Topics regarding layoffs at ExxonMobil Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at ExxonMobil Corp.

How bad is it at EMHC

We are getting slammed with resignations, work hours are terrible- is this just reality of working at field site/ plant vs HQ? What’s it like working at HQ? Are folks really struggling to stay busy?

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Crate a Team

One of the things that surprises me until today at Exxon is that no manger has a team that he/ she build, trust and develop. Everyone move so fast that I believe we all work independently , against each other. There are no SME in each group and... —  read more 

What this site is for is aid to colleagues who are l▯▯d off or soon to be. Please reply other openings that may be of assistance to others.

Sr Controls Engineer EnergyTransfer Mont Belvieu, TX Position Summary The Controls Engineer will provide day-to-day support of the site DCS and PLC control systems and process control network. DCS, Capstone historian, and PLC s. Associated... —  read more 

Reality check please

Anyone have that one coworker that looks at the company with rose tinted glasses? I have one of those. There is nothing but positives coming out of his mouth when we’re discussing XOM. I get that he likes working for the company and I really don’t... —  read more 

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Working in the moment

XOM has been on a downhill slide for quite some time. Everything that was good about this company has been basically stripped beyond recognition. I see my colleagues/coworkers leaving for one reason or another and I’m just here in the moment. I am... —  read more 


I see so many people who seem way too emotionally invested in Exxon and what's been happening in and around it and I have to ask - why? Why would you get emotionally invested in a company you didn't start and you don't run? What do you have to gain... —  read more 

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Why bother submitting questions or comments? Nothing is anonymous (despite what is shown on screen) and only the "harmless" topics are addressed, so ... why bother spending precious energy and time which yields little to nothing?

I'm not going anywhere

Too many people are considering leaving, in my opinion, when there isn't much to lose by staying. I've been here long enough to have a really good pay for doing a job I can perform with my eyes closed. Yes, benefits are not as good anymore but that's... —  read more 


I feel like LinkedIn employee spotlights are like the 2000’s film producers exploiting the hot girl, but not realizing she is smart too. Call me wrong? (Gender is irrelevant to the analogy. This is commentary on fabulous employees being used for... —  read more 

Age !

I had a real fear that I would be targeted this year because of my age (61). A coworker expressed to me that since I was only a couple of years away from retirement that I was NRE and therefor somewhat protected. I didn’t question her further... —  read more 

Is it my age?

I've been here for nearly two decades. At one point I thought I'd retire here as well but I'm no longer certain of that so I started looking for new opportunities. However, any place that will even give me the time of day offers me a pay that is... —  read more 

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COH insurance rate

Thinly veiled attempt this year to make it harder to get COH rate. I did the drink water challenge. Waste of time but had to jump through hoop to get the lower rate.

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Houston still not back to work?

Houston people still calling in from their bedrooms with barking dog noises. When are you going back to the office? Field offices have been working nonstop through this whole thing with no greater issues than genera population. What gives Houston?

BTC Management Failure

There are more expats in BTC now than ever, india is facing the worst ever covid wave, yet the management is trying their best to get enployees back to office. Its embarrasing to see how they are responding to this situation when so many other... —  read more 

Drastic shift in culture

XOM used to lead by giving its employees great pay and benefits that were among the best - if not the best - in the industry. Today, the company leads by always keeping its employees afraid of losing their job. Talk about a drastic shift in culture... —  read more 

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