Topics regarding layoffs at Dril-Quip Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Dril-Quip Inc.


What would walker do? He would fire everyone left. What has happened to this once great company is a tragedy From the sun never set on DQ because everyone was working around the clock in every place around the world. To the sun is setting on us now... —  read more 


DQE have just recently lost a very experienced long term welder with vast knowledge of welding experience in systems is work.Management made no effort to acknowledge the situation and could not care less.What commitment and confidence does it give... —  read more 

VXTe Tree

I bought, ...err, I mean brought the best over from TechnipFMC to develop the VXTe, and what did you fellas do? You squandered it ....

Ding Do-g ……

Better or Worse since going Public? There may be transformation but never another era of innovation. Celebrating 25 years of being listed on the NYSE by ringing the closing bell. Here's to another era of innovation and transformation! (NYSE: DRQ) —  read more 

The promise of promotion

I don't know if this has happened to anyone else, but I was promised a promotion, which has not happened so far, and at this point I don't think it will ever happen. What is the point of promising employees promotions? Is it just another way to... —  read more 

Making Tracks

Seems like there ain't nobody Wants to come down here no more They're closing down the lathes and mills Get your package and make some tracks Foreman says, "these jobs are going And they ain't coming back


Why do we stay? A lot of work out three. Companies are hiring left and right for more money. Better benefits. OT if you want it Yet here we are Waiting

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Leaving quite disappointed

I couldn't wait to get a better offer, and now that I finally got one, I'm not nearly as happy as I thought I would be. After all, I worked here for a long time. I am most frustrated with what has been done to a company where people used to be proud... —  read more 

This company s dying

I couldn’t have even imagined that bad management could ruin this company so quickly. I hope to get a new job soon because I no longer believe there is anything that could save DQ from sinking. What kind of miracle would it take?

Sudden criticism

After many years here suddenly I have a feeling the more I try, the more criticism I get. I don't think it's fair criticism in my case. I tried to be as self-critical as possible, but it seems to me that DQ is trying to force people to leave... —  read more 

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