Topics regarding layoffs at Marathon Oil Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Marathon Oil Corp.


Anyone else noticing the attrition? I know Bakken and Eagle Ford have lost a few good people. ORB/Permian seems to be losing someone every week. I saw a few presentations from ORB, seemed like they were automating a lot of things, heard some of the... —  read more 

Message from Lee

In Lee’s recently released statement he says “ Our first responsibility during this ongoing crisis has been to the health and safety of our employees, contractors and communities.” - no it was not and no it hasn’t been staff was forced back into the... —  read more 


Does anyone have anything positive to say about working at Marathon? Everyone I talk to is either looking for a new position, hoping to be let go and get a severance or waiting for bonuses to be paid out in March and then start looking.

Where is Marathon Going

I think its is time for Marathon Leadership to look in the mirror (good to great) and ask how do we position this company for the future generation energy needs - Transition from climate changing hydrocarbons to cleaner energy. We need both for... —  read more 

Incompetence Reins at MRO

A Drilling Manager Lindsey, that F’’d up an exploration REX well beyond recovery, not only still works at MRO but got promoted to Drilling Manager. She disregarded all advice almost had a well blow out and did not ensure the wellhead was rated for... —  read more 

Spread Positivity

I read all the negatives on this website about MRO. Why not turn this into a positive page and list things which are great about this company? No negative or naysayers comments please.

Someone to buy us?

Let's say you were a company with a lot of money, you have a great vision for the future and you want to grow, would you buy Marathon Oil? Unlike some who have shared hopes in their posts that someone will buy us, I still hope not. After all, who... —  read more 

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