Topics regarding layoffs at Denbury Resources Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Denbury Resources Inc.

Salary Sharing

Why don’t we share our XOM salary increase from our previous base salary. This will be interesting to see if it was inline with what we were told would be included in our new base salary.

Pioneer Here

At Pioneer, we haven’t heard much on how the whole process of job offers if there are any are going to happen. Did you have to interview, or were offers just extended based off of resumes? Thanks for your responses.

February Offers

It’s getting real now. sad. it’s good that we only have to wait 4-6 more weeks to find out if we get an offer and for how much money. scared of decisions that come next though. hoping the best for all. hang in there everyone.

End of an Era

The weight of the situation seems palpable in the office today. Who knows what tomorrow will bring, I hope a package soon for me because what I've seen of XOM I do not like.

To Stay or Go?

Looks like people are starting to leave which has me thinking if its best to stay or go now? There are so many unknowns in staying, I was talking to a friend that worked at XTO when XOM took over and said immediately they had to follow their... — read more 

Integration with Exxon

Can someone explain the integration process? Who will be on that team other than AB for Den and XOM reps? Does it matter if your boss is or isn’t on the team? Will it be just CCS ? Wishing everyone the best ! Denbury has been a great place to work. — read more 

Cowboys tickets

You would think under the circumstances we could auction off the cowboys tickets for free. Consider it a small win for moral at the moment but another opportunity missed to remember that not everyone is set to p-o on a golden toilet the rest of their... — read more 

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Motivation Speeches

I know it feels like we're at Hot Gate with the Persian army encroaching so I figure I'd start a thread of motivational videos to get us through the next months. Here's a good first one:

Embarrassing Speech

Did you watch the town hall? If you ever are scheduled to give a presentation, remember that attempt at speaking and don’t do it without sufficient rest, and if that isn’t possible, remember: say less. That was embarrassing. Some people get lucky and... — read more 

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