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Holy crap! Did you see that presentation by D & E executive Carre? It was more vague than a Clinton Benghazi deposition. 30 minutes of vagueness. Just one nugget to look forward to: We will be drilling wells with computers in 5 years. So long to the... read more

Change of trustee of Retirement Plan

Just got a notice that the trustee of the Halliburton Retirement and Savings Plan is changing to the Northern Trust Company. Does anyone know any details? Will Fidelity continue to be the plan administrator?

Is your product competitive

undisclosed combo offering from competition, kept under the radar. potentially market changing and will out perform competition and force them to play catchup. combo product offering known only by project names at this time. Frac-nstein and Bride of... read more

6 years waiting pay rise for 2 per cent poor

Not to happy with this pay rise as we say in Scotland piss poor from upper management work hard for the company and get little it's also poor that pot of money goes to manager for him to decide who gets what's. How hard is it for this company to get... read more

More Competition for Fewer Jobs

Houston-based NRG Energy said it laid off employees in Texas and around the country on Monday and Tuesday, as part of the company's effort to cut costs, slash debt and boost its stock price.

Did Uncle Dave Manipulate The Stock Price?

Remember that just a few months ago, and BEFORE Uncle Dave announced that he was allowing Little Jeff to step up and sit in his chair, Halliburton stock was priced in the low to mid $50 per share range. After that high, and after Uncle Dave took up... read more

Your thoughts and opinions?

I got laid off from oil industry (NOT Halliburton) about a year ago. Soon, I was able to get a job with less pay in a completely different industry - the pay wasn't as great as oil industry but much more stable than oil industry. Recently, I got... read more

Trust us we want to be friends.

OPEC's daily oil production has vaulted nearly 1 million barrels above a self-imposed ceiling, as Libya and Nigeria recover, a new report says. The Saudi-led group pumped 32.82 million barrels a day in July, the year's highest level, and up by... read more

Serious question...

Has anyone actually received a letter about Focal Point with their increase percentage details? Smarta$$es and dumba$$es need not reply.

Well boys,......

What be yo' guess? So do you think your pos stock will finish the day up? or down? Wha'd'ya think hmmmm? Or better yet wha'da'bout end-o-day friday? We'll see.

Assuming That YOU Get Your Raise

Remember that the total amount of the raises, company wide, will be far less than management has received in THEIR raises and bonuses. Yeah, your service is really 'appreciated'.

NOV cuts 1500

National Oilwell Varco cut some 1,500 jobs in the first half of the year as the Houston energy services company narrowed its losses. The technology and services company, which specializes in rig manufacturing, said Thursday that its revenues... read more
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Pay raise percentage?

What is the pay raise percentage? Will it beat global inflation rate from 2015-2017? https://www.statista.com/statistics/256598/global-inflation-rate-compared-to-previous-year/

Another Corporate Error

TechnipFMC cuts 4,000 jobs, reports profit in post-merger period http://m.chron.com/business/energy/article/TechnipFMC-reports-profit-major-accounting-error-11471482.php#photo-6698680 Recently merged offshore services giant TechnipFMC said it cut... read more

No more layoffs, or is that a pipe dream?

So, I was just wondering how many folks believe that the fact Halliburton is back on its feet will affect future layoffs? I personally believe that we are still not out of the woods, and that there will always be "restructurings" to cut operating... read more

Nepotism at its finest

Laid off around the end of 2015. My job was backfilled under a different title. Person who backfilled it a direct family tie to one of the highest ranking persons in the US for the company. Completely unqualified. Now he's been moved up the ladder in... read more

Should I return to Sperry ??

People, need your advice and opinion. I got an offer to return to Halliburton after 2 years of being laid off. Salary is half of what I was getting before. However, at the same time got an offer with a operating company in Saudi for a in country... read more

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