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Laid off has come to Dril Quip

About 89 person haaahaa ohh pray for my coworker that no make it, too bad i am need at the company for my position is no easy to replace. But for the lucky one that go on vacation laid 6 months good luck you need of it cause no hire at other machine... read more

Double pay

Here at work and coming back Saturday plus on Monday more money for me as i work the best

Blake deberry told us at lunch

That 2017 will be very hard for you oh nooo Pray for my coworkers hope you make it through more lay off as i know i will be save because of my machine skill
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Payoffs after christmas

Hold on to your hats, payoffs coming after Christmas. No new orders, backlog shrinking faster than Donald Trumps hard-on. Only one way forward....

Great News for us

Reviews are coming in by November 10th back pay is included!!!
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For all you motherfucher can get a life

Please share with Harlingen/Mc Allen Friends TPI Staffing is currently seeking an experienced Industrial Recruiter for Harlingen, Texas. Will be a contract position starting immediately, able to fill variety of light industrial & skilled labor... read more
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Layoff coming...

I heard about it from President Obama. It's coming like I did inside all of your Moms.

Thanks to the good foreman

We dont need mathews and this company is doing good but we do need to get rid of all tooling lazy f---s and high rack that cant do shiznit.. Also too may lathe side fockers just sitting all day lay off them all ..

Layoffs coming soon.

And by layoffs, I mean layoffs from fast food. Too many people here couldn't get into their vehicles even if they were shoved in with a forklift.

Fake hard work

So many people talking about how hard they work, yet all of them on phones ALL the time looking at gay porn, smelling musty with stank breath and looking like they're going to die when they run to their cars at 4pm. If people can smell booty when... read more
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Larry Miller next

He alwaus drunk He is next pray for him please. If you friend save spot in unemployment line for him.

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