Topics regarding layoffs at Chevron Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Chevron Corp.

San Ramon Office

Sooo...the new San Ramon office is costing us $150MM in CAPEX?! What do we get for that kind of a LEASED facility? And for just the hundreds of employees who decided they didn't want to relocate to Houston. Seriously. Source: internal... —  read more 

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CIP Proud

Here in the USA, we believe in liberty, god and Freedom. I'm happy that this here company got sky nine profits and gave us a lil side action. You should be grateful too. My man and I can now afford a nice off site condo with that bonus. Don't... —  read more 

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Get over it

Chevron useless staff think that they deserve bonus for doing nothing. Oil price did all the work last year. Your Opex suck l, your capital discipline is sh-t and look at FGP in TCO, your safety record is the worst in any major. Why do you think you... —  read more 

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I would like HR, to post the number of people who actually quit due to CIP. I request a lot of bi-----g and snowflake crying but I doubt more the a handful of the complainers actually have the cohones to walk away from thier comfortable do very... —  read more 

Wirthless CIP

Very disappointing CIP. Looks like MW will be keeping most of the major money for himself. After all he has put his employees through this is all they give after a major year. I guess they think cuts and who knows layoffs are the big rewards!

Double promotion?

I know double promotions rare. Quite a few people got them in 2018. And those going for placed rolls get them. Any tips? Who has landed one recently. I need one for better career progresion.

Question about Chevron CIP

So in XOM we don't have variable pay but I heard Chevron have CIP aka variable pay wich also contributes towards pension and saving plan calculations. That sounds nice. How does CIP work? Is it your monthly pay * the CIP factor? So say if CIP factor... —  read more 

Drop in value of lump

How much has your lump sum fallen with the rise in interest rates (as a percentage of your total). I retired a bit over a year ago, without a package, which probably was not the ideal timing financially but I was ready to leave. Now that there is... —  read more 


The only place I have heard anything about job cuts is here. And every post and comment sounds like the same guy. Where does the info that we have layoffs come from? In 202 they told us a bout it long before it actually happened.

Cuts coming

It looks like contractors are already being laid off due to budget cuts. More work will be pushed onto the remaining staff. All after a huge profit year. Guessing management is getting antsy to let people go since they haven't done it in a while. It... —  read more 

Chevron Disfunction

Pretty sad that a layoff site is Chevron's best source of information for those people who were not laid off. Even more sad is Chevron HR monitoring and trying to influence in a positive light when they have no light to shine. Is this not the... —  read more 

HSA switch

The BenefitWallet HSA we used at Chevron has horrible little monthly fees. There are better free ones out there, like at Fidelity. Have any of you retirees moved over? How was it.

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