Topics regarding layoffs at 2U Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at 2U Inc.


It takes work and dedication to bring to fruition, but it may honestly provide the potential to directly address all levels of the just Wrongness that this place has perpetually evolved into.

SVP Update

Limited communications coming from Chip and his team. There's likely to be another round of layoffs, maybe a few more. SVPs and VPs are not immune either.

Creative layoff

Ming boggling getting laid off after 5+ years with this company. Being on the creative team and taking away my access 10 minutes after the HR meeting is disrespectful. That computer become my main device at home with personal files, pictures, and... —  read more 


Last working day is 8/31. I've only been with the company since June. I'm receiving 5 weeks severance, they're covering regular insurance for September, and covering COBRA until 10/31. Disappointed to be leaving, but for such a short time at 2U -... —  read more 

SVP Here

Layoffs will increase quite a bit in Aug/Sept. Chip and his team are pressuring for more names. You're performance is being watched, particularly those working remotely.

The Party is Over...

In late June, BYJUs was going to buy 2U for $15 a share. At the time, 2U shares were selling at $9.30. Two months later, they are selling at $7.37 a share, near an all-time low. 2U is a dying brand that kept it all going by buying more. And by... —  read more 

Software maker?

Why is 2u categorized as a software maker? They don’t actually “make” software. They use already established learning management systems to host accounts and material. If I’m wrong could you fill me in on what software they’ve made? —  read more 

How many over 40?

In all the inclusion talk they never mention the over 40 group. I wonder how much of this is aimed at getting the "More experienced people" out to replace with younger, cheaper people?

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