Topics regarding layoffs at TechnipFMC plc

Topics regarding layoffs at TechnipFMC plc


Was told to be ready for Next Thursday. They claim more regulation with the new administration and lack of demand to cut back even further as big oil is canceling the refurbishment of their trees... What a way to stay the new year happy 2021.

Take the leap

I wasted more than two years of my life on this company. I can tell you without a doubt those were the worst two years of my fifteen-year long career. After a while I started looking for a new job but soon the pandemic happened and I figured I was... —  read more 

No job security anymore

I worked for FMC for nearly 30 years, I took a voluntary layoff in 2019. FMC was a great place to work before the merger. Sad to say but newer employees probably will never see 30 years on the job, like many of those who started in the 80s and... —  read more 

Stupid is as stupid does

I don’t know what our ELT was thinking with last week's layoffs. Many knowledgeable employees who had years of hands on experience are now gone. Their workload will probably be pushed onto others who are already overworked. And then they'll get... —  read more 

Diversity at TechnipFMC

It’s funny listening to Pferdeturdy speak to the power of diversity when there are no people of color on his executive staff or BoD. His notion of diversity is hiring a ‘non-Aggie’ graduate. He plays the same ‘bait-n-switch’ marketing ploy as the... —  read more 

Work Laptop

I was just asked if I wrote anything on this board. I opened the site on my work laptop I know stupid. But now getting accused of stirring up sh– when I was just viewing. Wth

I just asked

I couldn't take it anymore might have put a target on my back but stright up asked my manager and he looked like he was scared what to say and quote said jitters in his voice and no confidence what so ever "you know I can't tell you what's going on... —  read more 

Warn Act

To advoid the Warn Act 81% of employees will keep their job. The other 28% will be let go tomorrow. Other staff will be furloughed 2 week on 2 weeks off PTO cannot be used. Per legal you will not be able on the 2 week applied for unemployment. This... —  read more 

San Antonio Office

We were all called into the office from work from home told to bring company equipment by 5pm... Pie of Boxes were just handed out from a managers meeting... told to pack our personal items and wait in line like cattle to get laid off. Wth!!! I knew... —  read more 

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