Topics regarding layoffs at Dril-Quip Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Dril-Quip Inc.

Clear as day

It is as clear as day what is going on in DQE , The guys that are being kept are purely there to prep as much of the stuff lying around ahead of it being shipped elsewhere , theres emails out on the very day redundancies are being confirmed... —  read more 

Change the industry?

After many job applications, I got to the interview stage at an oil company that has a terrible reputation (because of layoffs) and another smaller energy company that is not doing much better with regards to this matter. Maybe the smartest decision... —  read more 


Is it just me or did dril quip go down the pan soon as it took 20 guys to look at a sticker board every morning ?? Looking at something they didn’t understand ???

Basically, it’s my fault.

I am still safe, but I am very worried about my existence because there is a high probability that I will be laid off soon. It’s so tense that I am not expecting anything good to happen. And now I’m under tremendous stress because I haven't found an... —  read more 

More Redundancies at DQE

Surprise Surprise, did not take long for another round of redundancies.Take the redundancy and get out of that horrible company who don’t give a dam about employees.DQE are heading for the end of the road.

Too late?

This company is Titanic. Of course, COVID is just an excuse for the many wrong moves that brought us into this state. If the management was better, everything would be better. I am afraid that radical changes are now needed to save this company, but... —  read more 

Feeling a bit nostalgic?

I really miss this place as it was before a bunch of inexperienced people came in. Someone said it well, it was a really fun place to work! I like to tell my younger colleagues what it used to be like. Nowadays I am not motivated at all. I would... —  read more 

Earnings summary

• Delivered fourth quarter revenue of $87.2 million and full year 2020 revenue of $365.0 million despite significant disruptions to operations and timing of deliveries from pandemic related impacts; • Recorded a net loss of $11.3 million, or $0.33... —  read more 

How low can it go?

According to Zacks, analysts expect that Dril-Quip will report full year sales of $366.67 million for the current year, with estimates ranging from $362.70 million to $368.12 million. For the next financial year, analysts expect that the company will... —  read more 

Leaked video

It has been brought to my attention that earlier in the week my name was mentioned as leaking the video to the press. I can confirm that I was the person that went to the P&J and Energy Voice with the video as I was sick and tired of the way DQ were... —  read more 


I heard today that some got letters to sign to be furloughed and on the back it stated dq would consider redundancy without pay for anyone that didn’t sign it! Did dq really just threaten to sack people if they don’t want to be furloughed? Wow! Did... —  read more 

Divide and conquer game?

It seems to me that those who are supposed to be leading this company in the right direction and making it better are instead investing more efforts than ever in creating havoc among its employees. I hope that's just me, but I’m afraid DQ has never... —  read more 

Thrown under the bus

I was literally held responsible for a technical issue that I did not create. My coworker literally threw me under the bus. However, another employee on my team actually came forward to take responsibility. The issue I have now is with the person who... —  read more 

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