Topics regarding layoffs at Marathon Oil Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Marathon Oil Corp.

Relax and keep your head down

So many people are worried about any upcoming layoffs. I could never understand that. Take your future into your own hands. Save, save, save. Put all that energy you use stressing over potential layoffs and get prepared. You can’t control if you’re... —  read more 

Personal, no?

When layoffs happen, everyone says “it’s business, not person” and “the decision was made above me (managers)”. However, I find that after being laid off and reaching out to my colleagues who’re still employed by the company, it’s met with dead... —  read more 


Given the huge layoff in April 2020, does anyone else find it super odd that MRO has a ton of postings for Houston jobs right now?

Hope or Leadership

From a prior posting....."Things still aren't great, but they are getting better." This is hope and not leadership. MRO needs a plan for long term survivability. MRO can not rely on shale alone as a business model. If this is not clear to our... —  read more 

New year

With the new year right around the corner and things not looking all that bright fit O&G, should we expect further mass layoffs like we experienced in April?

COVID is coming for you

A certain high level HR manager has admitted exposing some of the upper “leadership “ team to covid. Had HR passed this on to people outside the “LT” who may have come in contact?

Out for good

Decided to take advantage of yesterday’s jump to liquidate my position in MRO. What a mess the company has turned out to be... From the 4th largest integrated in the US to whatever you want to call the current, poorly managed train wreck. At least... —  read more 


Marathon Petroleum says renewable diesel will be loading from Dickenson, North Dakota facility to the Pacific Northwest/Canada by rail, then by boat from the Pacific Northwest to California/where demand is $MPC #OOTT

Old Pension

What have they said about the change in interest rate used to calculate lump sums? With the PBGC rate going away, will lump sums under the old pension be devastated? Seems like people who were let go may be better off if they take their money asap?

Workplace Flexibility

What a joke. Yeah real competitive to other companies MRO. Why can't you treat us like adults and allow us to work where it benefits the employee the most? It should not matter where we work as long as we are productive and get our work done.

What does it say when...

MRO had a mass layoff in April. Oil price has remained depressed for the last 8mo or so and there haven’t been any more layoffs—at least not en masse. So...what does that say about the people that were let go in April? Poor performers? I’m really... —  read more 

Ford GT

Anyone know when the new limited edition cars come out? I'm looking forward to the youtube videos of grown men begging for them.

MRO Found Wanting Again

Well, with the Concho news this morning, if there was any doubt LT ran the Marathon ship into the ground, it’s the fact another “peer” company was acquired and Marathon was left without a dance partner. Happy Monday!

Just my 2 cents

It’s really unfortunate to be reading all the negative posts and conflicts between the various BUs and the company as a whole. I personally don’t wish for anyone to be out of work in these times. Blaming your own peers will not change WTI price... —  read more 

MRO 2019

Is it just me or is MRO only posting their past success from 2019 in LinkedIn? I guess if they did post current achievements; it would be nothing but crickets.

First in Class

Well, MRO is FINALLY at the head of its peer group. Finally got there, notwithstanding that the Wall Street Journal ranks MRO as 4th or 5th among the shale companies, which is all MRO is any more. But, wanting to be FIRST IN CLASS, this week... —  read more 

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