Topics regarding layoffs at Apache Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Apache Corp.


Let's just remember that JC gave one of those awards to SK, the master mind behind the AH scam. How many billions were wasted?

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Stick a Fork In Us? Total seems to be cooling on our quaint little South American... —  read more 


John Christmann, 2015 - 2019: Cumulative compensation: $72,500,000 Average annual compensation: $14,500,000 Apache, 2015 - 2019: Total shareholder returns: -54% Average annual free cash flow: -$442,600,000 Average return on capital... —  read more 


The latest video from JC and "Thunder Dome" MM is riddled with holes. They speak of employees wanting a "hybrid work model" but no one I talk to wants to go back to the office in any capacity. Seriously, who wants to go back to spending an hour and a... —  read more 

Appreciation to Project Descend and incompetent leadership, I have found a new home! For those still looking, keep your head up!

This is going to sound odd for some of you, but I want to say thank you to the Project Ascend Team and incompetent leadership throughout the company. If I was not laid off, I would have stayed on the sinking ship and went down without a life jacket... —  read more 

Let us back in

I realize I don't speak for everybody, but I would be the first to step back into the office if they would let me. I'll sign a waiver, I'll do whatever I have to do for the company to not feel liable for my safety. Working from home is a kind of... —  read more 

Layoff survivor Anxiety

I was wondering if it’s only me feeling this way. Yes, I’m grateful I have a job. Surviving countless layoffs at Apa stresses me out. It’s that constant fear, sinking morale, overworking picking what others were doing, teams destroyed, less sense of... —  read more 

Nothing is Standard

Apache Employees continue to get things taken away. Yet Contractors/Consultants and Third Parties are still getting paid for the same things. Apache took away Housing for employees in Alpine High. Yet Consultants get a per diem, Altus Midstream... —  read more 

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Supply Chain

Management is a joke. Why do you need 4 Directors and a VP who brownnosed his way to the top? Still hoping for a package because common sense left this department a long time ago.

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