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W2 after layoff from CVX

Yesterday, I received a W2 from CVX. I was laid off in 2015 and received my severance in 2015. I have not received any salary or other pay from CVX in 2016. Anyone know what this W2 represents? Could it be for the CVX contribution to my health... read more


Thoughts on Vanguard, can I leave my money I have there, do I need to pull it out, if I leave it there can I make withdrawals, I'm 60 and a half and retiring. Guidance? It's 100% Chevron Stock.

FE Voluntary Severance 1st Half PDC

Got an email from the VP and it would appear there is a package in the works for FE. Is this going to be corporate wide or select BUsiness Units? I assume Wheatstone and Gorgon will lose a lot of people. Also interesting was the statement that... read more

Letter from Computershare

I was very fortunate to have a Chevron Deferred Executive Plan (have no idea why or what but I took what they gave me). I was laid off in 2015. I just received a package in the mail from Computershare showing some shares withe them ("Direct... read more

Relocation payback?

If you were relocated in 1h2016 ESP, is there an amount of time that has to go by before you can leave the company without having to pay relocation money back?

Any Laid Off People Find New Jobs?

I would like to get some responses from laid off chevroids, and regular people, who have been able to find employment in the oil industry that is somewhat comparable to their previous job. Salary is not important here, just that you were able to find... read more

2017 Salary program and CIP bonus factor

I'm guessing a 1.5% salary program and a 0.9 corporate CIP factor. 2 years without a salary program will cause newer employees to consider leaving. 0.8 CIP (last year) seems low now that commodity prices are recovering. thoughts ?

4Q2016 ROMs

can anyone shed some light as to why the ROMs for HR, etc. did not complete and get cancelled?

Lump Sum Payout.

I requested a lump sum payout rollover for January 1st? When can I expect to see it hit my account?

When does Angola LNG come on line?

It was originally scheduled in 2012. We are almost in 2017. I think Chevron has at least 3 Billion sunk in this and counting. Need to generate some money or deep six it and all the overhead associated with it.

The long arm of the layoff board censor

We had a great thread going with "Exxon ceo - secretary of state!" And lo and behold, it is gone! All the 200+ posts. What a brutal censorship! A layoff board does not have to be talking about layoff all the time. The current and future political... read more

Merry Christmas to you all !

Whether you were laid of or not, or simply a troll, I want to wish all of you a merry Christmas. Chances are, if you're on this site then 2016 wasn't so good, myself included. So here's to wishing the best of luck to everyone in 2017. Put the past... read more

John Watson on CNBC.......

I used to read about how people on this forum felt about their CEO (or former CEO) and think that can't be right, he seems like a fine business man and then I read this article after Chevron released over 15K employees over the last 18 months. His... read more

ABU IT Outsourcing

So today I heard that ABU just announced a massive IT outsourcing contract to LTI, with a large offshore component. Most abu IT chevron employees in the department will be made redundant. What do y'all think ? Good / bad / Don't care ?

Actual Headcount Reduction

Any figures on the actual reduction in headcount from the big shuffle that happened over the last Rom,esp or any other acronym that was used, we had x employees, we now have y, appreciate this might be too sims and the message could be better managed... read more

Pulling Pension lump sum to invest

I got ESP'd half way through 2016. I'm thinking of pulling my lump sum out and investing in some rental property with it. Has anyone pulled their lump sum out? I'm no where close to retirement, I'd just rather get that money working on investments... read more

Rosebank fiasco

Rosebank project is dead for the tenth time. I've never seen a project lurch from stop to start so many times in my life. More than ten years of indecision. Chevron Europe seems to be lost.

Another Budget Cut

Chevron announced this morning that E&P will be cut 15% from 2016 levels. Affected areas are Kazakhstan, Australia and the Permian basin. Cuts are necessary due to continued market pressure. You know what will happen next. Good luck, you are going to... read more

Trump, Oil Prices and Layoffs

Trump claims that he will unleash a wave of oil and gas production by opening up new lands to drilling and reducing regulations. With oil being a global commodity and the low-cost producers being primarily in the Middle East, how is he going to... read more

Merger if BU's

It has been confirmed that DWEP and GOM will have some areas combined into one BU

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