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Exxon New Hire Layoffs

The new hire layoffs should be shocking to everybody. Not because it might not be the “right” thing to do for the corporation because it probably is since we hired so many people the last few years, but because it is a change in policies and... —  read more 

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“Bad Attitude” PIP’s

In my experience in the technical fields, colleagues can be classified into two groups: those who help you solve problems when you ask them question, and those who expand problems making them spiral out of control when you ask them questions. I’ve... —  read more 

All Roads Lead to Huston

"All Roads Lead to Huston" that's what we were told the day before thanksgiving weekend several years ago when the NJRSC project was officially and publicly green-lit. Ever since then the rumor of the Clinton research site begin shipped to Huston in... —  read more 

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Did anybody quit?

Did anybody who still checks this board quit in the past several months? Or does anybody here know somebody who did? I'd love to know how things turned out for them and if they have any regrets. I've been considering walking out myself. This place... —  read more 

What does the future hold?

10% workforce reduction and suspension of savings plan contribution are the first steps. Another 10% Involuntary workforce reduction (called a lay off and with severance) seems likely in early 2021 (using the performance ratings recently assigned... —  read more 

Toxic work atmosphere

The culture in this company is very bad. Incompetent supervisors spend all their time brown nosing and working on their next job. Too many layers of middle managers who don’t have a clue on how to run a business. Systemic problem with people... —  read more 

Lays offs EUROPE

Seems the US had the hardest hit, meanwhile in Europe there has been no mention of lay offs, PIPs in HQs (or at least has been kept quiet). Are our European colleagues affected?


Events of the recent few weeks have been shocking to ExxonMobil employees and shareholders. The performance driven “non layoff” layoffs, the cutting of the savings match and ill the advised belief that not cutting the dividend will stop the... —  read more 

Put managers on PIP!

The managers/supervisors set targets for PIP'ed employees which are unachievable within the 3 months. They just wash their hands off without guidance and supervision as if they are not responsible for the result, as the ultimate objective is to get... —  read more 

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