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Permian Basin oil producer cuts 230 jobs

Irving-based Pioneer Natural Resources Co, one of the oil producers in the Permian Basin of West Texas and New Mexico, said this week it plans to lay off about 25 percent of its workforce to reduce costs and increase shareholder value. Pioneer said... read more

HAL HR/PR quit posting

We know the non value add of HR & PR are posting propaganda on thelayoff. Quit wasting company time on this website before you’re reported.

Halliburton CEO talks digital strategy

Houston-based Halliburton Co.’s efforts in digital technology in the energy space aren’t just focused on its customers — it’s consuming the new technology as well, the company’s top executive said. The applications of digital technology in, for... read more

Dude I Went to OTC

and they was several companies there doings offtheshore wind, the solar, storage and renewables. made some contacts, did some networking. Gonna further those contacts this week, maybe get the resume out cause really it dine time to jump this garbage... read more


Any word on Duncan Manufacturing Center ? I heard today was the day and then heard next week .. 🤔

Halliburton Incorporates 1924 not 1919

Check the vintage adds that Halliburton ran back in the day and you will see that the 100 year date should be 2024 instead of 2019. Just another thing Houston got wrong.

More Layoffs

The reductions are not over folks. They are still happening and more coming. Big changes in management. Getting rid of several positions. Consolidating jobs. I know managers with 20 years that’ve gotten the boot. Give decades to the company just to... read more

Layoffs again at the big h

So how many layoffs does it take in the USA from big h to realize that you are doing nothing but moving your company overseas cheaper labor so you can post another 5b profit at working Americans cost we made you big and you kicked us to the curb we... read more

No one is safe

The Halliburton massive lay off cycle seems to come around every 2 - 3 years now and no one is safe. These pst three months I’ve heard about 3 month admin employees to 25+ year VPs getting escorted out the building. I myself was laid off after 18... read more

Nine Years on Now

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Halliburton Q1 Earnings Expected to Decline

Halliburton is expected to deliver a year-over-year decline in earnings on lower revenues when it reports results for the quarter ended March 2019. This widely-known consensus outlook gives a good sense of the company's earnings picture, but how the... read more

Layoffs this week

Layoffs In Williston, ND - April 8th/9th. Dozens of employees, from E-techs to Managers. Gone, they even do the layoff over the phone. Do we know if there'll be more this week? If yes, any ideas on what's next on the list to be hit? I'm assuming... read more

How to quit

If you are thinking about getting off this stinking ship called halliburton please pay attention. First let me ask, when big H is done with you, how do you think they will handle it? Why would you give them anything different? Fair is fair. Then... read more

HAL Hunger Games!

Happy Halliburton Hunger Games, may the odds be forever in your favor. Have you thought about your RIF survival strategy? Time to be proactive and take control of the situation. Sponsors: Ha! Your sponsor probably was eliminated by M.R. or... read more

All ready too late

Layoffs occurring in every Rockies camp. Managers RIF'd, supervisors being demoted. Field employees are being let go. It's just the beginning....

The Halliburton way

I gave Halliburton 9 years of my life. My wife got 6 in as a nurse. My mother gave them 22. My father just over 25. I’m the only person in my family that didn’t get axed for 1 simple reason. *I left on my own terms, to escape the constant worry. I’ve... read more

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