Topics regarding layoffs at Chevron Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Chevron Corp.


I heard collaboration was more important, and we should have driven in this morning? Poor rig workers can't stay at home 😭. But also they told me, safety is their number one priority, but I better be in the office.

India - Here we come

Learn from Exxon websites. DO NOT TRAIN YOUR REPLACEMENTS - ACTIVELY sabotage them. I have friends in Exxon who are doing that and have been successful to save their little fiefdom but those who couldn’t are all gone.

Layoffs are easy

In our business, cutting cost is the easiest way for any manager to improve the bottom line and look like a star. Increasing production takes years if not decades. Arresting decline is very tough. Layoffs can cut costs 15% in a few months. Any long... — read more 

Quiet quitting Agile

We can all agree this was tech induced fomo performative nonsense and move on now, right? I’m assuming that the fact we NEVER here about from the C suite anymore means they understand it doesn’t work and we should get back to our lives.

Management Strategy

Who is the cost cutter in chief at Chevron? It's seems Executive Management's only strategy is cost cutting and layoffs for the rank and file. Is it truly MW pushing all this or others trying to impress him since he loves a good cut? Anyone know... — read more 

Obsession with RTO

For anyone who knows executive management or has heard something what is with the obsession with RTO. We proved we can get all our work done from home and people can slack off in office. In Houston there are risks of falling glass especially seeing... — read more 

Mixed messages

"Stay home if you do not feel well" + "We are monitoring your badge ins, if you do not come in, you will be fired" "Safety is and always will be our number one priority" + "Be on the lookout when coming in for falling glass" — read more 

Ai replacement

Do you think AI will result in just Productivity gains, some job loss, and some new changed jobs? Or do you think millions will end up without jobs? Will engineering jobs be largely gone or underpaid in 10 years? Between that and offshore /... — read more 

CTC idiocy

To ‘reduce’ travel costs CTC mgt want us to book travel costs directly to BU cost codes rather than GO113s. You couldn’t make this s*** up if you tried


How much longer until the refinery gets converted to a products terminal? Wonder what untold effects the new taxes will have. Is the city’s cash cow running dry?

Mikey likes it!

Wow Angola and Australia exploration announced in the same news cycle. Someone in management finally figure out that oil companies occasionally need to explore for new oil if they want to continue raising shareholder dividends?

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