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SlottowJacksonColleran and all "leadership"

Take your cheap gifts and shove 'em. Gift cards, crappy pizza, a couple electronics and whatever your using to try and placate us wont work. We want and deserve raises, better company contribution to our healthcare, telecommuting, more vacation hours... read more

How bad is it really? Let's hear it.

My fellow FA'S, I would like to hear from you. I would like to hear how miserable the working conditions are now especially since the layoffs in April. I know my team is miserable, but I am wondering if it is that way across the board? How bad are... read more


Why so quiet? Is this the quite before the storms? No one knows what will happen. Share any information. The end of the month is two weeks away.

FTF to be offered alternative roles

Will be able to keep teaching if desired, but new roles will be offered for those who wish to transition to a different focus. We will find out more on 8/22.

Or however you say it

So whats the word on this choods layoff? Still heading towards a call center world?
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Does "the lay off" sensor posts? I spent a lot of time on that! I think leadership needed to see what people thought about their leaders...why did the layoff take that post down?
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Auto drops

@CamdenKid Are you aware of any lawsuits regarding auto drops?


I shall not boycott, I shall support. He is a shining light on the corrupt dung heap know as UOP. It needs to be exposed, it needs to change or be shut down. Spit out that laced kool aid, get your head out of your rear. #camdenkid2016


Can we all agree to boycott Camden Kid? So tired of his trolling & if we stop responding the little boy with the PhD will have to find somewhere else to get attention!


I make so much money doing practically nothing and nobody cares, it's easy: So my manager is flexible and doesn't mind if I come in late so I take advantage of that. So by not coming in right on time, other people on my crew can take escalated calls... read more

Leadership at it's best

Where is that fat tub of lard Bronze Bunsbuttloader and his f@gg0t dune coon chimp Sandick? Those two idiots could not manage a food truck let alone a department. Sandy is lucky affirmative action exists otherwise that smelly b@$tard would be asking... read more
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Apollo Education Group Betting on Hillary Clinton to Win

Apollo Education Group and for-profit colleges are betting on Hillary Clinton to win. Apollo is also betting on the Republicans to maintain their hold on the US Congress.
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college of business

Here is the UOP keys to success -- promote the mormon cult / band together and infiltrate a good business / then take over leadership positions / bring on more Mormons / wear magic underwear / then destroy it from the inside to unlock more leadership... read more
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SECRET (they're here)

IF YOU'RE READING THIS POST THEN YOU'RE RIGHTFULLY CONCERNED FOR YOUR JOB: You are on this open forum called "layoffs" because you know that the only way to get the real insider information is usually on this forum. Yes, the information on here is... read more
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Do UOP employees believe in it or know its a scam?

I was in the Navy Nuclear program and went on to get a real engineering degree from a real school but I always noticed how service members with lower asvab scores would always do scam schools and I had a freiend from the Army that I would sometimes... read more

Old article about our friend Camden... Very interesting. This old article seems to aid in explaining why Camden is the way he is. "This is how Shaulis s---ed up “40 hours of purgatory and a paycheck” every week for seven... read more

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