Topics regarding layoffs at National Oilwell Varco Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at National Oilwell Varco Inc.


What’s happening with this atrocity? Les the Mess gets demoted, Rick “the Pr!€k” Cook gets “voluntarily retired” and they take everyone’s company vehicles away. We still have these ridiculously long ALT calls and meetings to plan for meetings yet no... —  read more 

Chief Marketing Officer

Imagine how many lost their jobs so this "cholo" can post pics on LinkedIn with his son in their best thug pose. Merry (or Happy to the Brits) Christmas to all of you that lost your job for this mo–n and the "Voice" videos that bore everyone on... —  read more 

Rig Technologies

Man this group has gone to $ht. What happened to the go-getters this group used to have? The don't come back to the office without a PO people? The management team that actually had a strategy? What a disappointment. Yes, we know there is a... —  read more 

How long can bammel last

With every possible customer for offshore in bankruptcy, how long does bammel expect to survive. If you want service, repair or new projects to happen you need customers with actual money. Winter is coming

HR Call out

I'd like to just take this moment and call out the worst HR 'Executive' that has ever been employed at the company tower. In this instance, if not so obvious already, it would be the little dudd himself. Mr. No personality with no competence. Just... —  read more 

COVID at Bammel

COVID is spreading like wildfire at this location and every wants to act like it’s no big deal. Oh the guy you worked next to all day for the last week has COVID now. Oh I’m sure I am fine.


The best option for Mission group is to please sell it off. There are many great companies growing that could use the product line Nov has run it into the ground

This is 90% of NOV

The most common and destructive toxic behaviors of toxic co workers: backstabbing, criticizing, and blaming gossiping and spreading rumors agreeing in meetings, but not following through afterward hoarding information purposely undermining... —  read more 

Why NOV will FAIL

Logic dictates there is a correlation between a management culture of continuously starting the producers and declining productivity. Unless a work force is treated fairly by management and rewarded for their effort then it is inevitable NOV shall... —  read more 

Houston Service Major Cuts

Heard houston service is going to have no more full time employees, all will be laid off and brought back as contractors. Managers and supervisors to all be cut except for a few to handle admin work for contractor tech's.

Lowest moral in history

What a toxic place NOV is to work right now. Nothing to be positive about at all. Management have done a terrible job and they know it. And before someone says ‘you should be thankful you have a job’, don’t waste your time.

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