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Early Retirement

With Mike Wirth rolling in we should expect a massive tidal wave of early retirements. Just watch it, the man has an agenda and it has to do with our headcount. Next 6 months will be an interesting period as the Iron Mike fastracks his cost saving... read more

Mike Wirth will destroy upstream

No more small downsizing in upstream (GOM & DWEP BS)). For those of us survivors of accelerate downstream, it's about time the hatchet comes out. Get ready for a massive reorg.

Drug Testing

Did anyone else notice an increase in drug testing for thise currently working?

ETC Leadership Team

I had the opportunity to present to the ETC LT recently, and they invited me to stay for the rest of their meeting and have lunch with them. I have to say, I have never seen a more self-absorbed, out of touch "leadership team" in my life. They were... read more

Friends and family

The nepotism is mind blowing. Lots of kids of big guys, how can you give them a poor review? He will get back at you via his daddies friends (all of whom he knows from when he was a kid growing up in Duri, Balikpapan or Caracas). His network from his... read more

This says it all As an employee I would take a hit on my dividend, instead of getting into debt more. The only reason it shows a + is because of the sale of... read more

Rising Production Decline Rates in Shale Wells

Read an article today stating that the oil production decline rate is increasing in virtually all shale basins in the United States. This includes the Permian, Eagle Ford, Bakken, Haynesville, Marcellus, Niobrara and Utica. This is being blamed on... read more

Two Fatalities In MCBU!!!! Really!!!!

I have watched this site without commenting due to not holding a grudge. I am still a stakeholder and wish all a safe work environment. I have brought many of the skills with me to my new job. I am still invested in this company and wish them the... read more

Oil coming back

Itsgoing to come back big. It will be demand driven. Recent cuts in investments in new capacity by the industry will make it impossible to meet the demand. Oil will sky rocket. 100..150.. 200.. You name it. Chevron stock will be in 200s. Position... read more

Everybody buckle up

Chevron missed EPS for second quarter by 10c, more than it was estimated by analysts. So, I wonder what their first reaction will be...


With DWEP and GGOM, what is happening to DWEP HES? Are they laying off people again? I am sure that it is not a good work atmosphere.

Tell me about your lump sum Roth conversion

Another great advantage to the lump sum is being able to manage/customize annual income and taxes. Who has converted their lump sum to a Roth IRA? What steps were involved? What is the final tax impact??


Who will replace JW as CEO? How will that person make Chevron great again?

CDB China the next on the block?

With Bangladesh gas project sold to China, can CDB Gas Project be far behind? The last I heard, the CDB Gas Plant was the most expensive in the history of China and OPEX runs 4 - 5x that of a similar China National Gas Plant. Why? Layers of expats on... read more

A positive outlook

At least somebody thinks that Chevron is going towards better times. Frankly, until oil prices go up significantly, I don't see a light at the end of the tunnel, but then again, I am not an analyst... read more

JW future?

Heard a totally unsubstantiated rumor that JW is on his way out. Anyone hear something more substantial?

Layoff Time Again

Most Oil & Gas boards on this site were fairly dormant over last six months. I've been monitoring HAL, BH, GE O&G, Conoco, etc... Over last two to three weeks all of them seem to be picking up pace, people are posting again. Are we going to see yet... read more

The Plan

DWEP+ GOMBU reorg to form "new" merged GOMBU. 2017 reorg done by August. No EOI. Reorg includes ROM. DWEP+GOM ROM includes 12% closed positions. 2200 total DWEP+GOM according to VP MH in previous townhall. The FAQs say O&M and HR are not part of this... read more

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