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Future of Cameron BSO

What's the future of Cameron BSO? Will they send me back to Pune?
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What's the Deal With V&M?

Anyone have an insight into V&M? Keep hearing rumors about selling it off but no buyers? Also is anyone surprised why DM is still around and why his underlings are still with CAM and haven't been axed?

Green Card for Cameron

Will SLB continue the Green Card process for Cameron Employees as Cameron promised in the offer letter? (There are strong rumors going on that the current Cameron HR Manager Sy** will let go soon once offshore hiring process completes , so how can we... read more

Cameron International Layoffs 2017

Last year all was fairly good, now all of the sudden things move, people are complaining and there are rumors about layoffs Houston.
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Scott Rowe sells

Did anyone notice that Scott Rowe - CAM President - sold almost a QUARTER of his SLB stock in July?!? Where's he going?!?

How's your division doing? Post here.

I'll start off...Drilling blows (pun intended). Major changes ahead with plant closures, consolidation among groups, and admin and back office types roles being outsourced to Romania. What about OneSubsea? V&M? Surface?

Cameron V&M Aftermarket..

Cameron V&M aftermarket EPV may be on the chopping block before the end of the year. Hearing rumors about OkC and Odessa. Both locations have had to park their trucks and no personal use is allowed. Heard the rumors that V&M is for sale to but... read more


We all know Cameron is a poor payer of redundancy payments , so what about SLB can you guys that were made redundant out there who worked for SLB share your redundancy terms conditions Age /service years any pension or health care benefits We at... read more


A little friend told me that OHQ Is getting hit SOON
by | Post ID: @JODGmea
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They laid off a mechanic in maintenance, yet there still 3 management people and 2 lead men to manage 7 people. Stupidity at its finest.

Expats and rotators are at risk. Just a friendly heads up

Been informed that expat rotators are being looked at due to cost to company, and a 6 and 3 rotation will be in the future. Of course this is all here say, it is also from respected sources that are sad to see the ways of SLB. I wish you all the best... read more
by | Post ID: @JBSZK5R
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Stack Pad

Most all of us want to be laid off on stack pad. We thought we would get laid off today because they feed us last week. Idiots in management like john rink gave raises to all the people that cant read a tape measure then laid them off with packages... read more

Lay off at Katy Cameron

Does anyone know how many let go at Cameron Drilling in Katy? I was told there was defiantly lay off there today
by | Post ID: @JpfsBdT
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Whether Cameron IT (Houston/Coimbatore/Romania/APME) BSO declared a SICK unit? Last quarter RIFs to boost the revenue report, management gathering at Dubai for the penultimate rounds before final decision is announced...... Good Luck folks!!!!

Being laid off is a blessing

Being laid off was the best thing ever. I found a new job right away. There are companies out there that value their employees, Cameron is just not one of them.
by | Post ID: @JjqSJrt
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Cameron selling off AOP and killing that valve line. RIP
by | Post ID: @I74VYBc
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