Topics regarding layoffs at Shell Oil

Topics regarding layoffs at Shell Oil

What has changed?

I'm sorry but I am finding it very difficult to understand what has changed or where the layoffs are happening based on reading the org charts. I am finding it more useful to reach out to my connections in other areas and get an idea if they have... —  read more 

Transition 2009 replay?

Any old timers here who had seen transition 2009? It completed in April 2010, when the oil price was quite robust. Then Shell went on a hiring/training spree, only to lay off a bunch of folks again in 2014-2017, in more localized layoffs. Had... —  read more 

SVS Season

After 3 tumultuous years at Shell, I’ve decided to take the SVS package. Too much volatility in this company and in oil and gas for my liking, so I’m gonna find something more stable where I can build a career. Who else is taking the package? How... —  read more 

SVS Season

After a tumultuous 3 years at Shell, I’ve decided to take the SVS package. Seen my fair share of reorgs and I don’t want to end up pigeonholed in a career with no transferable skills and have to face layoffs when I’m married with kids. Hoping to... —  read more 

SVS and new job offer

I was offered a job outside of Shell. Is there a way to time it so I can take SVS and start at new company relatively soon? Last day of payroll in the SVS guide says July 31 and new company certainly won’t wait til then.

How duck am I?

JG5 Upstream Deepwater Finance - Impacted Just finished my SGP in October, so l am likely to be the least experience guy in JG5 My performance has been average in the last 3 years I don't see how I can be more competitive than others JG5 who... —  read more 

Am I in trouble?

Yesterday, a manager caught me looking up information on available jobs outside the company. He didn't say anything about it right then and there but now I'm worried that I got myself in trouble and basically painted a target on my back. How badly... —  read more 

What Should I Do

I don’t know if I should start applying for jobs or wait it out and get a package. The facility is closing in March and they haven’t let us know how many will transfer to the other two local facilities. I don’t want to jump ship bc I have hopes that... —  read more 

Jump Ships?

got a job offer at Amazon US operations (non-tech). No relocation needed. a little bit lower base salary but have RSU and bigger 1st 2nd year bonus. probably wont be able to get a SVS package. any advice?

Reshape EVP/VP level:

Anybody surprised how the huge bulk of incumbents kept their roles? Even those who could retire - nope, not now. So it's disappearing VP slots that will dump lots of JgB and JgA into the next batch, where a few lucky ones could snatch that... —  read more 

She’ll Convent

Anyone heard any rumors about Shell Convent? I know it’s closing, but keep hearing there is a buyer. In the process of shutting it down now just praying for something to come through. Also- anyone know the likelihood of transfer to Shell Geismar or... —  read more 

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