Topics regarding layoffs at Stallion Oilfield Services

Topics regarding layoffs at Stallion Oilfield Services

Layoffs abound

After 3 years of loyalty out shop was laid off before this Coronavirus pandemic started in US. Stallion disregards employees like yesterday’s trash

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Stallion lay offs unfair

After 4 years of loyalty and comittment to the job, dedication to the faculty and other employees . After training and helping new hires with knowlage abtained in the field of prodution, after being past over for raises and advancement in the field... —  read more 

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Stallion oilfield

Stallion is a company of liars and broken promises a company in which you are easily replaced . No loyalty. How can a person be layed off but a Co worker in same field stays but started,after you. Cousin with boss? Think bout all this

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