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Exxon agrees to sell its assets in Norway

Even though this was more or less expected, asset sales like this always come as unpleasant news, at least for me. I would like to get some thoughts and opinions about this sale from the people on this board... —  read more 

ExxonMobil Vacation Policy

This is the list of GD Comments on Exxon's Vacation and PTO Policy (Source below, 1 comment per employee, no duplication): Based on time of service. 0-4 years is 2 weeks, 5-9 is 3 weeks, 10-19 is 4 weeks, 20-29 is 5 weeks, and 30+ is 6... —  read more 

Forced Retirements

Is it True XOM forces people to retire when they are in their mid-fifties and up? I have been told this by a former XOM employee, there for around 19 years, and forced out in 2015. Is a bad place to work, no one gets along, how true is all of this?... —  read more 

Downstream Work Life Balance?

I've heard a lot of negative things about work/life balance at oil and gas companies, but my friend who is co-oping with Exxon right now said that all of her coworkers are working 40 hour weeks as process engineers in downstream. I thought the whole... —  read more 

A Young Engineer Joined Exxon

As a young engineer I took a job at Exxon where they described their forced ranking system as vital to their success. I soon saw that it entrenched the most selfish political types while destroying job satisfaction & teamwork across the company. Much... —  read more 

Loss of retirement medical

Retiree medical ends Jan 1 2019. Anyone around after that will retire on their own nickel for healthcare. We are screwed! Is everyone going to retire early? The downside of a medical condition is huge cost and so is private health insurance. What say... —  read more 

CEO accomplishments

Let's summarize recent XOM accomplishmets as captured by their press releases... committing to women's empowerment producing 10kbopd from algae providing earthquake relief to papua new guinea joined the stanford (clean only) energy alliance appointed... —  read more 

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Exxonmobil lays off one at at time

As a 20 year employee I have noticed over the years they rank and promote the new hires and then stop growth for most in their mid 40’s. 40 plus get ranked the lowest and it is very humiliating when you are mentoring and training coworkers that are... —  read more 

Business Model Redesign

50% of site engineers to be replaced with offshore call center support in the next few years. So much for an american company hiring americans.

Layoffs incoming?

So, the profits go up majorly for Exxon's second quarter, and shares drop because it was still not enough????? Now I am thinking this will be compensated by cutting operating costs, which, as we all know, means layoffs. I hope I am wrong, but I doubt... —  read more 

XTO moving to Houston

So all of XTO is moving to Houston. Why do you all not have anything on this forum. Do you not know anything or all you all afraid of not being marketable if you are laid off. You all know there is also going to be a mass layoff at Exxon coming... —  read more 


Who would have thought the most progressive member of Trump's cabinet would be our CEO. Rec is THE only one who believes in man made climate change.

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