Topics regarding layoffs at SandRidge Energy Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at SandRidge Energy Inc.

TG I was kicked out in 2015

Was cut in 2015, can't say enough how well I am doing since. Moved to a real state and city (Austin, TX), real jobs without BS. The family is still in Edmond bu ti am not going back, ever!

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Good to see Bennett and Griffin out. They didn't add to SD, but were over-paid goof-balls. Time will tell is SD will survive the long haul. Even with the current lay-offs, additional cuts could happen. I see a very trim future for us. Much trimmer!

Oklahoma City Office Layoffs

About 100 people laid off today. As expected. Most of them knew. Some had performance issues, some were really good - so, it is a sad day but I am glad it is all over now... or is it? It is never over here...

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March 2018 layoffs

Been hearing from a few folks that more layoffs will be taking place in early March. Not sure if I should take it seriously or dismiss it since I'm yet to find any corroboration on it. Is this legit? I don't want to get too worked out over it if it's... —  read more 

Icahn Wins

The only thing they can do at SD at this point is go through layoffs again. G&A too high and no new BCEI production to hide the costs under. Good luck!

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D-Day is Tuesday the 15th

It will be Tuesday & Wednesday though many have already been told by VP level if they're on the list. Some layoffs have already happened in the field. Good luck all.

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Prayers to all those who have suffered due to the decline in the O&G Industry. I empathize being that I lost my position 1 year ago.

I would love to help anyone who has thought about going back to school! I can help you with adult education & ol programs. The classes are 100% ol. You also have the option to go into the classroom one evening a week. You will be provided a laptop if... —  read more 

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IT rumors

Rumor is, the happiest lazy bitch in IT now is S. Shielded under the TC " You're my man" umbrella, s/he got to keep his/her role even though s/he is very lazy, never completed any serious projects and always tries to drop non ass kissing / management... —  read more 

JB Connect Message

SandRidge is 30 days away from defaulting because they aren't making their interest payment. And JB claims they will continue to make payroll. Once this thing goes bankrupt, no payroll, bonuses, severance packages. You will be left out looking in... —  read more 

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