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Today I Cried For Chevron HES

Today, I cried. I have been with Chevron nearly 15 years. I am a single woman living in [location deleted by moderator] putting in all of my dues following all the rules and building all the experience I am told I need to be the HES Sponsor... read more

WTI Back Above $50

The price is $50.75/barrel as I write this. Whoopie! You don't have to turn in that job application to Denny's. Just sit tight and don't panic - you could stay employed for all of this year.
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Climate Change

The pace of climate change is stagering. More people than ever are starting to feel affected by storms and heat. I didn’t realize how many are clamoring for clean energy fast. I have concerns Chevron will not last 10 more years unless we switch to... read more

Use the Hotline!!

I want to remind people to use the hotline to report any bullying or intimidation, especially by a supervisor. Chevron takes that very seriously and depending on the PSG involved will send independent investigators. It is all anonymous and there are... read more

Chevron Angola

What is going on with Chevron in Angola? I had a good friend in Houston that repatriated from Angola in mid 2017 only to find out that nobody wanted him back in Houston and he was forced out (with a severance). Is this a common issue? He wanted to... read more

OPEC & Friends Still Control Us

Crude oil prices have had a very good increase in price because of announced crude oil production cuts of 1.2 mbd by Saudi Arabia and its fellow OPEC members and alliances, mainly Russia. Even though crude oil production in the United States has... read more

People actually enjoy working here?

Who are you? I'm honestly curious, who are the people who have made sure Chevron ends up on Glassdoor's 2019 Best Places to Work list? Is this some kind of a joke? Do we even work at the same company?... read more

The vicious circle

The entire US healthcare system— doctors, hospitals, d--g manufacturers and the insurance companies are all complicit with the government. We live in a country where our very health is used as a ransom to enrich the medical, pharmaceutical and... read more


Whats happening in the ABU? Seems like the thread is always deleted.

Nice to see the payback

Nice to see the bigoted, bullying and hateful people at Chevron who think they can victimize and persecute people for being different sweating low oil prices at this time of year. Goes around comes around. Merry Christmas!

ETC Adjustment Time

Management will gut ETC in the new year. Don’t expect it to be quick or efficient. Many empires to fall.

Going Down

Oil futures for WTI are now down $1.51 to $48.37. 2019 may not be a good year for the oil patch, at least for all of you office workers.

There is no strategy here - just cost cutting

If you extrapolate the idea that older employees (40s or 50s depending on your personal opinion), then why would anyone ever get a college degree? You get a STEM degree because you believe it will make your career. Once you realize that a career is... read more

Anyone on early Medicaid?

I understand that if one can structure ones finances appropriately, it is possible to have very low reportable income once no longer working. Has anyone who retired from Chevron before age 60 been able to get their reportable income low enough to... read more


Not sure why ETC has much higher PSGs than BUs. Some of the first level supervisors have 26,27 PSGs comparing to 24,25 in BUs, and it is so easy to get to 24,25 PSGs for individual contributors. Clearly they understand how to justify the impacts and... read more


It has always had its share of trolls, snowflakes and snowflake killers, but The (Chevron) used to be a fairly lively source of information about the company, if nothing more than for entertainment value. Now days, it just seems to be... read more

Proof we are among the best

For naysayers and whiners - Chevron is among the best places to work for on Glassdoor once again this year despite all the detractors. Employees have spoken, loud and clear. We are where we belong... read more

Chevron sells assets and exits Azerbaijan

According to this article Chevron, along with its peer Exxon, is planning to sell its stake in Azerbaijan’s largest oilfield, ending a 25 long presence there. The official statement that the company wants to focus more on domestic production, but I... read more

Chevron Moving Headquarters to Texas

Do we have any updates on this, I know it's a sensitive topic and that I'll get a ton of "You are starting rumors again" but wanted to ask nonetheless. I am not claiming the move will happen and I claim no insider knowledge on the topic - I am merely... read more

Chevron Destroys Careers

Chevron has destroyed my career. Laid me off without a thought. One day I hope before I depart from this world I will see then destroyed like many of the other giant oil companies like AMOCo etc. No consideration for ppl

Express Scripts - Retired/Layed Off

What has been your experience with getting medication through this corporate supported company? Personal experience from two 30+ year retirees - rating is 0.5 of 5 with 5 being highest. Arbitrary cancellation of pr-scrip-ions. ES blames our physician... read more

Oil prices

Oil prices plummeting. Get ready for major layoffs next year. Too much oil in the market with Shale oil revolution.

Tengiz New Housing/Office Compex Status

Any truth to FGP (Future Growth Project) pining away $500MM on the new Tengiz Housing/Office complex only to mothball it before it was completed? As I recall, it was supposed to be named (in Kazakh) something along the lines of Prosper Village... read more

The golden quarter for Chevron

No one can argue the impressive results that Chevron achieved in Q3, not only surpassing the market predictions on the earnings but also achieving the biggest level in production yet ( 3 million barrels a day). I have to say that the company made... read more

Will Chevron overpay for the PRSI refinery?

Sounds like a match made in heaven. One company eager to sell and another slobbering all over to get in. But since Chevron doesn’t have a team of clever negotiators, I bet you 10 to 1 odds Chevron bungles the deal and overpays big time. Maybe even... read more

CVX Stock getting hammered

Chevron stock is being brought down by the slowing world economy. As of Monday October 29 it’s in the $107 area minutes before the close. Who didn’t see this coming at the end of September has little clue of what their 401k is meant for. I hope you... read more

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