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Loyalty counts for nothing

20+ years of service and now I'm treated like an inmate. Thanks for revealing your true colours there boss man. I will enjoy watching the ship sink.

Voluntary Severance Packages

Has anyone heard of any voluntary severance packages? Has that ever happened? I just don't believe in the future of the company and rather go elsewhere.

Get rid of the management!

The only way to get Exxon back on the right path is to get rid of everybody in the upper managements and all the executives and put smart and competent people in their place. What we have right now is ruining the company! And somehow, it's us who get... —  read more 


Do you think he is the problem? Should he be fired?

Cost Cutting - No Trashcans and No more 401K Match

So it looks like that EM will continue to keep cutting costs and we will have to bring in our own toilet paper soon. For those going into the office, they took away the trash cans. They wanted to cut the cleaning staff so they went from trash... —  read more 

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Xto move to Houston

Anybody got regrets moving there family from Fort Worth to the compound in Houston ? Just curious. Are you better off now if so? Me and my wife thought about going for about a split second and said no thanks. I never met one Exxon implant in ft... —  read more 

Management get treated differently

I retired recently, but still keep in touch with old colleagues - many are friends and even neighbors. I remember at least 2 occasions when they talked about how compensation was set. At the working level, they compare salaries with a mix of... —  read more 

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Those who chose the PIP

Anyone PIP’d and staying? Did you get your PIP yet? Have you been told its impossible to be successful?

ExxonMobil is Suspending 401k Matching

Sent: Tuesday, August 4, 2020, 02:29:46 PM CDT Subject: Urgent Notification: ExxonMobil Savings Plan Changes effective October 1, 2020 Union Leadership: Given the current business environment, the Corporation is taking steps to reduce... —  read more 

Retirement packages only to management?

I recently heard that they are offering retirement packages only to eligible management....can anyone confirm if this is accurate? And is this their version of PIP’ing middle and upper management? Throwing money at them along with their... —  read more 

Outplacement is bullish!t

I signed the papers over two weeks ago, and I still haven’t heard from Right Management, the outplacement service part of the separation package. It goes to show, once again, that the company is either full of empty promises or that, as usual, they... —  read more 

It's time to clean the house

Exxon needs to get rid of middle management who shuffle PPTs and utter LPSAs, JLAs, and Assess Analyze and ACT mantra. They have little insights into the process or controls, and how to make money in Chemical Plants/Refineries. They have expensive... —  read more 

State of Affairs at the Exxon Mobil!

Examples of Incompetence within Exxon Mobil with no consequences for the (Mis)Management Exxon Spent $10B on Sabine Pass LNG, by the time project came online (Thanks to LPSA/JLA/LPO methodology and fat project budget) market had shifted and US... —  read more 

Old and New

The old ranking system had an inherent bias against more experienced workers. It seemed inevitable that these competent professionals would slide down on the rankings. They were overrepresented in the bottom third. It was also not unusual for them... —  read more 

Shame on ExxonMobil

You hired the brightest young professionals from top ranking institutions, and then fired them within a year or two without any prior feedback of nonperformance. Would you train or nurture these bright professionals or destroy their confidence and... —  read more 

This is not the company I joined 25 years ago

Exxon was a cautious, serious company, dedicated to long term employees. Sure, a__l retentive at times, but processes, safety and integrity were non-negotiable and most people, technical and management, were not monkeys. Over time, with the... —  read more 

Dividend Aristocrat

Source below... - Exxon, a 'dividend aristocrat,' plans more cuts to protect dividend... Exxon Mobil Corp. is mulling over deeper spending and job cuts as it seeks to preserve its dividend, Reuters reported Thursday citing people familiar with... —  read more 

Why a High Performer would be PIP'd this year

Taken straight from a document. English isn't perfect because this looks like it's a performance feedback training for supervisors in Asia. Sam has been in company 25 years, and has been on current role for more than 5 years. He is very... —  read more 

New Business Article out

https://www.businessinsider.com/exxon-managers-dub-some-employees-poor-performers-cut-staff-2020-7 There's a paywall, but if you stop loading it at the right time you can read the whole thing.

What do YOU want?

How about perspectives...we are all in only 2 categories. Category 1:employed. Category 2: Not employed, either by force or choice. If we are or were forced out by XOM or any company, we cannot let that define our value. Next perspective is WHY. I’m... —  read more 

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