Topics regarding layoffs at Marathon Oil Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Marathon Oil Corp.

I left after 16 years

I left on my own terms, I did not want to give them the satisfaction of getting rid of me on theirs. I am happy now and I have zero regrets. The only time I look back in fondness is when I think about my old coworkers. Other than that, I don't look... —  read more 

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Promotions happening?

I see GSC gets themselves another Director… Giving someone a director promotion when majority of that department lost stock im sure. What an embarrassment. Things are already rock bottom over there. Going to be funny when they have directors over 2... —  read more 

Gone Woke

I’m not an employee but am looking and have received one offer already, with another likely in the next few weeks. I do not want to go to work for a “woke” company, ie, one that promotes on any basis other than merit. Through my contacts, I have... —  read more 

Hybrid schedule

With all these other companies introducing their hybrid schedules like 3 days in the office or every other week, what are your thoughts? Some have even relaxed dress codes.

Lost LTIP Opportunity ?

What’s the biggest life changing shift you had to give up due to losing the LTIP? College Tuition for your kid? Retirement Fund? General loss of comp from what HR assured you would make up for the lower salary? Don’t worry. The Amazon Points will... —  read more 

Major Acquisition Pending

Insider here. It's going down. With all this excess cash and the shortage of inventory, the company is finally making a move. Ignore the generic "we're always looking" talk on the conference calls. This is not a drill. Hopefully, not repeat of the... —  read more 


Anyone else noticing the attrition? I know Bakken and Eagle Ford have lost a few good people. ORB/Permian seems to be losing someone every week. I saw a few presentations from ORB, seemed like they were automating a lot of things, heard some of the... —  read more 

Message from Lee

In Lee’s recently released statement he says “ Our first responsibility during this ongoing crisis has been to the health and safety of our employees, contractors and communities.” - no it was not and no it hasn’t been staff was forced back into the... —  read more 


Does anyone have anything positive to say about working at Marathon? Everyone I talk to is either looking for a new position, hoping to be let go and get a severance or waiting for bonuses to be paid out in March and then start looking.

Where is Marathon Going

I think its is time for Marathon Leadership to look in the mirror (good to great) and ask how do we position this company for the future generation energy needs - Transition from climate changing hydrocarbons to cleaner energy. We need both for... —  read more 

Incompetence Reins at MRO

A Drilling Manager Lindsey, that F’’d up an exploration REX well beyond recovery, not only still works at MRO but got promoted to Drilling Manager. She disregarded all advice almost had a well blow out and did not ensure the wellhead was rated for... —  read more 

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