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VERP to layoffs - how long do we have ?

How long do the VERP nominees have to decide if they want to take that option ? How long before management start selecting some people for termination and will it be a worldwide process or just US ? What will the terms of termination be ?


Is it true that plants in Texas will be closed?


Anybody else offered Verp at Houston location? What is going on?

Voluntary Early Retirement Program (VERP) handed out

Voluntary Early Retirement Program (VERP) handed out at my Facility. Need to be a total 72 years with Employment and Age. Package is one years salary plus five years Health Insurance naturally paying your share cost of Health Insurance.


What’s going on with Brandt? They’re cutting hours but hiring temps on to become full time employees? Anyone know anything.

Are layoffs happening?

No layoffs at my location, so I;m wondering whether they are happening in some other part of the company in a stealth manner? If that’s the case I would like the folks for afected locations to post. Maybe in that we can form some sort of picture who... read more


verp is out, layoffs and restructuring is coming everywhere

Share price is way down the river

What is NOV leadership going to do to give us investors their dividends, hardly any profits in first 3 months of the year. Another VERP, another CRP ? VERP - voluntary early retirement program CRP - cost reduction program ( no salary increases... read more


I’m hearing about a lay-off at under performing plants. Hopefully it’s just b.s. Anyone else know anything?

Micro managed into the ground

Bammel is being micro managed into the ground. They are more concerned about painting stripes and where your pens and pencils go than production or taking care of their employees. Henley and Co. need to go and new management isnt much better. I hope... read more

Brandt Pay

Is it just Brandt or all the other NOVs that make you think discussing pay can get you in trouble or fired? I feel like they don’t want people talking about it cause they know people will figure out they’re being screwed over.

NOV Stock Price

Stock price is in the sh***ter. Still under 30 when price of oil has increased. That's what you get when Napolean Dynamite and Pedro are running the show. Used to be such a great company to work for, now its just a place to surf the net.

Why are managers leaving?

Three managers I know (two in my department) have left NOV in the past month. All of them left voluntarily. Could it be that they know something we don't? Should we be preparing for another restructuring with major layoffs right about now? Or am I... read more


Does TRUE management exist? Do they have the experience and skills? Are they doing anything to bring in more work or are they pushing to outsource? If it is being outsourced, why? Any efforts towards internal changes for employee and overall business... read more

DDS management killing NOV

Is other departments moral really low right now at NOV? DDS is being managed to the ground. Joey and CJ have the worst management skills in all of NOV. Everything is so micro-managed. We are always looking over our shoulder on everything we do... read more

More layoffs before the end of the month?

Been hearing rumors about another restructuring with more layoffs before the end of the month. Is this true? If it is, do we have any details yet? Like what will be hit, what kind of numbers are we looking at, or at least a little more precise time... read more

Upper management layoffs?

Rumor is there will be upper management changes in the future at Bammel. Word is too many chiefs...maybe they will get the right ones this time! Any chance this is true? I don't think many of us will be brokenhearted to see some of the incompetent... read more


Is Rig Solutions getting ready for more lay offs? Anyone heard anything?

conroe Welders

I saw online that Conroe is looking for welders. I'm interested on transferring to Conroe. Any pointers? How long does the transfer take once I apply online?


Anyone here been tagged as a trainer by your supervisor and not been compensated for the training preformed?

NOV PFT Montrose / Manchester

I just heard today from a very senior source that plans are in place to have country VPs overseeing these two low profit entities with a plan to close both in the new year, apparently both sites have been under serious scrutiny for the last 2 years... read more


Article on Yahoo details how the CEO's base pay is in the Median Range of other large company CEO's. Sure wish he would look at the salary of the employees because I know a bunch that are not even close to Median Range for the comparable role in... read more

Sick of hearing about greengate

Does anyone still work there who cares Manchester has only one success and that’s it’s football club And guess what my English friends the Americans own that too

Brazil L&H

I wonder why the crane department insists on working with agents that have been accused by the Brazilian police in arranging bribes to Petrobras in operation carwash. I just caaaan't puuuuut my fiiiiiiinger on it...hhhhmmmmmmmmm$$$$???? Maybe someone... read more

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