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Severance package

What is a fair severance package during layoffs? 1mon/yr? 3wk/yr? I have 10 years of service. I am considering leaving industry.

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Though the yoke lies heavy on your shoulder, and the whip stings heavy on your back, and that boot heel lies heavy on your face, know that your humiliation will not last forever. A new day will dawn and those who trouble you will scatter like... —  read more 

Employee Survey

Does anyone know if we’re having an employee survey this summer?

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Who can relate?

Article: Unfortunately, I can’t.

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RIF but no RIR (reduction in reserves)

Something I always found interesting/borderline fraudulent at Marathon - tiny / no changes in reserves of oil in ground, ever. You lay off 20% (2015) & 16% (2020) of your employees b/c lower for longer, but no changes needed in the reserve base?... —  read more 


Saw this article this morning and it hits the nail right on the head for a handful of managers I’ve worked for (they’ve recently from from other companies):


Has any laid off employee actually received their cobra benefits package? They said it would be within three weeks of the layoff date but mine has an arrived yet so I have no idea how to go for it when it comes to doctors visits and what not. Ask HR... —  read more 

Pre selection for layoffs

Talked to my mentor over the weekend and it turns out that people are pre-selected for being laid off (just in case) at each performance review session. When your immediate supervisor stops looking you in the eye, stops speaking to you, and starts... —  read more 


Land director will have this one taken down too.

“Random” D--g Testing?

From the 10 or so people that I know who recently got laid off from Marathon, every single one of them had been d–g tested in the previous 60 days leading up to the layoffs. Is this true for you guys as well?

Moody's cuts MRO outlook to negative–PR_424593 Great job by upper management for their incompetent leadership

The Ostrich...

As far as I knew the Ostrich was the only animal that hide its head in the ground....... Maybe we all had it wrong...... Or these posts would not get deleted....

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Company issues mobile devices

Any laid off employee get there company issued mobile devices returned (for personal use) after the whole legal hold email that went out on the 4th then was retracted 4d later? What was that all about anyway?

Good riddance

I’ve noticed people come here to b and m about being laid off but honestly...of everyone who got let go in the last round, I can’t say that I wouldn’t have chosen the same ones if I were in charge of the company. They were either old/too expensive or... —  read more 

Jumped the gun?

Lots of what I’m reading says oil price is on the way back up...right after 200 employees lives were ruined by MRO with layoffs! What’s with the knee-jerk reactions?

70% of Contractors Out

Marathon Oil said it's reducing its U.S. employee headcount by 16% and its contractor base by 70%. Cimarex, meanwhile, said it's replacing field workers with company employees (h/t @DavidWethe) $MRO... —  read more 

Pension consideration

Lump sum or monthly premiums? Anyone else concerned about this.... Possible Downside One downside of monthly pensions is that an employer could go bankrupt and find itself unable to pay retirees. Certainly, over a period of decades, that is a... —  read more 

Managing the Decline in the Decadent Era

Under Tillman’s administration, Marathon has entered the terminal decline in which decay and senescence are the only long term outcomes. All the impotent efforts at revitalization have failed and will fail. The rot that started at the top has... —  read more 

Tillman's Premier Leadership

At this point we have SI7, Focus 2020, five strategic imperatives or initiatives. Thank you Lee for the tremendous leadership. Also good job on the social media diversity efforts which are a boost to shareholder value.

The Premier Employees Remain

How did you all expect LT to stay around you in the new office? He needs his space too and has to be sure it’s only surrounded by the most premier multi-basin-oriented employees possible. Driving value is just like driving race cars after all

Winter is Coming

With the investor call slated for May 7, it is reasonable to assume that layoffs will occur simultaneously or will be announced simultaneously. Everyone should be prepping for this - copy your contacts list, copy any other records you may need... —  read more 

Liability of company on the subject of COVID

Is MRO liable if they bring staff back without proper precautions such as COVID tests and PPE? Will there be PPE and masks for all? Does anyone know if there have been talks on this? Haven't heard anything from them. A poorly planned re-entrance of ... —  read more 

Tillman up, MRO down

How can Tillman’s compensation move up so consistently while the stock price moves down so consistently? Does the BOD not pay any attention at all?

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Forget about the New Building!

I think MRO needs to stay strong and keep its original identity and forget about the new building. What needs to do is focus on what made MRO,...MRO. What made MRO strong? What made MRO survive all these years, MRO does not need to follow the... —  read more 

Prediction Time

How long til furloughs or mass layoffs start? Sub-$30 oil is tough for everybody and the flavor of the day is cut cut cut. Make a prediction ... when will they start? Which group is the first to go? My guess is within 3 months with ORB, Permian... —  read more 

Houston = Important

Once again, execs let us know where non-Houston based folks stand compared to those on the corporate teat. Everything caters to those employees (see: changing our healthcare provider, subsidized gym membership, 9/80s, etc., and now working from home)... —  read more 

Stock Buybacks

Should we talk more or less about these in next quarterly release about the amount of money squandered over last 2 years?

MRO went from a great place to work to a nightmare

Worked for the company for over 14 yrs. Always had good reviews and bleed MRO colors! Got one of the downstream crossovers for a supervisor and boom horrible review with a two faced additude and got to see first hand how they got thier position. In... —  read more 

Pay for performance?

What a joke. Why can’t this company keep up with inflation? They should rename it to pay for kissing the most rear.

Earnings Release - Losses AGAIN!

Perhaps a more diverse investment mix of conventional and unconventional would mitigate the downtrend in oil prices? Just a radical thought. Clearly, based on today’s news, our dear leader’s remarks on the call and the markets negative reaction... —  read more 

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