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Uncertainty Reaching a Peak

With staff feeling completely vulnerable to imminent job cuts and greater levels of uncertainty than I have been ever seen, this slow long drawn out misery cannot be good for business. A stressed, demotivated staff who have spent most of this year... —  read more 

So when will we hear more?

We have been going through this slow motion misery for past eight or nine months and don’t really know any details. I understand there will be details in December, but is anything likely before then about specific job cuts?


As we get close to the reality of redundancy, there are many who have seen it before and have a greater understanding of the process and what might be on offer. My question is: From your experience, Would voluntary redundancy be offered to fixed term... —  read more 

Future of work in the industry

New study about the future of work in O&G gives an interesting projection on how the oil prices reflect on employment in industry. I’m optimistic, but they project that even in a business-as-usual scenario, more than half of jobs lost may not return... —  read more 

Russian Roulette

Every few years we play this employment game of Russian Roulette and we are always amazed to survive. But this time it feels like there is more than one bullet in the pistol!

I really hope Shell goes Bankrupt

Ben Van Burden has been that...A burden, while he lines his pockets. Benny boy, How that BG deal looking? Benny Boy how about partnering with Green Peace? You were never CEO Material. You should have gone into making clogs. You are a fraud Benny Boy... —  read more 

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Leave the industry

This entire industry has never been about job security but the last couple of years have been especially bad for employees. I think anybody who cares about their state of mind and the ability to work without having to worry about their job every... —  read more 

Anxiety Levels Rising

I am not a worrier, and have been through other periods with layoffs, but this feels different and with the Second Wave taking hold, I feel cuts could be bigger than we expect. It is the fact that we could be facing another bad year for the company... —  read more 

More Shale cuts

Shell is making deep cuts in its fracking business as it tries to free up cash to cope with the pandemic and invest in renewable energy. Shell will cut about 40 percent of overheads including staff in the US-focused shale oil and gas division by... —  read more 

Applying for new jobs?

Since it’s fairly common knowledge in our industry that the “lower 10% of employees“ and the older generations of people are the ones that get hit by the layoffs, does anyone think that actually hurts our ability to find employment post-Shell?

Reshape Twilight Zone

Reshape entered into everyone’s consciousness a few months ago and everyone seemed to brace themselves for the impact and then.....bizarrely things seemed to calm down and the conversation has moved on. I am stunned to see interviews for new hiring... —  read more 


Do you guys find that all your previous colleagues/bosses/managers completely isolate you after a lay-off? I’ve reached out to a couple via telephone and LinkedIn but literally no one responds. I left thinking I’d worked with a pretty good group... —  read more 

Salary Question...New Hire

Joined Shell a year ago I am 23 years old and I am an electrical engineer I work in downstream...currently make 100k exact...when I am about 30, say I am still in downstream and don't get any crazy promotions how much should I be making about? If I... —  read more 

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