Topics regarding layoffs at ExxonMobil Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at ExxonMobil Corp.


Big moves for the EMIT LT today. RB off to be a PM - no respect! And her backfill, KQ, in no way deserves such a plumb assignment. When will the Peter Principle catch up to that hack?! And how much longer do we have to put up with that VP???

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Wells Headcount

WELLS has 800-1000 EMPT without fail, year-after-year, count on it. And for what? They two major drilling projects in Guyana and Permian, and smidgens here and there. Explain please.

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I’m noticing a pretty large uptick in people leaving again on my LinkedIn. Guess that new vacation policy wasn’t much of a bandaid. (Yes I know they are saving money with it)

Somebodies get hurt

We have a tornado watch ladies and gents! Prepandemic and pre RTO edicts we were told to exercise judgement when traveling to the office. Well, exercise no more the company who knows all will decide for you, come into the office during bleak... —  read more 

Upgraded coffee!

To prepare the peasants for the upcoming “neighborhood” experience that you asked for, management has graciously agreed to “upgrade” your coffee at the campus. For added bonus points management included a blurb about the vendor being a minority... —  read more 

Shall I consider XTO?

I am interviewing for an engineering position in XTO. Please share your honest opinion on the work life balance, work culture, project pace, ranking system, and working from home flexibility. I am minority and concerned after reading your comments... —  read more 

ExxonMobil Reflection

I was part of Global Team that I thought was at the pinnacle of the professional ladder (time served however demonstrated otherwise), in which I gave all. However after seeing clear favoritism, driven agendas, self centered support, targeted gossip... —  read more 

Long life career with xom

Worked for 30+ years for XOM with excellent performance assessments, never ended up NSI or had to do a PIP. Year ago I was part of the lay offs. The reason “you are not part of a strategic location” then all the BS came “be proud you worked for XOM”... —  read more 

Rehire after PIL?

I was so shocked - stunned - ambushed - infuriated after my NSI, once I realized I could get a substantial LS payout on my pension, I didn’t really read the fine print of the paperwork - I promptly took the PIL and left. No attorney reviewing my... —  read more 

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