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guys that say “ pyootir “ or “interweb” are up there with the guys that banter on about fash pie ..... they are the absolute worst !! Please blake weed these creatures out first

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I love a Friday

Love fish day Friday. Just been to the fishmonger off night shift. Beautiful piece of smoked fish wrapped in tin foil. Away home to make a fish pie. What's your favourite thing about Friday?

Oh so quiet

The silence regarding these layoffs is deafening ...... guys need to know what is going on !!


Any indication of the numbers expected yo depart and from which locations ?

Blake to retire....

It has been decided that Blake will gradually retire and turn over the reigns to Jeff B. The exact date is not yet set but it is known that Blake’s current contract will not be renewed when it expires. Blake will continue as a director from that... —  read more 

Severance Pay

What's the severance pay for you guys? Disclaimer: I work for a competitor

Round 2

Round 2 of layoffs taking place this and next week!

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Management Changes


Aberdeen plant

Is it true that the Aberdeen manufacturing plant is downsizing? Hearing rumors that only sales and essential support team will be left?

New Work Week

Good luck everyone, Wednesday 1st quarter earnings report. Who knows how many will be around after this week.

Leaked video

is it true that person/persons have been suspended at DQE over that video

https://www.khou.com/article/money/business/liquor-stores/285-3088a35f-7200-4b19-b157-dc8879118d5d. DQ "work at home" employees is one of them.

Rig Count Collapse Continues Despite Historic Global Oil Deal. No need to explorer new one. Even half of driller can be supplied world demand. Global limit production to balancing price. DQ are thinking shifting business to exits. "We are in very... —  read more 

Employees still head to work amid the novel coronavirus pandemic. They do not have a choice because their family lives. They must take a risk. What is leader thinking about them? They should get pay additional pay for performing hazardous. Even ... —  read more 

Why has DQE Aberdeen not closed yet?

The government website gives a clear list of business that can remain open and DQ is not one of them. Corporate greed and spineless management are putting people's lives at risk, not to mention breaking the law. Time to walk out guys and girls and... —  read more 

Time To Call The Press

Mrs Sturgeon said: “I want to be clear today about what the Scottish Government is expecting. “Firstly I want to stress that it is employers that should make these decisions. It should not be up to employees to anguish over whether they are going... —  read more 

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