Topics regarding layoffs at Marathon Oil Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Marathon Oil Corp.

Where is Marathon Going

I think its is time for Marathon Leadership to look in the mirror (good to great) and ask how do we position this company for the future generation energy needs - Transition from climate changing hydrocarbons to cleaner energy. We need both for... —  read more 

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Land Department

When will they realize we lost some of the best Landman this company has ever had? You think Ed leaving would make them wake the f up. AB, MB, CC, TC, BA are just a few that we’ve lost that are much better than half the staff we have left. These... —  read more 

Incompetence Reins at MRO

A Drilling Manager Lindsey, that F’’d up an exploration REX well beyond recovery, not only still works at MRO but got promoted to Drilling Manager. She disregarded all advice almost had a well blow out and did not ensure the wellhead was rated for... —  read more 

Spread Positivity

I read all the negatives on this website about MRO. Why not turn this into a positive page and list things which are great about this company? No negative or naysayers comments please.

Survey coming out monday

Should we be honest in it or are they just gauging how bad morale is until they feel like they need to do something? I bet it’ll take them 6 months to process the data. My guess is this gives them an easy target to get rid of people with bad... —  read more 

Someone to buy us?

Let's say you were a company with a lot of money, you have a great vision for the future and you want to grow, would you buy Marathon Oil? Unlike some who have shared hopes in their posts that someone will buy us, I still hope not. After all, who... —  read more 

Layoffs slowed down?

I hope I’m right and that it’s true that the layoffs have slowed down considerably lately. For a while, I was constantly getting news that they had laid off someone I knew. I haven't heard from anyone in a long time now. Fortunately, because I was... —  read more 

Almost no innovation

I think if we made a list of companies in this industry (which has always been fueled by innovations), Marathon Oil would be among the last on that list given how innovative they are. There are also less innovative companies, I'm sure, but I don't... —  read more 

Dear Contractors,

I’ve had several of you ask if Marathon hires contractors. I’ve only worked with one hired on perm during the years I’ve been here. I’ve seen several contractors stay contract for years on end until they’re let go or they give up and go elsewhere... —  read more 

I say a prayer every day

I pray an activist investor gets on the board pees all over Lee's shoes and boots him out the door. No matter what your faith consider including this request into your prayers going forward. God bless you everyone.

Does this exist?

I heard that there is a blacklist out there, to prevent prior employees from getting jobs in Oil & Gas company’s, so I need to know if such a list exist and how to get access to it?

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