Topics regarding layoffs at Shell Oil

Topics regarding layoffs at Shell Oil

When are we

…buying the next BG? I mean we’re a few years beyond dealing with the indigestion it gave us, like a python on the river bank that just ate a mammal almost too big. We should be ready to slither into position and pounce on our unsuspecting prey. ... —  read more 


Shell getting into the US Methanol market? Very few company's have Methanol plants. With the idea being “more” environmentally friendly (outside of hydrogen, ammonia, or carbon capture), Methanol seems to be on the uptick due to low cost to produce... —  read more 

New Orleans River District

I thought we were about to be done with the New Orleans office once and for all. As a Latoya-refugee, I sold my home in New Orleans when I moved to Houston ready to never return. But, on Wednesday, the SVP announced that Shell will occupy a majority... —  read more 

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Looking for drama?

Head over to the BP layoffs thread. It’s all of the drama and intrigue our dark souls feed on, without the anxiety and discouragement of realizing we work for that sh*tbox. Uh, that is until Shell and BP strategically merge to create a mega-British... —  read more 

Winter is coming

Lacking a good crisis to prompt change… manufacture one! Look I agree we need to shake the deadwood out and get back to some role clarity so folks know what they need to deliver, but execution to date has been so ham-fisted. EVPs aren’t feeling... —  read more 

Turmoil in Singapore

Any insider news to decision making in Singapore? This situation seem to have occured before that ref chm will be sold but did not in the end. Is this scare tactic by the CEO since he is new and portraying the aggressive game. Hopeful for happy... —  read more 

WTF Employee Count

Ok, maybe it’s just me or does this make no fu----g sense? Before Reshape Shell had ~87k employees. After Reshape Shell had ~81k employees. Now they have a staggering 93k? WTF!!!! Shell is its worse enemy. First, how does a major O&G company have so... —  read more 

Group scorecard

Can someone explain why this the Q1 BPF was 1.25 whereas Q1 last year was nearly 1.5 with lower profit? I understand that profit isn’t everything that gets considered in the scorecard, but we had solid outcomes in other categories (especially... —  read more 

No Americans on EC

In spite of the corporation making most of its money in the Americas, there are zero people on the EC that are US based or American since Jessica resigned. I noticed that in the MOR as well, Americans and US based staff do not get as many... —  read more 

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