Topics regarding layoffs at Shell Oil

Topics regarding layoffs at Shell Oil

BPF and bonuses

Oil is $84 a barrel and we have been cutting costs for over a year now. Hurricane IDA had an impact but LT has already started tempering expectations with Wall Street and talking about our bad year. Is this years BPF going to be artificially deflated... —  read more 

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TED Talk

Did BVB really just say “We’ve said goodbye to oil and gas?” What does that mean for all of us who work in operations, maintenance, drilling, exploration, etc. every day? Is the company saying goodbye to ALL of us too?


I see XOM is ki----g it on the exploration front. How is our exploration going ? I never hear of any notable discoveries ...... Mexico ? GOM ? Anything ? I would have thought there would be something after selling billions of boe of resource in the... —  read more 

Convent Rumors

I hear rumors everyday (biodiesel, CCS, etc.) about Convent but still no word from Shell. I almost wonder if they are having second thoughts about their plans or if they just can’t sell it.

TLs sh$&ing bricks!

It sure is nice to see the shoe on the other foot lol! Don’t get me wrong this situation stinks for all of us involved but I find it funny seeing the TLs getting a dose of what they dished out during Avanti!

shell stock

too funny gretchen mentioning the positive market reaction to the deal to defend that this was a good deal for shell. xom is up more than shell since the anouncement. cop is certainly up a lot more …. the fact that all shell knows to do is to give... —  read more 

From round to round.

I used to panic about being on the layoff list. After all the layoff rounds I’ve survived, I can now say that after each round it became harder for me to work here. Now I no longer inquire about the next round of layoffs because I am afraid of... —  read more 

gom production

looks like gom production will be shut for rest of the year. what a cluster …. makes the speculated impending permian divestment all the more ridiculous. flow assurance anyone ? diversification ? strategic failures all around. why are we in a... —  read more 

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