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The rumor mill is saying layoffs for bammel within the next month. Its already a pretty slim facility. At this rate they will be closing the doors by early next year. Good luck.

NOV Employee Expenses

Noticed expense reports get kicked back more and more lately?? Inconsistent rules and petty comments. This is because NOV are desperate to hold onto the cash just a little longer. Yes the situation is THAT bad!

NOV Gateshead

I can only say what I’ve heard. Much like the Stonehouse factory I said would close a year before it did, after hearing the plans. A month ago now I heard plans to shut Gateshead factory. I wish you all the best.

Greengate, Manchester

Change of contract again. With UNION agreeing to. And next would be reduction in wages to save redundancies like last time and still made shop floor workers redundant no doubt union will agree to that too. What next

Biased site

This site is being monitored by NOV management and they DO have post removed. Seems odd that posts that make no mention of a name, merely statements one has made publicly would be considered for removal.

Unbearable Episodes

Tried to watch these "conversations" the company has on social media outlets like Linkedin and its just unbearable. Watching these people is cringeworthy and embarrassing mainly because they just seem clueless and talking out of their you know what... —  read more 

Gateshead covid

Office two meter rule enforced, plastic screens put up, one way systems, people working from home. Shop floor three people to one machine for training under the order of management, bringing people back from the sick with the high likely hood... —  read more 

Tuboscope updates?

Cmon yall, I know there are some rumors with budgets in full swing. It's getting boring out here with no pipe. Need to pass the time with some popcorn and hearing about the shlt show that is holmes road.

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3rd Quarter

Quarter is ending and judging by the panic looks in our stagnant management, its going to be ugly folks! Desperately pushing for bookings and shipments for revenue but nothing happening. Mainly because the productive people were laid off. Should be... —  read more 

8017 Breen Closing?

I heard today that US power section manufacturing was to be shut down in two weeks, with tooling and orders transferred to Canada. If true, sad for the few remaining there. Can anyone else confirm?

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