Topics regarding layoffs at Halliburton Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at Halliburton Co.

We are calling you out

Found out from an inside source in HR that there are employees whose only job is to monitor all posts in this forum and to give a counter response to everything being said. The last post must been one of those employees. Speak your mind guys. This... —  read more 

Calling you out!

For those that think they are smarter than management, get on here and talk sh– about a company that pays you, you are a complete id–t! Take a step back and see what you are doing. When I feel down I like to search this website and see how I don't... —  read more 

Rock Springs & HAL

Article about Halliburton and Rock Springs with the big cuts and closures. You might know or even be one of the people quoted in the article!

I can't believe this

I'm new to Halliburton so I have to ask - is it a custom for this company to announce layoffs a few days before Christmas? Because I can't figure out a worse time to drop news like that. This is a morale k–ler - and not just for the affected... —  read more 

Real Estate Group

So what is going to happen with this non-profit overhead Real Estate Group. They have an excessive budget and free spending at our expense. We pay the for space rates, they bring NOTHING to the table as far as making money. All they do is tell us... —  read more 

Sperry hiring?

Saw a post on LinkedIn by one of the directors inviting applicants for hardware and firmware engineers to work at Houston and Singapore. If you are out there and looking for a great career you do not want to miss this opportunity.


HAL will hire/ fire/ demote/ layoff/ relocate you at their will. Kilgore always operated day to day chasing their arse. Get real leadership in Cementing by sending AJ packing or continue to lose what little work there is. No one with any pride or... —  read more 


I’ve done sum math and with the current headcount related to stock price while taking into account oil prices.... all Halliburton has to do to get the stock price back to $45 is layoff 20,000 more people (non-salaried, hourly) to lower expenses and... —  read more 


Anyone at Hal ever wondered why they still work there.. you all b–ch everyday about how bad it is but anyone who still works there probably can’t get a better job and has an IQ of 10.

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