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I wonder how the two machine shop supervisors feel knowing brxxt is going to bump them out of new positions , they must be p-ss-d. Why on earth are they even wanting to stay and allow that . Get used to 35000 a year boys on your machinist rates.

40th Anniversary

40 next year and most of the people that made it happen will not be there to mark the mile stone. Chronology Key Dates 1981 Dril-Quip is founded in Texas by four partners.1983 The company forms a European division in Aberdeen... —  read more 

Lay-off advice?

I’m currently up for redundancy, in my group I’m the only one on a contract that ends soon. Everyone else is on a permanent contract. Question is am I likely to get let go as the rest of the guys are permanent? And if that is the case should I... —  read more 

Machine shop

Imagine being left in that place , we the snakes and brown nosers . I’m so glad I took the voluntary, as I couldn’t bare it. It will be like a reptile enclosure at the zoo .

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Machine shop

I’m so happy I’ve left that dump! What a toxic horrible place , so many good guys but run by twisted amateurs. Glad the everyone seen what they are really like


Lot of folk commenting on here not sure why a once great company is suddenly deciding to retrench and go back thirty years and turn itself back into purely wellheads and pipe (they won’t manage to sell trees if Houston are the base). They engaged... —  read more 

DQE m/c shop may get their wish

To all my colleagues in the Aberdeen m/c shop. It has filtered through to Huston how many people have asked for voluntary redundancies. Someone close to Blake has said that Blake is furious and embarrassed about why so many people want away and that... —  read more 

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Can anyone that has put in for voluntary confirm what the sctual severance is? I hear it is 8 weeks regardless of length of service plus 45 days consultation/notice

Machine shop

Machine shop are pathetic. When payoffs were announced you lot were on here saying you wont be touched and are the elite hahahahaha look at the lot of you little creatures now


Any news on further layoffs in Singapore. Not many orders in or on the horizon. No Surface wellhead orders no machinists

Beware men

Watch men , some are telling others they have put in for voluntary redundancy but are lying . Trying everything they can to hang onto jobs due to being ancient . We had this problem last time with a certain someone . He thinks he is clever but we... —  read more 

Solve the real problem!

Until the entire upper management and executives are removed from the company and replaced with competent leadership this place is doomed. They are the root of all of our problems. How badly do you have to screw up here if you are in the top... —  read more 

More posts removed

The ones in question that have been removed are certainly no where near as bad as ones that have been left on here for weeks and are still on here. It seems DQ must be asking or getting help for certain posts to be removed. Especially ones where they... —  read more 

New Path

As we all know most of the old guardians are gone the the rest are submissive. time to forge a new path. Released from the irons of old school. The direction taken now will be to lead the oil patch in innovative creative and productive ideas in... —  read more 

Succession Planning

Fresh off the gossip column with someone highly positioned: Blake’s contract will not be renewed past this December. Byrd will be declared CEO presumptive August time frame.

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