Topics regarding layoffs at Shell Oil

Topics regarding layoffs at Shell Oil

Abortion ruling

Any Shell comment ? Surely good reason to reiterate support for employee rights on reproductive care and explore plans to move out of the state of Texas in the long run . Not an OIl and Gas company anyways anymore .....

No SVS anytime soon

With commodity prices, labor shortages, etc. the rumors are strong in corporate that there will be no SVS in the next year or two. Just when I was ready too. Should have taken the last one offered since it may be awhile before the next one. ... —  read more 


Anecdotally, it seems like quite a few staff in my LOB have voluntarily left over the past couple months (i.e. not just after the bonus). Yet whenever the idea of attrition is brought up the line, leadership denies there is any problem. Anybody else... —  read more 

Urgent, please advise !

Hello - I got an offer earlier this week for an engineering position. I currently work for another company and am doing okay. I have an offer from Shell and I need to decide. I am afraid about one key aspect only... Is their enough (reasonable) job... —  read more 

How often do managers at Shell get contacted by employees outside of their group asking about opportunities/joining?

I work in Shell IT (one of the dozens of silos). One thing they keep saying at the townhalls is that if you are interested in an area you should reach out to the manager or team lead who is working in that team. How often do you managers and team... —  read more 

Alternative careers

Much is generally written about how there are plenty of opportunities for those who want to transfer their skills from this sector to the renewables industry. I tried to make a transfer, but it's not that simple and easy. At least not in my case... —  read more 

Shell Return to Work

Stop crying about returning to the office. That’s why the majority of your bootlicking jobs are going to Manila. site engineer and hsse guys are useless. Only holding meetings to schedule another meeting. There are refineries laying off employees... —  read more 

I don't want RTO

I don't see the need to return to the office after two years of productive work from home. People are talking about looking for other options if Shell starts pushing the idea of RTO further. Still, I wouldn’t look for another job just because of... —  read more 

Ready for SVS

Morale is all time low. Leaders are not leading just bowing to public interest groups. Wake up people RES is expensive and returns are miniscule, assuming it's run well. We all know that the Shell machine is not efficient so the outcome is... —  read more 

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