Topics regarding layoffs at National Oilwell Varco Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at National Oilwell Varco Inc.

The Green Dragon

Do we still have a marketing team here? If you go to any of the conferences where NOV has a booth, there is really no representation from Tuboscope. With the exception of the occasional few that post on social media, there’s no advertising or... —  read more 

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No-Profit Clay-Clay…

does it again with another quarterly loss. At what point do we shareholders/employees keep letting him get away with this? Until we no longer have a company? Anybody else would be gone by now. Someone should fire this guy along with his minions. —  read more 


I hear the next round of layoffs involves unvaccinated. Why else they want proof that you have? They can seek proof, but really they cant identify you on the floor.

So what about the good stuff?

Who are the good managers? Who are the good employees? Does NOV have any good products? What about innovations in the pipeline? Renewables makes perfect requires big iron...gonna be cool? Everybody there is still drawing a —  read more 

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New 401k company

Yesterday I discovered that Wells Fargo no longer manages nov 401k. I never received mail or an email about this. Well I was laid off a few years ago, I made the mistake of not rolling to a new account. I did find my account with the new company... —  read more 

VP of Renewables

LOL. It sure does payoff being the President of Rig's personal cabana boy. They could not have picked a worse guy but apparently if your in the hair-club for men then you are in. Only dude happy here will be Segwaynator himself as he loves this guy... —  read more 

Almost 30 years and counting

I’m a 50+ year old employee with almost 30 years of service in the industry. My goal has always been early retirement. I’m not quite there yet but I’m very close. I’m getting nervous about my age being a factor in my ability to find another job if... —  read more 

Conroe Brandt

So what's going on over there these days? Parking lot looks like they are doing better but with the leadership they have I don't see how...Clean your sign!!! Looks trashy.

Houston service

Houston service will be cutting the controls dept. All software and controls will be handled by norway. Houston service will be mechanics and derrick builders only starting july 1.

The Tuboscope

I really believe this Managers in this company realize that they’re days are numbered. With NOV turning its head further from O&G and more towards renewables, Tuboscope has nothing to offer in this upcoming industry. It’s all old school equipment... —  read more 

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