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Halliburton/Sperry Drilling Software

Guys, New hires for Halliburton often rave how great Halliburton benefits are. $401k match up to 4%,insurance etc. let me tell you my story. I used to work for Sperry software several years ago. Got fed up with my manager because he kept ... —  read more 

D&E is a mess

What a mess and getting worse kicking the boss down to Baroid is a start but he will mess that up too. I don’t see any upside and moral at all time low.

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Landmark posted 2% yoy growth. Looks like the layoffs are cancelled

Is Halliburton A Good Place To Start A Career?

I was recently offered a position at Halliburton. I did some research and somehow ran across this page. I thought it would good to receive input from current employees. The stock seems to be down and I read an article about a plant closing. Beyond... —  read more 


You gotta educate yourselves people. Stop complaining and learn WHY what is happening is happening: https://secfilings.nasdaq.com/filingFrameset.asp?FilingID=13836596&RcvdDate=1/8/2020&CoName=HALLIBURTON%20CO&FormType=4&View=html

Carrollton reduction coming soon

Heard that Carrollton is gonna have a headcount reduction soon. Possibly in February. So much for that upbeat meeting about the order book last week.


Look for a new career. https://seekingalpha.com/article/4315459-xle-your-oil-stocks-are-dead-money?mod=mw_quote_news

Casper Camp

Per HR rep: Shuttering frac yard April 2020. Shuttering sperry yard January 2020

Mgmt Monitoring this Site!!

Some managers and tech directors monitor this site! This includes admin building. Be careful of what you say or let it rip!!!

What is wrong with Sperry ?? . Opinions

As a former Software Architect for the Sperry software group I can only tell you my past experiences working for this group. I am currently working in the west coast for a major software company and I can certify that there is no comparison to... —  read more 

This Company and Industry are dying slowly

This company and industry are dying slowly. If you are under 50 leave now while the economy is still booming. In 10-15 years electric automobiles will start becoming the norm. That will take away 30-40% of our need for oil. The 2020s are gonna be bad... —  read more 

Defense is Hiring - Act Now!

O&G is not coming back for a long time. Defense is hiring if you have a R&D background and it pays better plus better quality of life. Most of the industry works 9/80 and since govt funded they count all hours. Comp time if over a certain amount... —  read more 

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Holiday sickboard

Every person who called in sick over Christmas and/or New Years should be fired.

Christmas failure yet again by management Aberdeen

Its pretty poor yet again by top chiefs at Halliburton especially the managers in Aberdeen As I am offshore no extra payments rig has charity raffle tonight all money raised goes to children’s cancer many prizes donated by real companies but as... —  read more 

This company will never change

We have incompetent managers who bark orders from their office and then go back to their you tube videos. Our ship is sinking and they can’t get their faces out of the screen long enough to save themselves. Having meetings about meetings that we need... —  read more 

Williston's future

Things may have seemed to pass Williston by, but it hasn't even begun yet. Plans are in place to shift administrative and management control of the district to Ft. Lupton. Dispatch, payroll, HR, PSL management will all be removed as these functions... —  read more 

Hiring on Indeed

Halliburton has a ton of job openings on Indeed. All over the US. MWD in Wyoming.

Big Energy Co's- VS- "The big picture" The future

While its no secret that most O&G companies are in dire straights and have been for quite some time, its the big picture that I have never figured out. All of the majors have that one thing in common and that is the fact that they never look past... —  read more 

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Layoffs today?

There could be layoffs coming this Monday 12/16. There was a big debate about waiting until after the new year or not. This was posted by @12rwwaVb-6rlt . Did anything happen today? Where there any layoffs at any location?


It feels like Sperry is being dismantled to nothing.

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