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5s / lean management

Every T card needs to be justified,in other words no it’s not going to happen,what an absolute shambles of a company, the management are clearly out of their depths...

Moral is at all time low

Moral is at all time low, even management know this. What are they going to do to fix this ? About time they sat down with the workforce and listened to there concerns.

Hold on to your socks!

The time has come to say goodbye. Tomorrow begins a new era. Ends an old one. the names are drawn and packages are at the ready. Security will be on hand. Who will stay to build a new future.

This place is haunted

The ghost of the old owner haunts my shop. whos up before some ghost hunting? I have multiple flashlights and I will Supply hot chocolate to anybody who helps me participate on this endeavor

Toilets smell like roses

Whoever cleans the toilets are doing an amazing job. Smells sooooooooooooo good ❤
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Rap God

His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy There's vomit on his sweater already, mom's spaghetti He's nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready To drop bombs, but he keeps on forgettin' What he wrote down, the whole crowd goes so loud... read more


I'm selling homemade tamales outside of fab shop this Friday. If you want some come get some.
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Racist golf cart driver

The fat maintenance boss who drives the big golf cart is an extreme racist. I have video to prove it. it will be sent to HR very soon once my lawyers draw up paperwork.

forge shop shut down

Small manager of forge shop doesnt know anything. His klansmen are useless too.
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Reps are as useless as HR

If the reps spent more time fighting for information than sitting speculating utter sh--e we would probably have this done and dusted. All the reps go in those meetings for is gossip. Grow up.

Town hall meeting 6/2/19

Blake making personnel appearance in DQE for townhall meeting, this has been confirmed via email. Bring your hankies as this gonna be emotional.

My brother

Do not worry of lay off news is not true!! Please continue on your work and not worry of lay off in the Houston my brothers


2 out of 4 GMs became VPs. Does anyone know the fate of the other 2?

Welcome to D day

Redundancies announced in Aberdeen this morning. 40-50 to go.......... watch this space

Hoping to be laid off

I'm really hoping that the next round of layoffs, whether it is on January 25 as some have said or sometime after that, has my name in bold letters. I'm so done with Dril-Quip. I'd leave on my own, but why miss a chance to get a nice safety net so I... read more

Sea Lion Project Update

On its Sea Lion oil project off the Falkland Islands, Premier said it continued to secure funding structures for the development ahead of a final investment decision. ...... What happened to Dril-Quip being awarded? Will Blake resurrect news... read more

January 11 layoffs at Dril-Quip

What's really going on today? Are there going to be layoffs or not? I'm getting really nervous about this. Can we get a proper answer, please, if somebody knows more?

Hot tip

Don’t be fooled, lay-off starting at 3pm, work hard till then, stay nonviolent
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