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Appreciation to Project Descend and incompetent leadership, I have found a new home! For those still looking, keep your head up!

This is going to sound odd for some of you, but I want to say thank you to the Project Ascend Team and incompetent leadership throughout the company. If I was not laid off, I would have stayed on the sinking ship and went down without a life jacket... —  read more 

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Let us back in

I realize I don't speak for everybody, but I would be the first to step back into the office if they would let me. I'll sign a waiver, I'll do whatever I have to do for the company to not feel liable for my safety. Working from home is a kind of... —  read more 

Layoff survivor Anxiety

I was wondering if it’s only me feeling this way. Yes, I’m grateful I have a job. Surviving countless layoffs at Apa stresses me out. It’s that constant fear, sinking morale, overworking picking what others were doing, teams destroyed, less sense of... —  read more 

COVID Response and Leadership

While this page seems to be a venting outlet I'd like to commend APA on the way they've handled this entire COVID pandemic. They could easily require us to be back in the field and office but have allowed us to work remotely for months (I realize... —  read more 

Nothing is Standard

Apache Employees continue to get things taken away. Yet Contractors/Consultants and Third Parties are still getting paid for the same things. Apache took away Housing for employees in Alpine High. Yet Consultants get a per diem, Altus Midstream... —  read more 

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Managements Threats to withhold Bonus

In the last 2 weeks field teams have been threatened twice by management to withhold or garnish out next years bonus for any driving violations, or if we are caught not wearing our masks in the office or while on location with other people. .. —  read more 

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Executives pay cut

In virtual town-hall meeting It was mentioned executives’ pay cut, and the answer was that they took pay cuts because the stock price went down?

So now we are shooting ourselves in the foot.

This company must have an A team of id–ts working around the clock on how to drive this once great company in the ground. We now have decided to not flare ever. No government mandate. We our doing it because we are now green. What stupidity with... —  read more 

Supply Chain

Management is a joke. Why do you need 4 Directors and a VP who brownnosed his way to the top? Still hoping for a package because common sense left this department a long time ago.

I actually want to be laid off.

I've hated this company, this job, and this industry for the last 3 years or so. For those of us who are fresh out of school...boy oh boy did we miss the boat on a fun career in oil and gas. Give me severance and let me walk away from this empty... —  read more 

Take it all away until they quit or go broke.

Apache couldn’t care less about their employees or their well beings. Many of people have busted their asses for this company and they don’t care. Not one bit. Unless you are certain people or certain contractors. They have decided to stop... —  read more 


Any layoffs coming or are we done? I saw last weeks comment about a slaughter but nothing has happened.

Working Virtual

Rumors are circulating that APA leadership is considering allowing non-essential personnel to work remotely indefinitely. Has anyone else heard this? With so many companies (Twitter, Coca Cola, Google, Kiewit etc.) moving to a virtual work day it... —  read more 

Contrarian? Absolutely!

Apache has used Project Ascend to downgrade and downskill nearly every team in our “strong, diverse portfolio”. That is a move others are not taking. Cannot wait to see how this plays out. Fire in the belly y’all! Roll Call: What’s your favorite... —  read more 

Stock News (That You Probably Know)

Apache stock falls as company takes defensive measures amid oil price declines Oil and gas company Apache Corp. APA, -1.44% shares fell 3.8 % in the extended session Wednesday after the company reported losses that were narrower than consensus... —  read more 

This leadership has destroyed this company

I am a current long time employee. I use to believe in this company and our leadership. Like many of you I have invested my professional life to Apache because of this belief. After witnessing our leadership manipulate, play good old boy and be... —  read more 

Truth or Anger Posts?

Who actually has real factual information? Or is everyone just upset & running their mouth. I totally get the impact this is having on the all areas of the oil patch.... and and the US....

Peak apathy

Do many (or any) of us left even care anymore? Bleak outlook, company rapidly falling apart, continual reorgs that reduce workforce while bolstering management, and all of this PRIOR to any OPEC manipulation or coronavirus. Motivation is harder to... —  read more 

Alpine High staff now runs Permian

With the failure of Alpine High, it makes perfect sense to move that staff into Permian and cut the Permian staff that kept the cash flow coming into Apache. Logical move JC. With oil below $20, the only way to go is up. JC will say it was the... —  read more 

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