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This is how it's done

Build up your pension, investments, savings, add in a few years overseas premium, get to 55+, next industry downturn or re-org tick the EOI box. Two years salary as a payoff, nice pension and a change of career...


Can Chevron stop toying around with different words for layoffs? 5000 people are going to be let go this year. Let's just get on with it and stop holding the workforce hostage.

cemrec cuts

cembrec (ie cbres) is getting rid of their drawing management team in Houston seems as six poor souls have been selected in efforts to donate their salary for Mary’s pension funds cbres is going downhill every year they’re making room, getting... —  read more 

Average time to next PSG

On the average how long did it take you to move to your next PSG. At what CO % should I request for a promotion to the next PSG and when is the best time to request for this?

20% cut to corporate affairs

20% cut to corporate affairs announced this week. round one of "selection event" starts monday. new org being stood up march 6. no word yet on severance packages.

Voluntary Sev Packages

Hearing some older workers in MCBU are being informally polled on whether they would take an early retirement package. Anyone else hearing this.

ITC Leadership

ITC leadership particularly in middle management (psg 25-26s) are a collection of folks that probably could not get a job anywhere. They are not employable - perhaps not even qualified to be a greeter at Walmart. I hope this next purge of folks... —  read more 


Any rumours on the CIP factor this year?

PZ? Does this mean some job opportunities in near future?

N----rians Striking

N—rian workers on strike against a Chevron facility. Yawn, what else is new? Oil production is effected, but not enough to cause any significant earnings damage. Who knows how long this will last? Wake me up when it is over.

Coming back from retirement?

Has anybody tried to come back into Chevron after a few years of retirement, especially after volunteering to retire during the layoffs of 2015-2017? What are the challenges of adapting to working life, working with former coworkers and new younger... —  read more 

Ariba & SAP

Are the two programs going to be eliminated as part of Vision 2020?

AMBU VP Mega Bonus

The chief of ineptitude just got a fat $3 million package to stay the course and finish her goal of boot-throating AMBU. Glad I bailed to Midcon when I did.

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Ethical question

I eat most days with a group of buddies and we eat most of the time at the 1400 or 1500 cafeterias. One guy likes to make us all laugh by occasionally getting a slice of pizza or soda without paying for it. He is a lower PSG than the rest of us and... —  read more 


Anyone hearing anything about a possible VSP? Heard it was a possibility.

Anchor Project

Chevron authorizes $5.7 billion to proceed with Anchor Project development in deep water GOM. Located 140 miles SW offshore Louisiana in Green Canyon. Lots of layoffs needed to help with that cost. Expected to be online in 2024.

Reading the Tea Leaves: Upstream ROM

Looking at the recent announcements: Transformation (4 OPCOs to 3) AMBU and Kittimat 4 sale Seems like there is a little more smoke for the postponement of a spring PDC for an Upstream Global Selection event.

AMBU is officially up for sale

“I am writing today to inform you that Chevron has decided to initiate the process of marketing for sale AMBU’s assets in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio. “The marketing process is expected to take several months and may or may not result in... —  read more 

Chevron to Announce Write Down

Chevron will announce a $10-11 billion dollar impairment against 4th quarter earnings. The impairment will be write downs of the value of its Appalachian and Permian assets. Watch the news tonight.

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The dreaded CVX Holiday Party

Does this sound familiar ? In a poll of 1000 workers, employee benefits consultancy Perkbox found that just over a quarter (27%) of respondents aren’t keen on the idea of work Christmas parties, because they don’t believe employees should be... —  read more 

Transforming to pay for TCO/FGP

Has anyone else noticed downstream is not transforming, despite being the perennial weak link? Apparently when the CEO learned of the $15 billion TCO cost blowout, he had a blow out. He told Jay and Joe they would wring the equivalent out of their... —  read more 

Is everyone jaded by the new normal?

It seems like the discussions are less lively than in past events. Is it that everyone is jaded or did they fire everyone that used to looks at this site?

Going Digital with Analog Technology Leadership

To be blunt. Our technology leadership is antiquated. risk averse and lacks technical fluency. They are a bunch of talking heads returning from industry conferences. Nothing more. Winning in any environment sounds good and all but it's not... —  read more 

Is there a limit to the cost cutting?

Cost cutting and layoffs related to cost cutting have been on the table for a long time at this company. Is there a realistic limit to which the company can afford to go with cutting cost, and which it can’t afford to cross. Are we close to that... —  read more 

WARN Notice

I’ve looked at LA, CA, and TX WARN notices published through the end of November and do not see any WARN Notices...yet. These notices are required for “mass” layoffs 90 days prior to lay-off. If you have questions, please use Google.

Transforming To Win. Another BCG Bloodbath

Wow. Way to continue to k–l morale at the company. Another slaughter brought to you by the Boston Consulting Group. I wish they hadn’t moved away from using the Greek alphabet to name these projects. That way we could at least keep track of how many... —  read more 

transforming to win

Nice professionally produced video announcement that could have been handled in an note that tells us we need to cut expenses. Email could have said “Heads gonna roll....more details to come”.

Occidental Takeover?

At what price does Chevron purchase Occidental? Occidental market value has now fallen below the Anadarko purchase price, excluding debt. Occidental and Anadarko's combined assets must be worth at least as much as Anadarko's assets alone, including... —  read more 

US Crude Oil Refinery Numbers

So I read this news story about how US refineries have reduced the amount of crude oil for the first time since 2009. This is the result of lower demand for refined products, such as fuel. Total average daily crude refined production is down from... —  read more 

SCM in project Montana

How is SCM function affected by Project Montana? Especially the global SCM? It’s not part of the PRC.

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