Topics regarding layoffs at ExxonMobil Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at ExxonMobil Corp.

I'm much happier now

I stopped stressing and learned to enjoy my job when I realized that going above and beyond would bring me the exact same rewards as I would get for just doing what's required, no more no less. Same pay, same miserable bonuses, same chances at... —  read more 

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Can we get an update?

How many of those laid off have found new jobs by now? I'm sure plenty of you still talk to your former coworkers, do you mind sharing what's going on with them? I'm hoping to hear some good news on this subject since there's plenty of us who'll be... —  read more 

Are you kidding me?

I was looking up some info on Glassdoor and I ran into this: "An ExxonMobil career is one designed to last. Our employees grow personally and professionally, with benefits built to support every stage of life." I still haven't stopped laughing... —  read more 

New College Hires

I get the fact that you dont want an age gap in your talent, but you’d think that in a hundred year pandemic the company might say ‘hmmm, maybe we can hold off on hiring for A YEAR!’. Before anyone screams, I also get that college grads are... —  read more 

HR Problems

Well it looks like HR is not equipped to handle all of the questions from the people being separated. I have been on hold for over 2 hours now waiting for someone to answer a question.

Friendly warning

Before you decide to leave Exxon for supposedly greener pastures make sure to properly vet the company you're planning on joining. A friend left a few months ago just to find himself in an even worse situation because he was so eager to leave. Don't... —  read more 

Oil coming back

I suspect that when XOM posts some solid earnings for 2-4 quarters in 2021, they will bring the 7% match back. They won't bring it back before they're done laying off, for obvious reasons. It will come back as a morale boost to surviving employees... —  read more 

I have to ask

How many people will Exxon have to hire to replace those who were let go once the time comes? Considering that so many of the best employees were laid off, it won't be that easy to find replacements on their level. My guess is they'll have to hire... —  read more 

Meritocracy at it's best

ExxonMobil's CEO and chairman received a fat stock bonus rewarding himself for positioning the company where it is today. By all measures of meritocracy, his performance was lousy. Meanwhile, hard workers who did their best every day to make a... —  read more 

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