Topics regarding layoffs at Chevron Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Chevron Corp.


Chevron (CVX) was notably absent from a pledge by 50 oil and gas producers including Exxon (XOM) announced at COP28 to cut methane emissions from their own operations to near-zero and halt flaring of natural gas by the end of the decade. We got to... —  read more 

What’s the incentive for bonuses?

What’s the incentive to go above and beyond if problem BUs can destroy our CIP? My BU is performing above expectations, but we’re already having expectations managed on CIP. Shouldn’t management be rewarding BUs that performing, rather than punishing... —  read more 

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Should we have an intervention for Chevron management since they seem to have an obsession with reorganization? No normal company reorganizes or changes this often. We keep hearing that "this is the world we live in and we have to change". Things... —  read more 

Who should be fired for FGP?

You can’t have $45Bn wiped off the corporations value without holding someone accountable. So who should it be? DM, current bag holder. EB, long history in TCO. NH, every project he has been near seems to turn to cr-p fairly quickly. Or MW the buck... —  read more 

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CTC, DT&S, TM, CTV re-org announced

Todays DT&S Town hall announced a re-org. Question was asked about potential for headcount reductions. VP (CJ) answered vaguely enough to not confirm scope but stated it was likely. Good luck everyone. Let the 5 year cycle begin!

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When, not if

The only question left now is when will layoffs start, not if there will be layoffs. Well, that and how bad it will get.

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We all saw PB's email. Are we seeing the fruits of Agile with these results? Is Agile to blame for not achieving top quartile performance?

PSG bump in PDC?

If you successfully posted for a role that has a higher psg range, is it remotely possible to receive a bump? If you were close to a promo in the previous role, does a new role in the pdc set you back?


I have seen some people frequently get R&A's from their regular job such as answering a phone call, sharing a little knowledge, all during office hours. but why I was not given any even I do the work during night time or week end to help those asking... —  read more 

It just got bigger

Well, there was work on CTC that started a while back. Now tho it is getting bigger to include all of OPG given the business plan roll up showed our earnings are many billions below the promise MW made to the street a few years back and our capital... —  read more 

GOM Bboooo

Get ready - layoffs are headed our way… Get ready for needs improvements on you next pmp bcg sniffing around factory hess people to come over passive aggressive leadership

No major layoffs so far

You have to admit things are good, considering we've had no major layoffs so far this year. All I've heard about were isolated incidents. A couple of people here or a few people there, but nothing major. I'll take that as a win.


ExxonMobil makes “significant” oil, natural gas discovery in prolific Stabroek block offshore Guyana. We get in the back door on this discovery with the acquisition of Hess, but just imagine how much better we would do if we could discover our own... —  read more 

Same old clowns

When will the board realize that if you want different outcomes, you need different a different approach? With the cast of characters who have cycled through our train wreck projects in oversight positions, now safely sitting in senior leadership... —  read more 

3Q Earnings Fiasco

What on earth happened? TCO forecast cashflow DOWN $1 billion per year??? Production was flat (w/o PDC) and Permian production DECLINED? We were WAY low to analyst expectations. What a disastrous earnings report. No wonder we have to distract... —  read more 

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