Topics regarding layoffs at 2U Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at 2U Inc.

The rise and fall of OPMs?

"This new phase of the College Meltdown has strong roots in the 1980s and involves the growth of the educated underclass, the privatization of public higher education, the proliferation and consolidation of online program managers (OPMs) working for... —  read more 

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Overpriced degrees

and a good reason to keep the business under the radar...

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Debt Sentence

Ever have any reservations about the people you sign up?

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The future of US higher education.

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2U and edX

2U and edX, two major players in the online learning ecosystem, announced Tuesday that they would combine to create an entity that would reach 50 million learners and serve most of the best universities in the United States and the... —  read more 

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2U and Guild Education

A match made in...

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Coursera IPO

The competition heats up.

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More losses ahead

"TWOU sees FY revenue between $760M to $775M vs. a consensus of $743.5M and net loss between $225M to $210M."

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"Insider sales?"

"On April 30, 2020, Richard Theis filed a stockholder derivative complaint purportedly on behalf of the Company and against Christopher J. Paucek, the Company’s CEO, Catherine A. Graham, the Company’s former CFO, and the Company’s board of directors... —  read more 

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A chance to profit from the Coronavirus?

"There are many parts to the current Coronavirus crisis and its effects on US higher education. But they all boil down to the Trump mantra (defund, deregulate, and privatize) and the opportunity for the elites to capitalize from the crisis, as they... —  read more 

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2U jumps on sale chatter

"A Bloomberg headline says 2U (TWOU +7.8%) - under activist pressure - is mulling a sale."

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WeWork collapse and 2U

What happens to the space that 2U students had in upscale neighborhoods? "In January 2018, students taking online university courses from 2U gained access to WeWork common spaces and meeting... —  read more 

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College Meltdown Progression

COCO, ESI, EDMC, CECO, APOL, ECA, NAUH, DCEH, LAUR...TWOU? Check out the layoff pages to piece together the story. Ask Jack about CECO.

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See who has bailed from TWOU 2019‑09‑10 SC 13G/A Wellington Management Group LLP 8,109,165 3,589,946 55.73 2019‑08‑12 SC 13G/A FMR LLC / Fidelity 6,491,721 2,529,801 61.03 2019‑08‑14 13F‑HR FRANKLIN RESOURCES... —  read more 

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