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CVX has lost $15/share in the past five months!

We need to start making some big changes soon or were in trouble! E&P is dragging the rest of the company down. We need to cut capital spending, cut overhead, and sell assets. I think you're right I think we're going to have a really big layoff in... —  read more 

Houses in Houston

With all these layoffs and firings in the energy sector, how is the housing market in Houston? I remember the pain of the 1980's bust and things were pretty bad there and in Dallas.

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Piss poor, soul sucking, mis-managed company

To anyone who has worked there... Murphy is struggling really bad and is in survival mode. Not sure if they will be able to hang on. Another round of layoffs are coming after a joke of a bonus they will pay out. But i'm sure the executives and upper... —  read more 

Dirty Dawgs

Yes, Murphy Oil Corp swept into Houston and laid off employees. Funny how corporate in El Dorado is the money sappers, but they laid off employees in Houston. Asked manager point blank about layoffs on Monday was denied. Tuesday morning - I got laid... —  read more 

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Happened today

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Layoffs possible?

Do you think that the drop in prices may be causing layoff planning at the headquarters in El Dorado, Arkansas. Also, do you think the IT group might be affected. I recently started with Murphy and I am concerned for my job.

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