Topics regarding layoffs at Dril-Quip Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Dril-Quip Inc.

This company s dying

I couldn’t have even imagined that bad management could ruin this company so quickly. I hope to get a new job soon because I no longer believe there is anything that could save DQ from sinking. What kind of miracle would it take?

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Sudden criticism

After many years here suddenly I have a feeling the more I try, the more criticism I get. I don't think it's fair criticism in my case. I tried to be as self-critical as possible, but it seems to me that DQ is trying to force people to leave... —  read more 

Disgrace of a pay rise

Considering the UK has already had a 1.25% increase in national insurance this tax year, to be handed a 1.7% pay increase is a insult to what we do and all the extra jobs we are having to do to cover others mishaps. Well done to the person who... —  read more 

DQ is now a woke company

Most employees that have email just received a message from the woke ceo that the employees are required to take DEI training. Wokeism at its finest. Is this even legal? An oil patch company that is woke.............what next?

Thank You BDB

The demise of DQ can be solely accredited to the grape master himself. His legacy lives on in the team of mo--ns that has been assembled to run this once great company. The future looks very dark. Not a glimmer of hope for us now.


You either die hero, or you live long enough to be driven into the ground by the trash bag grapemaster

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Good place to start a career?

I know one young guy who applied for a job here. He doesn't have much experience, but he hopes to get a job. I do not want to demotivate anyone from coming here and giving it a go, after all he can always leave. However, I'm thinking is DQ now a... —  read more 

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No cuts, but...

No cuts, but working here is becoming increasingly difficult... It doesn't mean much to me that my job is safe for a while, if in the meantime they put me under so much pressure that makes me want to get out of here. The fact that even those who used... —  read more 


I only got stress and lack of free time from doing overtime here because DQ often takes overtime for granted. I wonder how much overtime you do on average? (Primarily I mean overtime that doesn’t help you increase your income and that doesn’t help... —  read more 

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