Topics regarding layoffs at Halliburton Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at Halliburton Co.

Antiquated practices

I have heard such comments many times, that our processes are very antiquated, which is the absolute truth. Why is it like that? Why does Halliburton want to be a dinosaur company? Is it so difficult or impossible to make positive changes in this... —  read more 

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Comparative advantages

I came to the forum to see if there were any new juicy rumors. Turns out there isn't, but I was interested in someone's post about Halliburton having nothing to offer that second or third tier oil field services company doesn't already offer, even... —  read more 

Cuts before Q2?

Predictions for the second quarter are not at all optimistic. Bad results = cuts. Do you think there will be big cuts before the second quarter results are announced? Some have already started speculating that the cuts will be huge, but these are... —  read more 


Fun to read Jeff Miller and the leadership teams made millions more last year despite a downturn and laying off thousands off workers... I feel no remorse for the management team, there's not any sorrow for stealing money from this corrupt... —  read more 

Next layoffs rumors

Yes, there are more and more rumors of layoffs coming. Everyone knows that it will be soon, but no one knows exactly when it will be, how big it could be and who will be the target. Can anyone share some useful insight? Uncertainty really frustrates... —  read more 

Halliburton-Reduces-Overtime-Pay-Hours-for Frack, Heavy Duty Drivers-&-CDL Drivers; as of Jan 1,2021

Halliburton-on Frac-Heavy Duty & CDL Truck Drivers. What Halliburton is doing to us is cutting our shifts to mid week not Monday to Sunday any longer. ‘What’ By cutting pay to mid week after your 70 hrs-&-changing-to mid week pay periods - rather... —  read more 

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