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More layoffs at Dril-Quip

I just heard there is going be another lay off instead giving us a raise they rather hire cheaper workers Any more info on this? When, how many, what departments, what locations? Anything?

I wanna pay raise soon please

Ohhh big jobs coming on the machines for us, happily i am to see dril quip back on the business, Now time for my 10% back to my pay! I am hope all limp d--k old men can go retire soon out of dril quip because since you are over 60 too old already... read more

Dril quip law suit

X employee who use to work for vehicle maintenance suing dq for prejudice leadman. Lead man stated to others that he would get rid of people who was not his same race. The lead man put in his 2 week notice in and dril quip offered him a lot of money... read more

The NewLayoff

People leaving. Management no care. Young people going leave old people do job and more with no pay raise. No future no money. Is company for sale? Does Blake know?

Ageing workforce

Too many good workers are planning on leaving very soon, once the industry picks up. Too many old men in retirement jobs stopping good talented men from moving on. It’s these good men who are DQ’s back bone, lose them and DQ will struggle.

Safety Department Joke

Saw a employee moving a metal table from one location to another piece of metal slides off table while relocation of table, then safety jumps all over him and send him out for a drug test.Material handlers drop parts and piece all the time they never... read more

Now being cheated out of holidays

Due to the change from days off to hours off as holiday entitlement, some folk aren’t even getting there basic holiday entitlement now, once nightshift taken in to consideration. So much for looking after the workers.

More work coming !!!

More work is coming, starting to ramp up now, you can see it. But where’s our 10% pay cuts, have people forgotten about this.

Won’t shutdown

Severe weather warnings dril quip still won’t shut down for today they don’t realize safety off employees. What about drive home it’s very slick and dangerous to be on the road if they wait to long. All other companies close down and schools due to... read more

Full Salary Reinstated

Due to the Trump tax cut, Dril-Quip upper management will restore wages to their January 2017 amounts. The corporate cost structure is allowing this since the savings on wage cuts is far exceeded by the tax burden reduction from 35% to 20%, and oil... read more

3floor in a joke!!

Document control? What control. Any one can take,and change paperwork and no one cares the person/s responsible for that department has no education,knowledge or the ability to be in charge. That’s why a lot of good workers where let go, but they... read more

Dril-Quip losing another Leadman

Dril quip is losing another lead man from maintenance. All because of 10% pay cut and the newly appointed foreman for maintenance. The foreman that hits company pickup truck (brown) with the golf cart without reporting it to bosses or hse department... read more

Thank u dril quip

I was laid off this year from Dril Quip and found a new job paying way more. It's going down baby. Yaaaaaaaaaa. To all those still hanging on with all that experience, just leave. You can do better than stick around with a sinking ship that doesn't... read more


Rumor is Wyman Gordon is purchasing Dril Quip. But they keep us like mushrooms, in the dark an fed sh--.
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Now DQ is setting up people to be fired

Now Managers and supervisor are setting thier own people to be fired every one knows what's going on but people just don't want to talk for all you investors and stock holders this is what this company is doing its unethical and against the law it's... read more

A big group of employees planning a strike today

Unfair decision by management have many employees looking for other jobs. Employees still working at dril quip are planning a strike today and stop work. The best this company can do is to throw a one cooler crawfish boil at a local pub. Instead of... read more

White shirt for maintenance

The one who is charge of maintenance he rides around in a big white buggy is very racist he was being recorded with video at the shop while making racist remarks is that what dril quip is about that must look bad for the company and investors no one... read more

It's sad

Management spend countless hours in toilet reading newspaper. He attends 1 or 2 meetings a week. Makes over 6 figures plus bonuses. Doesent have a clue of wtf is going in shop. Then claim to be hurting BC of pay cut . did u know managers had a pay... read more

10% paycuts are coming up next

Welp if you've made it through 3 rounds of layoffs congrats! A 10% paycut is coming down the pipe next for everyone at DQ don't worry you'll get it back in 3 years if you're lucky.

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