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Anyone laid off with good job performance?

Chevron seems excessively democratic most of the time. People with high ratings (consistent 1 performers) get promoted. People with 2- or 3 are the first to be laid off, followed by benchmark 2s. Any high performers laid off (or fired)?

WorkPlace - Facebook for Chevron

A portion of the company has had WorkPlace rolled out to them. I think at the executive level, they post messages that are very intentional and planned out with some cadence. That's not a bad addition to the company, honestly. On the other extreme... read more

Latest with Rosebank

As everyone knows, Rosebank is still being worked up with FID in Q1 2019. What is everyones thought on this project? Is it going to get the green light or not as the case may be? CVX recently said 'Rosebank' was not part of the asset sales in CUE... read more

Chevron & Digital Transformation

While doing a comparison of other majors, consulting and Chevron - it seems Chevron is really behind in salary increases and market value for those folks who are actually capable of changing the way the company truly works. We continue to lose our... read more

Tunnel collapse

How is it that PRC can not manage the Harvey tunnel repair MCP without massive delays and huge cost overruns? I went underground for a troglodytic lunch today and was shocked and appalled to find the Chevron tunnels still under repair from Harvey a... read more

Q in control of Chevron

With the QAnon take over of the board of directors, expect another ROM before the storm.
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Whats happening in ABU? Has ROM started? How many will be let go?

outsourcing and other tricks already tried

The more things change the more they stay the same it appears. As reorgs are taking shape it appears that the old saw of saving money by outsourcing is in vogue. Not withstanding certain employees, do 'partners' really care about the bottom line as... read more

Ethics Alert

Turning the reins over to a contractor to function as a team lead with the ability to interview, hire and fire other contractors has been shown to be a huge mistake. There are people in positions of leadership who do not see a problem with a... read more

Stupid Chevron Ads

I was just an expendable contractor who got expended in 2016. I was too old to continue any type of job in the oil biz, so I moved out of state far away. Occasionally one of those 'doer' Chevron ads comes on tv or the radio. I was hoping those had... read more

Old Hands... Rank the CEOs

I think everyone can agree Watson was an absolute disaster as a CEO, but the early years of his reign of terror were covered up by high oil prices. Imagine how bad the downturn would have been if Kirkland was CEO. Holy moly, the company would be bust... read more

What is going on with Chevron?

10+ year employee here. Wondering why this company is so hell bent on divesting. Upstream, Downstream, Midstream. Where is this company going? Are they using the "shrink to grow" strategy? Outside of Tengiz and the Permian, what is the next bright... read more

CUE assets being marketed

So at 3pm BST today, CUE management called a town hall with less than a half hour to go until the start. All of our assets - Alba, Captain, Alder, Erskine, Britannia, etc - are to be marketed and buyer(s) sought. 'Keep an eye on the SharePoint site... read more

Should manager and supervisors be worried?

Now that our society is moving towards victims of bullying and persecution fighting back in more effective ways, should some managers and supervisors at Chevron start to think about the future and the consequences of such actions at work? Do they... read more

Mid in Growth

Is Midcon growing? I am a ten year employee with varied experience. I am thinking about trying to move to Midcon from Downstream if that is possible. Sensible input is appreciated.


How many super highly paid expats with their zillion allowances are out there? Each expat is at least a million dollars in cost. Eliminate 500 expats or move them back to their home base where possible. That is at least 500 million bucks. Could be... read more

What’s Up with D&C

It is very strange to me that we have all these outside consultants running around our org when they have no drilling experience. I get that we had BCG in here a few years ago during the downturn to look to shave down our group. But what I heard was... read more

2018 layoff package

With all the upcoming 3q and 4q layoffs, does anyone know what the US payroll package will be this time? Two weeks per year of service? I heard they might sweeten it.

Rumors of GOM move

I work in the Covington office. Rumors have begun to circulate that the office will be closed and everybody will move to Houston. Any truth to the rumors or folks just gossiping?

ABU ROM is on in Q3

Confirmed: ABU ROM is on Q3 by MD in Town Hall to be finalized by Q4. Headcount reduction will be conveyed in various Functional Team meetings in coming weeks.

Steel Tariffs

Will the proposed tariffs on imported steel have a significant negative on drilling?

FGP No where to go

Just bumped into an old work friend on FGP....Worked on Gorgon. Told me Chevron brought many old expat managers from Gorgon with no real jobs. Exxon looking on in horror, Oh and he said Gorgon was not as bureaucratic as Tengiz ..have we learnt... read more

ABU ROM in Q3/4

Rumour has the result of BCGs almost 2 years of “consulting” will be rolled out in July with a ROM following the new Value Chain Alignment org structure. I imagine middle management will have to take a hit. Far too many of them. Also expect... read more

Medical Premium for Early Retirement

Planning for early retirement but very confuse about company contribution i.e. 57%. Can someone please provide your best gestimate of monthly premium for CVX PPO plan after retirement (currently I pay ~$280 monthly)?

Learn new things or be laid off?

I've been with the company 29 years in the D&C organization, and I was told this week that I needed to learn some new things or basically get the boot. I talked to another colleague in IT, and even he said that apparently we are trying to get people... read more

Chevron vs. Exxon Culture

I've worked 3 projects as a contractor for Exxon, and now have been a Chevron employee for the last 4 years. The two companies are completely different in attitude. At Exxon, they almost expect you to work an extra 10-12 hours per week. 40 hour weeks... read more

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