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Eastern Shelf Fields

Anyone have news on whos buying the fields located in Snyder, Ira, and Hamlin, TX? we were told our last day with Apache is Feb 28 but, didn't release what company is buying the fields.

Black listed?

If HR or project team is reading this or anyone else, will employees that are voluntary leaving or involuntary let go: will they black listed by company to be consider for future position?

Early Retirement Amounts?

Does anyone know what the salary multiple was for those who accepted the early retirement offer? Was it 2 weeks per year of service? 1 month per year? 80% of a month per year? Or was there no standard salary multiple?


It seems its all quiet on the front.....any updates in Houston office? Thinking it might take a hit at the near end of January.

Early "retirement" effective 12/31/19

A large body of experience just walked out the door today, due to the early "retirement" mini-incentive offered in November. It's a shame, but there are opportunities for APA competitors right now with these on the market. Mismanagement at it's... —  read more 

Suriname Saves Apache??

How’s your French Christmann? Thank you to Total for saving 2019 Christmas. I’m surprised it hasn’t hit the market news-wise though...

SA lied about Alpine. Let ‘me ALL go.

SA Apache: lied about Alpine being an oil play. As former Enron, of course they did. And then they stole from other offices like Midland and Tulsa once they infiltrated. Treated underlings c-appy and fired those who said anything. Tanked everyone’s... —  read more 

Post Oak

Post Oak is shrinking, but the trees kept voting for the axe. For the axe was clever and convinced the trees that because his handle was wood he was one of them.

Severance if you reject a Houston spot?

Anyone have any idea what kind of severance will be given to people who do get an offer in Houston, but don’t want to be trapped in the same building as our CEO in a giant, ugly parking lot of a city?

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So quiet....

Wow... so quiet considering the news that came out today! Figures everybody would be celebrating the closure of the SA office.

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Financial status

There is no way to spin the numbers to make APA look good. Continuing to pay dividends despite losses, amassing debt, willingly decimating our own revenue each quarter via asset sales, and now making the noble decision to be explorers despite having... —  read more 

Just got my first pay cut ever wow

I didn’t expect this to be honest i got my first pay cut as a pumper 3 from 79k to 70k a year and they cutting the pension plan what a bs looking to go somewhere else asap

Vacation Carryover

Did anyone else hear or read on the FAQ's: severed employees who have carryover vacation will not be paid for it? That sounds weird? Right? If you were vested to get the benefit, why could a severed employee not get the benefit? Anyone gotten... —  read more 

Anticipated Drop

Don't have finance knowledge, is it possible the news about the Suriname update might have been anticipated to cause a drop so better news will help drive the stock up? Or the plunge would make the benefit payouts better on the equity?

enough is enough

So tired of our management bungling everything. Does anyone know anything actually concrete about Maka?? If they are testing it means they found something right? Maybe it is gas so therefore uneconomic.... I should not have put so much into... —  read more 

Cyber Monday Sale

Apache Stock has a great cyber Monday sale going on. Purchase now and a really good chance it will drop in price!

Surinam Well Bad News for Apache

Apache stock closes at $19.54, down $2.74 (12.3%) close to a 19 year low. It is the largest single day drop (in percent) since November 2008. This is based on evaluation of an exploratory well in block 58, offshore Surinam. Initial depth of 6200... —  read more 

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Maka Central - 1 Well Offshore Suriname

Apache Corporation Issues Operational Update on the Maka Central - 1 Well Offshore Suriname https://finance.yahoo.com/news/apache-corporation-issues-operational-maka-120010406.html

The start of the layoffs?

I believe yesterday was the final day to accept a retirement package if offered one. Unfortunately, this might signal the start of layoffs. Interesting point @11YHmyU0-gcsz . Could this really be an indication that the layoffs could start soon?

Suriname Well Results

Our managers are making a huge gamble on this Suriname well..... It better pay off. Anyone hear anything about the well? It should have TDed already.

Can’t believe it

So I got a call this morning from My Forman wanting to talk just now!!! So went to his office and he was like we have to talk about your paid they fkinf cutting my paid like wtf it’s not a lot but still it’s bs putting my 2 weeks really soon f this... —  read more 

Early Retirement Packages

Early retirement packages were offered today. Standard (up to) one year pay, 80% bonus and stock plan vested depending on age and years of service. Employees have until the 26th to make a decision.

Pay Cuts?

On top of layoffs, are they going to ask employees to take pay cuts?

Midland and San Antonio Gone!

From visual materials distributed and broadcast during CEO announcements the only clear thing is that Houston is the center of the Apache universe and will remain so. Midland non-execution operations are gone. San Antonio non-execution operations... —  read more 

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Business Model Change: Acquire & Exploit

The company should return to its acquire and exploit model, which was proven and successful. But it lacks the executive team to do that and now the worker bees are going to suffer.

Apache Announces 10-15% Layoffs

The earlier poster is correct. Apache has announced a 10-15% headcount reduction across the entire company. Spending is being reduced by $250 million to $500 million. The future of the company may depend on the exploitation results in offshore... —  read more 

Apache Earnings

Reported loss of 29 cents/share, revenue down 25.5% from a year ago. Strategic reorganization has begun to address these issues. Hope you all make it to the Christmas party before you get thrown out to the street.

10 to 15% Layoff coming soon

AWESOME!!!!!!! Alpine High was clearly a huge mistake. Let's see who makes it though this one. I'm sure SA office will close 1st. Don't put all your eggs in one basket.

San Antonio Office Will Close

The earnings call on Thursday the 30th is sure to be one of the worst in Apache's history. In a regional damage control meeting last week, a mention of, maybe I can tell you more after the earnings call. Yahoo Finance released an article (google... —  read more 

Is Something Happening To Apache as a whole?

There was a long comment on here yesterday about some things going on with houston and permian. it was deleted quickly. What does that mean? The are plenty of bogus topics that stay on here forever. I'm concerned because Apache is really rough... —  read more 

Re-org imminent

We've all heard the whispers about what could be on the horizon for San Antonio. What happened yesterday was likely the death knell for that office. Like Tulsa a few years before, some of the employees will be offered transfers to other offices while... —  read more 

Layoffs in midland today and Permian next week

We having layoffs at midland office and also next week at Permian basin there having some programs going on away and pay cuts no bonuses and no more stocks so get tuned I hope there’s a buyout very soon this company is not the same anymore... —  read more 

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