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Baroid abz

Time to get shot of run around wasters big day and n groves

Halliburton presents two interesting products

Excellent two articles that cover two new releases from Halliburton: the new advanced wireline logging sensor and the new intelligent rotary steerable system. These products would not only simplify drilling and make research more efficient, but they... read more

No more in-title competency raises

Hey northen region mechanics and etechs, guest what now? No more in- title competency raises! But guess also what - s--- it because you are still expected to sign off your competencies!

Here it comes again boys

Effective today hiring freeze for US northern region. Hour cuts already and still in effect, you all know what comes next...

Open Mouth Insert foot

Seems like everytime Miller speaks the stock tanks. I believe the investment group can see through his smoke and BS and are treating the stock as it should be treated. Soon BHGE will be in front of HAL. Still cannot believe the board never took any... read more

Outsourcing the Real Estate Services

Just overheard some VP and director yesterday evening about outsourcing the RES bunch. The two candidates were JLL and CRBE, with the possibility of a third, couldn't get that name. They seen me and shut the office door as I had to leave the area... read more

Any news from singapore office?

Singapore office hiring so many new and experienced engineers for technology. Is there another layoff coming for the current experienced folks? What is the management's strategy on hiring so many people (even at senior level)? Can promote their own... read more

What Happened To Monday's Stock Price

OFF $3.66 cents, whereas Schlumberger was only of 65 or 66 cents. I guess when Halliburton has NOTHING new to offer, they are left to try to compete with ALL the other pumping/wireline,DD companies that can provide the SAME service with much less... read more


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Focus Point 2018

Just wondering after the last August increment salary...this year 2018 will there be a focus point?


Well jeff miller you've done well by paying more staff off again in aberdeen what makes it worse you get shot of the incorrect staff especially at bss. See its the boys offshore that makes the job happening not people in the office It tells you... read more

Aberdeen pay offs

Yet again the axe falls due to halliburton not showing positive cost reductions to clients It's not managers nor top level that have to suffer but normal working class people Baroid lacks all round not only on investment but most importantly... read more

North America Land

Mr Miller If you ever want to be more then Frac and Baroid in Us Land you need a change in leadership. Your top managment are out of tune with your strategy and downplay your efforts when ever they can influence us. You have young dynamic leadership... read more

Advice from College

A professor once told me... If you’re an A student, you go work for a major. B, go to an independent. C, go oilfield services. D, pump cement for Halliburton!

CVA bonuses

Top management got their cva bonuses yesterday, where as, we (the field hands and technicians) got nothing for the past 4 years

Hey Drill Guys

so what are you guys drilling for mostly these days is oil still popular or do you drill for diesel or gasoline ? how often .


The company that fail the working man with there greed when shall it STOP YES JEFF MILLER AND PARTNERS YOU FAIL

Health issues

What does hallburton do for staff members that have worked hard and end up with industrial arthritis which is a disease.

offshore's done

The days of making big bucks offshore are long gone unless the oil price hits the roof and stays that way.

Offshore uk

I work for contractor and visit many rigs both offshore & onshore and stood over and watched a division of halliburton baroid dealing with cuttings waste material which is very hard work all round and to me makes the job even harder for the guys as... read more

Warm bodies

Heard from an excellent source that management literally wants “warm bodies” they don’t want any skill set nor do they want anyone to properly maintain equipment in TSS. In fact most equipment in the field has expired certification. It’s only a... read more
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Benefits From Trump's New Tax Law

When will the bonuses and higher pay begin appearing on YOUR paychecks? NOT less tax being taken out, but the savings that the corporations are benefiting from, like the bonuses and higher starting pay at Walmart, ATT, Wells Fargo, and other... read more

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