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Totally top down reorg

It’s a company that needs to focus on shareholder value, I get it, no problem. Why all this long “open” transition spanning over a year, during a pandemic for Christ’s sake. No discussions of what the future should be or open engagement except... —  read more 

CVX Office Work Schedule?

What's the typical work schedule for people primarily working in the office? 9/80? Half-day every Friday? Standard 40 hour weeks? On that note, anyone still working from home due to Covid? Is Chevron allowing people to continue working from home... —  read more 

Chapter leads

Reading between the lines, why am I getting the impression that all the “job owners” in the new tech center’s round 3 positions are the secretly selected new Chapter leads? I guess all will be clear Monday.


Surprised at how much questions are asked about “teaming” during townhalls. Stop asking about it and wasting precious townhall time! Those who are confused about the concept either are haven’t been good teammates or just don’t know how to become... —  read more 

Org Charts Without PSGs

Throwing out org charts without psg ranges is chicken sh*t. If your job still exists, you don’t know if you qualify for it. This is an effort of not being transparent to keep people working even if they don’t have a shot. Thoughts?


Saw the spread today how many managers are there ? Their job titles are outrageous There's about 2 petrol techs each hope they get bored ..doubt it ...will make up some new stuff for the team ...human energy and lots of it

ABU Round 2 Announcement

Round 2 selections announced today in ABU. Diversity metrics reported that pre selection the round 2 leaders consisted of those with 25% who had 'diversity characteristics' (I'm assuming this means non-white male). Post selection, the proportion... —  read more 

Pregnant, do I tell them?

I’m in R4 and pregnant with my first child and due early next year. Easy to hide it being at home. What should my strategy be? Tell them before the selections and hope they’d be scared to lay off someone with a “disability” or wait until after... —  read more 

Can one of you important IT gurus...

put an internet block on Wirth’s computer to make sure he doesn’t see this and get any crazy ideas?

Wirth Discussing or not?

Was anybody else shocked at the amount of softballs that were hit during the Town Hall today? It seems to me that our leadership's message and actions are inconsistent and the tension is rising in regards to merit based selections and the focus on... —  read more 

Easy to predict...

The layoff percentage numbers are meaningless without knowing the details. I predict most selections will be easy to predict: 1) If your job is needed and you are filling the position well you will keep it; 2) If your job is needed and you are... —  read more 

R3 - EOI question

If I apply for an EOI in R3, and I am notified in early September, how much longer would I need to work at CVX? Can I line up another job, and if so when can I tell my new employer I can start?


Anyone actually get their severance? Curious how long it was received after last official workday, and also % federal income tax...Thanks.

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