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Cedar Park layoffs?

I heard Cedar Park is reorganizing. Is that true?
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Upper management layoffs?

Rumor is there will be upper management changes in the future at Bammel. Word is too many chiefs...maybe they will get the right ones this time! Any chance this is true? I don't think many of us will be brokenhearted to see some of the incompetent... read more

Manchester greengate

Hi y’all I’ve heard that Manchester will stop all work on the first week in February


Is Rig Solutions getting ready for more lay offs? Anyone heard anything?

conroe Welders

I saw online that Conroe is looking for welders. I'm interested on transferring to Conroe. Any pointers? How long does the transfer take once I apply online?


Anyone here been tagged as a trainer by your supervisor and not been compensated for the training preformed?

NOV PFT Montrose / Manchester

I just heard today from a very senior source that plans are in place to have country VPs overseeing these two low profit entities with a plan to close both in the new year, apparently both sites have been under serious scrutiny for the last 2 years... read more


Article on Yahoo details how the CEO's base pay is in the Median Range of other large company CEO's. Sure wish he would look at the salary of the employees because I know a bunch that are not even close to Median Range for the comparable role in... read more

Sick of hearing about greengate

Does anyone still work there who cares Manchester has only one success and that’s it’s football club And guess what my English friends the Americans own that too

Brazil L&H

I wonder why the crane department insists on working with agents that have been accused by the Brazilian police in arranging bribes to Petrobras in operation carwash. I just caaaan't puuuuut my fiiiiiiinger on it...hhhhmmmmmmmmm$$$$???? Maybe someone... read more

Investors coming

What does this mean when your told to clean up your area, look good cause there are investors coming and potentially very high ups coming into the facility for 2 days?? Smells like a buy-out to me!! Anybody wanna buy Texans tickets?

Brandt POS

Brandt management is a a bunch of pieces of trash. Can’t get their stuff together so they take the holiday away from their employees. We looks forward to the 4 day weekend every year and they take it away. Keep in mind no one here has had a day off... read more

Brandt not so thanksgiving

So Brandt manufacturing is having to work the whole holiday weekend thanksgiving through Sunday. S---s but it can be lived with. What I’m p-ss-d about is the weld shop purposely worked Sunday’s for the past few weeks in order to get the 4 day... read more
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Brandt Conroe

Seams like common sense if your equipment goes out late and your short handed on employees maybe think of boosting your base pay? What’s y’alls opinions on that? We’re short handed and management wants more and more in less and less time. Forcing the... read more

Yearly raises

Has anyone else been denied a raise due to a recent promotion? Example. I moved from position A to position B a few moths ago. And when I changed positions. I got a raise. Now the yearly raises come around and I get nothing. I don’t think that’s... read more

Sabre Shaker

The Sabre is a joke. Production make promises they can’t keep to customers and turn around and make manufacturing pay for it with ridiculous hours and no raises. Not even a thank you. Then they come out of their cozy offices and have the balls to ask... read more


Does anyone else’s facilities make the more senior people train new employees and not be compensated for it? Just curious. I also find it annoying that you have people with experience that have worked for the facility before being brought back in and... read more

Brandt Management

Brandt is at it again 7 14s all due to production personnel not getting their stuff together. The actual workers who make this place run are getting fed up with all this BS and no raises or anything. Not even a thank you guys for working these crazy... read more




The management have said they need to save money so they're looking at shifts, they don't want people working a shift pattern if they don't have a shift partner but it's okay for staff to get shift allowance without a partner, the shop floor clock in... read more

Manchester wage claim.

Will it be rejected or excepted, my geuss is the latter as there’s a lot of sheep in there but on saying that when the steward was addressing the meeting this morning you would have thought you were listening to management, there’s money still in the... read more

No work at Bammel

Where is, or what is the future at Bammel North Houston? There is absolutley no work.. should I stay or should I go? Its very disturbing. It seems to me that NOV has a habit, history of letting go of the wrong people and its biting them in the a--..

Wake up Joe!

What the hell happened to Rig Systems? They were the Darling of the three groups now they are the Degenerates. One word three syllables....LEADERSHIP!

Hush Money

Brandt gave all the welder so 2-3 dollar raises. A couple months back. And now raises are coming around with their 3 percent. People are literally making change for a raise. Typical hush money....and they wonder why everyone is leaving.
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Brandt Safety Stand down

Just had a safety stand down at Brandt. We're so lucky to work here. Our screens department hit a quota last month. Those lucky SOBs got a pizza party! Step up and pay you cheap POS. that's why you can't keep any employees! And your equipment goes... read more
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