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2 out of 4 GMs became VPs. Does anyone know the fate of the other 2?
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Welcome to D day

Redundancies announced in Aberdeen this morning. 40-50 to go.......... watch this space

Hoping to be laid off

I'm really hoping that the next round of layoffs, whether it is on January 25 as some have said or sometime after that, has my name in bold letters. I'm so done with Dril-Quip. I'd leave on my own, but why miss a chance to get a nice safety net so I... read more

Sea Lion Project Update

On its Sea Lion oil project off the Falkland Islands, Premier said it continued to secure funding structures for the development ahead of a final investment decision. ...... What happened to Dril-Quip being awarded? Will Blake resurrect news... read more

January 11 layoffs at Dril-Quip

What's really going on today? Are there going to be layoffs or not? I'm getting really nervous about this. Can we get a proper answer, please, if somebody knows more?

Hot tip

Don’t be fooled, lay-off starting at 3pm, work hard till then, stay nonviolent
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DQE to get 10% pay cut back due to workload and only region to be profitable. Announcement next week.

Company getting set up to fail

We are already short of money and we still keep hiring people to tell us how to spend are money. If you look at one of the big shots resume at admin he goes to different company’s gets hired on and after a year or two company goes broke or gets sold... read more

May he Rest In Peace

James Micheal "Mike" Walker May 22, 1943 - December 26, 2018 Funeral services for James Micheal “Mike” Walker, 75, of Houston, formerly of Huntington, will be held Monday, December 31, 2018, at 1:00 p.m. in the Carroway Funeral Home Chapel in Lufkin... read more

The Q&A was a fake!! Read this

For those lucky enough to see the night town hall meeting might of noticed the same questions appeared from the morning Q&A, who was sending these questions, was Blake faking he wanted input from his employees that he cares so much about? And why... read more

The rumors are going crazy

First it was layoffs on January 19, now it's that Dril-Quip is planing to reduce severance significantly. It's not enough I was stressing about the potential layoffs, now I have to stress about getting a proper safety net if I'm affected? Can anybody... read more

Awesome Lunch!

See Jimmy G look lovingly as Grape Master speaks. Where will you be?


Can I relax or do we already know more layoffs will hit us this year? Any rumours?

Luncheon Questions

Does anyone know if they are still going to order from Lyndon’s BBQ, why does Blake keep a contract with that place, the BBQ is dry and the turkeys has no flavor? You think in this down turn he could negotiate a better deal.


When are we getting our 10% back like we were promised by a tearful Mr DeBerry at the Dril-Quip bafta awards ceremony 2 years ago? Christmas perhaps?

Christmas Bonus

I’m hearing on the grapevine that we are going to get a Christmas bonus of around $1200 this year.

CFO is not too bright

Blake did you hire this amateur? https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2018/11/09/2018-cfo-of-the-year-finalist-jeff-bird-vice.html

Rare sighting..

Now I know we are running short on employees. I actually saw a supervisor get off his golf cart and work on something. Wow!!

Big brother is watching your every move

DQE now watching there workers everymove with cctv. What a positive way of keeping moral up. This certainly not going to increase production, like they think it’s going to.
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Is it true What I hear??

That President Blake is giving DQ a whole week off for Thanksgiving 1. For us to burn PTO and 2. For us to be happy??

Manager perks?

Does anyone know if the rumors of the company giving management money allowance to buy new nice cars is true? Blake can we get some feedback?

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