Topics regarding layoffs at HollyFrontier Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at HollyFrontier Corp.

How many layoffs will this mean?

Acquisitions are never good for employees of either company, the question is only how bad it will get. We might be in a somewhat better position than Sinclair employees, but this is going to hit us as well for sure. I'm just wondering other than... —  read more 

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I don't see a future here

As so many have said before, with this leadership the company is doomed. They keep making one wrong decision after another and the company keeps suffering for it. I'm confident we could get back on track with some competent leadership but since... —  read more 

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Maybe Hope

The company may have hope if senior leadership can identify clueless actors within the company. It is a good company, but is infiltrated by lackluster, arrogant personnel. Reorgs for the specialty branch seem to come as the seasons, changing the... —  read more 

The Future is Bleak

The future is bleak. Incompetence is running rampant in the organization and those who have dedicated their lives to the organization are being replaced by "head nodders" and "yes people". Free thought and having the ability better the company is... —  read more 

Interview scheduled

I have a F2F interview next week and was wondering what to expect if hired. How is the company culture? Are there growth opportunities? Is employee engagement encouraged? Most importantly is work/life balance manageable? I want to work for a company... —  read more 

Terrible management

HollyFrontier management is among the worse - if not the worst - I've ever had the displeasure of working for. Incompetent, inexperienced, verbally abusive, have no interest in hearing any ideas that don't fit their narrow vision... However, this... —  read more 

Fired after 20 years of service.

I lost my job today for a very poor excuse after 29 years of exceptional service. I am hearing there are another 8 were fired at three other locations. This is similar to what happened last year around this same time. Five employees were fire just... —  read more 

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