Topics regarding layoffs at National Oilwell Varco Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at National Oilwell Varco Inc.

Nisku Stator Section On the Rise

Great place to work with one of the best benefits you find, collaborative work environment. Ongoing projects prioritizing health and safety. Various recognition events throughout the year. Upper management promote and value diversity and inclusion... —  read more 

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Big changes in Service!

World wide service will be adopting the same model as TESS! The service dept management teams will be consolidated and go to a 24 hour revolving clock! Likely to be Singapore, Norway, and Houston! Depending on the time of day that is the management... —  read more 

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Nisku crumbling

Has anyone noticed the mistake they made At Nisku in the past few months. It is not a safe place to work. On top of that management is a trying to invoke fear and has replaced those that were trying to improve the situation. Quality continues to be a... —  read more 

Incoming Recession??

Been 3 years since they gave us a raise. Guess with the potential recession that looks like we’re going to fall in to will make 4 years. Expect actual lay off posts to start hitting soon versus the current posting about the guy with the scooter —  read more 

No phone, no service

NOV’s stupid decision to dump the phone system for a computer phone network I think has backfired. I can’t talk to anybody in the company, so that means neither can customers. There should be way more work when a barrel of oil is 121 bucks. —  read more 

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No one has regretted leaving

I have yet to hear that someone has regretted leaving poorly managed NOV. Do you know anyone who has? Even those who left and accepted a slightly lower pay have meanwhile been promoted and are now doing much better than they did here.


FGS used to be such a great group, but over the past few years there have been some bad management decisions and promotions and the culture is now very political and toxic. Many good people have bailed due to these issues and it looks like more are... —  read more 

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Poor quality costs

I think that NOV no longer cares about quality at all. When I first started working here, the company gave much more importance to quality. How big an impact will a poor quality product have on NOV? Any thoughts? Of course, poor quality can... —  read more 

A fool and their money.

NOV inc is a perfect example of how a fool (namely it's share holders) and their money are easily parted. The company does not need to make a profit because the share holders sustain it's survival within the market. For every employees sake prey the... —  read more 

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Shrimp Boil?

Any word on the shrimp boil for this year's OTC? I've heard from a great gossip source (CGO) that the company has scratched several events including no booth at OTC. Well, I guess it makes sense, these guys have not turned a profit in eight years, so... —  read more 

Gradual reduction of perks

I haven't been here that long, so I don't know. Can anyone make a retrospective of how the benefits have diminished here over the years. Someone stated that overtime, bonuses, double time, 401k matches, are now much different than before.

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