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" over the last 3 yrs"

Okay, so they didn't hire anyone within the last 3 years? Where's the new hire number?

According to this site, #employees remained pretty constant:


Sounds like your criteria for Oracle is faulting them for solely laying off (you).

#In blast from past, Oracle will increase fleet size of free-ride red Teslas as channel-$tuffing for T$LA

#CTO art and real estate portfolios will continue to grow

#Oracle cloud business will grow at "astonishing" pace, meaning not entirely flat

#People who design, build, test, maintain products will continue to get no respect as sales people claim any and all success (but shouldn't person "running engineering" WANT to be the glory guy!?!)

#Employees find own paths to happiness for future


Stop being so hypocritical and stop pretending you care about your employees because you are not - #StopCorporateLies. Walmart's propaganda slogans tell us that you care about #employees and their families but you are not doing anything to really help them - it's all cheap labor for you - you do not give us hours and your pay sucks.