Topics regarding layoffs at Dril-Quip Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Dril-Quip Inc.

Hard work is not rewarded

The opposite is true. The harder you work the more your workload will increase. Basically, you're getting punished while those who slack off continue to do what they always had. You end up doing your and their jobs while your pay remains the same... —  read more 

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Good place to start a career?

I know one young guy who applied for a job here. He doesn't have much experience, but he hopes to get a job. I do not want to demotivate anyone from coming here and giving it a go, after all he can always leave. However, I'm thinking is DQ now a... —  read more 

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No cuts, but...

No cuts, but working here is becoming increasingly difficult... It doesn't mean much to me that my job is safe for a while, if in the meantime they put me under so much pressure that makes me want to get out of here. The fact that even those who used... —  read more 


I only got stress and lack of free time from doing overtime here because DQ often takes overtime for granted. I wonder how much overtime you do on average? (Primarily I mean overtime that doesn’t help you increase your income and that doesn’t help... —  read more 

Toxic work culture

Instead of fostering teamwork, management seems intent on rewarding those who will stop at nothing to get ahead. Basically, if you are not comfortable with backstabbing, don't expect to get ahead here. And yes, I'm bitter but I have every right to... —  read more 

Slow workdays?

I don't know what situation you're in, but I have very little work to do lately. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever had less. Every day is a slow day. Some would say that's great, but I'm starting to get worried if it goes on like this. Looking at my... —  read more 

Forced ranking again

The best way to get our people to run faster is to pit them against each other. Rank them against one another - top 20% are the darlings, middle 70% are the worker bees, bottom 10% are the laggards. And if we keep at it year after year, they will... —  read more 

Yong Boy

Been down cuz he stay down. Bend over the booboo and fa-t the stank out. Pride month baby. Meet me in the toilets.

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A bunch of charlatans

A few years back I wouldn’t believe this company could be like it is today. I admire all the talented people who are still here and tolerate the charlatanry that some have established here as the norm. It seems to me that some people who are “very... —  read more 

No need for cuts

Does anyone have an annual retrospective of how many people have worked here say 5 years back? It would be interesting to see annual attrition data. My subjective feeling is that so many people have never left voluntarily as they have lately, so... —  read more 

Business men

Honestly you lot should go start your own companies, you all are obviously so intelligent since you know everything about how this company should operate. Get a grip, every oil company are in the same boat just now. Shut up, get on with your jobs... —  read more 

The Grapemaster

It should be a movie like Wolf of Wall Street, except we see the Grapemaster making broken promises, lying to all his workers and holding garbage Christmas gathering in the back of a filthy building. It closes with him running the company into the... —  read more 

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