Topics regarding layoffs at Chevron Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Chevron Corp.

The great resignation

I am thinking about pulling the plug on my career. I was planning to hold out a few more years to hit 25 years with Chevron (and full health care coverage points), but this never ending “transition” has sapped my enthusiasm and I have all the money I... —  read more 

Chevron Layoffs 2021

Do you think Chevron will have layoffs coming soon? I don't want to sign a job offer with them right after college, if I am going to end up being laid off within 2-4 years. I really love Chevron, but don't want to risk my career since its super... —  read more 

Rehiring former employees

I made a slightly risky decision to accept an offer in a company that I'm not sure whether it will be much better for me. It may turn out to be much better there, but also maybe not, because it is something completely different than what I have done... —  read more 

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Pets at work!

One of the options being studied to soften the blow of returning to the office is permitting pets. Amazon does this and many other large companies are starting to do it. There would be rules involved, of course, but looks like we may be able to... —  read more 

Nepotism alive and well…

One would think that nepotism doesn’t exist in corporate America, but one would be naive to believe such garbage. Case in point - BH, new VP of CNE (4 pay grade increases in five years) is the niece of former CEO DO. Apparently her time in Sing... —  read more 

Net zero aspirations

Whenever I read an article about Chevron’s billion-dollar investments in plans to reduce its carbon emissions intensity, I can’t help but think about whether this company has done anything significant to help transition workers more easily to clean... —  read more 

The future is Web3.0

If you want to go beyond IT educate yourself and target your career around web 3.0 which is the full implementation of immersive gaming , AI, software virtualization, shopping, finance and banking among many others We will do our jobs in Virtual ... —  read more 

Time to get back to office

Those of you who might frequent downtown building in H-town might have noticed today that crew were working in the second floor to set up more tables. Sounds like everyone will be back in office before the Thanksgiving.

Fidelity sux

I have been fighting with them for 2+ weeks to rollover my 401K. 6 phone calls, each gives different answers. Oh, I need two days to liquidate this. Oh, I need two days to liquidate that. Oops, we didn’t consider this or that. Finally on last... —  read more 

Farthest WFH

Who is working successfully in an exotic location far from home and office? I know a lady who left her Houston apt and is working from Scotland. She is up late, obviously. I heard about some San Ramon people who have Maui condos. Others?

Time for Change HR?

RM has had her job for about 4 years. She’s wrecked the HR group. She has done nothing to hold a group of awful leaders accountable - HR for sure but also enables DP’s mess. There isn’t one thing can point to that is better under her watch. Maybe... —  read more 

HSE PDC Messed All Up

Over the last 3 weeks, I have been working my bu-t off reviewing and making recommendations to HSE PDC. Today, I look at some of the wonderful feedback from my peers, GS and DP. We are only supporting the promotion of diversity candidates with the... —  read more 

Corp card stories

Following on the high point thread, who has had a great time on the company nickel? It doesn’t seem to happen as often anymore. Sure, there is the occasional fancy lunch or dinner but drinking is sort of discouraged these days, I member turning in... —  read more 

way to go MW!!

did you watch the latest MW public interview?? I have to admit, despite poor management, our CEO has clearly articulated the vision to the investment community. the CVX dividend is higher today then before COVID, not sure how sustainable it could... —  read more 

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