Topics regarding layoffs at Marathon Oil Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Marathon Oil Corp.

Layoffs slowed down?

I hope I’m right and that it’s true that the layoffs have slowed down considerably lately. For a while, I was constantly getting news that they had laid off someone I knew. I haven't heard from anyone in a long time now. Fortunately, because I was... —  read more 

Almost no innovation

I think if we made a list of companies in this industry (which has always been fueled by innovations), Marathon Oil would be among the last on that list given how innovative they are. There are also less innovative companies, I'm sure, but I don't... —  read more 

Dear Contractors,

I’ve had several of you ask if Marathon hires contractors. I’ve only worked with one hired on perm during the years I’ve been here. I’ve seen several contractors stay contract for years on end until they’re let go or they give up and go elsewhere... —  read more 

I say a prayer every day

I pray an activist investor gets on the board pees all over Lee's shoes and boots him out the door. No matter what your faith consider including this request into your prayers going forward. God bless you everyone.

Does this exist?

I heard that there is a blacklist out there, to prevent prior employees from getting jobs in Oil & Gas company’s, so I need to know if such a list exist and how to get access to it?

A Sad Day

It is a sad day to fully realize/see that it appears that all the haters and trolls have had a legitimate point all along. That being, MOC excom is and has been completely inept and out of touch, as well as entirely focused on appearances instead of... —  read more 


First, best of luck to all of those laid off today and those back last year. Second, can we talk about LTIP? The rich keep getting richer. Not going to offer stock to those below level 14! So the ones making the most money are now the only ones... —  read more 


Engineer here. Got the boot today. Been working in the field since the slowdown. Also wondering how they decided on who to let go. With oil and stock prices on the rise there must be something more sinister on the way for marathon and those still... —  read more 


I’m still trying to figure out how layoffs were determined this time... Last time we (managers) were asked who we could do without—and decisions were made “above us” on who to cut. I had no such conversation this time so I’m curious. —  read more 


Anybody heard anything on bonus payouts? I know there's an HR meeting next week to discuss results but thing are pretty tight lipped. What should we be expecting?


Marathon Oil Corporation is the latest leading company to purchase certified soil carbon storage from Soil Value Exchange. Marathon Oil’s support for soil as a nature-based climate change solution establishes it as a leader in the #energy... —  read more 

Personal, no?

When layoffs happen, everyone says “it’s business, not person” and “the decision was made above me (managers)”. However, I find that after being laid off and reaching out to my colleagues who’re still employed by the company, it’s met with dead... —  read more 


Given the huge layoff in April 2020, does anyone else find it super odd that MRO has a ton of postings for Houston jobs right now?

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