaging


Washington DC, Virginia Beach VA,all Florida, all New Mexico, El Paso TX, all Michigan, Columbus GA, Augusta GA, all Colorado, Tucson, Utah, Chula Vista CA, Costa Mesa CA, Honolulu HI, Oakland CA, San Bernardino CA, Woodlands TX and although they say... read more
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Layoffs confirmed

Campus closures as well. I'm told not to announce it but my location closes around 3-4 years from now.


Came on people!!!!!! Don't be down!!!!! Monday is JERSEY DAY

Anybody else having a lousy day?

I'm getting ready to go into work, but my stomach is in knots. Today seems to be the definite D-day for layoff from what I have both heard and read here, and I am pretty sure this time it will not miss me. I remember a time when I used to like going... read more

Friday 09/22

Got word last night that 500 to be laid off tomorrow,. Directors at campuses have been notified. Layoffs include District Vice Presidents among others. Also campus closure announcements should be tomorrow. Word received is all but five locations to... read more


Come one, Come all, All are invited!! We are all inclusive; all are welcome under our Tent!! Welcome, welcome to the University of Phoenix, Our Fabulous Potemkin Village

It's not just UoP

US higher education enrollment is down by 2.4 million from the peak of 2010-2011, and its going to get worse--much worse. Check out the numbers.
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Next week

Campus teach outs are expected to be announced this week. Any intel on which ones?

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