Topics regarding layoffs at ExxonMobil Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at ExxonMobil Corp.

Internal job board would be cool.

You could get an idea of wide rang of job types and maybe see where you want to aim your career. Would be good to have a specific goal or ideal job to work towards. This could establish more self ownership of one's future.

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Can you jump CL levels?

I was told my sls that I was considered for a supervisory role but since I was a CL23 it would be too much of a CL jump Can you jump CLs? Or is it where you have to do so many years per cl?

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Sponsor system

I am glad that someone here mentioned sponsors. I think that the sponsor system is one of the main reasons for the departure of best employees and the decline of this company in general. Do you agree?

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A lot of cleaning is needed

There are too many redundant roles throughout XOM, we have people who are happy to start political wars, territorial managers (and employees) who limit cooperation and even try to claim your work as theirs, and so many other things. We need a major... —  read more 

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What is a sponsor?

Please excuse my ignorance. I have not been with the company very long. I am just now hearing that some new hires are sponsored. What exactly does that mean? No one will really give me a straight answer. I think it’s safe to assume I am not one of... —  read more 


Round up a few people and make them sing praises for TMTS on how great the collaboration is between site and the technology center (TC). How would you feel if you are asked to train your replacement and call it TMTS. There is no trust and... —  read more 

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Summer Interns

Have seen interns all over campus. Just on my group 2. Every morning I see couple waiting to be pick up for first day of work. If you are one of them…please don’t take an offer if you get it. There are much better opportunities than XOM

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Don't fall for it

People who think all O&G companies are the same are either willfully ignorant or tasked with making sure employees don't expect better. They either never worked anywhere but XOM and have no idea what they're talking about or they are part of XOM... —  read more 

S&P 500 ESG Index is a Joke

Musk tweeted that "Exxon is rated top ten best in world for environment, social & governance (ESG) by S&P 500, while Tesla didn’t make the list! ESG is a scam. It has been weaponized by phony social justice warriors."

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