Topics regarding layoffs at Halliburton Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at Halliburton Co.

No work

We don’t have any work at the moment, and our managers told us not to come to the shop. Can they do that? I’m going 2 weeks without pay should I quit or is there something I can do?

Returning to Halliburton

If somebody was laid off can they reapply for a job down the line? A friend who was part of my team was planning on applying for an opening but he isn't sure if they're just going to ignore his application. I had no idea what to tell him since I... —  read more 

Move on!

All you folks are constantly complaining and bi-----g about Halliburton…so fu----g leave! Go to another oil company or go use your CDL outside of oil and gas or god forbid go find a job doing something completely different where you don’t hate your... —  read more 

New hires come and go

After my longtime colleague left, he was replaced by a new employee who lasted there only a month! This would be somehow acceptable if it was a unique case, but shortly after that another new employee left who did not stay much longer. I am sure... —  read more 

Inside Info?

Anyone have any inside info on if Halliburton is planning to mandate the vaccine? With TX banning mandates by any entity, not sure how they could. Since a large part of their business is in TX they can't really do it for one location but not others... —  read more 


I would like to get a promotion but it seems better to forget about it. I worked hard to achieve that, but in vain. The rules for how to get a promotion are fuzzy and I feel left to my own devices in finding a way to achieve my career goals. How... —  read more 

Control, control

Is it really necessary to micromanage so many employees who have been in this company for years and who have always done their job well? It is no longer a matter of ego, but such an approach began to bother me in doing my job. Was the ultimate goal... —  read more 

Cementing PSL

Keep up the great work!!! I have never been busier in my decade long run in the TX oilfield. Averaging well over 100 hrs a week . It’s Just too bad I now work for a competitor that doesn’t turn DP into fence posts.

Antiquated practices

I have heard such comments many times, that our processes are very antiquated, which is the absolute truth. Why is it like that? Why does Halliburton want to be a dinosaur company? Is it so difficult or impossible to make positive changes in this... —  read more 

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