Topics regarding layoffs at Denbury Resources Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Denbury Resources Inc.


That’s the number of shares that Kendall was issued today on the form 4 that was filed with the SEC. Must be nice at 24-25 a share. Bankrupt to almost $10,000,000 in I said, must be nice

Finally looking up!

Excited to see the tide has turned..... l sank 75% of my last two paychecks into the “stock”..... more like penny candy! With our assets so strong in a bullish Natural Gas market, compounded by the overcoming of our bankruptcy hurdles........ IT’S... —  read more 


I still recall a phone screening with current Director of Reservoir Engineering a few years ago. I was unemployed, a long career guy needing a break. Instead I got the early-career silly questions. I was interrupting the individual’s lunch break... —  read more 

401K risk

Good evening, for the record I left several years ago but I still have my Denbury Meryl lynch 401K plan. It’s done well and I really like that plan. But I’m curious if it is in danger anyway because of the bankruptcy. Anyone have any useful info... —  read more 

CFO out?

Anyone else notice MA's contact info wasn't on the press release this morning? Is he out?? Or just too chickens*** to put his name on it and answer investor calls?

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