Topics regarding layoffs at Denbury Resources Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Denbury Resources Inc.

Lost stock

Nice to hear the debt holders can be made hold. What about the employees that lost thousands on stock that we purchased and hoped that we would at least be made whole?

Town hall meeting?

Anyone have any idea what the town hall meeting will be? Other than everything is great and we are excited for the future. Is there going to be any actual news??

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Has HR ever helped you?

Someone here put it nicely, there are a lot of workplace issues, but in order for them to be solved, a real HR leader is needed, one who is really interested and dedicated to solving these problems. Of course, HR exists there only to protect the... —  read more 

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Friday WFH Policy is a Joke

I'm still disappointed in what our leaders landed on. WFH has been working seamlessly AT HOME. Now we need to come into the office so that we can sit at a desk to do the same. The new office lacks conference rooms so i still dont quite... —  read more 

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How many shares have you received since bankruptcy? Our fearless leader got 735,745.....for those wondering that’s over $40,000,000 at today’s stock price. My 2% raise sure does look awesome against that. Say what you want about the previous... —  read more 

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What should I do?

My wife was offered a higher paying position with the company she works for, the only catch is we have to move cross country. There is no doubt that she is taking it. It has better benefits and a substantial increase in pay. The question I have is... —  read more 

You are just a number

Ever realize we are just bodies filling a void at this company and in the industry? There is very little professional growth for the majority of employees, while a select few good ole boys and girls get the attention and money they desire. You are... —  read more 


That’s the number of shares that Kendall was issued today on the form 4 that was filed with the SEC. Must be nice at 24-25 a share. Bankrupt to almost $10,000,000 in I said, must be nice

Finally looking up!

Excited to see the tide has turned..... l sank 75% of my last two paychecks into the “stock”..... more like penny candy! With our assets so strong in a bullish Natural Gas market, compounded by the overcoming of our bankruptcy hurdles........ IT’S... —  read more 


I still recall a phone screening with current Director of Reservoir Engineering a few years ago. I was unemployed, a long career guy needing a break. Instead I got the early-career silly questions. I was interrupting the individual’s lunch break... —  read more 

401K risk

Good evening, for the record I left several years ago but I still have my Denbury Meryl lynch 401K plan. It’s done well and I really like that plan. But I’m curious if it is in danger anyway because of the bankruptcy. Anyone have any useful info... —  read more 

CFO out?

Anyone else notice MA's contact info wasn't on the press release this morning? Is he out?? Or just too chickens*** to put his name on it and answer investor calls?

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