Topics regarding layoffs at Shell Oil

Topics regarding layoffs at Shell Oil

Seeing Teslas Everywhere!!!

Am i the only one seeing Teslas everywhere? EV space is still small 2% of new car sales in the USA. How will shell fare? This may be decades away but will obvioualy impact upstream, midstream and downstream parts of the biisnness.

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Impact letters?

Heard expats affected by reshape have had their notice of termination of contracts ahead of finding out if they will keep their same jobs. i am not expat wondering if local staff have got their letters, as i have not received one and i am impacted by... —  read more 

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Overwhelmed with work?

In my 15 or more years here, I have never had more work to do. Without any exaggeration, I am literally overwhelmed with work. It’s certainly better than being fired and not having a job, but this is really too much for me. Is anyone else in a... —  read more 

I'd love to leave Shell

if I could find a better job at another O&G company. Sadly, no matter how hard I try there either aren't any available jobs or there are but the company is in even worse shape than we are. To be honest, I'm at an age where changing industries is not... —  read more 

Profit over safety

Shell values money more than safety. That’s why they choose the unsafe practice of running that derilect plant through freezes and hurricanes. That’s also why it blew up in the 90s. Profits over safety every time. I don’t understand why this post... —  read more 

Upskilling Upstream?

What are the chances that upstream workers will be able to retrain and successfully apply for IG and New Energies (Renewable Solutions etc) jobs? Or are mass Upstream layoffs in the cards in the next few decades? What type of Upstream workers have... —  read more 

Growing gas business...

I was left speechless when I saw the news that Shell wants to grow its gas business (more than 20%) in the next few years. Thoughts?

It's official

Shell has openly admitted that our oil production has peaked and will continue to go down by a few percent each year. You can do the math and figure out what this means for employees. If layoffs were an issue so far, imagine how bad things are about... —  read more 

Ben's latest disappointing news for those who are loyal to the company and are sticking around - another year of getting stiffed - get used to i

An update on pay and variable pay For all the resilience we showed last year, it still cannot equate to the financial success we had hoped for in 2020. As you know, we were far from meeting the conditions that would allow us to deliver a Group... —  read more 

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