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CVX report on strategy/ climate change risk

An interesting publicly available report to read, the Carbon Tracker analysis also uncovered something telling about whether FGP, Gorgon and Wheatstone will actually generate earnings. read more

Ethics Alert

What does it say about the caliber of employees at Chevron where employees are now sending, receiving, and reading p--n during business hours. Not enough work to keep them busy?

What do you think of the new CEO?

He did an amazing Town Hall today. It was easily the best Chevron ever had. All about people. No graphs and no mention of business performance. Employee hostess. Senior management were microphone runners! Genius. Everyone I know loved it. He handled... read more

How to return as an engineer in Chevron USA?

I'm an engineer who chose to leave Chevron for 3 years for family reasons, but had good performance ratings etc. Now I'm in a position to be able to work again, I was wondering who do you contact to ask for employment opportunities? Making it harder... read more


is chevron ombuds program truly confidential? Will local BU level manager get any update?

HR policy for expats working in the US

What kind of policies or checks and balances does the company have in place to prevent expats working in the US from gaming the system? For example, the the Unstructured IM Supervisor from MCBU IT has been in the US for 4 years w/ 2 anchor babies in... read more

Clueless Management Decisions

I work in Reserves for MCBU. We have a great RAC Chair who has really helped us with our bookings and is a big reason why we helped the Corporate have its best reserve replacement ration in years, with more to come. Unfortunately, since our RAC Chair... read more

CVX view of the future of oil and gas Chevron view of oil and gas - still important till 2040...

your salary plan this year

just heard about a lot of PSG24 and below automatically got a promotion plus a hefty raise. how about those PSG 25 and higher? good raise plus promotion? what is company's purpose of doing this... any ideas?

Two GOM GMs leaving - another reorg coming to GOM?

GOM D&C GM and exploration GM leaving along with several senior personnel in D&C & exploration. Is it just about retirements? Something new is coming to GOM. Another reorg? Closing Covington? Maybe we hear more at town hall.


Have any of you had delays getting your tax refund this year ? I filed online, it has been a month and when I Check on the status in the IRS website, it still says processing . Iam retired and it is a not a complex return

Sit/Stand desks lead to back pain

No sh_t. Can we get a study into the stupid RsiGuard app? Completely pointless time-waster.

CIP Award Eligibility

Do you have any details about this. About to become an employee, did not want to ask this early. Please chime in.


I was laid off last year during the GOM/Deepwater merger. I applied for unemployment but was denied. Does anyone have advice that might help me to get approved. I had 26 years with Chevron. I have a family and a mortgage. The money will help while I... read more

Early Pension

As someone who got laid off and unable/unlikely to get another job I'm curious for feedback. I was gonna pull annual pension at 58, one year from now. If that would be 90k (which is also annual expenses), does it make sense to wait, and draw down 90... read more

SJV updates?

There was a post late last year that Aera was buying CA assets, Chevron being a piece. Now that SJV has completed 26-30% ROM, what are the current rumors?

Chevron Hiring Seems To Be Zero

Okay, it is that time again when I check the Chevron website for career openings for professional level jobs. (I do this every 3-4 months). There is nothing - zero. The only openings are for customer service reps at Chevron gas stations. Is it really... read more


Dow is dropping like a stone and our stock is one of the biggest tumblers right now. It's not just Chevron, thing are looking bad all around... read more


After those fatalities last year in MCBU one expects demotion not promotion, well done M.W.! Here is how Chevron way truly is all about!!

Fidelity vs. Vanguard

Yesterday's WSJ article described how Fidelity is asking employers like Chevron to pay a 0.05% annual fee for any money in a Fidelity 401K that is invested in Vanguard funds. So if you have $1 million in your Chevron ESIP that is invested in Vanguard... read more

Trump Tax Cuts: corporate multiplier?

Other companies (Honeywell, FedEx, Apple, Boeing, WellsFargo etc) are passing some of the Trump tax cuts to employees. Will the board reward employees by giving a higher corporate multiplier since its bonus time? Hope HR is listening...

Female Execs

Oil companies seem to struggle to retain women workers. Chevron has low numbers of women in management despite apparent efforts to boost them. Many women seem to rise into middle and upper management, then burn out and quit. Some retire but others go... read more

Leaders and Managers

Looking back over my career I have worked with some interesting bosses - -one was relegated back to worker status permanently after some behavioral issues. retired. -six were eventually sidelined to spineless staff advisor positions and then retired... read more

Sick of whiners

I work with a old ES on a daily basis and all he does is complain about the system. I'm so sick of it and glad he's getting laid off. He's worked in our group for over 3 years and he has done nothing for our group of any significance. Constantly... read more

Chevron Emergency Group

The Chevron Emergency Group has decided that the Houston offices will be open first thing on Wednesday. Not a delayed opening until the ice melts. Who are these tools? The mayor has said to stay off the roads!

Professional Dress Code

Over the years I have seen the office dress code slip and slide from neckties to golf shirts to jeans to now god knows what. Casual Friday has bled over all the way to Monday. I see people in Hawaiian shirts, jeans and Converse tennis shoes. WTF. Are... read more

SJV Post 2020?

Would like to know everyone’s thought/opinions post 2020. Keep hearing negative feedback from most. Most common complaint I’ve heard is that there has been no direction from leadership and most are sitting around with nothing to do. Would like to... read more

Oil making a come-back

Oil price well into the sixties and projected to end the year in 80's. Chevron stock is close to all time highs. We will see many new highs throughout this year. Perhaps 160 by the end of this year? Thats a very modest expectation. Oil companies are... read more

Rehiring former employees

Does anyone know if CVX will rehire folks who were part of the 2016 layoffs? How do you know if you are eligible ? ( sure this will invite the usual deadwood stuff)


How are things in ABU? All layoffs done and dusted? Or anymore on the way

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