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R2.1 Any idea what will happen to the R2.1 Cameron Members? Will they be moved to R2.3 or to Pune or thrown out of SLB?

New lay off..France &&&

US is approaching another major again MAJOR layoff in Business & in IT in the next 2 quarters.Houston will be a disaster 6 days ago by Anonymous | Post ID: @OyN6yGq-1uem

H1 Extension

My Visa is coming to an end in Oct 17, but HR is not ready to extend my H1, what to do now?

SLB employees from Cameron

SLB employees from Cameron are Beggars and pleading for work , no work for last 7 months, all my ABAP skills are rusted and our managers are day dreaming in the closed rooms

town Hall Insight

Any Insight about the Town Hall? Most of my SLB friends say this meeting is not a good sign for most of the Cameron employees. I requested 3 weeks vacation to my manager from August 1st week, but it was turned down.

Houston Moving

When is the final move of Houston to Coimbatore? What was the out come of the management meeting last week regarding this

Cameron follows Smith

Few Cameron folks that were moved to ITT were let go on Wednesday, SLB strategy is ,below par work will be assigned to them or Zero work will be assigned to them, so you will be provoked and will cause the trap for yourself. Wake up. Episode of Smith... read more


More and More layoffs across the Cameron division is happening, the SLB vulture started it's hunting operation. Cameron's coffin is ready for the last few more nails

When you see the light at the end of the tunnel --- DUCK!

When you see the light, duck Don't strain yourself thinking about it It's simple. when you see the light duck one last time If you already know what you will see after you come back up then you are probably right
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Cameron IT emptying

I see most of my good old friends and colleagues are marching out of Cameron IT BSO in rush, wat's happening any inside scoop? Combotore recruitment is over, so what next? BSO director is also leaving soon.....

A little spirit lifting

Cam management, The majority of you undervalue your star pupils. False, open ended promises seem to be part of your management training. Cameron is not the organization it once was and will continue to shift into SLB's "vision of a company". It will... read more

Can you extend unemployment?

I was laid off by Cameron Drilling in June 2016. I’ve sent out so many resumes all over the country and had a few interviews but I think my age is hurting me. I'm 45 years old. My unemployment has run out and I am two weeks away from being homeless... read more

How do you extend unemployment benefits?

I was laid off by Cameron Drilling in June 2016. I’ve sent out so many resumes all over the country and had a few interviews but I think my age is hurting me. I'm 45 years old. My unemployment has run out and I am two weeks away from being homeless... read more

What's the Deal With V&M?

Anyone have an insight into V&M? Keep hearing rumors about selling it off but no buyers? Also is anyone surprised why DM is still around and why his underlings are still with CAM and haven't been axed?

Green Card for Cameron

Will SLB continue the Green Card process for Cameron Employees as Cameron promised in the offer letter? (There are strong rumors going on that the current Cameron HR Manager Sy** will let go soon once offshore hiring process completes , so how can we... read more

Cameron International Layoffs 2017

Last year all was fairly good, now all of the sudden things move, people are complaining and there are rumors about layoffs Houston.
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Scott Rowe sells

Did anyone notice that Scott Rowe - CAM President - sold almost a QUARTER of his SLB stock in July?!? Where's he going?!?

How's your division doing? Post here.

I'll start off...Drilling blows (pun intended). Major changes ahead with plant closures, consolidation among groups, and admin and back office types roles being outsourced to Romania. What about OneSubsea? V&M? Surface?

Cameron V&M Aftermarket..

Cameron V&M aftermarket EPV may be on the chopping block before the end of the year. Hearing rumors about OkC and Odessa. Both locations have had to park their trucks and no personal use is allowed. Heard the rumors that V&M is for sale to but... read more


We all know Cameron is a poor payer of redundancy payments , so what about SLB can you guys that were made redundant out there who worked for SLB share your redundancy terms conditions Age /service years any pension or health care benefits We at... read more


A little friend told me that OHQ Is getting hit SOON
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They laid off a mechanic in maintenance, yet there still 3 management people and 2 lead men to manage 7 people. Stupidity at its finest.

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