Topics regarding layoffs at Apache Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Apache Corp.

HR Posting got pulled

I noticed a thread about HR got unposted, and rightfully so. It was nothing more than celebrity mean tweets. But… There is no doubt BJ is woefully unqualified for the job. She, literally, has no strategic or original thinking. Sadly, her best... —  read more 

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Experiencing intimidation

This is a first for me and I’m not sure how to handle it. Lately I’ve been given unreasonable workloads while my usual responsibilities have been removed. Even worse, the deadlines assigned to these tasks are very difficult to achieve. I’m starting... —  read more 

Most under-qualified Staff

Beside Kevin from the Office that somehow went from a sitcom to destroying a once-upon-a-time Fortune 500, who are the worst staff on the roster? MM aka beluga whale? The SAP salesman who has 0 accomplishments in his life other then being a trust... —  read more 

C-----Mann legacy

Food for thought.... A $10,000 investment in Apache stock at the start of the JC era on 01/20/2015 would be worth a whopping $3864 today. That is after a little recent run-up in oil prices. Think about that for a bit, He and his cronies have... —  read more 

Dead Forum

Activity in a forum like this indicates activity in the company. The more comments, the more activity, bad or good. There is never a comment older than an hour on some sites (XOM). Looking here the last input was 11 days ago. The company must be... —  read more 

In other news...

The 2021 Apache Corporation Special Scholarship was granted to the children of two employees who definitely need help sending their kids to college. Really cool message you're sending with that one, Apache. Their opinion of our opinion of them is... —  read more 

Remember this

It is always easier to look for a new job when you already have one. Apache was once a good place to work but those days are gone. If you don't want to be the next casualty of this place then start applying right now. You don't have much to lose and... —  read more 

Employee ranking

Which VP substantially exceeded our expectations? according to that ranking they deserve a ~2. Anyway, we all have seen that high performers do not get the best rewards at Apa. Good luck at ranking at 5.

Lack of Strategie

The company continues a long tradition of having only a vague upstream strategy driven by existing assets, like monetize stranded gas or develop unconventionals. Decisions are typically proposals from lower management to do obvious projects which are... —  read more 

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