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GOM Asset Sale

Anyone has the latest on GOM shelf asset sale? Who are the buyers?
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Bridges program is unfair.

It is unfair for Chevron to use the Bridges Program to bring in retired employees to work on projects at the same time that employees that still have jobs are being laid off.

John Watson to AMBU

The CEOand his his entourage will be in AMBU later this week. Is there anything they should be aware of?

Chevron LNG News

March 20, 2017 - Chevron calls end to LNG Megaproject (Gorgon, Wheatstone) after $88 billion spree. Gorgon will not have 4th train and Wheatstone will not have 3rd train. Chevron's Australian LNG facilities have suffered from cost blowouts, delays... read more

Total Number of Rigs Up

Total Number of Rigs is Up - not a game changer, but a big improvment

DWEP GOM merger

Heard that DWEP and GOM are merging. Headquartered out of Covington, LA with offices in Houston. Duplicated positions will be eliminated.

SJVBU Asset Divestment

Does anyone have any updates on what's being sold and what our future organizational structure will look like at the local level?

More Posts Removed

So, I check this place out this morning and notice several posts are gone (again). Some of them were the usual humorous nonsense. There are others much more critical that are still here. What's up with that? Just let the laid off people blow off some... read more

Life after Chevron

For anyone previously laid off, where are you now? Another oil company? Outside oil? Happy and glad you're somewhere new?

The future of Oil

While oil industry people have been fast asleep to the changes going on in the world, not even seeing the biggest oil crash coming, here is what is going on. For decades we've heard that renewable energy was the future, and oil industry people... read more

2017 Spring PDC 1H

Looks like there are close to 1000 jobs posted to date....any idea as to how those jobs will get filled? Are there jobs available to every person that is coming back from a rotational gig in "must move" positions? Or will this be another ROM in a... read more


Just heard earlier that cuts over the next 12 months could exceed 600 EEs.


Is it coming on the March 7, 2017 check??

SOTU and Chevron

I watched the SOTU address last night and thought to myself, what if JW could give a company town hall speech like that, only just focused on Chevron. Then I snapped back to reality and realized that JW only cares about dividends for investors and... read more

2017 LTIP - not feeling incentivized

What's with the changes to LTIP program this year? Seems like in the good old days we got heaps of shares. No so much anymore. Not much incentive, really. Management seems more likely to go after short term actions which can impact the annual IP... read more


A legitimate effort at improved efficiency and cost reduction via streamlined information transfer or a means of team leads to recuse themselves from face-to-face provision of artificially low ratings?

Tahiti Vertical Expansion (TVEX)

Anyone has more info on TVEX? Just curious, been out of the loop for a while now. No need to post sensitive or confidential data, just chime in if you have general info on TVEX.

Project Delta

What is your general feeling on project Delta? I have worked for Chevron for 5 yeas now. Only once did I try and get a new job through the PDC, however, I was told that I was unsuccessful because there was someone coming back from overseas and they... read more

CVX lump sum discount rates continue to rise

I heeded the advise I read on this board back in November and cashed out my pension lump sum in December. If anyone still has not acted you should. The most recent January 2017 IRS segment rates published February 16 leveled off from December but the... read more


Expecting to see my partial year CIP check in March. I was Rom'd in June 2016. Can somebody share what the corprate factor is?

Chevron EAP

Anyone had experiences with EAP? I have an alcohol problem and I'm considering approaching EAP with my problem with the hope that they have resources available to help me. I've tried AA and Kaisers CDRP with no avail. My only concern is that my... read more

Our Future

We are great at finding oil, producing it,refining it and shipping it. Everything thing else - we stink. LNG - OMG. We have sunk multiple billions into an industry that is never going to pay out due to oversupply . At todays LNG prices, we are at... read more

Greater GOM initiative.

Will there be an annoucement of any substance at tomorrow's townhall? Or will leadership drag this out for another few months?

Guidance on PDC success

I was one of the employees left standing after the ROM last year. Was fortunate enough to get a long transition period and have been unsuccessful in the fall PDC (maybe due to the time I had) vs the "must moves". In the off-cycle postings, I've been... read more

Great message board, Chevron.

Really entertaining seeing what Chevron employees and their work environment is like through this message board. No other E&P major has a board like this one on which tells you a big fact, not even close in terms of showing the quality of... read more

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