Topics regarding layoffs at Apache Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Apache Corp.

GoM Decomissioning Video

APA released a decommissioning/"retirement" video patting themselves on the back for all the wonderful things they've done to save the environment in GoM. What they left out is the regulators FORCED them to do this at a very high price. It's always... —  read more 

Management changes

Oh, fabulous! It seems like our managers have developed a love for musical chairs lately. I mean, why not change them every month, right? It's not like consistency or stability are important in management. But hey, maybe I'm just not in on the... —  read more 

Severance question

There has been some talk about possible reductions in severance, is this true? I know severance is not guaranteed and it’s the good will of the company to provide it, but still. It’s hard to believe that Apache would hit us while we’re already down... —  read more 

RIF in the works?

I hear that Planning has its sights on technical staff - too many, too expensive. There's some meeting scheduled at the end of May. I hear layoffs could happen by July. Anyone else hearing this?

Getting a promotion

To some extent, it is clear to everyone how those who do not deserve promotion still get promoted despite their lack of competence. However, why is that those who really deserve it often do not get promoted and eventually end up leaving here? I am... —  read more 

Planning … what a joke

All they do is plan the demise of Apache and now they are on yet another G&A witch hunt. If you are not in one of the protected corporate teams look out since I am sure they will be left unscathed once again. I am sure their power hungry egomaniac... —  read more 

Waste of money

Get back to Basics. Stop with all these unnecessary positions and initiatives. Perfect example is the lunch and learn on how “Hop hop changed the world”. What does that have to do with oil and gas extraction? Whomever is budgeting these items... —  read more 

Suriname on the news

“TotalEnergies and Apache’s hesitancy is understandable when it is considered that it will take around $10 billion to develop Block 58 and capitalize on the considerable oil potential the block holds.” At

The priority is to leave

It is not surprising that many more people are dedicated to looking for a new job, rather than actually investing effort in their job here. Honestly, how much effort do you put in to get the work done? I'd assume that most of us do only the bare... —  read more 

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