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Bankruptcy is coming

Sure wish our fearless leaders would have sold out a couple of years ago. Now, we are stuck with bankruptcy and hardworking employees will lose their jobs

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This is the end

Unfortunately, OAS with our debt load can't survive this price environment. Even if bankruptcy is filed and the debt gets erased or restructured, it makes no sense in sub $50 oil to do any of our capital projects. OAS will no longer be a going... —  read more 

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The only way for Oasis to survive

Cut management overhead, multiple and redundant layers off management. C-Level is OK and keep a handful of other - then cut everything else. Tech contributors make difference. To survive that's the only way to go forward. OAS needs to do this quick... —  read more 

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Oasis Petroleum Bankrupt

It's coming... https://www.fool.com/investing/2020/05/24/4-more-oil-stocks-that-could-go-bankrupt-in-2020.aspx

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Nepotism rules at Oasis

Lots of nepotism at Oasis, people in decision making positions with no experience and absolute clueless! Oasis is a “not what you know Company, but a who you know company.” I the last another year I would be surprised! I couldn't have said it... —  read more 

More layoffs are real!

September 18th 60 additional employees from multiple departments were laid off. Houston and North Dakota were effected. Very sad to see.

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