Topics regarding layoffs at Apache Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Apache Corp.

Apache has turned into a joke

Those who believe Apache is at the top of its game make me laugh. Most of the smart, technical people who kept us at the top have left years ago. With the leadership we have right now, I'm shocked we're still standing at all! Nobody wants to work... —  read more 

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Highest level of incompetence

Other companies are doing whatever they can to keep their best people, while Apache is so determined to get rid of them that it's willing to pay them to walk away. Others are offering raises where this place is offering severances and nobody seems to... —  read more 

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They don't care at all

Ever since I finally accepted that they don’t care about employees at all, it’s been easier for me. I used to be very disappointed, but now there is no disappointment anymore. The only thing I sometimes wonder is what would manegement do here if they... —  read more 

Issues at Apache

Really upset that they’re making us come back into office. The “hybrid” model is really only 1.5 days not 2. Many of us have proved we can do our work from home and have enjoyed MUCH better work/life balance. They couldn’t even wait til the new... —  read more 

Prepare for this

We're looking for someone with the wisdom of a 50-year old, the experience of a 40-year old, the drive of a 30-year old, and the pay scale of a 20-year old. I know this is supposed to be a joke, but I've been interviewing in the last several months... —  read more 

Covid is done!!!!

According to JC and his minions as of October 18th Covid is done and you are required to report back to the office! People are Apache’s greatest asset, except when it comes to valuing your health, then they decide what’s best for you! —  read more 

I made the right choice

Walked away a year ago. I was petrified that I was making the biggest mistake of my life. While it was a bit rough at first as it usually is with any new position, I'm now in a much better place than I was a year ago. I just wanted to let the people... —  read more 

People leaving

So some people are so fed up they are leaving without another Job. That should tell you EVERYTHING!!!! No room for growth and playing games isn't looking so good now is it?


Morale is so low. Micromanagers need to GO. People are leaving your groups for a reason. Apache used to be a Fun place to work. Even with lots to do. Now, nobody wants to even think about working here. Too many good people retired and these... —  read more 

GOM Shelf Assets

Is anyone paying attention to the multi billion dollar APA P&A liability looming in "Fieldwood 1" which is being operated by the same company who filed bankruptcy twice in 2 years and now calls themselves QuarterNorth Energy?

Uncertainty is the worst

Of course everyone is more or less on the edge after constant layoffs in the last two years. People can't focus on work because they are worried about what will happen tomorrow. What I expected from leadership was to at least find some way to... —  read more 

Bosses constantly shifting

I have so far tried to develop an effective relationship with my bosses, until I got my fifth boss. Then I gave up. It’s not worth making much of an investment because I knew that one too would be replaced quickly. How can anyone get what they need... —  read more 

Soulless company

Apache has turned into a soulless company driven by nothing else but the almighty dollar. They couldn't care less about any of us. If some numbers cruncher decides that any of us make too much, we're gone. It doesn't matter how long we've been here... —  read more 


I wish there was more communication about Covid cases at work. Most of the people are still going to the office. So we, the more concerned ones look bad. I know more people inside and outside work that have had Covid lately. Way more cases than last... —  read more 

Layoffs are coming

Execs appear to be looking at organization as a whole and realizing what the market has for years - Apache is not a sustainable company. Apache’s assets are not great, inventory is poor, debt is too high, and the entire future of the company is... —  read more 

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