Topics regarding layoffs at University of Phoenix

Topics regarding layoffs at University of Phoenix

Supersized (debt)

The Department of Education reports an estimated 971,000 student debtors from the University of Phoenix holding approximately $21.6 Billion in debt to the US government. I am not sure whether this includes student loan debt that has already been... — read more 

UoPX in court tomorrow

Idaho Supreme Court. Should be interesting...

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Where's Chris?

"A flotilla from Team Acquisition — including U of I President C. Scott Green, Phoenix President Chris L****, and officials from Phoenix’s owners, Apollo Global Management — have been meeting privately with lawmakers. Senate President Pro Tem Chuck... — read more 

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Bonuses for leadership

Did you know that all our hard work we've put in over the last few years is affording our VPs and Directors bonuses? Yet, as worker bees we've only gotten a cost of living adjustment? So in a time that everything is soaring cost wise and we are... — read more 

Term sheet

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Fact check

"University of Phoenix leadership cares deeply about education and access for non-traditional students."

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