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Here is an interesting read about the leading by example:

How many reorganizations do we really need?

Who else is tired of constant reorganizations that happen several times each year and end up doing exactly nothing in the end? Except, of course, getting rid of a bunch of employees. That seems to be the number one priority for TechnipFMC. Instead of... read more
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Temps have been let go and frozen pto

Following the $280+ million bribery charge, they already let go of the few temps they just recently called back and have told us that our PTO will be frozen for the next 2 weeks.


The Gears Rd. warehouse - why is everyone working so much overtime? Nothing coming in or going out. Working twenty days in a row and putting down 12 hours everyday. Who is approving this?

WTI At $46 a Barrel

The company stock keeps falling and the price of WTI has been plummeting. We all know what comes next.[email protected]

Current Rumors

Recently heard two different rumors: At the start of the year, more wells will be tapped and a giant surge of work will be generated from it. This is also the reason why our warehouse buffers have been doubled and we keep continuing to fill them... read more

Why Haven’t Lay-Offs Started

We were dead slow at the end of the last quarter. This quarter, we’re practically a pack of zombies trying to eat up whatever work there is. Everything that the planners release only lasts a good week or week and a half, earned hours are in the hole... read more

Survival of the Fittest - TechnipFMC edition

For those still sipping on the TechnipFMC Kool-Aid and waiting for the inevitable to happen. Please make sure you do the following before your day comes. Don’t live in denial. Update your Resume, your LinkedIn, and apply for jobs, now. Why wait until... read more

Nowhere to go

I'm really tired of FMC and constant worry about more layoffs, but from what I can see I am stuck here. Every other company I've checked out is in the same if not even worse position. I'm really not sure what to do. I'm too old to change industry... read more

Another 10% before Q4

Terdyherd only cares about reducing headcount and he and his underlings only know how to deliver to investors by reducing jobcount. It’s no secret that TechnipFMC prior to the merger with FMC thought the FMC org was bloated and overpaid. Meanwhile... read more

More layoffs at FMC?

I've been hearing from a coworker that more layoffs could be possibly coming to FMC sometime at the end of this month. However, he is not the most reliable source, so I'm hoping that maybe somebody here can confirm or deny whether this will be the... read more

Tick tick tick..

I made several calls to report a facilities issue a week ago. Still waiting for a response. Hope the rook doesn't fall in by the time I get one. Yet we continue to lay off hardworking people and keep the worthless, do nothings.

And the b.s. continues

While most of the company is worried about layoffs and saving the company money. Facilities is bragging about going to Top Golf on the company dime! Must be that their department is the only one making money. Only problem is Facilities does not... read more

Stupid to post jobs that don't exist

Why is FMC posting jobs externally when they are still laying people off? Just a waste of time for so many job seekers when most know that they are not hiring externally and the few jobs open will be filled by internal candidates. HR & recruiting... read more
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June 15 layoffs at FMC Technologies

Heads will roll. June 15. It is unofficially confirmed. Is this true? Or is somebody just throwing out a date for the "fun" of it? If it is true, anybody has any more info on it? How many, which locations will be hit the most? Anything in addition to... read more

More layoffs incoming at FMC?

I've been hearing rumors that learning group was just the beginning and that we are looking at more layoffs in the coming weeks. Any chance somebody on here has heard more about this and can share some more info with us? Or is it just fear talking... read more

The Bloody May

Today the company laid off 46 people within the learning group. People with a lot of experience, a lot of achievements and long tenure were laid off without any heads-up. It is really sad to see where we are going after being one of the most... read more

Train Wreck Averted!

All the old senior employees have been laid off or forced to retire! No longer need to worry about old people retiring and trying to fill their position with someone younger

30% cut in workforce

30% cut in workforce on 3-22-18. TechnipFMC has to date laid off over 7000 people worldwide. Continuing to move more engineering departments to India. This was posted in an older thread, thought I should bump it to the front page for info. Anybody... read more

Dont get discouraged.

Keep your eyes on the goal. This company has no need for any of us. Each day you are collecting pay. There is no future to make more or move up unless you are willing to sell your soul and are a cold meaningless person. Paychecks people! Keep your... read more

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