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Welcome Back Program

Who will benefit from the company’s new Welcome Back to Chevron program? Is the program company wide or only available to former Downstream employees?

No middle ground

Reading posts here I've come to a conclusion that there are people who work for Chevron who love the company and people who work for Chevron who hate the company. There is no middle ground, no "eh, it's okay," just love or hate. How can one company... read more

Hollub Tower Going up in Houston

Wirth wasted no time in allocating his $1 billion treasure. Today the fencing when up around the block in front of 1500 Louisiana in prep for the Hollub Tower. 3000+ new seats will be ready for filling by early 2021. Hmmmm... Wonder where those will... read more


Chevron CEO has proven he is “all hat no cattle”. Even at $76 Anadarko was a steal. It’s share price had been crushed mostly to due to having a large asset in Colorado and poor financial results of Anadarko. Now they will have to pay a premium to... read more

Congrats Anadarko

Here you go.....Anadarko. You got what you wanted. Your dark days start with Oxy taking over you. You screwed yourself and Oxy in this 50% premium deals. Chevron must be saying .....thank you...for free $1B. We will go to next store for shopping....

8.8 billion. For Africa

Oxy CEO is so desperate to gain approval for this deal that she publically leaked 8.8 billion for Africa.. Chevron valued those assets at somewhere between 3-4 billion. She just guaranteed a counter offer from chevron or others.

Hey Over Here at ConocoPhillips

Please Chevron , ditch the Anadarko bid and buy Conocophillips and put our Execs out of their misery. It is getting embarrassing over here in "E"mbarrassing "C"abin 4 and 5. We have many wide and varied synergies to offer. No one believes in board or... read more


I’ve only been with chevron for 10 years but in my opinion the company has changed significantly for the better in that time. MW is a humble, measured and inspiring leader and I have a lot of hope for the ongoing future of this company. “Deadwood”... read more

Lets all chip in

We are big company why don’t we all chip in $10, 100 or whatever to fund the increase in offer for Anadarko bid ? I mean call me crazy but boys all in. Show em how we do things in Texas.

How bad does Chevron really want APC?

If I were Chevron I maight make a counter offer, but still lower than OXYs....then walk (or run). Looks like sleazballs at OXY and APC all have their hands in the cookie jar.

Anadarko Offshore Operators Need to Know!

We are hearing nightmare fuel over here $39/hr top operator pay 1 week vacation No mileage and training is regular time Only 8% 401k This is only for offshore guys. Can anyone confirm or deny?

Chevron is the much preferred offer for Anadarko

The following is a summary of the stock performance under the current OXY leadership which has been in-place since April 2016. During this 3-year period (April 2016 - April 2019), OXY share price has DECREASED 1.5% whereas CHEVRON share price has... read more

use this site more and invite more people!

the laid off loser who owns this site earns a fortune in ad revenue. sometimes they have to whip up a frenzy or at least some trolls to keep the pageviews cranking.
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Heard HQ is moving to Woodlands! This true?!

Q1 call

What do you all think of the Q1 call?
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Next Acquisition Target Poll

What's your pick? Diamondback Energy: $13.29 billion; Concho Resources: $22.94 billion; Noble Energy: $13.03 billion; Pioneer Natural Resources: $29.58 billion; Parsley Energy: $5.81 billion; Apache: $13.96 billion; Hess: $19.22 billion.

$20 billion divestments

In order to balance the books after the Anadarko takeover CVX announced they will divest $20 billion worth of assets, CUE will sell for around $2 billion, so what BUs are on the chopping block?

Severance Package

Were any Chevron employees offered a voluntary severance package during the Chevron- Texaco merger?

What happens with Chevron contractors?

I get that Anadarko’s contractors will be the first on the chopping block, but what happens with Chevron’s contractors. Are their positions in jeopardy as well (I mean more than usual), as the company will have a fair increase in workforce from... read more

Cramer on the merger today

Just dropping this here: In his "No-Huddle Offense" segment, Cramer said the acquisition of Anadarko Petroleum by Chevron for $33 billion may have been the first merger in the oil patch, but it won't be the last. Cramer predicted just last week on... read more

How does Chevron handle layoffs?

Is it merit based or some other criteria (nepotism, age, something else entirely?) I'm hoping it's merit based, but my experience with my previous employers has taught me not to take something I consider common sense for granted. So it would be good... read more

Anadarko's workplace culture

Interesting article: Will the Chevron acquisition help to reform that culture? Time eill tell.

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