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The calm before the storm ...

Any info? VSP seems to have depopulated some areas quite nicely. GoM is as busy as ever. Who is gonna get hit in Houston??? Anybody feels a massive drop in activity?

Energy reporter

I’m an energy reporter at Business Insider: If you want to talk, you can reach me at 646-768-1657. That’s also my Signal number.

Avanti severance canada amount

I know the Americans are receiving 3 weeks per year. Has anyone heard what the terms are in Canada? This will likely be my first time getting laid off so looking to understand the norm on this side of the border (I had heard month/year) in past... —  read more 

Next reorg

When can we expect the next "reorganization" or as it is better know as, mass layoff?

(Reverse) Phoenix?

Is that how the mass layoffs 2021 gonna be called? Burn the place to figurative ashes???

Shell-BP merger

Shell and BP write downs, Shell and BPs layoffs, Shell moving to UK. Could a merger be forming?

Selling Convent Reginery

Saw that Shell is selling the Convent refinery. Is the plan to exit downstream? Are employees going with the asset, or will there be a round of internal postings?

Offshore GOM Layoffs

Has anyone heard whether there will be any offshore layoffs of hourly personnel. I know there has been staff personnel requesting severances.

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Diversity, Inclusion and meritocracy is a lie

Trying to present this image of inclusivity is a slap in the face at best. Internally, we know what a joke it is. If you can lick boots clean, you get ahead. The inclusivity, meritocracy idea is all a joke. Let's layoff and start afresh with more... —  read more 

I didn't think it was possible but BP's latest announcements eclipse Shell in "green" virtue signaling. What do you expect from a guy named Loon

Shell (i.e. the Titanic) will have some company on its way down to the bottom of the sea. BP will write off up to $17.5bn from the value of its assets after cutting its long-term oil and gas price forecasts, betting the COVID-19 crisis will cast a... —  read more 

Ok, let it flow....

It’s been a while now since Ben’s note, with Shell being a notoriously leaky system, let’s see what the wisdom of the crowd has to say about the turbulent route ahead...List your line of business and general quality of your intel...

Settlement for discrimination?

With the layoffs and all, if one forgoes the package and sues for discrimination, is the settlement like on Chevron's board, 5x of salary? Shell lawyers and HR seem as incompetent as ever ... Naturally, asking for a friend !

Started about 20 years ago...

and I can tell you that quality and availabilty of proper communication (top down) was never our strong side. And yet, over last few years, somehow we've gotten even worse. It all stems from the top. Good luck and Godspeed

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Upcoming job cuts (July 1st):

Ok, with the CEO fully committed to run the place into the ground, make your best guess which units get thinned come July 1st. A few ice breakers: Unconventionals - cuts already in progress Conventional oil & gas R&D (why bother... —  read more 

Utterly pointless communication from JgB down:

Is it me, or is the number of zero information-add meetings is through the roof? Let's face it, Ben and directors aren't saying anything yet, so every important nobody gets onto his/her soapbox to re-read the dated director/Ben's email and such... —  read more 

Things are about to get worse

In addition to layoffs, they are also looking to transfer many jobs to Manila, Chennai and Krakow this year. Now that they've had a test run of 3 months, they know which jobs can be transferred. Willing to bet that by year end, between job... —  read more 

Wells OR Batch in July

Does anyone have any details on this OR batch? Heard about from my line manager after being told I was unmapped for Avanti, and they spoke about it briefly in today's global wells townhall.

Chances of making it through OR/MOR with a job?

Unmapped being told “competitive” in group for jobs that will be posted. Seems like they don’t want us to realize that we’ve effectively been laid off. Is there a chance to actually land a job with the company?

Shell Reorg

Will the reorg happen after SVS is completed? Is a forced MOR planned by Q4?

How does someone go from JG5 to JG4?

I am in an IT group in Houston. I have 6 years with Shell, (14 years in IT overall) all in JG5. Is there a set criteria to go from JG5 to JG4. I talked to my manager 2 years ago and got an ambugious response.

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