Topics regarding layoffs at Denbury Resources Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Denbury Resources Inc.

Finally looking up!

Excited to see the tide has turned..... l sank 75% of my last two paychecks into the “stock”..... more like penny candy! With our assets so strong in a bullish Natural Gas market, compounded by the overcoming of our bankruptcy hurdles........ IT’S... —  read more 


I still recall a phone screening with current Director of Reservoir Engineering a few years ago. I was unemployed, a long career guy needing a break. Instead I got the early-career silly questions. I was interrupting the individual’s lunch break... —  read more 

401K risk

Good evening, for the record I left several years ago but I still have my Denbury Meryl lynch 401K plan. It’s done well and I really like that plan. But I’m curious if it is in danger anyway because of the bankruptcy. Anyone have any useful info... —  read more 

CFO out?

Anyone else notice MA's contact info wasn't on the press release this morning? Is he out?? Or just too chickens*** to put his name on it and answer investor calls?

Job Reductions

We are in denial if we don’t think there is a high chance some type of reductions in the form of furloughs first then layoffs later in a month or two. I’m afraid the video messages we Get from Plano have gotten may have been more wishing and hoping... —  read more 


All over the wires about DNR hiring outside bank to help in the subject process. When will our executives come out to company about it? Strange Chris didn’t talk at last town hall about it. Hopefully they can work a decent deal with our debt... —  read more 


Have we finally laid off the lawn crew? What about the janitors? Are we going to be cleaning toilets when we get back. I hope so because I don’t have much work to do other than get on here all day and think what everyone says to be true. Amiright?

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