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DQAP Shellon Goh HR manager

DQAP HR SHELLON GOH. please leave. we don’t need you. everyone hates you we have infotech!! haha and her minions too, all leave, follow such a manager makes you guys equally as hated as her . go ask around and you will know. ohh ya, even her previous... read more

Should I Get A Bonus This Year?

Blake T. DeBerry Executive Compensation As President and Chief Executive Officer at DRIL-QUIP INC, Blake T. DeBerry made $4,008,820 in total compensation. Of this total $619,846 was received as a salary, $367,200 was received as a bonus, $0 was... read more

Christmas dinner at Dril-Quip

Dont be expecting the traditional bbq and Christmas catering services, I heard blake wants to cut back more costs and yall are getting served noodles and bread sticks for your dril quip Christmas dinner hahahha. Even county Harris prison will be... read more


Names of employees on the Retrenchment list were leaked out, way before the exercise, because HR sub-con to outside company to handle. Shellon Goh is the laughing stock of the company.

Toxic DQ

After all these layoffs, only boot lickers remains, unwilling to pay good bucks for new talents, Dq is going downhill. good luck lickers

EXTRA.. extra !! it’s here

Good Morning folks! we have accepted and gone thru the list .. from DQ worldwide!. Commencing soon in .. 3,2,1...... Managers, supervisors, leadman, engineers, and many more from all levels included. please contact ur local GM and HR for more info... read more

Premier - Sea Lion

Time is running out for Premier Oil’s plan to find the funds it needs to drill for oil in the disputed waters around the Falkland Islands. The debt-wracked oil company has hired Standard Chartered to pull together a syndicate of banks to fund its... read more

Ways to save money

Because Blake asked here are ways to save money around this company, cut back on the dead plants for the administration building (inside and outside), cut off some lights that are not needed, take back some company cars (if your making a 6 digit... read more

Severance question

I've heard there were plans to reduce severance for the next round of layoffs to increase cost savings. Is this possible? Not that I'd put this past current leadership from a moral standpoint, but I'm honestly not sure if Dril-Quip can do this... read more

Who is crazy here?

Dril-Quip lost over $110 million in last 4 quarters combined yet Blake's pay went up to $4million per year. Now Dril-Quip has to come up with $50million in savings. Considering that number of executives was increased, and that top 5 guys made... read more

Bad news

DQ to save $50 million by end of 2019. What’s going to go ??? Certainly won’t be Blake’s or Jim G bonuses.

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Blake is a bad ceo because......

He disrespected the good employees By reducing their pay and cutting the yearly evaluations. At the same time he bought 2 companies that are essential worthless. He gave those new company employees better positions than the original dq people who... read more

Blake says we have loads of money.

Blake DeBerry, the company’s president and CEO, said: “We believe that our new product development efforts with re “Also, our strong balance sheet allows us to provide Premier with vendor financing for a portion of the contract which is consistent... read more
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Why are we laying off the best people?

Why do we keep losing some of our best employees in layoffs instead of the ones who are actually a burden to the company? Nearly everybody with any proper experience is gone by now! How does Dril-Quip plan to continue functioning like this? From... read more

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