Cameron International Corp. Layoffs

Topics regarding layoffs at Cameron International Corp.

Reorg and Layoffs in IT

IT Reorg week and Layoffs follows next!!! Whole enclave + clay in jittery!!! Cameron H1's will be sent in Business class to PUNE as Peons


Okc lay off today

Lay-off in Oklahoma City Cameron today over 20 people were in layoff

Current layoffs at OneSubsea

OneSubsea is cleaning house. 20% of engineers gone. You can’t be a grey haired engineer and survive. The new method is keeping young and cheap engineers over experienced engineers. I felt pain myself OneSubsea had Huge layoffs in Houston September... —  read more 

FIFA and Cameron 3rd Quarter

3rd quarter will be little hard for few to 20 to 25% RIF is evident and N Square will be moved into the bushes of SLB soon.

V&M in Wyoming

used to work in the drilling division at berwick. Just got a job offer for field service V&M division in WY. anybody know anything about the division up there and the work load? —  read more 

No need for layoffs

OneSubsea has no need for layoffs. Everyone is quitting on their own because the work atmosphere is so awful.

When Houston to Coimbatore

Whether in second quarter Cameron is moving the major portion of the operations from Houston to Coimbatore? What will be the head count they will surrender?

Continuation of Cameron IT layoffs

The IT layoff was on hold because they reached the maximum count for 2017, so the story will start in 2018 . The budget cut is approximately 55 Millions. Does anybody know if this is true? How many more people are expected to be laid off in IT? Any... —  read more 

Fresh Layoffs

Schlumberger announces another round of layoffs —  read more 


Does anyone know if thee is there any truth that Onesubsea has lost the Mad Dog 2 Contract for supplying trees?????

R2.1 Any idea what will happen to the R2.1 Cameron Members? Will they be moved to R2.3 or to Pune or thrown out of SLB? —  read more 

New lay off..France &&&

US is approaching another major again MAJOR layoff in Business & in IT in the next 2 quarters.Houston will be a disaster 6 days ago by Anonymous | Post ID: @OyN6yGq-1uem —  read more 

H1 Extension

My Visa is coming to an end in Oct 17, but HR is not ready to extend my H1, what to do now?

SLB employees from Cameron

SLB employees from Cameron are Beggars and pleading for work , no work for last 7 months, all my ABAP skills are rusted and our managers are day dreaming in the closed rooms —  read more 

town Hall Insight

Any Insight about the Town Hall? Most of my SLB friends say this meeting is not a good sign for most of the Cameron employees. I requested 3 weeks vacation to my manager from August 1st week, but it was turned down.

Houston Moving

When is the final move of Houston to Coimbatore? What was the out come of the management meeting last week regarding this

Cameron follows Smith

Few Cameron folks that were moved to ITT were let go on Wednesday, SLB strategy is ,below par work will be assigned to them or Zero work will be assigned to them, so you will be provoked and will cause the trap for yourself. Wake up. Episode of Smith... —  read more 

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