Topics regarding layoffs at National Oilwell Varco Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at National Oilwell Varco Inc.

Houston Controls done!

time to sell the cars, the boats, the giant houses, and move back home with mommy. 3rd quarter was the last free ride for you. Norway and uk will be all thats left to handle the controls work. they are about to ship your daddy back to canada too! —  read more 

Move on before goes under

I have been with NOV for many years. When I started with the company. We were the best at what we did. Now it's just a joke. I have been telling everyone in my group to get out while they can. Management doesn't know what they are doing. I am just... —  read more 

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NOV merpro with zero morale

How is Nov merpro and the Merpro testing services still going . Morale is terrible supervisors and management are useless ..a certain supervisor is not even qualified as high as some of workers but yet gets the pay ...its shocking

Who will teach them?

If NOV continues to treat older employees with skills and experience in this way, the question is who will teach new employees in the future who come in with ever-increasing knowledge gaps. It seems that NOV is not even thinking about it? If I... —  read more 

Weatherford vs NOV

Could not help noticing Weatherford stock going up. They were supposed to be bankrupt. But NOV stock is in the doldrums! Something is seriously wrong here. Is the Board blind?

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“Global Family”

What are your thoughts on the extensive use of the term “Global Family” in NOV? Personally, I strongly disagree with it and never hear anyone outside “leadership” and marketing use it. This is an interesting article I found in Forbes and I found... —  read more 

Third Quarter Results

So we await the the Third Quarter results. The book of endless excuses is once again dusted down. Ok my book is open. I say $750M in the red. Majority stock write down, relocation and pay offs Discuss

Who got raises and how much?

How much did ya'll get? My guess is its nowhere near matching inflation. Most of NOV employees havent had a raise since 2014 and do you know how much of raise you would need today to just not be poorer than you were then? 17%.


Management couldn't give a damn about bullying or excluding behaviour. As long an NCR are closed within target, the effect of such behaviour on the mental health of the victim can be ignored. The root cause is never investigated and appropriate... —  read more 

Slap in the face!

I heard some of the office people got raises. Such a slap in the face to the shop people. Some of which have not had raises in 7 years or so. Management wonders why morale sucks and people are leaving. Well there you go genius!

Be positive

We will get through these hard times together. Do the extra, like if my boss is hungry, I make her a sandwich and a salad. I check the hallways for tardy people. I mentor people and they all move on to do better things. I gladly demoted myself for... —  read more 

I don't care anymore

I knew this even before but now I've definitely become sure that this company does not want employees who are engaged and who actually care about their work and doing it to the best of their ability. I've decided not to care more. Even when I... —  read more 

NOV Live

Has anyone seen any of these web / podcasts? Just seen the one about the Mono and Moynihan products, it explains why our competitors have become so strong! Talk about living in a bubble

Competitors are hiring

Any of you Manchester guys looking for a new role with a company who appreciates its employees and pays well too? Check out Indeed, Watson Marlow looking for sales engineer, up to 50K per year plus 25% annual bonus. Given the comments on here must be... —  read more 

Mixer business to be sold off

The mixer business is being sold off at long last and split from the pump business. Good luck with selling as your competitors are not stupid and will not be rushing to buy. Joining pumps and mixers was a disaster and should never have happened, it’s... —  read more 

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