Topics regarding layoffs at Concho Resources Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Concho Resources Inc.

So long Concho

It's almost time, sad ending but I enjoyed the ride. Not sure what the future will hold for us but still grateful for the past, the job and benefits changed my life and were greatly needed. Like the old saying goes, nothing good last... —  read more 

Midland Question

Visiting from the ExxonMobil (XTO) board. We’ve had our 20% cost of living adjustment cut and our savings plan match eliminated. We also don’t have an HMO option for insurance just an expensive high deductible out of network plan. Is the grass any... —  read more 


Long-time ConocoPhillips’s employee here. I’m hoping to be “let go” gracefully with EOI and wish this merger and combined company well. But, that said, y’all need to be aware of the backstabbing poisonous culture at ConocoPhillips’s. Be prepared to... —  read more 

Plain and simple

I can guarantee once the acquisition is completed heads are going to be on the chopping block. To put it bluntly, make sure to have a contingency plan in case your head is on it. I have friends across all industries that have been laid off and it is... —  read more 

Get ready to relocate.

Probably less than a year the offices will be closed and everyone will be moved to Houston or Bartlesville, Ok. Finance, IT, HR will go to Oklahoma and the rest to Houston. Hopefully they’ll offer a relocation package....

10 Things

As a ConocoPhillips’s employee I’ll offer you some insight into our new company. And don’t forget (because our managers and leaders won’t) WE are taking over YOU. (1) For your career and annual ratings/rewards, it’s better to look good than be... —  read more 

Farewell Emerald City

Well the saying every dog has there day... welcome to the club COG. Nobody knows what the future holds anymore. A governor who wants to end Oil & Gas. Seems like that buildings in SE NM could be for sale soon.

Low Morale

Morale is extremely low, no turning back. So bad, upper management forcing people to attend the holiday party and taking names if not attending. When did we get to this point? Pretty sad. They are doing everything to maintain their image rather than... —  read more 

Buyout ?

Are these rumors of buyout in January solid? Or just that simply rumors. Worried about my job and family.

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Join the crowd

Ironically concho never thought they would ever catch the lay-off game. Guess what.... no body is immune in this market. Sadly your perfect palace is crumbling along with your stock.

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Unethical Place of Business

Concho is the most unethical place I have ever worked. They don't want to call anything a "layoff" so they just lie, and make up whatever reason they want to fire someone. No proper HR protocol is followed. There should be investigations done... —  read more 

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