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why are updates so focused on stock price?

it made sense when most employees still received stock. but now that most of us don't, it's really only relevant for 85% of us in terms of stock we've received in the past. that's the same whether we work here or not. we're equal to any random... read more

Town Hall

What is going on? Is Denbury in trouble or making moves? Anyone know of big news or is this talk about the earnings? How did everyone feel about raises?

Expect more layoffs at Denbury

So, now that the PV merger has been canceled, we can look forward to more layoffs in order to cut costs that were supposed to be cut through the acquisition. I'm not sure when it will start, but it would be naive to think they are not coming for... read more

PV merger

i can't believe the merger isn't going to happen. denbury shareholders are stupid. PR oversold the EOR thing and has now crippled us so that we can't diversify. CK will have to explain to them why it's good to NOT have your eggs all in one basket... read more

raises coming?

Mr. Kendal said raises on april 1 In that email the other day. We haven’t heard a thing out here and nobody seems to know or keen on telling us . Nothing was told on the town meeting video either last week. any word at the plano office?

Cafe status

i've been gone a while...what's the status of the cafe? they still serving food? is it still free or reduced price?

Why hang on to a sinking ship?

Just curious as to what is keeping you at DNR? It is no longer what it once was, and with so many other good companies out there.. why do this to yourself?

I bet we....

Cut some more folks. With lower prices and this acquisition...i bet we carve a few off.

Raises and bonus

So what’s the word on the street about raises and bonus. Seems like no communication about raises or even timing of them. Also no transparency of where we are trending with the bonus. Can’t imagine it’s anywhere close to the target we were told early... read more

Penn Virginia

Wall Street does not favor this acquisition, what does everyone else think?

Operations Reorganization

What is the plan? Hearing widespread changes coming to all Ops. Just rumors? Many good employees have left in the last few months. Anyone concerned or surprised? Stock is up so no one is worried?

town hall meetings

i wonder if they've had time to incorporate any of the survey responses into the remarks for the town hall meetings


Is this to be considered for a best place to work or just a check in? Serious question here.

Wow @ the response

So we announce we're selling our core properties that this company was built on on this place is silent Let em move the yogurt machine in plano and this place lights up like Facebook. A lot of people look at this for water cooler talk but I guess it... read more

Best decision ever!

I left before the 3rd layoffs. Best decision ever! Found better pay, and I didn't have to suffer from depression at walking past all of the empty offices. It was such a great place to be in the 6 years I worked there, but its time for people to go if... read more
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The LTI needed to be reworked.

It really was an incredible asset for all the employees but it was just unsustainable at that level for an industry where everyone is cutting costs and most companies didn't offer to everyone. With base salaries finally showing upward movement and... read more

Bye Bye Love, Bye Bye LTI!!

Finally they are pulling the plug on the LTIs for all the "non" technical staff. We engineers/geologists are doing all the work and floating the boat while the others just sit all day and keep milking the cow! DNR is not a charity, although some of... read more

Frying Pan to Fire

How many do we think put in their notices today since we got our bonus? Be careful not to jump from the frying pan directly into the fire. Grass is ALWAYS greener on the other side.

Laid off employee

I was laid off the third round of cuts, it turned out to be a blessing. I’ve landed a job more than doubling my monthly income with Denbury. I have a lot of friends that are still with Denbury and I wish them all the best!

Have my second interview at Pioneer

Too many in HR with the CPA talking about us making too much. We can't afford to lose even more pay than we already have with our stock and bonus cuts. Pioneer is the same Drive for me and they're not slashing their people or cutting their pay.

Morale is low at Denbury

I am busting my a-- as well, but I also am getting frustrated. I talk to my peers at other O&G companies in DFW and Houston and, while everyone is dealing with the new reality of $50 oil, there doesn't seem to be the demoralizing environment that we... read more

"Job Elimination" the new Layoff by our CPA HR

Just watched 2 well paid good older workers get walked out today. Their jobs were eliminated. We just hired someone last month (young and cheap). Twice now. No more big layoffs, just small ones you never see coming. HR made sure management couldn't... read more

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