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Is it true pay rise coming as 5 years late

Yes the greed company has shafted the aberdeen offshore work force for many years bosses have still received there bosses this before down turn many boys passed off as never had pay increase for 5 years totally sh--e all we get is do I learns travel... read more

New Administration in the HOUSE

Now that we have another OIL MAN in the White House Administration, ( Rex, Tex, Jack Off, whatever) just hang in there a little longer. Before too long, we'll be in another war, HAL, Exxon and Mobile Subsidiaries will get "no bid" contracts to supply... read more

Job offer

I was laid off from BH months ago and now I got a job offer after applying to Tones of oil field companies. Should I accept Halliburton job offer or not? I have a job now but it's not paying near what I use to make before.

We are Here !

We are looking for the right people — people who want to innovate, achieve, grow and lead. We attract and retain the best talent by investing in our employees and empowering them to develop themselves and their careers.


Do you have a pension and med insurance when retiring/being let go from hal?

F North Dakota! Hello Texas!!

With pipelines not being approved, higher shipping cost, guess where the jobs are heading? Permian Basin- forget the freezing cold and get ready for the blazin hot summers. F You North Dakota! They are hiring for all those menial unskilled labor... read more

So long

I retired today after 39 years. So long s---ers!

Newyear new hope

So petrol prices are going up at a steady rate, oil prices have stabilised now the important question is will I get the 4 years I need to make retirement ?

The greed company

Well folks 1 thing is for sure this Dave lesser and the rest of the crooks know how to rob the working man cut everything to the working families benefit. To big to give a thought on any staff Santa never comes to this company and never will they... read more

Lack of leadership for working man

Lots of offshore staff passed off with having to lose holidays along with not getting paid extra for being offshore xmas -new year in the UK sector the only company that give nothing away for there greed this company news to change there attitude... read more

Hey, Halliburton Employees!

Do the BHI and other service company employees, give you the finger when they meet up with you. How's it feel to work for the NEW #3? How does YOUR local 'management' attempt to explain it away? (Remember they ALL got their bonuses, and stayed... read more

Extra payments

Well its nearly another year over again but the last 2 have been very rough for all. So when santa comes soon there shall be many uk boys offshore not to forget new year also away shall base lesser give some extra gifts out by a reward of extra... read more
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How does staff at North Belt feel about directors not promoting from within but bringing their cronies in and giving them instant promotions. This company is losing a lot of qualified people fast. I think soon Halliburton deserves to be #4 as they... read more
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Hello Everybody!

How's it feel to work for the NEW number THREE in the oilfield services sector? I can remember when HALLIBURTON, (note that I did NOT say WE, since I worked for them when HALLIBURTON, home of the Flying 'H', WAS the NUMBER ONE service company, and... read more

Halliburton website under careers

So just went on the company website and there is a bunch of job listing for multiple PSL and locations . Are these legit or is there still a hiring freeze?

Rumour has it ge looking to halliburton

As they have already had a good bit of good business taking over baker Hughes at a bargain price it might be the case they could do the same with halliburton hope so as they give staff annual pay rise better benefits and they don't remove vending... read more

Sperry Technology = Fail

Well it's becoming clear that those integration turds have not lived up to the hype. Still no real changes and org chaos

List of Oil Service Companies that had layoffs

ABB Group Abbot Group Acteon Aibel Aker Solutions Amec Foster Wheeler Baker Hughes Calfrac Well Services Cameron Canary, LLC / Frontier Energy Group CGG CH2M HILL Challenger LTD China Oilfield Services Clariant Oil Services Core Laboratories, Inc... read more

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