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Before MRO’s executive suite decides to jump on the ‘cut the 401-K match’ “initiative” implemented by ExxonMobil, please note that ExxonMobil KEPT its dividend. It’s enough that Marathon employees have had to live under the CONSTANT fear of layoffs... —  read more 

RTO Monday 8/10 Phase 2

How do you feel about going back to the office with no plan from MRO to protect you from covid? Maybe they will wait until the last possible minute to change the date again? People need to plan.


I really question The Layoff’s commitment to providing useful information to MRO employees because it seems they are all too willing to remove any post that MRO HR/management asks them to remove. Why remove a post questioning whether employees’... —  read more 

Everything is stagnant

No improvements on MRO stock, gas/oil prices are listed at $40 dollar but their is no further exploration occurring; nothing to further process MRO’s position so what will MRO do next? Lay offs? Bankruptcy? CHK stocks are worth more then... —  read more 

Company Profile Misleading

On this site, MRO uses these words in describing itself, “ Marathon Oil Corporation is an energy company operating in the USA, Equatorial Guinea, the UK, and Libya.” Being that MRO sold out of the UK & Libya at bottom dollar after others had... —  read more 

Employee Gym

I’ve been retired for several years, living out of state. Just came back and ask if gym membership is still provided (after Covid issues are resolved) free of charge to employees and retirees.

Read and heed

All of these happened: All managers like to be able to say “it was above me” Wyeth there are layoffs, yet they set you up... —  read more 

Hardest lesson has been learned...

I dreamed of working at Marathon Oil ever since I was child ( back in the 1980’s & I wanted to retire working there) but I was faithful, put so much care and worked the extra hours to make sure that MRO showed its faithfulness to the employee as much... —  read more 

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Though the yoke lies heavy on your shoulder, and the whip stings heavy on your back, and that boot heel lies heavy on your face, know that your humiliation will not last forever. A new day will dawn and those who trouble you will scatter like... —  read more 


Saw this article this morning and it hits the nail right on the head for a handful of managers I’ve worked for (they’ve recently from from other companies):


Has any laid off employee actually received their cobra benefits package? They said it would be within three weeks of the layoff date but mine has an arrived yet so I have no idea how to go for it when it comes to doctors visits and what not. Ask HR... —  read more 

Pre selection for layoffs

Talked to my mentor over the weekend and it turns out that people are pre-selected for being laid off (just in case) at each performance review session. When your immediate supervisor stops looking you in the eye, stops speaking to you, and starts... —  read more 

“Random” D--g Testing?

From the 10 or so people that I know who recently got laid off from Marathon, every single one of them had been d–g tested in the previous 60 days leading up to the layoffs. Is this true for you guys as well?

Good riddance

I’ve noticed people come here to b and m about being laid off but honestly...of everyone who got let go in the last round, I can’t say that I wouldn’t have chosen the same ones if I were in charge of the company. They were either old/too expensive or... —  read more 

Jumped the gun?

Lots of what I’m reading says oil price is on the way back up...right after 200 employees lives were ruined by MRO with layoffs! What’s with the knee-jerk reactions?

Pension consideration

Lump sum or monthly premiums? Anyone else concerned about this.... Possible Downside One downside of monthly pensions is that an employer could go bankrupt and find itself unable to pay retirees. Certainly, over a period of decades, that is a... —  read more 

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