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Forget about the New Building!

I think MRO needs to stay strong and keep its original identity and forget about the new building. What needs to do is focus on what made MRO,...MRO. What made MRO strong? What made MRO survive all these years, MRO does not need to follow the... —  read more 

Prediction Time

How long til furloughs or mass layoffs start? Sub-$30 oil is tough for everybody and the flavor of the day is cut cut cut. Make a prediction ... when will they start? Which group is the first to go? My guess is within 3 months with ORB, Permian... —  read more 

Houston = Important

Once again, execs let us know where non-Houston based folks stand compared to those on the corporate teat. Everything caters to those employees (see: changing our healthcare provider, subsidized gym membership, 9/80s, etc., and now working from home)... —  read more 

Stock Buybacks

Should we talk more or less about these in next quarterly release about the amount of money squandered over last 2 years?

MRO went from a great place to work to a nightmare

Worked for the company for over 14 yrs. Always had good reviews and bleed MRO colors! Got one of the downstream crossovers for a supervisor and boom horrible review with a two faced additude and got to see first hand how they got thier position. In... —  read more 

Pay for performance?

What a joke. Why can’t this company keep up with inflation? They should rename it to pay for kissing the most rear.

Earnings Release - Losses AGAIN!

Perhaps a more diverse investment mix of conventional and unconventional would mitigate the downtrend in oil prices? Just a radical thought. Clearly, based on today’s news, our dear leader’s remarks on the call and the markets negative reaction... —  read more 

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LA well

Any update on what's happening here?


Anyone heard anything about bonuses or raises or when then they’ll be coming?

Have you noticed?

Marathon Oil has become the kind of company you go to if you don't care whether your career dies or not. Nobody comes to work here unless they really have to anymore. When did we turn into that from a company everybody hoped to work for? The... —  read more 

Happy Thanksgiving

If there were no Thanksgiving day, some people could go an entire year without being grateful or expressing gratitude. I’m thankful for MRO.

How bad is Lee?

We thought blue jeans was the issue. Now we all know it’s higher than her. Can anyone here say anything positive that Lee has done for MRO?


Did anyone else find the total rewards survey to be demeaning? Basically saying we’re going to take benefits away from you and then when you don’t like it they get to say “you made the choice not us”. Blame it all on the survey. Company is going to... —  read more 

We have jumped the shark!

How many people are we going to lose due to the new building. Seems worse than cubicles. I guess this is their way of getting rid of all the introverts?

New Tech Bar

What’s up with the new tech bar on 29? Are they getting rid of the service desk??

Cash flow machine

We are a Cash flow machine, almost a $1B a year. Stock price is undervalued.

Feeling Premier

Loving my time at MRO. I’m a high class, low margin kinda person, and I’m feeling at home. Looking forward to performance management.

Oklahoma for sale?

I heard this morning the Oklahoma asset is on the market. Why would they waste all the money moving everyone down from OKC just to sale the asset? I guess that is the typical Marathon thing to do???

Weather warnings

C-ap response from Tillman on if people should stay or go to the p–p sack tower with weather like this. Yeah don’t worry about us you tard dip ship. MRO is a POS, just look at the numbers on quarterly statements. Clear as day.

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High HR Turnover

Why does it seem like turnover in HR is higher than other departments??? Any ideas?


Are the layoffs from last week done or are there more coming this week?

Crude Oil & Oxy Stock

Crude at $50.75, down over 5.3% and Oxy stock at 18 1/2 year low. Can't remember the exact price right now, but about the same as December 2000.

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Why today is my last day at Marathon.

After many years with MRO I have chosen to leave for the following reasons.... lack of direction land director with zero land experience valuing new hires over current employees loyalty is not rewarded extra work not translating into... —  read more 

Electronic Snooping

If you do ANYTHING personal at work, do it on your iPad and use your own hot spot. Guest net is NOT private, and they know you’re on it. ANY personal call MUST be on your own phone in the event you have a company phone. The lack of corporate... —  read more 

Anymore Layoffs?

Has anyone heard about more layoffs coming? A bunch of people are set to leave the Oklahoma office on July 31st. Just curious if any other assets will be experiencing reductions in staff or if there will be another round in Oklahoma?


Layoffs no longer necessary? Good people are jumping ship - no apparent internal strategy for success. Living the quarter to quarter life is getting old quick.

Our CEO pay

Lee got over 12 million annual compensation according to today’s Houston Chronicle. Since 2013 his management has helped result in a 50% drop in the stock price. MRO continues to lag the competition. If he was being ranked, where would he land?... —  read more 

what is happening at MRO Work for this company with your eyes wide opened. They fake and duck. Hire and fire. Promise and renegade. Join this company if you no... —  read more 

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