Topics regarding layoffs at Chevron Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Chevron Corp.

White Power??

Did the senior executives ever get their wish and lay off all of the white males? Whatever happened to most qualified regardless of age, s-x, race? Unbelievable

New Administration

With Biden’s shutting down the Keystone Pipeline and fracking, what will this mean for Chevron in the short and long term? I’m now fearful this is the start of the demise of our industry and regretting not jumping ship during Transformation. —  read more 


Anyone get their severance yet? I signed my release on December 26, just to make sure I would get it paid out in 2021. January 7 came and went and I didn't get it but I would usually see my paycheck in my account on Jan 6. When I didn't get... —  read more 

When will LJ retire?

Am i the only one asking myself when the madness will end? Chevron's top spokesman..(can we even say that) throwing out their weekly emails regarding the most recent garbage spewed from the media? Let's get back to selling oil LJ.

Retirement location

Non-native Texans (and others with wits), where will you relocate? We couldn’t get out of Houston fast enough. Between the ugly concrete, shocking weather, pickup trucks, and property taxes we had enough. Most retirees seem to move north and west... —  read more 

Severance Package

Submitted my release paper a week before Xmas. With 7 days revocation, I believe the Dec 2020 payroll has passed. Interestingly, I received the payment today. So is the payout consider as 2020 or 2021?

New Year New Reorg?

Why do I get the feeling it’s the same Noble sh*t show all over again? No management direction, no job description and no real job duties. Are we about to be reorganized again? Same bat show, same bat channel.

Oil at $50?

I have not been watching over the holidays, but it would seem West Texas Intermediate is at almost $50. Hell at that price we might actually start making money again!

MetLife life insurance

When I was with Chevron I purchased their supplemental life insurance. Of course, when employment ends, so does the insurance. However, they recently sent me a letter asking me if I would like to continue coverage. I hadn’t thought of this as... —  read more 

Chevron Midland

Visiting from the ExxonMobil (XTO) board. We’ve had our 20% cost of living adjustment cut and our savings plan match eliminated. Ask don’t have an HMO option for insurance just an expensive high deductible out of network plan. Is the grass any... —  read more 

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Best candidates, really?

Interestingly the new folks are also asking me to train them as they are “learning” the job. Some seem to have a little clue what and how things need to be done. While this is all suppose to be hiring the best candidate for the role, it seems... —  read more 

Chevron IT Dpt

Here is a question for folks in Chevron's IT dpt. Have you worked for a large IT dpt somewhere else? If yes, how would you compare Chevron IT to your experience? Are we better?

Lump Sum date?

Anyone who received the lump sum care to advise on day of the month it arrives? Any issues with direct wire to Fidelity or other? I filled out my coding data, but Fidelity guy noted sometimes 'they mess up' and large check is sent instead...


If I am not mistaken, there will be CIP for 2020, it may not be what we have seen in the past, but it will be something, correct? Let’s dream that they give a nice CIP for surviving 2020!

Payroll question

12/14 was my last day on payroll. Today, 12/16, I have bank notice of a deposit from Chevron to my account. Not sure if its for unused vacation plus 12/1 to 12/14 pay or just unused vacation. Seems odd they would cut last pay check so quick. Don't... —  read more 

Unemployment benefits

So, I don’t remember this being addressed, but curious of those who have gone before me. I submitted my EOI and it was accepted. My last day is tomorrow (December 14) I know if you get left standing your eligible for unemployment benefits. ... —  read more 

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