Topics regarding layoffs at Chevron Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Chevron Corp.

Unexpected Attrition

Do we have an attrition problem that we didn't see coming? I have heard of multiple PSG 26-27 folks retiring on short notice because they would be losing money on their pensions by continuing to work while interest rates rise. Is this a problem or... —  read more 

New CIO soon

When will we have a new CIO? This guy has been in seat since 2015! And hasn’t done a whole lot to modernize the function or improve quality. Time to go! PS: if he’s reading this, it’s time to get rid of that decades old headshot. We all know you... —  read more 


We have enough barrels to produce from the current base position. We actually don’t need to explore more. Gom is great with the shell partnership stuff. Suriname might pay off. Don’t lead and lose, follow and win

Yet another poor quarter

Despite higher than expected revenue from the surge in prices ($140/bbl), earnings were well short of expectations once again. Spending is up 50%. Permian production bumped up almost as promised, but the rest of the world down due to lost... —  read more 

Second Chance At Chevron

I am lucky that Chevron has given me a second chance. My first experience with Chevron was great and this experience is something else. I worked in Midland from 2012 to 2013 and then had to resign to take care of family issues. I got hired back 6... —  read more 

PSG moves?

How frequently should we expect a psg bump? Does it differ across orgs? I’ve been in the same psg for years and am not sure if this is normal for non hipo employees?

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