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What does it say when...

MRO had a mass layoff in April. Oil price has remained depressed for the last 8mo or so and there haven’t been any more layoffs—at least not en masse. So...what does that say about the people that were let go in April? Poor performers? I’m really... —  read more 

Ford GT

Anyone know when the new limited edition cars come out? I'm looking forward to the youtube videos of grown men begging for them.

MRO Found Wanting Again

Well, with the Concho news this morning, if there was any doubt LT ran the Marathon ship into the ground, it’s the fact another “peer” company was acquired and Marathon was left without a dance partner. Happy Monday!

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Just my 2 cents

It’s really unfortunate to be reading all the negative posts and conflicts between the various BUs and the company as a whole. I personally don’t wish for anyone to be out of work in these times. Blaming your own peers will not change WTI price... —  read more 

MRO 2019

Is it just me or is MRO only posting their past success from 2019 in LinkedIn? I guess if they did post current achievements; it would be nothing but crickets.

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First in Class

Well, MRO is FINALLY at the head of its peer group. Finally got there, notwithstanding that the Wall Street Journal ranks MRO as 4th or 5th among the shale companies, which is all MRO is any more. But, wanting to be FIRST IN CLASS, this week... —  read more 

At least...

Layoffs are done!! I meant it’s not October 2, but I’m pretty sure they aren’t doing a mass lay-off I’m the next two days so... we made it!!!

The office

Why are they trying so hard to get people to go back to the office with this phased approach? Anyone else experiencing constant encouragement from their supervisors to go back? Not sure what synergies are to be gained in going back at this time. Are... —  read more 

What a waste

I think Land as a whole went down hill when TA came aboard, then getting rid of a highly regarded intelligent with an abundant experience on Land Director; to replace him with KH?? Who has no knowledge what so ever in a Land Leadership role, and who... —  read more 

Are people really this naive?

I see people commenting that layoffs are done with for this year - does anybody really believe that? If so, where have you been for the past several years that you can have such confidence in this company? The ONE thing I learned is that nobody is... —  read more 

Vacation Change

I've never once said anything on this site,but we are already experiencing a very difficult year. Nothing like deflating an already on edge workforce. I have loved everything about this company since day one, but this just took the wind out of my... —  read more 

No more layoffs for 2020

Confirmed. Targets and goals reached in getting production costs profitable at around $35/bbl. There will not be another round of mass cv layoffs in 2020. However, EOY rankings will determines who’s let go 1st quarter 2021.

The Dirty Side

Is anyone still old enough to remember the good ol’ days when a hurricane in the Gulf meant “go home and take care of your family”? Say what you will about “ old school” leadership, but Cazalot wanted us all to live. I remember a time when MRO would... —  read more 


Before MRO’s executive suite decides to jump on the ‘cut the 401-K match’ “initiative” implemented by ExxonMobil, please note that ExxonMobil KEPT its dividend. It’s enough that Marathon employees have had to live under the CONSTANT fear of layoffs... —  read more 


I really question The Layoff’s commitment to providing useful information to MRO employees because it seems they are all too willing to remove any post that MRO HR/management asks them to remove. Why remove a post questioning whether employees’... —  read more 

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