Topics regarding layoffs at 2U Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at 2U Inc.

This seems not great “All in all, the situation is not trending in 2U's favor. Steer clear here and watch the company's implosion from the sidelines, and resist the temptation to catch a falling kn--e.” —  read more 

It gets worse...

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Really, Chip?

"However, despite US$7 trillion being spent on the education market worldwide, there are no major global edtech companies, even though 2U is... —  read more 

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Have been down this road before...

For more than a decade: COCO, ESI (ITT Tech), EDMC (Argosy, Art Institutes), DV, APOL (University of Phoenix), LAUR (Walden University), Dream Center. 2U is in that same process...of degeneration. Can it hang on? Yes. Do you want to be associated... —  read more 

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Imagine what happens if ED really goes after OPMs.

Borrower Defense Claims Surpass 750,000. Consumers Empowered. Subprime Colleges and Programs Threatened.

As of January 2023, there are more than ¾ of a million Borrower Defense claims against schools. And each month, about 16,000 new claims are added. Those claims are disproportionately made against a number of for-profit colleges and formerly... —  read more 

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2U-USC fallout in DC

Let's see how this mess continues to develop. ED has already changed rules about transparency with universities and OPMs that is scheduled to take effect in May.

More dismal news

Trying to stem the losses by more firings?

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It's PR Time....

"We care about our mission, we care about our partners and we wake up each morning in service to the 48-plus million learners that come to our platform seeking life-changing educational opportunities. It is time to embrace — not censor — the... —  read more 

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Path to Profitability?

"Although 2U officials touted that a new business strategy is helping the ed tech company get on track to be profitable, they told analysts Thursday that they still expect net losses in... —  read more 

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