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After Each HES PDC Selection, The VP Should Ask:

After Each HES PDC Selection, The VP Should Ask: Is this the most qualified candidate? Does this selection pass the bulletin board test of the masses? Do all of you PDRs agree that this is the best selection for this job? Does anyone disagree? Speak... read more

Kudos to the HES PDC – Great Job

It was amazing to me over the last couple of weeks watching the HES PDC post jobs that would have never been posted in the past. 26 and 27 level jobs. I could not be prouder of my function showing that we will be more visible in all of our... read more

Blame Chevron HES Leadership For All The Hate

The 8 reasons Chevron HES Leadership is failing: Failing to listen to those you lead Do you listen to your team members when they share information with you? Are you listening to what they tell you in meetings and appointments? And, do you care about... read more

what to do in etc.

no work, hard to get fund from BU's that are all under strict budgeting. layoff coming?

The Price of WTI Crude Keeps Ticking Up

WTI crude oil is closing in to $60/barrel. Saudi Arabia keeps cutting production to maintain price. This is good news for now. Permian production keeps going up. The day will come when continued cuts will stop. Then what? You can figure that one out.

Chevron Facebook

Soon become a stage for future leaders to show off their “communication skills” and “enterprise thinking”
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Permian Basin News

This is from an article today from about oil production in the Permian basin, specifically Chevron. “In the Permian, we remain focused on returns. We're not chasing our production target, nor are we altering our plans based on the price... read more

Background Checks at Chevron

As a sophomore petroleum engineering student wondering about future job opportunities, how are strict are criminal background checks for field engineers at Chevron? I have an arrest record and a dismissed class A misdemeanor, no conviction, for a... read more

HES Function - What is Plausible Deniability?

Plausible deniability is the ability of people (typically senior officials in a formal or informal chain of command) to deny knowledge of or responsibility for any damnable actions committed by others in an organizational hierarchy because of a lack... read more

Wow, Chevron Is Good At Cover-ups

Did you see that in a blink of an eye? A law firm posted on here providing free assistance to HES Employees that felt discriminated against and Chevron shut them down. You go b--ch. Show those legal trollers who is boss. Long live the HES Empress... read more

Did you land?

For those laid off, it seems like the overall industry is doing better - did you land in a new role? How long did it take? Chevron is hiring a lot it feels like, would you come back if you could?

OASIS Program is more like a Mirage.

For anyone thinking of applying to any of the OASIS postings. Be careful as the program is very poorly ran; management is only interested in building an empire so they can be promoted.

Mcbu—- consultants everywhere

Why does mcbu have consultants like Bcg and Krause bell in the building working on stuff in secret? Hopefully they will develop some more tools for us low psg workers to use ????

New PMP Process

Will the new process be fair to employees or will it be used against employees as the old process was? Members of management used the old process to promote favorites who did not know the work. Those same managers used the process to penalize and... read more

US Domestic Oil Production

The total daily domestic crude oil production is expected to exceed the maximum daily oil production of Saudi Arabia this year. Check out this news on the internet. What do you think about this relating to your employment?

Gorgon News

Train 3 at the Gorgon LNG facility has been temporarily shut down due to mechanical issues which might be related to a prolonged heat wave in Australia. Asian LNG prices hit an 8 month low last week and this shutdown is expected to slightly raise the... read more

Today I Cried For Chevron HES

Today, I cried. I have been with Chevron nearly 15 years. I am a single woman living in [location deleted by moderator] putting in all of my dues following all the rules and building all the experience I am told I need to be the HES Sponsor... read more

WTI Back Above $50

The price is $50.75/barrel as I write this. Whoopie! You don't have to turn in that job application to Denny's. Just sit tight and don't panic - you could stay employed for all of this year.
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Use the Hotline!!

I want to remind people to use the hotline to report any bullying or intimidation, especially by a supervisor. Chevron takes that very seriously and depending on the PSG involved will send independent investigators. It is all anonymous and there are... read more

Chevron Angola

What is going on with Chevron in Angola? I had a good friend in Houston that repatriated from Angola in mid 2017 only to find out that nobody wanted him back in Houston and he was forced out (with a severance). Is this a common issue? He wanted to... read more

OPEC & Friends Still Control Us

Crude oil prices have had a very good increase in price because of announced crude oil production cuts of 1.2 mbd by Saudi Arabia and its fellow OPEC members and alliances, mainly Russia. Even though crude oil production in the United States has... read more

People actually enjoy working here?

Who are you? I'm honestly curious, who are the people who have made sure Chevron ends up on Glassdoor's 2019 Best Places to Work list? Is this some kind of a joke? Do we even work at the same company?... read more

The vicious circle

The entire US healthcare system— doctors, hospitals, d--g manufacturers and the insurance companies are all complicit with the government. We live in a country where our very health is used as a ransom to enrich the medical, pharmaceutical and... read more


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