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All hands at Gen Park

Sounds like if you weren't a tech or an engineer you won't have a home in planning or PC. This ship is sinking. Letting a kid "Cassie "reorg. the company. And the new management... the good Ole boy system. FMC is a joke

May 31st is last day for many

In a previous post someone mentioned May 31st would be the last day to many. Can someone confirm if this is true and which group is affected? Good Luck to all.

Core Values

With FMC now becoming TechnipFMC. Do they still have core values? Does it include Valuing People and Integrity? Funny if they did.


So glad someone made this position, who else would be the ego driven game changers, who else would work the non existent weekends in place of the supervisors... Not to mention stroking the managers hubris, glorified lackeys.And the tool crib even has... read more

Never happen at fmcti

Saint-Gobain, the parent company to the Stephenville Abrasives manufacturing plant, has received the Top Employers Institute's [TEI] Top Employer North America Certification for the second consecutive year for its exceptional employee offerings... read more

The Butthurt....

..... runs deep among these pages. Honestly, if you get laid off, which is extremely possible, move on. What's the point of frequenting these pages, whining about this and that, Bubba this, Bubba that, etc. Oil dropped from $130 a barrel to $29... read more

Erie Operations

Time is ticking before Arturo pulls the handle and watches the Erie plant swirl around the toilet bowl. Mexicans work cheaper then you union cucks.


Did Erie violate federal law in December 2015 when they layed off 74? Employees were not given the mandatory 60 day notice of a layoff to occur affecting 50 or more. Are those affected by the layoff entitled to compensation under federal law.

FMC Management Please Wake Up!

Most of us have worked for FMC proudly for years. Management was appreciative and supportive of their employee’s contributions to the success of the company. In the last couple of years things have begun to change. It no longer seems that there are... read more

S07 callout

This is the worst company I have ever worked for. Why I still work here I don't know. People can come in late every day and not get in trouble. If you are not under upper managements desk then you will not move up within the company. Plain in simple... read more

Coming January 1st TechnipFMC...

More layoffs coming around starting the 1st quater of 2017. Plus the service desk/help desk is going to be out sourced..... FYI the executivesame from Beltway Lakes are being relocated to the Technip Towers on I-10... Merry Christmas everyone.


All current and past members requested to attend the annual pilgrimage, please bring all the necessities including sleep bag and fishing POLE, will be taking 1 vehicle and filling up the back seat, breakfast will be served everyday and discussions... read more

FMC Layoffs 2017

Just focus on work, focus on work, work, work. I know that people are concerned but there is nothing you can do about it - yes, I did hear about layoffs in Houston.

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