Topics regarding layoffs at National Oilwell Varco Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at National Oilwell Varco Inc.

ICP Bonus News ? Anyone

Does anyone know if there will be an ICP bonus payout next month for 2021? Any percentage? I’ve heard they might give some really low BS percent like last year just to prevent some people from leaving. Last year was something around 10% of your... —  read more 

Career growth

I am thinking of leaving because no matter how hard I try, it is simply impossible for me to make any career progress here. I would like to ask how you managed to grow your career here?

Toxic company

Everything about this place is toxic, no exceptions. There's a reason why people are tripping over each other to leave. If you're not looking for a way to leave NOV, you're in the minority.

Contact ?

Trying to contact with valuable info but can’t email - tried but not recognised - can anyone assist please with the correct email address for layoff?

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Year End thoughts

As we quickly approach the new year there are two things to consider or ponder for 2022. First, why are the shareholders and/or board members still putting up with this colossal failure of a leadership team causing this company to further dig its... —  read more 

Former CEO P

I copied and pasted because of truth! The former CEO P started this whole demise! He left this management team in charge prior to him leaving. He turned his back on the people that worked hard for him and he put these Varco guys in charge. Then he... —  read more 

Ups and downs

Yes, this is generally an industry with many ups and downs. I like the optimism of those who think that the company will keep going just like it has for the last 50+ years, but my opinion is that more downs and less ups await us in NOV?

Demise of NOV

There has been the free fall of NOV for almost 10 yrs now. This company is way past the point of no return. The only thing I can think of is that they, “corporate folks”, are just bleeding what they can take for the next boat payment or next... —  read more 

STOP blaming people

I understand why they lie to us, but why they lie to themselves that everything that is wrong in this company is the fault of the employees, it is not clear to me at all. I don't feel guilty if the sales aren't as big as they planned, they should... —  read more 

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