Topics regarding layoffs at Chevron Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Chevron Corp.

Chevron rehire policy

I’ve seen many recent cvx hires who were ex-chevron, went to work for another major for a few years, and now are back with chevron. Can anyone share what chevron rehire policy is? I am ambivalent about working with these people.

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Transition length?

Any thoughts on how long the transition will be post close for the back office work (accounting, production, DO)? Assuming everything goes pretty quick since its not your first rodeo.

Dambisa Moyo at Bilderberg

The “Baroness” Dambisa Moyo, who is on the CVX Board of Directors, has been invited to this year’s Bilderberg Meeting. Dambisa has hardly any real-world experience; a few years at several banks when she was not working on her PhD or writing books so... —  read more 


I wouldn't be surprised if Chevron continued its outsourcing strategy this year. So many companies are laying off at this time that it would draw very little criticism and bad publicity. I might be wrong about this, but do you think our leadership... —  read more 

Great explorers

Ever since I read “The Prize” in middle school I have dreamed of becoming one of the great oil explorers. Now that I started my master’s degree in geology I am wondering if Chevron would be a good employer to help me fulfill my dreams.

Production falling

Disappointing production news in the 1Q23 earnings report. It has fallen and we are back under 3 million BOEPD. Terrible. Apparently Permian growth it not what was hoped. Royalty production is now forecast to be flat all year. Gads.

Next CIO?

what is the word on the street? BB has been in the role for a decade. its probably time for change. none of the GMs are obvious replacements like he was 10 years ago. MW and EB going external with the next one? or random business leader like... —  read more 

San Ramone Collapse

News today is a 70% reduction in our space and staff in San Ramone. ChevPark is ancient history. It will be renamed The Orchards because it was a bunch of pickle orchards originally. I guess Chevron Way will be renamed Dill Drive. No more... —  read more 

Bare Minimum Mondays

Saw this on TV this morning. Looks like another excuse to not work: "Bare Minimum Mondays" is a term that refers to employees doing the bare minimum amount of work necessary on Monday. This practice is often seen as a way to cope with work-related... —  read more 

Future of RIchmond

I heard Richmond refinery is bleeding talent due to the strike. Also, Rule 65 is coming for the refineries in the east bay area. Will richmond end up being sold to another company like Shell Martinez was sold to pbf? What will happen to the Richmond... —  read more 

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