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Princeton Energy Advisors

Steven Kopits of Princeton Energy Advisors LLC - • The US oil rig count was up by 14 this week to 631 • US horizontal oil rigs were up by 14 to 530
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Internal email about falling oil prices

"It appears that we have made a strategic error in our resumption of hiring, and it may become necessary to reduce headcount of our most valuable assets in the coming weeks." This reduction would not only include new hires, but a further cut in long... read more

Duncan booming!

Plant manager told everyone that they are going to hire 750 more people and everyone is going to get a raise.

Focal Point

Are we getting focal point/salary adjustment this year? It has been 4 years already without adjustment

GE 's Plan

GE is going to consolidate major oil and gas service companies one day.

A big thank you from the bakerhughes boys

Thank you so much for the 3.5 billion. We have just been notified that we are getting our bonus this year again. At bakerhughes we go that extra mile that's what makes us great so looking forward to the GE merger. Happy days are here again

Advices Please

will i be getting paid as i sit and wait to enter the US ? thanking you now.

Indian IT sector warns against U.S. visa bill

MUMBAI/BENGALURU (Reuters) - India's IT lobby warned on Tuesday that a bill before the U.S. Congress aimed at imposing tougher visa rules unfairly targets some of its members and will not solve a U.S. labor shortage in technology and engineering... read more

Trump plans H-1B and other work visa reforms

As the tech world continues its strong opposition to the executive order that has restricted entry to the U.S. from seven predominantly Muslim countries, it appears the Trump administration is gearing up for chapter two. According to a report in... read more
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What's wrong with Halliburton HIRES system?

Tried many times to apply for internal job posting with no luck. Does the hiring manager already have someone in mind to fill in the position? If the manager already have someone in mind then why bother posting the job online...

Hal Academy...

times are still tough, no raises, etc. - but Hal Academy is happening his year. But, shhhhh, dont tell anyone..

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