Topics regarding layoffs at ExxonMobil Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at ExxonMobil Corp.

TMO hates Expats

TMO sitting in some cr-ppy country hates you. They are jealous of your life and want to downgrade your benefits package so you can live like them!

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New thought

If I implement shift work for the Houston campus, I will only need 1/2 the buildings that are left after hot desking. Geeze, I am brilliant!

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Why do we love forced ranking?

Another year of performance assessments and another year of saying these are all good performers but we have to find people to go into the NI/ NSI bucket. Why oh why do we do this to ourselves. These are good performers who are now going to likely... —  read more 

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Exxon Mobil: Party Is Over

May 29, 2023 10:45 AM ET Cavenagh Research Summary Exxon reported record earnings in Q1 2023, likely marking the peak profitability in the '2020-2022 oil party.' In 2023... —  read more 

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IC&S - What happened

So just got my IC&S after the annual May $hitogram from TMO (can’t believe they call themselves Talent Management Organization as all they do is cut benefits) What did TMO actually do to the IC&S allowance for expats as their email is absolute... —  read more 

Exxon plant sales

What refineries or chemical plants are up for sale? Surely it will happen before ranking. Don’t want to get rid of people at the locations Exxon plans on keeping. Anyone hearing about who is up for sale?

WAEM survey

So funny to see all levels of management trying to convince people to reply to this survey. Looks like their own career is at stake... 😀 Like in dictatures, the only way for people to express their frustration is to refuse to participate in rigged... —  read more 


Do not forget… Senior Management, HR, and Campus recruits all use Glassdoor as a means to measure ExxonMobil. It takes 3min to “assess” the company… why not give an inexperienced college grad a heads-up about what they’re getting into?

Returnship program

So the offshoring of jobs continue…. This opportunity only available in India. No such posting in the US. I’m sure I’ll be asked to flex my hours to train and mentor. “The ExxonMobil Returnship Program is a back-to-work program for experienced... —  read more 

How to be happy at EM

In order to be happy in EM it is required to either be a Hi-Po. Once a hi-po, always a hi-po, regardless of how many times a hi-po fk-ups or what a hi-po says or does, he/she will be always ranked at the top, get top raises, and paid way above... —  read more 

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