Topics regarding layoffs at Shell Oil

Topics regarding layoffs at Shell Oil

I need a break

If you quit or you're laid off, do you plan to start a new job or start looking for a new job right away or do you plan to take a break? I am overworked and constantly tired. I'm thinking of quitting but I don't think I have the energy to start... —  read more 

Smells like cronyism

Why do we keep rehiring people who leave for other jobs with a lot of pomp and then lose their jobs because they were incompetent to begin with? Instead of being glad we got rid of them, they're brought back in. Are we that starved for employees?... —  read more 

Great Resignation!

Anyone planning to resign in the New Year? Many folks are discontent, but are they discontent enough? What would push you over the edge? Bad pay increase? Better pay offer somewhere else? More of the same old BS?

hey shell employees

there are way bigger problems in the world compared to your luxury problems of having a job and a bad boss (crazy how the people with the bad boss are always the ones saving the day) ….. so go ahead and complain on this site and waste more of your... —  read more 

Too many managers

Sometimes it doesn't bother me and sometimes it's very frustrating. There are too many managers here and very few leaders among them. Do we really need to have all these managers?

Goodbye folks

Certainly in europe 31st december is the last day on payroll for many who either elected for svs or were unfortunately reshaped out. Wanted to say thanks for all the effort, Shell may not appreciate you but as colleagues we do appreciate all the work... —  read more 

Omicron impacts

There is a lot of news about a slightly weaker vaccine effectiveness against the omicron variant, oil heading for the big monthly loss, how omicron impacts oil demand... I hope that March 2020 deja vu will not happen, but I am certainly worried about... —  read more 

TSO Engineering Americas

Managers in TSO Engineering Americas don’t care about their employees workload . Employees are forced to work weekends and nights to manage crazy workload. Employees are told to lie on SPS survey and managers harassing employees on results. Shame on... —  read more 

BEN Talk

Shell has said goodbye to oil and gas. But we still need the dollars to pay for the energy transition. So we really haven't said goodbye yet have we? Double talk. And the world will need fossil fuels and Shell knows how to produce them safely... —  read more 

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