Topics regarding layoffs at Range Resources Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Range Resources Corp.

Pioneer Purchase

PXD is going to acquire RRC for a premium to expand their operations sometime in Q2. I've heard they will retain ~50% of the RRC staff, mostly field folks. PXD already fat so no need to get fatter with more people

Sad state of this company

Management should be ashamed of how they have run this company into a debt ridden company. They should have taken the Shell money and Jv’d back in 2010. Maybe that deal would have not let management piss away one of the best average positions in a... — read more 

Executive Comp

When are you guys going to announce cuts to your compensation? You all should be ashamed of yourselves. It must s— to look into the mirror each morning knowing what a c-appy job you have done.

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Merger Thought??? Who Wins?

This has prompted speculation about consolidation, and Morgan Stanley energy analysts Wednesday offered some possible combinations that would make sense based on “accretion and geographic overlap.” Range Resources (RRC) and Southwestern Energy... — read more 

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Strange Resources

Laying people off in this fashion will hurt Range's ability to acquire talent in the future. Made emphasis on how good Range was at focusing on long term and riding out storms, then without warning shuts down division. This downturn won't last... — read more 

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Ft Worth

Some people got offers to go to Ft Worth, but I've only heard of 1 who's going who isn't management. Telling an office that there is no immediate threat then closing the office a couple of weeks later is shady. Everyone showed up to work on Tuesday... — read more 

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Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania

What do you guys think about the future here? Are we solid? Are things going to be better or should we expect cuts in 2015. Pinkerton and Ventura run a tight ship but I am not sure that things will be rosy in 2015. God bless.

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2014 questions

I have seen what happened to CHK and Encana, what are the prospects of layoffs happening at RRC? I know that things used to be worse and that the industry is recovering a bit now, but overall, do you think we'll see massive layoffs (Encana is cutting... — read more 

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