Topics regarding layoffs at Halliburton Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at Halliburton Co.

Layoffs coming soon!

Yes boy and girls it's that time again. Looks like it's going to be at the end of June for HDBS. Not that hard to believe considering what it has become. Management going from bad to worse, if that was even possible. But then again we have J. Segura... —  read more 

I like working here

Not sure if this will ruffle any feathers or not but I personally really like working here. I've been reading some posts on this forum and I was kinda surprised with how these posts are leaning towards the negative. I didn't have any negative... —  read more 

Layoffs rumors

I am a little worried because the atmosphere is very tense. I don't know how much truth is in them, but there are already rumors that layoffs are inevitable. Any new insight about possible layoffs to share?

Trouble Recruiting?

Is Halliburton having issues recruiting people? Seems like all the new hires that are arriving have almost no manufacturing experience. I personally don't mind, everyone starts somewhere, but it's odd to me because normally I'm used to seeing people... —  read more 

Rampant incompetence

It used to be rare for someone's position to greatly exceed his or her competence. Today, incompetence no longer surprises me at all. Working here has been reduced to daily dealings with very self-confident mediocrities. How do you deal with... —  read more 

Additional work

The general advice that everyone shares: set the boundaries and don't let them put more on your plate. However, how feasible is it in reality? My opinion is that it is pretty difficult to do. I'm interested in how much more work you do now compared... —  read more 


My question is why does this company take so long to replace an employee who leaves. What's the problem? Has it become so difficult to attract solid employees, or is Halliburton not even trying to make replacements for individuals who leave? I have... —  read more 

Who's Working From Home

Got to love the price of gas. I feel your pain having to drive to North Belt everyday is taking a toll on my wallet. For those working from home, I am glad you got a raise from saving all that gas money.

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