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It's not that complicated....They need to go!

At what point does the board or shareholders push for change at the top? After more than 6 and a half years with this worthless CEO and his so called leadership team... the company keeps getting worse and worse. Yes we get it, there are a lot of... —  read more 

Earnings Disaster, More Layoffs On The Way "The oil & gas industry is bearing the full brunt of the economic damage wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic that has driven drilling activity to record lows,"... —  read more 

How’s Tuboscope doing?

I saw multiple posts a couple of months ago where it was end of days for Tuboscope. Is anyone still there?

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WOW you cannot talk about these guys without the post being removed. Law dogs all over this board protecting big Corp.

Nov wly

COVID 19 spreading like wildfire at WLY facilitie


Last Tuesday TOT let 30 employees go throughout the shop and front office this is the 1st of many layoffs to come !!!

Can we get rid of incompetent managers?

We need to cut some folks, we all know that, so how about for once we really get rid of those who deserve to be shown the door? How about getting rid of those managers who have no idea how to do their jobs and if you ask them something they have no... —  read more 


We all had to sacrifice during downturn, even A VP was demoted and had to park Segway. Trouble times...hang in there.


How is the id–tic management doing over there at Brandt? I have been gone from this place for sometime now and wanted to see if anything has changed? I was one of the lucky ones that left years ago when the first solid company offered me a position... —  read more 

2nd Quarter Earnings Call

I can’t wait for 10am CET on July 28 to come so I can listen to how well those boys are getting on, stories about how well NOV is performing re capital utilization, increased EBITDA, fables of how well the operation in Saudi is going, Closely... —  read more 

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Solids control group

Is the solids control group done with layoffs? I just do my job and hope for the best! There are some useless so called managers.

Age Discrimination?

I put in over 20 years with NOV and lost my job in April. I do not keep in touch with many there as most of them in my age group were also let go after me. I wonder after reading all the post here if there is a case of age discrimination against NOV?... —  read more 

Well, will this be the week?

Feels like we’re all just waiting for our turn to meet with HR. Nobody has any work, just trying to keep busy until they cut the last person. With nobody hiring right now due to Covid, things are about to get real. Good luck everyone.

Has it started?

What's being hit? Is today just for Bammel or are other locations also in danger?


Word is Bammel will be hit tomorrow.

Shredded My Seniority Awards Today

Couple signed by Pete, one signed by that other guy. Nothing of value was lost. Now I can occupy the chintzy acrylic holders with something I actually care about.

Anyone Here??

Been quiet lately. Maybe were at the end of the head count reductions?


I have to admit, it just feels like we’re on a sinking ship now, especially up here in ND. Nobody has any work. They call us essential workers and make us come in while the office staff and managers sit at home and get paid, yet we spend our time... —  read more 


Anyone recently been offered the Involuntary Early Retirement Program (I.E. Layoff)? Minus insurance?

CaPs being sold off - 2 companies bidding

I have it on good authority that Negotiations are well underway for CaPs. Schlumberger have pulled out leaving The Wang Ho oilfield equipment reverse engineering and port-a-potty supply company (incorporating the Wang Ho artificial mustache emporium)... —  read more 


Two words, GET RID. This product line is dragging the business down, that and people working overtime at some plants despite there being no work, how long can that continue?

Our CEO, our dear leader...

Our dear leader Mr. Williams. Oh how I smile and get giddy when I think about your leadership of your people. Oh how grateful I am for all you’ve done dear leaders. Thank you for the gift of this job here at the wonderful NOV. My eyes tear as I write... —  read more 

8018 breen closing doors

Layoffs have been steady these couple of months. Today everyone in production was told too turn in uniforms By July 7th. Rumors are they are closing the doors, Good riddance i wanna see supervisors flex there nuts up and down the floor now. I also... —  read more 

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