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All the Wrong Moves

Marathon Oil is the most ultra political work environment I have ever worked in. Where Bravado, Bluster, saying hello and then ploying to throw a person under the bus and brown nosing are king and anything of substance is of the least valued. The... read more

Marathon Oil is a joke

This company is a joke. I finally made the decision to leave and I don't regret it one bit. I'm so tired of nepotism and idiotic politics that value brownnosing over actual good work. My advice to everybody here is to get out before this ship sinks... read more

We don't need money

Houston-based Marathon Oil Corp. (NYSE: MRO) was the lowest public company ranked overall in a May 21 New York Times study that calculated a company's profits returned to employees vs. shareholders... read more


continued purging of 50+ and experience, sprinkled in with a few sacrificial youngsters to avoid appearance of age discrimination. so clever. the end is near.


What layoffs are this week?
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I applied for a land position in OKC any advice?

I am so glad I left Marathon!!!!

Marathon use to be the standard. A great company that cares about its employees. I worked for Marathon in multiple states and still miss most of the people there. It started with Lee Tillman and his HR VP Deanna Jones. Now every time I look at... read more

New Layoffs

I heard layoffs are occuring at Marathon today, does anyone know what departments?


I am an intern at Marathon what ways are employees spied on by HR?

Increased Pay Not An Incentive

The recent ‘forced’ attendance discussions feeding us the pablum that “studies have shown that increased pay is not an incentive to perform better” piqued my interest. For argument’s sake, let us assume it is a correct statement. Let’s just pretend... read more


So did everyone get the 2% that was reported on the Wave? Post your raise percentages here.


Why is it that some people get promoted and others don’t? Same experience, same asset, what gives?

Callin' a spade, a spade this holiday season

Google "Cramer admits his biggest investing mistakes" and watch the video. Roughly a minute in, he provides his opinion on Marathon. Worth a peek. Lee has made Marathon Oil the laughing stock of Wall Street.

Just Sayin’

Since Dec 31, 2014 until market close Nov 22, 2017, the stock price depreciation of MRO and 4 of its peers is as follows: APA $62.33 to $41.54 - Down ~33% APC $82.30 to $48.35 - Down ~41% MRO $28.15 to $14.88 - Down ~47% MUR $50.02 to $28.20 - Down... read more


Didn't make the good workplace list like most of our peers. Anybody know why?

Employee Meeting

Did others notice that questions cannot be asked anonymously any more? They asked for name and location.

Supply Chain

So what's new with our wonderful Supply Chain team... haven't seen much on them here lately.

Who's Minding This Store?

Hey, sports fans! Yesterday, I saw a new posting whose title began with, "A Diller, A Dollar." It's no longer amongst the postings list. Any ideas who's minding this store and why?

Older workers have been culled, who's next?

Age discrimination is not the only illegal employment practice at MRO. Unfortunately, most who have been discriminated against were “released” some time ago. (Yes. I said, ‘released!’ Ultimately, it’s like an escape from prison or some other... read more

Marathon's Eight Key Attributes

Paragraph 3 of Marathon’s press release dated June 30, 2011, announcing the company unveiling of a new logo states: “The process for creating a new logo began in February with an employee survey. Results of the feedback emphasized eight key... read more


Anyone have news on the upcoming reorganization? Who will be hit? What groups will benefit? I’ll the be good or bad for us?


Has Marathon stepped up to assist of its employees flooded by Harvey?


rumor of reorg and cuts today....t/f? any details about this and future?

Do Something Good Lee

You have made tens of millions. Even young athletes, half your age recognize their blessings and donate to the recovery effort, and announce it publicly. We challenge you to do the same. As a fact, you never served in the US military and, other than... read more

MRO Can't Make Money

We can't make money in EF or Permian. We could do with a tenth the HR staff, who are bloodsuckers, half the lawyers, who answer legal questions by speed dialing Baker Botts, and about a fourth of procurement, as this is a collection of truly clueless... read more

Living Our Values Report

The Workforce stats tell the story: 10% with 20+ years of service vs. 75% with <9 years of service. The great crew change happened. Well done!

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