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Why the f-- is Aberdeen still open?

Confirmed case of Covid19 who will have had contact with god knows how many people in this building. Anyone could have it now and this place is still open. What will it take for you id–ts to wake up and take this serious.

Why has DQE Aberdeen not closed yet?

The government website gives a clear list of business that can remain open and DQ is not one of them. Corporate greed and spineless management are putting people's lives at risk, not to mention breaking the law. Time to walk out guys and girls and... —  read more 

Time To Call The Press

Mrs Sturgeon said: “I want to be clear today about what the Scottish Government is expecting. “Firstly I want to stress that it is employers that should make these decisions. It should not be up to employees to anguish over whether they are going... —  read more 


UK government asks you to be sensible and go into lockdown. DQ have deadlines to meet ,job shipping on Friday .Get on with it ,DONT CARE DONT SHARE. $399 million in the bank no balls to shut Aberdeen down

Tough times ahead

Hold on to your hats guys and girls. We are all In for a rocky ride. Between this virus and the price of oil we are in a different works now.

Premier sealion

Premier share down to 10p and up to 28p. Huge uncertain on debt and future projects.

New Job Titles

So ...... it appears we now all have new global matching job titles, some not happy in DQE, any thoughts on this?


Rumours about bidding for Proserv.


Their is no body taking responsibility for anything. Coming up on anniversary of mikes passing. He rolling over in grave.

Town Hall meeting

Wonder what doom and gloom will be fed out to stop the fat cats giving the minions back their money?

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Dead weight.time is up

Why is DQ wasting big money on useless ignorant people who are non productive and do nothing but create a hostile environment among employees, looks like somebody got wires crossed, definitely wrong person at wrong place with wrong attitude, maybe... —  read more 

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What the hell is happening, the place is falling apart. The main man leaving, what’s next

Honest opinions and feedback please

I don’t work for DQ but have been offered some contact service work with them. I’ve historically worked for FMC and GE/Vetco and don’t know much about DQ. Website researching and it looks like some pretty decent and fit for purpose kit. I know DQ... —  read more 

BBQ truck

Dril quip let a new food trailer come to the plant. Over priced and the service was mediocre. I ordered from the rough out crew the day before it came and we got out food LAST. I figured since we pre ordered that we would get our food quick, but i... —  read more 


What to expect from the gathering. Any thoughts.

DQAP. Loyalty rewards?

Those that are retrenched. Asked to leave. Are now coming back daqp with much higher salary. Just after a few months. While those that are here working for years are only getting maximum 2 percent increment.

21 days and counting

21 days till DQ transfers into centres of excellence. Who the hell are you trying to kid.

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Rumour has it there is going to be a mass exodus of folk jumping ship to OSS and FMC. A man's gotta eat and we couldn't free water in thw Sahara.

Is Blake's time finally up?

There is a rumour that the shareholders are asking for a meeting Blake to answer questions as they are unhappy with the progress of the restructure and proceeding with the center's of excellence.

Don't listed to FMC EX employees.

FMC had 600 employees and put out 42 trees a year under Netherland. BOD forced him out. Hired new leadership (bean counters), went on SAP, out sourced machining, went to 1200 employees and put out 30 trees a year. Only reason they made it was... —  read more 


May 31st. Another Doom day for DQAP and DQB. Many Orders were lost. Only Service will survive.

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Sounds Like Lies

When is the announcement coming on what company leased the FORGING and ROUGHOUT department

Song still the same

It sounds like nothing has changed since I left 2 years ago....Leaving has been the best thing to happen to me while at Dril-Quip. So what are they doing now ??? I suppose they could start selling some of Blake's Vinegar (it's really bad wine)

Anything on layoffs?

What's going on? Will there be any more layoffs at Dril-Quip any time soon? In all honesty, I'm hoping the answer is yes and my name is on the list. I really want to get out of here, and leaving with severance would be ideal. But knowing my luck... —  read more 

Bird is the word

It's all about the Bird, Bird is the word. Grape master make way your about to be squished.

Spring hopes eternal

It’s a new day don’t let it get away DQ is undergoing a dramatic change. Will you stand in the way or help lead the way —  read more 

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Master plan

Well the end of March has been and gone and Blake has failed on his promise to have his master plan in place and we’re all still in the dark. Surprise surprise eh. Hey he’s maybe saving it for today to announce how our prosperous future looks... —  read more 


Tick tick. The clock has struck. The packages are in and security is set. Have your resume ready and go across the street the grass is greener

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