Topics regarding layoffs at Dril-Quip Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Dril-Quip Inc.


I heard today that some got letters to sign to be furloughed and on the back it stated dq would consider redundancy without pay for anyone that didn’t sign it! Did dq really just threaten to sack people if they don’t want to be furloughed? Wow! Did... —  read more 

Divide and conquer game?

It seems to me that those who are supposed to be leading this company in the right direction and making it better are instead investing more efforts than ever in creating havoc among its employees. I hope that's just me, but I’m afraid DQ has never... —  read more 

Thrown under the bus

I was literally held responsible for a technical issue that I did not create. My coworker literally threw me under the bus. However, another employee on my team actually came forward to take responsibility. The issue I have now is with the person who... —  read more 

Nunu setup and gone

Why don't they bring NUNU back aka Jason Martinez. Would be beneficial to Dril Quip, he's worked his a– off while there while others took the credit. Hopefully next year if DQ is still here y'all should get him back in. Nunu 2021.

DQ Xmas cheer

No Christmas bbq or raffle for the workers this year :( Most office staff working safely from home so a big up yours to all guys in the shops who have continued to turn up to work every day!

Another management change

Little Tex timed his announcement to perfection, on the dot of 4:30 on Friday when 99% of staff had logged off for the weekend the email popped up regarding the departure of DQE’s senior plant manager, doubt if this is a good decision but again... —  read more 

DQE Xmas Closure

DQE announce they will close between Xmas and New year this year. If you've used all your holidays, tough s**t you will have to take them unpaid or take from next years allocation.

FMC Lawsuit

It won't be long until FMC OWNS Dril-Quip. A US federal judge has issued a work stoppage injunction for theft of FMC's intellectual property on it's tree design. See the Form 8-K issued recently by DQ.

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