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If only Alaska Governor Dunleavy could have a revelation like Paul. Or conjure the wisdom of King Solomon. If only he could garner the leadership courage of Moses and the empathy of Jesus. Or channel the sagacity of elders who lived and survived in Alaska for millennia so their home could exist for many generations–not just for a party that lasts another lifetime or two.

If only Dunleavy's followers could share in a revelation, a revelation that Fox News, Mike Huckabee, Donald Trump, and Vladamir Putin are not messengers of the Truth.

But Alaska may have to serve as a history lesson, Dunleavy may be remembered as the man who destroyed Alaska, as a contributor to the the land being retaken by Putin's Russia.

If progressives were to leave the future Mississippi or West Virginia of the North, to swing states where they have friends or kin: North Carolina, Florida, Iowa, Ohio Arizona, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania and band together for democracy and against Trump and Students for Trump, that could be another more lesson that Dunleavy never expected. #education #alaska #trump2020