Topics regarding layoffs at ExxonMobil Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at ExxonMobil Corp.

I've been doing some research

Trying to see which companies I should apply to to get away from here and what I found is truly disheartening. Based on this forum, Glassdoor, Indeed, and several other places I found every single O&G company has the same issues we're having. Some to... —  read more 

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EMIT Top Managers

Former IT Strategy, now Data Manager - the “Don’t ask what the LT can do for you, ask what you can do for the LT” can best be described as a robot. No human connection, definitely no empathy. I know for sure that executives do get put in the NSI... —  read more 

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We need all the people we have

What happens when people who are members of already butchered teams are fired? Will we get a replacement or are we stuck with even fewer people? One of our guys was put on a PIP last week which makes me think he's as good as gone. But we need him. I... —  read more 

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Best Manager

We've all posted (in cryptic form) some of the corrupt or dufus managers we've come across. What about some of the best managers you've had over the past assignment or two? Any? Any of those who you think could right the ship?

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Job hunting post-PIL

Thought this might be a good place to discuss the ins and outs of job hunting once you take the PIL. 1) When are people typically announcing on LinkedIn that they’re leaving — the last actual working day, or the final PIL period day? (I understand... —  read more 

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Who owns this site?

Who the fu-k owns this site? Does XOM own any shares of this site or sleep with site admins? I am finding a lot of my posts are not published or even getting deleted. What are you scared about? Or site owners and admins, are you protecting and... —  read more 

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2021 PIP-PIL Megathread

Unfortunately and very unexpectedly got NSI’d on Friday. Supervisor seems very indifferent and hasn’t encouraged me at all to take the PIP. Probably going to take the PIL but interested to hear other peoples experience, feedback, advice, etc. —  read more 

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Lawsuit Updates

I know there were various lawsuits filed last year for wrongful termination from the first round of layoffs they didn’t call layoffs. Has anyone heard anything about the status of those? I only have a limited amount of time to go to the EEOC and... —  read more 

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Really, folks?

Can we get some good news without people crapping all over it? Yes, I know things suck at EM right now. I know there are very few positive things and that's not likely to change. But precisely because of that, can we enjoy when we do get some good... —  read more 

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LDS Supervisors and Managers

First of all these LDS supervisors and managers couldn’t stop the high attrition and most of the best people left the organization and now again they couldn’t represent the team well in the rankings and gave better ratings to their favorites instead... —  read more 

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Anyone else cooperating with the law firms investigating fraud in the Permian and shady business elsewhere? I’ve gotten several calls and they seem to be on the scent.

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Safety First

I work at ExxonMobil currently and it is 100% a joke. What was once my dream job, is the worst/stupidest environment ever. No one wears masks at all and the stupid Skype message from the campus today said “make personal risk decisions regarding... —  read more 

Welcome to pippsville

The PIPs are-a-flyin this week in the permian!!! Nice to see some who got the pip. Well deserved. Some, i cant believe they got pipped. Some, i can’t believe they didn’t. What a screwed up company.

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When to take PIL?

I got NI and I’m under 5 years. I have no intention on taking the PIP. I just found out. Should I take PIL today or should I wait until my 7 days are over?

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It can happen

I was under the impression that I'd be walked out after giving in my notice. It didn't happen since they expect me to train several people before I leave. This messed up my plans but luckily my new employer understood when I had to push my start date... —  read more 

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