Topics regarding layoffs at Dril-Quip Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Dril-Quip Inc.

DQ world

Up every morning just to keep a job I gotta fight my way through this mob Sounds of the shop pounding in my brain While another day goes down the drain Trading my time for the pay I get Living on money that I ain't made yet Gotta keep goin' gotta... — read more 

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How come every other DQ gets rewarded with stuff but DQ aberdeen left out again? 40 years in aberdeen and a water bottle was awarded, no service awards night out. Is the Houston shutting us down or aberdeen management who haven't got a clue?


What’s the latest going on in abz? Left a little while ago with a heavy heart believe it or not but an opportunity offshore came to me that I couldn’t turn down. Good bunch of lads working their best under decent enough conditions but as always a... — read more 

New standards

Are we still setting the new standards? Or are we just following everybody else? The original owners had a dream and made a reality. A world wide global organization to be reckoned with. Now it’s waiting on supply for the demand. This is how a dream... — read more 

Sick and tired

Sick and tired of being tired and sick My mind constantly churning about what if’s and makes me nauseous of the “great and bright “ plans for the coming future. Been here too long to jump ship. But water is rising and I looking to bail


What would walker do? He would fire everyone left. What has happened to this once great company is a tragedy From the sun never set on DQ because everyone was working around the clock in every place around the world. To the sun is setting on us now... — read more 

2023 DQAP

2023 soon and dqap still the same. Or even worst. Everyone doesn't have a clue and pushing work away. Top messy bottom follow messy.

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DQE have just recently lost a very experienced long term welder with vast knowledge of welding experience in systems is work.Management made no effort to acknowledge the situation and could not care less.What commitment and confidence does it give... — read more 

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VXTe Tree

I bought, ...err, I mean brought the best over from TechnipFMC to develop the VXTe, and what did you fellas do? You squandered it ....

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