Topics regarding layoffs at TechnipFMC plc

Topics regarding layoffs at TechnipFMC plc

Would unionizing help?

Aren't some TechnipFMC locations union? What union are they a part of? Surely unionizing would help. We lost our bonuses forever in exchange for a one time 3% raise. How much more of this can we take?

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Stephenville moving to Saudi Arabia?

Seen this on Technip's quarterly report dated 4/28/2022. " North America sales and profitability grew sequentially, driven by increased drilling and completion activity and an improved pricing environment. Outside of North America, we are investing... —  read more 

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The culture has turned toxic

Nobody wants to be here and they're showing it by being horrible to everybody around them. This is true for middle management and employees. People I used to consider friends have turned into strangers I can't trust not to throw me under the bus if... —  read more 

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Stephenville's grim future

These last few months have been rough in the Stephenville plant. Corporate has been holding at least one hiring event a week with barely a single applicant. The management here is running established employees out the door at an alarming rate. They... —  read more 

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Erie Plant

What is going on with the Erie Plant. We were told there was a lot of working coming; thus, they are trying to hire for a 2nd shift. Now we are told that they are going to farm things out because we are so backed up, btw there isn't much work on the... —  read more 

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Never thought I would say this...

This used to be a great place to work. Great perks, lots of room to learn, great opportunities. Now the only thing that keeps me hanging on is the money, and to be honest, it is not that great compared to other companies around my area. SVP and VP... —  read more 

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Poor Leadership

TechnipFMC has been going downhill since the merger and Doug Pfeiderhert was put in charge. The leadership at the top pay themselves outrageous salaries for poor results. They systematically forced out all the Technip people who knew what they... —  read more 

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The air is thick

Since I started working here, the atmosphere has never been worse. Most people are waiting for layoffs or looking for a way to exit. No one seems to expect or hope for anything good to happen here anymore?

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I need a break

I don't hate FMC as much as some of you do. The pay and benefits are decent and I work with good people so those are not the reasons why I'm considering leaving. Being constantly expected to do the work of three people is. It wasn't always like this... —  read more 

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How soon until Erie shuts its doors?

Between the poor leadership & not being able to ship on time it seems as though management is actively working to close the doors. The number of workers who care about their job has dwindled to a handful and even they are burnt out with constantly... —  read more 

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I have never been happier than the moment I gave notice here. I am especially happy to have got a new job when I have already lost hope and when I thought I would have to stay here for a while longer. What will I miss? Hardly anything. Maybe I will... —  read more 

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Rising mediocrity

The more incompetent our superiors are, the more arrogant they are. The same applies to employees as well. It seems that it is not desirable to have knowledge and expertise, because mediocrities are respected the most here. Is there any room left... —  read more 

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Look Elsewhere

Just a word of advice from a former employee. If you are a young person looking for a career DO NOT consider TechnipFMC Stephenville. They will use you until they don’t need you anymore and throw you away like an empty McDonald’s happy meal box... —  read more 

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Engineering is not a commodity

This company treats engineering as a commodity. Outsourcing to cheap labor markets has destroyed the life blood of TechnipFMC. Senior engineers are being forced to train their counterparts (replacements) in “GECs”. The MBAs are in charge now. Now is... —  read more 

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He’s not even very personable. I guess his great email writing compensates for that. Definitely taking the company down though... —  read more 

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Always the same pattern...

many previous layoffs have not been about overhead at all. They have been about getting rid of people that don’t go along with the status quo. They got rid of the people that think for themselves and truly desire what’s best for the company. They... —  read more 

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