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A legitimate effort at improved efficiency and cost reduction via streamlined information transfer or a means of team leads to recuse themselves from face-to-face provision of artificially low ratings?

Tahiti Vertical Expansion (TVEX)

Anyone has more info on TVEX? Just curious, been out of the loop for a while now. No need to post sensitive or confidential data, just chime in if you have general info on TVEX.

Project Delta

What is your general feeling on project Delta? I have worked for Chevron for 5 yeas now. Only once did I try and get a new job through the PDC, however, I was told that I was unsuccessful because there was someone coming back from overseas and they... read more

CVX lump sum discount rates continue to rise

I heeded the advise I read on this board back in November and cashed out my pension lump sum in December. If anyone still has not acted you should. The most recent January 2017 IRS segment rates published February 16 leveled off from December but the... read more


Expecting to see my partial year CIP check in March. I was Rom'd in June 2016. Can somebody share what the corprate factor is?

Chevron EAP

Anyone had experiences with EAP? I have an alcohol problem and I'm considering approaching EAP with my problem with the hope that they have resources available to help me. I've tried AA and Kaisers CDRP with no avail. My only concern is that my... read more

Our Future

We are great at finding oil, producing it,refining it and shipping it. Everything thing else - we stink. LNG - OMG. We have sunk multiple billions into an industry that is never going to pay out due to oversupply . At todays LNG prices, we are at... read more

Greater GOM initiative.

Will there be an annoucement of any substance at tomorrow's townhall? Or will leadership drag this out for another few months?

Be relentless!

Look out we lead... ABU has winning behaviours....
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Guidance on PDC success

I was one of the employees left standing after the ROM last year. Was fortunate enough to get a long transition period and have been unsuccessful in the fall PDC (maybe due to the time I had) vs the "must moves". In the off-cycle postings, I've been... read more

Great message board, Chevron.

Really entertaining seeing what Chevron employees and their work environment is like through this message board. No other E&P major has a board like this one on which tells you a big fact, not even close in terms of showing the quality of... read more


What is the story with expats? Does Chevron still employ a lot of expats in various countries paying the all those egregious premiums and innumerable allowances? Doesn't make sense when it is making so little money hardly even enough to cover the... read more

How do you extend unemployment benefits?

I was laid off in May 2016. I’ve sent out so many resumes all over the country and had a few interviews but I think my age is hurting me. I'm 45 years old. My unemployment has run out and I am two weeks away from being homeless. Does anyone know if... read more

Watson - Layoffs are behind us

To the press and employees upper management has indicated that the layoffs are behind us. For those of you who made it through the storm - well done. Now we need to deliver results with our lower cost structure in place. Get after it!

Just Paid My ACA Penalty

Whoopie!! Filed my taxes today and paid my ACA non-compliance penalty of over $500, taken out of my refund. Alas, such is the cost of freedom for rebelling against an oppressive government attempting to coerce me to buy a product from a private... read more

Anybody In Layoff Land Been Divorced?

This topic is very relevant to the thousands of high paid professional people who are now unemployed. It is a sad, but inevitable result that this occurs as a result of losing a job with no immediate prospects available. This is often a taboo subject... read more


A POV: The recent fracking revolution — the United States has emerged as one of the world’s top oil producers in just the last few years — and the continuing story of American creativity has had an effect on the whole stock market. Americans can... read more

2- in 2016

I got 2- in 2016 but avoided lay off because I was in a producing asset. I am now feeling a little nervous. Should I be worried or if I get 2 in 2017 I could be safe?

Q4 Results

Pretty freakin' awful. CVX Management preaches accountability. Watson and his buddies need to look in the mirror. The "leadership" are not worth what they're paid. Time for a new lay-off, at the Executive level.

Anthem Healthcare

When I signed up as a retiree at open enrollment, I selected High Deductible Health Plan at about $1,600 a month (the PPO wasn't available) and received my cards etc. Now I received new cards in the mail that show Anthem PPO and when I checked online... read more

W2 after layoff from CVX

Yesterday, I received a W2 from CVX. I was laid off in 2015 and received my severance in 2015. I have not received any salary or other pay from CVX in 2016. Anyone know what this W2 represents? Could it be for the CVX contribution to my health... read more


Thoughts on Vanguard, can I leave my money I have there, do I need to pull it out, if I leave it there can I make withdrawals, I'm 60 and a half and retiring. Guidance? It's 100% Chevron Stock.

FE Voluntary Severance 1st Half PDC

Got an email from the VP and it would appear there is a package in the works for FE. Is this going to be corporate wide or select BUsiness Units? I assume Wheatstone and Gorgon will lose a lot of people. Also interesting was the statement that... read more

Letter from Computershare

I was very fortunate to have a Chevron Deferred Executive Plan (have no idea why or what but I took what they gave me). I was laid off in 2015. I just received a package in the mail from Computershare showing some shares withe them ("Direct... read more

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