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Second Quarter

Any layoff rumors going around, rig count still falling weekly, no turn around anytime soon.

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Can the got damn cafeteria open back up already. I’m tired of having to leave work for lunch.

Severance pay and TWC

Has anyone able to report severance pay to TWC? It seems they are not interested in taking my call and I can not find a way to modify my application online.


I heard from 3 reliable sources that the next round of layoffs will be for team leads and junior managers. I’m actually looking forward to this happening. Not sure of the timeline though.


Elimination of the Key Employee Incentive & Retention Plans need to be removed. High ranking executives are running companies into the ground and coming out of chapter 11 courts with millions in the E&P... —  read more 

New Mexico

So Halliburton as pulled out of New Mexico completely. The New Mexico independents is what helped get the Permian basin going, it was a NM independent that started the shale and Bone Springs play. I have been using Halliburton for most of my work for... —  read more 

Jeff Miller Interview today


Severance pay + ESPP money

Got my severance today. ESPP contributions were withdrawn after the termination (for the second quarter). Fidelity customer service said I should get that money in my payslip. They have not included that money? If you were laid off, how did you... —  read more 

Oil price

WTI is now crossing 33 mark. I am thinking whether it was a hasty decision by HAL to cut all those experienced tech employees who may not return to HAL again if needed in near future.


Glad to finally see the traffic and complaining from corporate office has declined. Are y’all back at home permanently or actually working for first time in 3 months?

I shine HRs head

Every person I tell them to cut requires a price, I nut on their head. It’s shiny now

No respect for their employees

While Management continued to have their Halliburton Hal Academy drunken party in Dallas they were preparing the 1,000 persons layoffs Then when the call came for layoffs, they dumped your things like trash

Health benefits include vision and dental, right?

Got laid-off on 05/05 and is looking for dental and vision option in the severance package pdf. But unable to find anything discrete. So, just wanted to confirm you have used these benefits recently after lay-off.

Halliburton is the most affected one

I am wondering for last few weeks, the big bang of lay-offs has happened mostly in HAL in compared to others like Baker or SLB. Any idea why is that? One reason could be the mismanagement by the executive members. But is that all?


How many ppl are still in Odessa?

May 2020 uodate

In order to meet the new pyramid of VP to managers ratio. VP positions will remain at current level. Managers at each district will be reclassified as Service Coordinator. Current Coordinator staffing will be demoted to hourly with no bonus This... —  read more 

No returns!

I hope everyone affected by all the layoffs finds a new and better careers and when Halliburton comes calling for help back, can tell them to kiss it!

No pay leave not an option?

Just wondering why is no pay leave not given as an option for those who rather take that over being retrenched? Employment and personnel is “retained” until work picks up. I understand this might not be a good option for some countries as they might... —  read more 

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