Topics regarding layoffs at Dril-Quip Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Dril-Quip Inc.

Open your eyes management

Nice to see QC are still up to their old tricks of holding work back for weekend overtime and still don’t work during the week. Good on you DQE don’t let old habits die

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Why do we stay? A lot of work out three. Companies are hiring left and right for more money. Better benefits. OT if you want it Yet here we are Waiting

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Leaving quite disappointed

I couldn't wait to get a better offer, and now that I finally got one, I'm not nearly as happy as I thought I would be. After all, I worked here for a long time. I am most frustrated with what has been done to a company where people used to be proud... —  read more 

This company s dying

I couldn’t have even imagined that bad management could ruin this company so quickly. I hope to get a new job soon because I no longer believe there is anything that could save DQ from sinking. What kind of miracle would it take?

Sudden criticism

After many years here suddenly I have a feeling the more I try, the more criticism I get. I don't think it's fair criticism in my case. I tried to be as self-critical as possible, but it seems to me that DQ is trying to force people to leave... —  read more 

DQ is now a woke company

Most employees that have email just received a message from the woke ceo that the employees are required to take DEI training. Wokeism at its finest. Is this even legal? An oil patch company that is woke.............what next?

Thank You BDB

The demise of DQ can be solely accredited to the grape master himself. His legacy lives on in the team of mo--ns that has been assembled to run this once great company. The future looks very dark. Not a glimmer of hope for us now.


You either die hero, or you live long enough to be driven into the ground by the trash bag grapemaster

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