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HQ Bathrooms

The bathroom amenities moved from the old HQ in SF have a strange significance. The engraving is a mystery. Those things are in JW's private bathroom.

Explain Pre-65 Retiree Medical To Me

I'm struggling to follow all the details on retiree medical. Those of you who have retired, give me a clue. Let's say, hypothetically, I am 50 years old. My point situation today gives me 72 points which Chevron somehow works out to a 62% company... read more

Perhaps A Merger Should Be Considered

CVX market cap is approximately $199 B. COP market cap is approximately $55 B. A non-cash merger between CVX & COP would be valued at approximately $254 B w/ current pre-merger CVX shareholders owning approximately 78 percent of the merged entity... read more

Why no renewables?

Why doesn't Chevron see a future in renewables? In 2014 they sold Chevron Energy Solutions to OpTerra, and they also recently divested the geothermal operations. Other large players are getting into offshore wind, why not Chevron? What comes after... read more


Do expats still get all those extravagant tax free alloances in this tough business environment for oil? It makes a lot of sense to cut back on those.

Why we stay here?

Everyone currently working for Chevron wants to continue working here. Why? Answer: Why not. The pay and benefits are great, practically exceptional. The job is not overly difficult. The majority of workers don't have to work weekends and holidays... read more

Chevron bankruptcy

When will CVX go bankrupt with these low oil prices and no signs of oil prices increasing? In 1 to 2 years?

Pension At Risk?

GE is in real trouble to fund pension obligations after prioritizing stock performance first (and using cash for buybacks instead of the pension). Tens of thousands of GE workers could join millions from other companies and potentially lose their... read more

Gorgon expansion work started?

I heard that some Gorgon expansion work might have started, because they still need to backfill the foundation trains, is that true? I thought Chevron told Wall Street that major capital spending was done, or is this work not significant capital... read more

"Quality" Career Development Plan???

I'm a petrotech who knows my job has been hanging by a string for the last two years and the future is very, very uncertain. Still, as required, I update my Career Development Plan every year stating I want to grow my skills and do marvelous jobs... read more

You're not as clever as you think you are

To all you US SME's my personal experience of respectfully trying to engage you in our decision making process is so very very fraught, It is so difficult to genuinely connect when we come from very different business environments- often you seem to... read more

HES Tantrum

I see the HES Skype tantrum party thread got removed, thanks mods. If folks on this board choose to call others out by name they should also include their name.

Fall PDC

Will there be expat opportunities for younger employees desiring career development through international experience?

Chevron employment openings

Well, I just checked the Chevron website to see what is happening with employment openings. All of these stupid news reports about the big upswing in oil industry hiring does not feel quite right. Probably 95% or more are for field workers, not... read more


Saw this on a different board - it's a good one... I'm always reminded of this guest lecturer I had in college. He was a buddhist monk that was giving a talk about external forces and influence. He made the point that everything outside ourselves is... read more

Chevron AGM in Midland

Why was the annual general meeting held in Midland this year rather than California? Is it to do with the resolutions that were voted? (Climate change, lobbying, business in conflict prone regions, independent chairman). Or performance issues, voting... read more

Beware. Don't click on any ads on this website!

It seems to be true. Clicking on an advertisement on this Chevron Corporation Layoff board traces your real IP address. If you are using a VPN client app to circumvent detection of your IP address, making the mistake of clicking an ad will trace your... read more

The chickens are coming home to roost

The chickens are coming home to roost. But Watson will retire before the shinola hits the fan, and he'll blame it on something that was out of his control. What a joke Chevron has become.

Working Hours

Why not have a 9 hour work day M-F and have a 4 hour day every Friday? That way, everyone will come to work every day of the week and still have free time on Friday to take care of personal business. Ultimately, it is up to the managers and... read more

Age Discrimination

I fail to see the significance of so-called "age discrimination". I am convinced that the so-called "age-discrimination" phenomenon is simply another excuse for incompetents to seek some type of retribution, and for them, it is strictly monetary and... read more

Expression of Intetest (EOI)

I requested from my PDR (Ops Manager) interest in requesting the early retirement package. I have worked in GOMBU for 25 years. I was denied having access to the EOI because according to my PDR my job was critical to the success of our project. Many... read more

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