Topics regarding layoffs at 2U Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at 2U Inc.

Always evolving

Notice there has not been any layoffs in quite some time? Holding on to you hat for the next one with the hopes of a severance? Good luck! 2U is now putting people on corrective action so they can fire them and avoid paying them severances. Instead... — read more 

“You have to trust us”

I commend everyone who came on camera and spoke out today. Especially the SSA who summed it up. We can’t afford to live. They are tone deaf and have a few million bucks in bonuses as the rest of us do the work to bring in revenue. While it will never... — read more 

Reverse split

As a shareholder, I received my proxy voting materials. There are line items to approve the executive compensation as well as a reverse stock split of either 10 for 1 or 40 for 1. I did not vote in the way the board recommended

Someone was Bold and Brave to ask! Now let see how Paul and th c suite respond to this. To the person that slacked this.

Thank you to the person that slacked this today! You are brave and we are watching closely c suite to s e if there is any retaliation. Good morning, and happy bonus day! @plalljie has spoken extensively about emphasizing transparency within... — read more 

Positive outlooks?

All we see and hear about is the negative press and the sh-t show of leadership in the company! I am genuinely curious if ANYONE has even a sliver of hope for the future of this company and its employees?

4/3 Compensation Call

SSAs are not getting any salary increase this year. There will be a "retention bonus" for SSAs which is 40% of their expected bonus spread out over 4 quarters. So, like $200 maybe per quarter if you're lucky. No scheduled career pathing/promotions... — read more 

F*ck it, 2Union

2U continues to hire more and more management bloat while laying off the workers who actually do work. Paul, Matt, Aaron, Andrew, Virginia, and now Matt D, etc, have all received promotions and pay increases despite (because of?) multiple rounds of... — read more 

All Call

I have no idea how I'm supposed to stay motivated here. That call has left me thinking there is no reason to bend over backwards anymore. I can't get a raise, bonus or promotion. The leads are flooding in and my team can't keep up. I think the... — read more 

Interview with Andrew

"First, let me emphasize that there is a lot to be confident and excited about when working with 2U."

Tied down to contract

I don't know how many others are in the same boat, but I am still legally tied to 2U because they paid for my graduate degree. I have almost a year left until I can leave. Anyone have any insight on what would happen if I chose to leave before the... — read more 

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