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Simple question

simple question....have the C suite and VP's taken pay cut? That's when you really show you do care for your people. Do you still need this many VP's? Screwed up Board and Upper management. It's all money for them while more and more work pushed to... —  read more 

Bonus time

Well its that time again. Any thoughts/info out there?


Well it looks like there is still going to be an additional 10-15% reduction in staff. Hopefully they still give us our bonuses. I would start looking before March.


Should we lay off older workers or fire poor performers to improve company?


I am a recent HR rep and I chose to leave because of the new PTO schedule they are releasing at the beginning of the year. Enjoy your two full weeks of PTO/sick time. It will be combined and limited.

I Can’t believe it.

Can you believe they just laid off the entire grounds crew and window washers.. what are we going to have to do, mow the grass and clean the windows ourself?? Maybe the old people will be able to still work. Or is that age discrimination too.

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Reverse split soon?

Stock about to dip below $1 in the middle of the summer. Not looking good for next winter.

Why does Denbury keep hiring people?

FDL makes over 70,000 bpd with 300 employees. Denbury makes less than 60,000 with 900 employees and counting. Does Denbury need three people to do one person’s job?

why are updates so focused on stock price?

it made sense when most employees still received stock. but now that most of us don't, it's really only relevant for 85% of us in terms of stock we've received in the past. that's the same whether we work here or not. we're equal to any random... —  read more 

Town Hall

What is going on? Is Denbury in trouble or making moves? Anyone know of big news or is this talk about the earnings? How did everyone feel about raises?

Expect more layoffs at Denbury

So, now that the PV merger has been canceled, we can look forward to more layoffs in order to cut costs that were supposed to be cut through the acquisition. I'm not sure when it will start, but it would be naive to think they are not coming for... —  read more 

PV merger

i can't believe the merger isn't going to happen. denbury shareholders are stupid. PR oversold the EOR thing and has now crippled us so that we can't diversify. CK will have to explain to them why it's good to NOT have your eggs all in one basket... —  read more 

raises coming?

Mr. Kendal said raises on april 1 In that email the other day. We haven’t heard a thing out here and nobody seems to know or keen on telling us . Nothing was told on the town meeting video either last week. any word at the plano office?

Cafe status

i've been gone a while...what's the status of the cafe? they still serving food? is it still free or reduced price?

Why hang on to a sinking ship?

Just curious as to what is keeping you at DNR? It is no longer what it once was, and with so many other good companies out there.. why do this to yourself?

I bet we....

Cut some more folks. With lower prices and this acquisition...i bet we carve a few off.

Raises and bonus

So what’s the word on the street about raises and bonus. Seems like no communication about raises or even timing of them. Also no transparency of where we are trending with the bonus. Can’t imagine it’s anywhere close to the target we were told early... —  read more 

Penn Virginia

Wall Street does not favor this acquisition, what does everyone else think?

Operations Reorganization

What is the plan? Hearing widespread changes coming to all Ops. Just rumors? Many good employees have left in the last few months. Anyone concerned or surprised? Stock is up so no one is worried? —  read more 

town hall meetings

i wonder if they've had time to incorporate any of the survey responses into the remarks for the town hall meetings


Is this to be considered for a best place to work or just a check in? Serious question here.

COBRA Insurance

Any idea how much it cost, how long it lasts and what is included?

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