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Cost vs number of people in layoffs

Cost is much more relevant than number of people. If 10% is a number than it will likely be total cost or payroll cost. So you can lay off quantity 5 $60,000 employees or one manager being grossly overpaid at $300,000. NOV hasn't been very effective... read more

Burkburnett facility

Any word on the Burkburnett facility? Are they still hiring cause I have thought about applying.
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NOV is taking away Offshore Trucks

Bammel Office is taking away Offshore Techs trucks by the end of Aug 2017. A DE manager took the upgraded bumpers and brush guard from a DE supervisor old truck and he was given a new truck to keep. They also used DE Techs to do all the work. 4 DE... read more


Hey guys we hearing rumours over here regards Elmar?....any info on that?

More layoffs incoming?

It seems that National Oilwell Varco is gearing for more layoffs... Not sure when, but this makes it pretty clear that the last round achieved what they wanted it to, so I am guessing they will not be shying away from more... read more


what happened to the n.o.v. plant in Oklahoma city ?

NOV Lifting & Handling Group

So now that they have closed our facility down in Covington and laid everyone off what going to happen to the SOB's in Houston and the AmClyde and Unit product line????

Sad but true

I understand the bitterness and management can and likely is pretty bad, however your predicament has little to do with their performance. Just like most of the textile industry in the US your product is obsolete as made in the USA. It's too cheap to... read more

NOV Creekmont!!!

What happened to 4 big bosses at Creekmont, Paul Pratt, Mani1gram, Kenneth Scott and Eliseo Perez? They got fired last week?

NOV Covington shutting down friday july 14, 2017

Top notch, quality people, loosing their jobs because the not so smart managment team in Houston refused to listen. Donkeys in suits making decisions not because they know better, but because they purchased their degrees in a vending machine.

Oil sinking like a Lead Balloon

With Oil dropping like a rock. HR is going ahead with its last Hail Mary. More like a punt and so it seems next week is booked for conferences. It's one more cut at Eldridge. So I heard from very reliable people

Is things picking up

in general are things picking up orders getting placed etc? I read a few month ago that 2019 will be business as usual with a $100 barrel, I guess work will be begin now in order to ready the rigs for drilling in 2019 Anyone seeing this yet?

401k match

Noob question - how does the 401k match work? I.e. what is the max the company will match? Say my base salary is $42,000 - what is the max on US payroll they will match for contributions. Thanks yall

Drug testing at NOV Tower

Random drug testing today at the NOV Tower. Appears they are trying to make more cuts without having to do layoffs.

So why is he still here!!????!!

He is way out of touch in the business. So old he should have retired a long time ago. Just staying cause he can. Pull the wool over managements eyes all the time. Claims all the ideas and glory for his self. Time to go old man. An insurance... read more

Pay rise

Just announced Stonehouse to get 5%pay increase in july

Gateshead great news And this is why Gateshead is staying open.

The investors will know that.

Not too much management can do when the entire industry is going through a massive downturn. Actually there is, you cut costs by laying off people and closing facilities. The investors will know that.

How much longer?

How much longer do the investors tolerate the lack of revenue and stomach the string of quarterly losses before Presidents, VP's and C's start losing their jobs?

Run while u can!

Run from this dead sh--ty rathole while you can. It'll be sold out in small pieces to GE and others & in any case old nov crowd will be got rid of by new owners.

RS Sales Layoffs Coming Soon to NOV Tower

RS Sales Layoffs Coming Soon (June 5th) to NOV Tower... fleet care and capital sales specifically. Turns out we poorly executed it (surprise, surprise) and therefore the customers aren't having it. Move onto the next great idea...

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