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Hush Money

Brandt gave all the welder so 2-3 dollar raises. A couple months back. And now raises are coming around with their 3 percent. People are literally making change for a raise. Typical hush money....and they wonder why everyone is leaving.
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Brandt Safety Stand down

Just had a safety stand down at Brandt. We're so lucky to work here. Our screens department hit a quota last month. Those lucky SOBs got a pizza party! Step up and pay you cheap POS. that's why you can't keep any employees! And your equipment goes... read more
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Sander's Stop Bezos Act

Sen. Bernie Sanders is pushing "Stop Bezos act" as a means for companies who benefit from new tax breaks to share "the benefited profits" from these tax savings with employees. As a hard working and significantly underpaid employee this sounds good... read more

Brandt Managment

Brandt needs to get their stuff together. No strategy for getting bodies back in the door after the down turn. Every piece of equipment leaves here late. The shop employees getting screwed with ridiculous hours due to being short staffed. Working... read more

Pampa NOV

What's happening in Pampa nowadays?
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NOV Overall Stocks

Well the NOV stocks are back @ 42.6 but for how long?? It took 2-yrs to reach out to this $$$$. Back in 2016 I pulled out for losing a bunch :( Good luck for those who are IN !!!
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Future ain't here!!!!
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Time to bring this up.

NOV likes to keep salaries and increases secret so in insiders can get more money than those of us doing the real work. It just might be time to think about a Union for protection, as we see we are all “At will” numbers. Under the National Labor... read more


Did any other readers of this site notice the post requesting the leadership at NOV to investigate alleged supply chain management inproprieties was withdrawn by the forum censors? Part of the deep state censorship bureau?
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St Paul now in Houston

We all know she more less embezzled money! How did Mrs. Adams get a job back there after that? Not to mention the relocation costs and quiting a few weeks later..... Bless you, We won't forget

Fed up with NOV crap!

The longer you work here the worse it gets. Especially since the layoffs began! They don’t promote you, but expect you to work and do the same as job listings as a director for well under 100k...when most directors are getting well above 100k... What... read more

Shafted again

1 year ago-Gateshead shutting,stick together lads, together we,ll get through it 5 months later- we,re stopping open lads, work more , we,re all one team, all together 3 days ago- office and management get their bonus, screw the shop floor, you're by... read more

Rig Technologies Financial Results?

Rig Technologies post 2017 financial results adjusting all other quarter figures posted for Q1, Q2 and Q3 for rig systems and rig offshore? Rig Technologies did not exist as a segment until 1/19/2018? Q3 results showed rig and aftermarket at 310... read more

Funny Numbers at NOV?

Just curious how certain management is still running a sinking ship? Anyone else concerned? Glad I quit and moved my stock!

Ground Hog DDay

This is it boys and girls. More winter is coming
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Pampa mobile rigs

Pampa Tx. has the work and steadily getting more. It’s a shame the top people in Houston can’t realize that the people and the workforce in Pampa are some of the best.They have tasked them with a lot of work in a unrealistic time period. But like... read more


NOV-Bammel... No longer Offshore or Onshore... Effective immediately ... NOV-Bammel Rig Technology- Unshore
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Bammel! Lets play a game!

Put the initials of the person(s) that you think will most likely be laid off in your department, and put what department that you work in. You win if you get to keep your job.

January 25 layoffs at National Oilwell

Jan 25 2018. D-day Is Coming. Seems like all the axe wielding is almost over Has t be better after this month Anybody knows if there is any truth to this? We all know layoffs are coming, so it would be nice to know that the whole ordeal will be done... read more

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