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Same old people. Where is the change

Why do we still have a Management sponsor over age 60 with his little band of favorites dispersed over he world.? Shouldn't we be looking for more creativity and connection with what is needed for real transformation?

3rd thing

despite given many opportunities and recommendations for reading on diversity, they have not had energy to do so

No-win situation?

Wonder how or if recent events in the US (BLM and such) will impact Selections. Talk about a no-win situation for the selection team members! If a large portion of minorities is selected, reverse discrimination claims and if a large portion of... —  read more 

Black lives matter!!

Why is Chevron’s executive stance so weak? Are they scared some of those racist employees will EOI?

ITC Accelerated EOI %

Why is the ITC accelerated EOI percentage a “secret”? In his townhall, JG said it was 5% for all of TPS, but during BB’s ITC townhall this morning, the ITC HR rep would not share what percentage of ITC people chose EOI.

Why should anyone work for TPS?

What is the point of working in TPS as an SME? The business units think you’re useless and the management cuts you first and most. If I survive this, I’m going to try to move to a BU. Lower rate of cuts and more perceived value to the company.

Rename Worplace to TheChristieBrownbook

I swear does this lady ever work? Take a look at the FE Function page and almost every post is hers. She must get paid per post. Geez lady take a break from work social media and actually contribute to getting an oil out of the ground.

KPRC Hears You. We want to hear your story.

Chevron Employees We heard you and we want to hear your story. Everything will be held in totally confidence. I want to hear how you feel about your executives taking salary increases and cutting employees and how you think Chevron feels about... —  read more 

How do they do it?

How is the layoff conducted? 1 on 1 with th emanager? With HR? Is it scripted? Can you talk, discuss? Phone call vs in-person?

Moved on...

I was let go a while back... Luckily, after all my years of service and socking away a huge nest egg, I don't need to work for anymore. At some point, I will still search for a job, but definitely not in the O&G sector. I'll take my time and find... —  read more 

chevron layoffs

Does anyone know when layoffs are expected. There was some talk in the news recently.

SJV 2020 transformation fail and LT failures

How about the LT being accountable for the screw ups and be left standing. All the preaching they do like they make right decisions and the changes need to happen below them. That’s right I am calling out Al Williams for his bad resume that includes... —  read more 

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How Can I Survive This?

Yesterday JG of TPS stated that only the most qualified people will be selected for jobs. I have 11 years with the company. How can I compete with someone at my same grade level that has 20 to 35 years experience? I see no way for me to survive... —  read more 


Pros and cons for taking COBRA first and then Chevron retiree health plan when you are 100% qualified for the retiree plan. Any impact to having Medicare part a and b when you are on COBRA.

Future Leaders, TPS and Job Selections

The townhall yesterday for TPS was a little overly positive with so many people about to get cut. I would tone it down a bit. It was bothersome that it was stated that we will have a lot of jobs for people development (future leader jobs). In my... —  read more 

What is happening to posts on here?

Why the deletion of posts Your site isn’t that great. Posts not offensive. What is the deal? Cant handle conversation? Time for our IT people to get to work. They will do a better job than you. Can make a few bucks off of adverts.

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What are the rumors on O&M layoffs?

XOM “We have no plans for Lay-offs!”

I find it interesting XOM is Not laying off but CVX is letting go up to 20% of world wide staff ... what is our mgmt not telling us, or what does XOM know our mgmt dont?

Job Cuts

Chevron announced today that hit will reduce staff by 10-15%, around 5000-7000 employees. Reductions in staff will commence in June.


I heard that they will do selections differently this time. People will know who is on the selections team and see what they look like. Why does what the selection team member looks like matter? There will also be someone in the room to “help... —  read more 

Lots of Shocking EOI News

My boss just told me that a bunch of the HES function leadership took the EOI. Can someone confirm? Did I miss something over the last week? Don't blast me. I am just checking to see if the rumor is true.

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