Topics regarding layoffs at Chevron Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Chevron Corp.

So Long!

Well my time at Chevron came to an end this morning. I was given my notice that I have until November 12th. You know, I was really expecting this because of my age. Did I really say that? Yes I did. Have you noticed that a lot of the folks that are... —  read more 

Severance & Unemployment

Chevron says they will not contest unemployment benefits, but state is saying that you will not be able to collect unemployment until “the time” you’re company agreed on in severance pay. So if I have been with Chevron 6 years (18 weeks pay) is that... —  read more 

Is everybody prepared?

I know this will not affect everybody, but that doesn't mean everybody shouldn't have prepared for the possibility. Let's face it, if you don't know the right people or you're not related to anybody here, you can't consider yourself safe. I hope most... —  read more 

Anyone else receive an email at ~2:00 AM with your offer from “TONotification” only to have it get recalled!

I got my offer letter in the middle of the night. I found it this morning when I woke up. However, the email was followed by a recall request. I’m not clicking on the recall because I’ll lose the offer email. I thought we were supposed to get calls... —  read more 

Good luck all!

Looks like we will start hearing on Tuesday and I am cautiously optimistic. I had discussions with all 3 (1 owner had two jobs I applied for) job owners and was told I would be on the short lists for each. I hope that means I will be the top... —  read more 

R4 Relocation Timing

What will the timing be for R4 relocations given current office closures / COVID? How have they handled it for previous rounds? I’m based in Houston today and expecting to place into a role in San Ramon, wondering what the company line is going to be... —  read more 

Crooked Class Action Potential

Everyone involved in R4 knows how crooked this was, no job descriptions, no incumbent info, nepotism galore. People being slotted early or being blackballed based on last year's PMP. Chevron is truly keeping the wrong people. Business as usual.

Legal counsel

There have been comments from folks who have sought successful legal action against Chevron for employment related issues like age discrimination and such. Anyone willing to share firm names or contact info...or give some hints to help out people... —  read more 

Laid off

During quarantine, Google saw a shift in the top 5 Google searches. The no. 1 position went from “how to get laid” to “how to get laid off.”

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