Topics regarding layoffs at Chevron Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Chevron Corp.

Lost teamwork?

What business problems do you encounter while working from home? Teamwork is very important to me and despite all the opportunities we have now, it is lost when we are not in the office. Working from home, we function less as a team and that makes my... —  read more 

Team building budget?

How much does your group spend on social things each year? Ours has like a few retirement lunches and aN afternoon Christmas function and that’s about it. Rather boring, I must say. I miss the old days.

El Chevron Way

The Chevron Way was imposed by CEO Dave OReilly to try and rein in some of the good old boys and their blatant behavior, especially given the influx of Texaco cretins at the time. Over the years we have seen many examples and counter examples of this... —  read more 

Chevron rehire policy

So..... I’m curious if anyone knows what chevrons rehire policy is. I took the EOI in December, I also applied for unemployment. To stay eligible, you have to apply for 3 jobs per week. Today I was browsing the job postings and noticed Chevron... —  read more 

Very low Morale

I have never seen the morale so low while working here. People are frustrated and the team work and helpful spirit of the past seems to be long gone now. There might not need to be another layoff if attrition starts to get high if things do not... —  read more 

WTI above $65

Never thought this happens so quickly, China's growth is expected 6% this year, if this continues for the next 4 months, expect a lot of exist from the company to join other companies with better pay and career opportunities, that may lead to your... —  read more 

Ahh, the future of Chevron... Interesting. Note buried in the article that to be 'carbon negative', you include all the CO2 the plant utilized while it... —  read more 

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