Topics regarding layoffs at Chevron Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Chevron Corp.

Are we still going back on Sept 7th?

This Delta hype is over the top. Try this: Make up a random 4 digit number and add it in front of "new cases" in a search engine. 1234 new cases Media is just making this stuff up as they go along and DP is swallowing it up.

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Another HR resignation

Rumor is that another HR person that survive the Transformation will be leaving Chevron soon. Maybe not a big leader leaving, but a sign that the HR community are an unhappy group with many open to new outside opportunities. More and more think... —  read more 

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Buried in an HR post was the increasing number of consultants. Does anyone know how many of these guys are imbedded in Chevron? I was on a call where one of them said they have been "with Chevron for 4 years". Why did we just lay off hundreds of... —  read more 

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DP's Nepotism (Read the Article)

DP's nepotism is rampant in Chevron. Just read this article: and this article (which is a reprint... —  read more 

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We are still the best

We might have our flaws but we still beat all our competition by a mile. Look at what we did to Exxon! So stop being babies and do your jobs for which you are well paid and receive good benefits. I can't understand how so many people are not able to... —  read more 

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Q2 Conference Call - Confidence

I encourage everyone to listen to the replay of this if you did not listen in to the call just finished. Very few questions on non-oil and gas, which was very positive. The one primary question on ESG was critical in it's asking being concerned in... —  read more 

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New Energies...are we serious?

Take the head of MCBU and put him in charge of a brand new unit for alternative energy reporting directly to the CEO. Are we now serious about lower carbon or is this just more window dressing?

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Misdemeanor Employee

What's the deal with a conviction, being an employee already? Do you have to disclose to HR or manager (some companies have that policy), or will they find out through routine background checks? The specific misdemeanor has no impact on job/job... —  read more 

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HR resignation

I just heard another resignation this morning. I am not sure if i am the first to post about her but she shocked her manager. Finger pointing, excuses and blame are being shared among 3 or 4 GM/managers. They are now questioning who is "next".

I am in HR

And I apologize to all the people I had to let go over teams calls last year. Most of you are good, competent people. I saw the Sh*t that went on and it made me sick to my stomach.

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Yes, another HR post...

I am in HR. It sucks. Morale is at an all time low and only getting worse by the week. RM's LT needs a purging. The newer Directors can stay, those that have been there for a while need to go. Everyone knows who they are. They are the least... —  read more 

What I've learned this week

I have learned that we need to "grab the barbed wire" and embrace the pain, not play the victim. I assume this company would have the same motivational quote in the low morale in 1940 at Oswiecim?

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It's 4:11pm. If I were in the office I'd be standing at a Metro bus stop waiting for my Park N Ride bus having packed up early to walk out there

After 45 mins to an hour I'd be home and inundated with dinner choices and new math questions. That's a soon to be occurring reality, but for now I am working full out to my end time, have something heating in the oven, and may just be able to assist... —  read more 

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In light of requiring that non-vaccinated individuals wear masks, Chevron needs to be more diverse and inclusive in their stock people imagery.

Aligned with their goals of maintaining a diverse and inclusive workplace Chevron must include a portion of people wearing masks in their approved stock imagery to represent the diversity of views, health conditions, and personal choices across it's... —  read more 

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OEMS 3.0 - Here It Comes Folks

GS screwed up the drilling piece and is now wanting it corrected. DP doesn't like it because it was a WL project. JC ran it and we now see where he is. I think the other two should follow JC. No one in the field is being included in this... —  read more 

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HR got another Notice

Just heard this morning that HR got another notice, apparently a shocking one. I think the HR GMs should read this site. As someone in HES, that enjoys the mudslinging about DP and GS, HR posters seem to fairly accurate.

Vax Facts

Anyone listen to the vax facts call? I am an expat in the US. I have to be vaccinated in order to keep this assignment but my peer who is a US employee doesn’t have to be vaccinated. How is this fair?

Another Gorgon Fiasco

The woes never seem to end at Gorgon, our worst project ever. Today the American managers in charge in Perth tried to put a positive spin on the CO2 injection catastrophe but Australians, who built the project, are not amused.

Stock collapse

CVX this week was the same price as about 2008. What a disaster. Nearly 14 years of no progress in the business. Management furiously spin their wheels chasing ways to goose the stock so their options pay off, but nothing has worked. The industry... —  read more 

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