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ABU - the mayhem commences

Morale is at super low levels. BCG has been in the building like for ever. It is the uncertainty which is the most unnerving. Also all along the messaging has been super confusing- perhaps deliberate. Management was saying all the time - oh this is... read more

interest rate rises and lump sum erosion

I estimate a .5% increase in interest rates reduces the lump sum 6%. This reduction could take 6 months of working to recover if rates do not increase further. In the current rate increase staircase, today may be the peak lump sum for people with 20... read more

Best CVX company car?

Who has the best Chevron-provided company car? I hear in Africa all expats get a fancy leather-wrapped SUV of some sort. Same thing in Latin America, only armored. Those things must cost a pretty penny. I heard Canada gets nothing basically. We... read more

#MeToo @ Chevron

Heard that a few relatively senior men are getting investigated and the axe, for doing things they really should have known better than to do.

More layoffs

I'm hearing layoffs in Houston soon. Maybe 200 or so. Anybody has more info on this?

Quit vs retire

So what is the difference between quitting and retiring from an HR perspective. Someone told me that you get your prorated annual bonus of quarters worked when you retire (but not if your quit). Given that, why does anyone quit when they could just... read more

Future Growth Project - Tengiz

Well its been two years to the month that CVX and I ended our 35 yr relationship. I used to read frequently, but kind of got over it during the last year. Can anybody provide an objective synopsis of where Future Growth Project is these... read more

my choice

29+ years with Chevron. After considerable portfolio modeling and research, I chose the lump sum.

Retirement Points

What are your thoughts on the various retirement "point" thresholds? Is it worth it get achieve the benefits available at 75 points? 90 points? How are people viewing this and interpreting the guidelines?

Vesting question

Does anyone know if time spent as an in house contractor prior to getting hired on by CVX, is or can be counted towards vesting?

US severance scheme

Remind me how the US severance scheme worked last time. Two weeks base pay per year of service? Do they withhold taxes? How long after your last day do you get it? Can you defer it to next tax year?

Better to leap?

A buddy of mine left CVX with 20 years and was able to get his new employer to keep him whole on pension (especially) but also 401K and vacation. Financially it is equivalent to staying at CVX. But, he likes the new place a whole lot more and they... read more

CSOC is dead. Long live CSOC!

Seems like CSOC is over. The anonymous feedback site is over. The GSA is gone. I never understood CSOC anyhow. Nobody did. Why combine Capital Stewardship, investing, with Organizational Capability, staffing? What could be more obscure? Invented by... read more

How long is your lunch hour?

Some people have suggested lack of productivity is related to instance of layoffs. This probably correlates with long lunches. Tell us what SBU you are in and how long you normally take for lunch. I'll start. I'm in the shiny new GOM SBU. We normally... read more

CVX report on strategy/ climate change risk

An interesting publicly available report to read, the Carbon Tracker analysis also uncovered something telling about whether FGP, Gorgon and Wheatstone will actually generate earnings. read more

Ethics Alert

What does it say about the caliber of employees at Chevron where employees are now sending, receiving, and reading p--n during business hours. Not enough work to keep them busy?

What do you think of the new CEO?

He did an amazing Town Hall today. It was easily the best Chevron ever had. All about people. No graphs and no mention of business performance. Employee hostess. Senior management were microphone runners! Genius. Everyone I know loved it. He handled... read more

How to return as an engineer in Chevron USA?

I'm an engineer who chose to leave Chevron for 3 years for family reasons, but had good performance ratings etc. Now I'm in a position to be able to work again, I was wondering who do you contact to ask for employment opportunities? Making it harder... read more


is chevron ombuds program truly confidential? Will local BU level manager get any update?

HR policy for expats working in the US

What kind of policies or checks and balances does the company have in place to prevent expats working in the US from gaming the system? For example, the the Unstructured IM Supervisor from MCBU IT has been in the US for 4 years w/ 2 anchor babies in... read more

Clueless Management Decisions

I work in Reserves for MCBU. We have a great RAC Chair who has really helped us with our bookings and is a big reason why we helped the Corporate have its best reserve replacement ration in years, with more to come. Unfortunately, since our RAC Chair... read more

CVX view of the future of oil and gas Chevron view of oil and gas - still important till 2040...

your salary plan this year

just heard about a lot of PSG24 and below automatically got a promotion plus a hefty raise. how about those PSG 25 and higher? good raise plus promotion? what is company's purpose of doing this... any ideas?

Two GOM GMs leaving - another reorg coming to GOM?

GOM D&C GM and exploration GM leaving along with several senior personnel in D&C & exploration. Is it just about retirements? Something new is coming to GOM. Another reorg? Closing Covington? Maybe we hear more at town hall.


Have any of you had delays getting your tax refund this year ? I filed online, it has been a month and when I Check on the status in the IRS website, it still says processing . Iam retired and it is a not a complex return

Sit/Stand desks lead to back pain

No sh_t. Can we get a study into the stupid RsiGuard app? Completely pointless time-waster.

CIP Award Eligibility

Do you have any details about this. About to become an employee, did not want to ask this early. Please chime in.

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