Topics regarding layoffs at Marathon Oil Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Marathon Oil Corp.


Marathon sucks. Terrible company with terrible leadership. Eagle Ford is the only asset and it’s dead on the vine. This can be seen by us having to make the recent acquisition just to keep the lights on. Decline curves are insane. Inventory is... —  read more 

Accent Counts

If not working already at MRO, then do not, UNLESS you speak with a British accent. Incompetent, but highly political Brits dominate the landscape, as LT cannot understand Americans.

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Sub $80 oil

Can’t wait for GSC to come forward this week and tell us costs have to go down. It’s almost like they don’t understand supply / demand and also that nat gas is $7.

Corporate’s right!?!?

Why is it that the decisions the corporate leadership teams have made haven’t has a larger impact on turnover? They have layoffs and double/triple your workload and responsibilities. They reduce your total compensation (if your not a grade 14) by... —  read more 

Executive Compensation

Executive compensation is published as part of the shareholder material for the annual meeting. Go read through the packet they sent you. In the meantime, enjoy these numbers as you think about how your benefits have been cut and harsh layoffs. Glad... —  read more 

What a Week

It looks like “The Wave” now stands for the wave of petrotechs leaving the company. I heard of 4 in total this week and know of many others looking. It will be interesting to see if MRO steps up and actually makes an effort to retain anyone left.

What to expect here?

I'm debating whether to accept an offer with slightly worse pay but better benefits. If only I knew that it won't get any worse here. What to expect, changes for the better or changes for the worse here?

nice to get LTIP

Would have been nice to get LTIP. Most lowers grade employees are not valued and are not given LTIP. Seeing how much the stock has gone up thats a lot of $ that could have gone to the employees. But hey it's ok going to another company that values... —  read more 

Fallout Headcount

Resignations have already started. Will be interested to see who stays and who goes. I'll leave you with these words - "We aren't concerned about recruiting or retention. We just had a round of layoffs. Be happy you have a job" PW - Feb. 2020 —  read more 

Pros and Cons

Someone I know is evaluating an offer and asked me about Marathon. I was let go 4 years ago, but I have a job that pays much more and more technically challenging work, so all great for me. But 4 years later my insights about the company may be old... —  read more 

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