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Odd, decent earnings reported and the board is silent? Figured I would see a few comments the only reason for profit is that assets were sold.
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PDC Question

Could someone please shed some light on the PDC process, precisely the notification part, do all applicants get notified? Or just the ones receiving offers? what about those who receive no offers, do they still get notified? Thanks
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MCBU or Pittsburgh

I was layed off from Chevron just over a year and a half ago. I am in my 50's. I actually separated from Chevron to take care of my wife. She had 1 year left as her ALS was killing her. I had to focus on her and making her comfortable for end of life... read more

Hiring in MCBU

I was waiting in line for security last week at Midland International Air (and Space! lol) Port when I overheard two recruiters with Airswift discussing hiring they were doing for Chevron in the Permian with two other gentlemen. They seemed to imply... read more

ExPats and ROMs

Lot of ExPats are getting jobs in home countries because they truly are versatile high performers. That is how they became ExPats in the first place. Being successful in ROMs and PDCs really does have a lot to do with networking, networking, and... read more

Chevron ABU loses tax case - $300m + liability

Nice to see that the Australian Tax Office is targeting transfer pricing practices this way. Good result for Australia, bad result for multinationals globally doing these practices. This was the result of interest on a small loan of $2b, now to... read more

1H 2017 PDC Results

So just found out, I went 0-4 in this past PDC. Still have my job as it was posted contingent but really, really frustrated and stuck now. Career development at this company has come almost to a complete stop unless you are one of the "special... read more

Chevron M&A

With recent asset sales/ potential sales- could Chevron be readying itself to be an acquisition target? Is any major big enough to buy Chevron? Wild I know.

Sjvbu 2020

What are the current proposed alternatives? Anything you know.

Chevron warns of medium-term LNG supply gap "Countering the prevalent LNG market theme of a supply glut... read more

Ah the Dividend

Borrowing billions of $$s to pay a dividend!? Cutting budgets, projects and heads to pay a dividend!? So why all the need to keep investors happy? To my knowledge, CVX does not issue new shares of stock to fund ongoing operations. I guess the real... read more

Dem warns Russia may gain control of US oil company

Possible loan default by PdVSA may result in majority control of CITGO US refineries and pipelines by Rosneft, a Russian company with strong ties to Putin. What would you think about Chevron being owned by the Russians???

HR discrimination (rumor)

I just overheard two HR managers at lunch that there is a major discrimination lawsuit by former business partner. What do we know?

PDC=ROM The new norm

Well it looks like this one is going under the radar but few colleagues of mine were left standing after this PDC and have 6 weeks before they have to go. Why in the hell would one now want to go through the PDC process if a job is not guaranteed?... read more

What do we know?

What do we know about a what do we know know if a what do we know could know what do we know?
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Gorgon article

This is an interesting article about the first Gorgon shut down, did Chevron learn and are they doing anything differently?

Oil jobs surge

Oil and gas jobs posted a second consecutive month of gains for the first time since the oil price crash began nearly three years ago, according to Bloomberg. Whooo hooo!

US Cruise Missiles Strike Syria

Ok folks, this might be the beginning of geopolitical oil instability for the price of crude oil. Maybe, maybe not. Depending on what comes of this over the next several days or weeks, the employment picture in the oil patch is in play with this. Not... read more

Chevron Permian News

This is from Reuters. JW interview from Houston. Our brave CEO has a desire to put Permian assets in the ranks of Chevron's biggest ventures. This is in stark change from just 5 years ago when Chevron executives rarely mentioned the shale basin. With... read more

Must moves

What are your thoughts on must moves? Will PDC folks really try their best to place them, or is this a convenient excuse for lay offs?

Replacing people that quit

If all or a lot of the high performers quit chevron, do they promote the next best people or do they hire externally? I hear JW say we are a "promote from within company"....Isn't mcbu Vp external ?

CVX 401K

Can anyone elaborate on CVX 401K, vesting in particular. TIA.

Gorgon Trouble

Train 2 production at Gorgon LNG in Australia is shut down again. We Lead, The Chevron Way, OE, Human Energy, blah, blah, blah, whatever.

Flexible Spending Account scam

Years ago I knew a guy who knew he would be leaving the company. He had like $100 in his FSA. He had his vision laser corrected to the tune of about $10,000, paid via FSA, then left. He never had to repay it. Is this legit?

Pay grades - what do we know?

Everyone knows that middle management is PSG 26-30. What happens next? Managing director is 41-45? OpCp head 46-49? SVP 50? Deputy Chairman PSG 75? CEO 100?

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