Topics regarding layoffs at ExxonMobil Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at ExxonMobil Corp.

Thoughts on KM's performance?

I didn't give it much thought about KM coming into the company and getting gobs of stock. But now I'm not so sure about her performance. Morale was bad in 2020 BUT I have never seen it this BAD. I do not think she is helping. Thoughts on this?

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Lack of integrity with DH

DHs engage in questionable practices of manipulating assignments so senior technical people in their rank group does not get visibility for their ideas or work. In several instances, the work was re-assigned to their favorites, usually a lower... —  read more 

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ExxonMobil First!

From the people who brought America First, ExxonMobil first! Where we say fu-k your feelings, fu-k your work life balance, who gives a sh-t about morale. Want to be a hotshot, not here folks! Google or Amazon for hotshots. ExxonMobil First!

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If the plan is to reduce headcount to 50k. Is that just in Houston? How many employees do we have with the amount of people quitting and retiring?

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EM urban dictionary.

EM is legendary for the creation of trendy corporate terminology. Here I have collected some. Please feel free to contribute with your own. "study work": used in 2020. some consulting firm has been hired to determine layoff size and... —  read more 

The PIP lottery

I finally realized that XOM is all about equality. The management didn't want to be accused of discrimination for only giving low performers a chance to experience PIP so they decided to open it to everybody. Low and high performers, young and old... —  read more 

Oil drops below $80!

Time for another involuntary program! I hope oil drops to $40. I want to see gasoline at $2 again. I love cheap gasoline. Oh man, I also love being out of the oil industry. Enjoy the ride folks! And please consider an Exxodus.

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Security Contracted

Is security still a SSHE function, or are they aiming for it to be outsourced which will eventually form part of alleged headcount reduction. Wouldn’t surprise me in the current climate, for support services be in the 100% contracted space. —  read more 

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Two job offers in as many weeks

Don't tell me it's not easy to find a new job. I started casually looking a month ago and I already managed to get two decent offers. One is from another O&G company and another is in another industry but it's still my field. There are many options... —  read more 

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Moving On.

My time with EM was an enjoyable one and at the time I was volunteered to leave I must admit that was a dark period due to poor actor actions / fabrications / trying to justify decisions. One year later and the darkness has lightened, life has... —  read more 

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LCS is set up for failure

Ask details of recently approved projects and you would be shocked how incompetent and behind we are versus the rest of the world. Another algae greenwashing in the making but more public and devastating. Do not take up a job in LCS, you are... —  read more 

Salary Treatments

Anyone have insights on upcoming salary treatments? I suppose it will be a big sign whether the company wants to encourage attrition via low to moderate raises or be competitive via robust raises that are commensurate with our peer companies.

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Field trips

As a worker, I found it's especially motivating to see our senior advisors and execs post pictures of all the conferences and field trips they're attending on the company dime. Wouldn't you agree?

Don't do it!! Just hide out.

OK. I am telling you to not volunteer for anything extra. It won't help it can only hurt you. I was excited about the opportunity as I am good at the subject. The leader of the project is a real pain. they are impatient, rude and mean. I did not... —  read more 

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20% attrition in Permian

Just heard that the attrition in the Permian is 20% year to date in the Permian after losing a high percentage last year. Guess if results are not impact, Corp don’t care

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UNCON Safety Stand Down

Tragedy in the field strikes and Brother Tom wants to know why it keeps happening. Wake up dummy, it’s your fault, and Liam’s, and DW etc etc etc. You have created the toxic culture and resulting attrition that is accelerating. Your failure to take... —  read more 

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