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Tesco closing 50 stores?

I've heard today from a friend at work that Tesco is closing another 50 stores sometime soon. All I can find online is one store in Liverpool closing, no other info is available, at least no other recent info. Anybody here maybe knows more about... read more
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Tesco layoffs June 2018

Does anybody know how many jobs are being lost with the closure of Tesco Direct? I've seen several articles online that mention the number is around 500, but I've heard it could be significantly more than that when you add all the support services... read more
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Mike McNamara is with us at Target now

Hey Mike McNamara is at Target with us now. He is trying to make everything open source from beautiful .NET to JAVA, etc. Wondering how was the experience in Tesco? Was that successful? Working with Linux servers is easy now for deployment, etc?
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Oil and gas downturn - TESCO Layoffs 2015

We'll see what happens but with prices down and all major companies in the sector (BP, Exxon, Shell) cutting people there is nothing Tesco can do to avoid layoffs. So be ready, 2015 will be a really big year for us and we'll see some major cuts. The... read more

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