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Getting scary around here

Don’t know how much longer we can keep operating like this. I work in sales and have been working from home since the Corona virus started. We’re not selling anything in this market. Don’t know how much longer they can afford to pay us with nothing... —  read more 

NOV is Hiring

There are multiple positions available for directors and Vice Presidents in the newly created department named, Fall Guys

Houston service

Got told today i will be reporting to new iberia office from now on. Will continue to live in houston but only be paid hours and mileage from new iberia office to heliports. F— this place

Tuboscope Business Groups

I hear that Tuboscope is breaking up different business groups and selling them off. Machining services is one of them. Has anyone else heard this?

How bad realistically will it get for NOV?

Hello, I am new in the oil and gas field and just a few years out of college. I have always heard that our industry is always up and down but that this seems to be the worse anyone has seen. Realistically, how bad do you think it will get for NOV? ... —  read more 


Not heard much on this place for a while Is anyone still there

Top heavy

So far I have not heard of one upper management person being laid off. It's a joke to see managers, and directors with no direct reports. NOV is so top heavy it's going to flip over..... I am ready to see some of the people that have run this... —  read more 

No More Layoffs

There will be no more layoffs for NOV. Restructuring is complete and new management has been set. New policies will be coming out in the next few weeks.

Tuboscope corporate office

Went by there today to meet with a customer of mine. That place is a graveyard. Is Tuboscope closing down? I’ve never seen that facility that empty. I thought it was one of the stronger groups within NOV.


Hey thanks Nov you laid me off finally and now I’m making double what I was making before to sit at home and do nothing so thank you for that sorry to those who are still working making pennies still get out while you can.

Tower levels 17 and 18

Earlier someone said this week there would be layoffs in Tower levels 17 and 18? Were there? What’s going there anyways? What departments?


Some minorities who worked less than three years in NOV gave up the severance and filed lawsuit after they got laid off. Rumor says NOV legal and HR will start to cut people who stay with the company over ten years as they r less likely to give up... —  read more 

Why so many Bammel Post

Everyday there is more post about layoffs and change. I work at bammel and none of this is true. We did have layoffs last week. But we were assured we are done with reductions and it is over for us. As far as were concerned its business as usual.

What is Current Employee Headcount

Since January 1, 2020, how many employees have been laid off? What is the current global headcount? This would give a sense of the companies cost reductions overall.


I think So many people are overreacting to all these open ended posts and the stress is really getting to them. I really Think we should take a few moments to catch our breath and reflect on the good things in our lives. So with that in mind, We ask... —  read more 

Layoffs today?

It was mentioned several times on this page that we can expect more layoffs today - has that been confirmed or dismissed as an unsubstantiated rumor? Friday is usually not a layoff day at NOV, but lately, nothing would surprise me considering... —  read more 

Tower VP’s, Directors and managers

It is so ridiculous to lay off sales people, IT, and other workers but keep all of the VP’s, directors and managers. How many direct reports do they have?? Maybe 1-3 each?? NOV has always been top heavy but now it is worse than ever. How much... —  read more 

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