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The golden quarter for Chevron

No one can argue the impressive results that Chevron achieved in Q3, not only surpassing the market predictions on the earnings but also achieving the biggest level in production yet ( 3 million barrels a day). I have to say that the company made... read more

Will Chevron overpay for the PRSI refinery?

Sounds like a match made in heaven. One company eager to sell and another slobbering all over to get in. But since Chevron doesn’t have a team of clever negotiators, I bet you 10 to 1 odds Chevron bungles the deal and overpays big time. Maybe even... read more

CVX Stock getting hammered

Chevron stock is being brought down by the slowing world economy. As of Monday October 29 it’s in the $107 area minutes before the close. Who didn’t see this coming at the end of September has little clue of what their 401k is meant for. I hope you... read more

Ryder Scott Rumor

Wow, that rumor about Reserves being outsourced to RS was taken down in less then an hour. Must of hit a nerve!

Houston Cafeterias

Do any of you layoff victims miss the 1400 or 1500 cafeteria? Food is pretty good there and prices are lower than anywhere downtown. You like 1400 or 1500 better? I'm sort of surprised sometimes at how many employees appear to be lounging around the... read more


I have gained little from completing the Horizons program. Disillusioned with Chevron's mismanagement of young engineers' careers, I left the company soon after. In hindsight, I wish that when leaving school I had the insight to go work for an... read more

Nasty Comments and Bullying

The supervisors and managers who don't have the stomach to see the candid discussions on this board, but cannot refrain from visiting it and bullying those who post, should take note their nastiness is a pure reflection of their actual management... read more


Hows it going in ABU? Has axing started?

Anyone laid off with good job performance?

Chevron seems excessively democratic most of the time. People with high ratings (consistent 1 performers) get promoted. People with 2- or 3 are the first to be laid off, followed by benchmark 2s. Any high performers laid off (or fired)?

WorkPlace - Facebook for Chevron

A portion of the company has had WorkPlace rolled out to them. I think at the executive level, they post messages that are very intentional and planned out with some cadence. That's not a bad addition to the company, honestly. On the other extreme... read more

Latest with Rosebank

As everyone knows, Rosebank is still being worked up with FID in Q1 2019. What is everyones thought on this project? Is it going to get the green light or not as the case may be? CVX recently said 'Rosebank' was not part of the asset sales in CUE... read more

Chevron & Digital Transformation

While doing a comparison of other majors, consulting and Chevron - it seems Chevron is really behind in salary increases and market value for those folks who are actually capable of changing the way the company truly works. We continue to lose our... read more

Tunnel collapse

How is it that PRC can not manage the Harvey tunnel repair MCP without massive delays and huge cost overruns? I went underground for a troglodytic lunch today and was shocked and appalled to find the Chevron tunnels still under repair from Harvey a... read more

Q in control of Chevron

With the QAnon take over of the board of directors, expect another ROM before the storm.
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Whats happening in ABU? Has ROM started? How many will be let go?

outsourcing and other tricks already tried

The more things change the more they stay the same it appears. As reorgs are taking shape it appears that the old saw of saving money by outsourcing is in vogue. Not withstanding certain employees, do 'partners' really care about the bottom line as... read more

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