Topics regarding layoffs at National Oilwell Varco Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at National Oilwell Varco Inc.


I remember when HR was for the people ,now all they do is cover up management. Navasota plant has become a joke. Even though I live a few minutes away I think I rather drive far where I feel safe.

No Cost of Living Raises

So….boss man calls us all together in the warehouse today and tells us that we aren’t getting cost of living raises this year. Said it’s corporate wide. A lot of us were due for raises earlier this year and when he tried to get us an increase, his... — read more 

Mission Party Week?

Lots of people from overseas here for a week long party to celebrate 100 years of Mission Products. Did the captain not break mission up back in 2014 into new buckets yet we still have this group? What to they do and what do they add? Free food... — read more 

Market has reacted badly

Unfortunately, the market has reacted badly to the results. It’s time for real change. It should start from the top. This leadership team has taken it as far as it can go. Do the right thing folks!

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Changes after the new year

Apparently there are a lot of changes coming after the new year. Not just restructuring but new policies and rules being put in place. We were told that it is pretty much going to make most everyone upset. I guess the razor wire, cages and cold slop... — read more 


There is a rumour that sites in the uk won’t be paid wages this month or next month and the mixer side is up for sale for free as long as you pay it’s debtors off in full

Calm Down People

Amidst the apprehensions surrounding the recent cost-cutting initiatives, it is important to recognize that these measures are strategically implemented to fortify our financial standing, ensuring sustained success in the long run. It is vital to... — read more 


The biggest waste of company money and office space there is! What do half the people who work there do? Thw service techs and shop guys are the only ones who make money for the company, the rest are just leaching off the bottom line! To bad most of... — read more 

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Increases are out

Increases are out for the year. If you did not get one or it has been years since you got one and did not get one this year, just quit. Don't let them tell you nobody got anything. Just putting this out there in case it was not common knowledge. Oh... — read more 

Tuboscope- A Love Story

What’s with this place? No drive from anyone in management. No new business development. Just sit and pray that our legacy customers keep coming back and renting our outdated inspection equipment. I’ve only been here for a bit over a year but this... — read more 

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