Topics regarding layoffs at Chevron Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Chevron Corp.

Chevron vs Oxy vs BP

Please I will need your help in deciding which of the above companies to go with. Their offers are similar but I am a little bit confuse as to which one of them which offer better job stability during a low oil price environment without worrying much... —  read more 

GOM reorg

The factory model is progressing in sprints and there is now talk of how the org looks to support this new model. The question is how long it takes for Chevron to execute this. Any thoughts?

Lump vs Annuity

When interest rates were 2% it was obvious that the lump was a much better deal than the annuity, but now with interest rates rising I would guess that at some point the annuity might actually become more attractive (this assuming that high interest... —  read more 

How to manage finances?

With stock market so volatile and interest rates rising, what would you do with cash? I am interested to hear what would you do if you had 200,000$ to invest? I just recently sold a house and am wondering what might be the best option? Those who... —  read more 

Can we talk???

Beyond words. A CVX talk show? What in the actual _ _ _ _? I can only hope that at some point she’ll offer the Jerry Springer edition of this drivel, because that would at least be entertaining.

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Chevron Permian Pay

XTO aka ExxonMobil Permian employee in Midland here. Curious what Chevron employees are making. I suspect Chevron is paying more. Most engineers mid to lte career at XTO make $250 to $300k. No bonus. 10% premium which could disappear at any time. We... —  read more 

Merger with Exxon

Hearing that we will merge with exxon soon, the discussions have been restarted from what I hear. If this happens who will stay and who will go? I know exxon is h3llbent in their ways and will not want to close their woodlands campus

Layoff rumors?

With our past experience of our upper management seemingly being obsessed with having layoffs every few years we have to think they are cooking something up. They have no regard for the average employee, so even though they have already put us... —  read more 


Can we stop with the gig marketplace.. nobody want to sign up for a gig to give you free work.. if you need a project completed, staff and fund it correctly or assign it as someone’s ongoing duties.

ESG Pushback - about time

I sent a letter to Chevron’s board of directors Tuesday questioning its recent decisions to embrace policies that my firm, Strive Asset Management, believes are harmful to its business interests. In 2021 a Dutch climate nonprofit called Follow This... —  read more 

Quiet Firing

Are you being quietly fired (encouraged to quit)? Here are the signs you are not wanted: infrequent promotions and sub-standard raises second rate projects and assignments limited interaction with your boss, minimal feedback not kept in the... —  read more 

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