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Tomorrow is D day for Carlton

Well Range is getting rid of Carlton Office at the end of the week. pretty much gave it away and all the original people that made Range. Severance packages all around.

Merger Thought??? Who Wins?

This has prompted speculation about consolidation, and Morgan Stanley energy analysts Wednesday offered some possible combinations that would make sense based on “accretion and geographic overlap.” Range Resources (RRC) and Southwestern Energy... —  read more 

Stock Getting Hammered- Morale is also!

2Q earnings next week will not be good. Large institutional investors are selling down their positions in a hurry. The only people who should be losing their jobs at this company are the executives and their buddies on the board. Morale at this... —  read more 

Office Closing

Rumor going around the FTW office is that the Houston office will be closed this year and consolidated. Have not heard a timeline though.

How do you make $4.5 billion disappear?

Buy MRD. Range did no due diligence when they bought MRD because they needed a boost in pdp reserves quickly. They then fired all the N. LA ops guys and MRD accountants that Range brought on with the acquisition. After reading the 2Q call transcript... —  read more 

Range Resources Lays Off in North Louisiana

And the axe continues to cut. The stiffs came from FT. Worth on Friday to North LA today and started cutting management folks. Had security present and sheriff's department cars waiting to carry people home. Didn't even allow the laid off employees a... —  read more 

Range Resources Lays off 19. More to come

April 07, 2017 - Here they go again. 19 people cut in the Ft. Worth, TX office. A few stay on the "transition team" and will be whacked as soon as they are finished. RMS Titanic II

Strange Resources

Laying people off in this fashion will hurt Range's ability to acquire talent in the future. Made emphasis on how good Range was at focusing on long term and riding out storms, then without warning shuts down division. This downturn won't last... —  read more 

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Ft Worth

Some people got offers to go to Ft Worth, but I've only heard of 1 who's going who isn't management. Telling an office that there is no immediate threat then closing the office a couple of weeks later is shady. Everyone showed up to work on Tuesday... —  read more 

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OKC Office Closed

MidCon division is closing, I'm out of work. But I was gonna give up Range for lent anyways....

Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania

What do you guys think about the future here? Are we solid? Are things going to be better or should we expect cuts in 2015. Pinkerton and Ventura run a tight ship but I am not sure that things will be rosy in 2015. God bless.

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2014 questions

I have seen what happened to CHK and Encana, what are the prospects of layoffs happening at RRC? I know that things used to be worse and that the industry is recovering a bit now, but overall, do you think we'll see massive layoffs (Encana is cutting... —  read more 

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