Topics regarding layoffs at Denbury Resources Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Denbury Resources Inc.

CCUS bonus program

Wondering what the bonus structure is for CCUS team, what % of GA is it? Does NW get paid in dental floss/toothpaste/toothbrush/whitening strips? Is NW’s hair gel another bonus bucket? Do carbon emitters pay NW with whitening strips in exchange... —  read more 

2022 Bonus Confusion

I am confused and need some help understanding our bonus. I was under the impression that we were on target to hit 120% and that half of this was going to be paid before year end 2022. My bonus payment was 50%, are we going to get 50% on our second... —  read more 

Town Hall

It sounds like the company is doing extremely well! I’ve been working for Denbury for a long time! I am financially struggling! Losing the LTI and several years with no raise were a financial hit to me! I hope the board will keep in mind that... —  read more 

Can’t figure this one out

My boss tells me some people from the south can go work in the north, now why are we doing this when we are all short handed? And what are we going to pay more to those folks? I don’t get the thought behind this “plan”.

Anxious to leave

I am aware that there are many better places that give employees higher pay and better benefits, but still it is not easy to start from scratch after almost 12 years here. I’m pretty sure most stay here just because they are too anxious to leave? —  read more 


A lot of talk about people leaving the company. Honestly I can't see a lot of people leaving at my location. Is attrition really unusually high, or have the rumors without merit started going wild for now reason?

Management and raises

Here is what I was thinking when I heard the remarks during the town hall. If memory serves me right our CEO was granted over 700k shares worth $18 million in 2020. At the price our stock hit this week $84, that is worth almost $62 million. We won’t... —  read more 

Middle tier mangers

The question I personally don't have an answer to is why does middle tier management make life he-l for employees? It can often be heard that they are victims of executive abuse too. But then why are they trying to make others' lives miserable?

Conserving Oil

Given the escalating tensions in the Ukraine and Russia and future potential shortages/rising prices of oil in the U.S., has any consideration been given for additional days to work from home? Seems like it would be prudent to conserve national... —  read more 


Why did the bonus % decrease from what we were told a few months ago? Anyone get an explanation? Not complaining, just curious?


Love working at home! But enjoy the in person connection with my co- workers as well. I love the hybrid setup. Regardless of WTH or not I think growth is exciting! Even if WFH, employees still need an office workspace, so the fact that they are... —  read more 

Why come back?

I’m not scared of COVID, but I still can’t make much sense of the push to be back in the office. I spoke to a couple of people today who were excited to see coworkers, but also questioning the need to jump back to the 45 minute commute and lack of... —  read more 

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