Topics regarding layoffs at Denbury Resources Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Denbury Resources Inc.

Minimizing the workload

During the six years here, I often had a lot to do, and sometimes I had almost nothing to do. Now, however, I have more work to do than ever and I prefer it than not having a job, but what especially frustrates me is when my superiors try to convince... —  read more 

Where’s HR?

Maybe our absurd HR leaders can help us with the covid or vaccine issue. Oh wait-yeah, I see the humor in that. How can we hire people who don’t like people (or themselves) to run the people department. 🙄

Hiring people

Doesn't it seem to you that it is easier for newbies here to get a job now than ever before? I don't want to offend anyone, but I'm a little surprised that people have been given jobs in positions that far exceed their competencies.

Maybe it's not a good idea

I wonder if it’s a good idea to ask for a raise if I want to keep my job here? The air is thick and I'm afraid of becoming a target or losing my job if I do so. Does anyone have any advice? I would love for someone to share their experience if they... —  read more 

CEO gets an F

Minimal communication. He won’t make any decisions made about projects. The team presented to him weeks ago for money. No answer. We are stagnant. He clearly does not care about our safety. My VP told me not all executives are vaccinated. ... —  read more 


HSE and HR refuse to stand up to Chris Kringle and have failed us all. Dallas has 25 Icu beds available, yet HSE/HR are SILENT. Do we have an HSE system or not? How exactly is a vaccine lottery REALLY supposed to keep us safe? That’s... —  read more 


A few weeks back now and I’ve noticed that I work about 40 minutes less per day than when we were WFH. I was told we are back because executives want to see us, haven’t seen a single one. Not even during the fire drill.

Who’s in charge?

Isn’t there a new board to oversee the overall operations of the company to make sure we don’t make the same mistakes? All I see is a lot of money and shares to executives and 2% raises to employees. I hear we’re losing some good people. —  read more 

The axe fell today

Personal at the Heidelberg field were told today layoff is coming in two weeks. Dustin gave them a two week notice and said that half of the personal would be cut at that time. Most of the personal have been with Dendury over 20 years and will... —  read more 

Feeling stuck here

I don’t know if I’ve ever been less motivated to work here and more motivated to get out of here. Also, I never felt so stuck in any company. I’ve sent an enormous amount of applications for some new solid job I’ve been looking for months. What are... —  read more 

Lost stock

Nice to hear the debt holders can be made hold. What about the employees that lost thousands on stock that we purchased and hoped that we would at least be made whole?

Has HR ever helped you?

Someone here put it nicely, there are a lot of workplace issues, but in order for them to be solved, a real HR leader is needed, one who is really interested and dedicated to solving these problems. Of course, HR exists there only to protect the... —  read more 


How many shares have you received since bankruptcy? Our fearless leader got 735,745.....for those wondering that’s over $40,000,000 at today’s stock price. My 2% raise sure does look awesome against that. Say what you want about the previous... —  read more 

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