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Daimler to Build Electric Freightliner Trucks in Portland

And the hits just keep coming for the future of the petroleum fuels market. This is predominately how transportation will look years and most will find it electrifying. “The road to emissions-free transportation is going to be driven with... read more
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The future is not today, it’s tomorrow

I think there are a lot of Premadanas on this site who are either in denial or ignorant of the facts. Your missing the point. The future is not today, it's tomorrow. Maybe it takes 10 years or maybe 20 but the world is changing at a faster clip than... read more


Focus now is getting rid of the over 40 crowd, expats and people in grade 2 and above. Trying to save money. Across board dropping job grades to save money on bonus. Want more grade 4 roles doing daily work. If you’re grade 1 or 2 then likely over... read more

80 Point Plan Lump Sum Payout

I am a bit surprised that no one has mentioned on this board that ex-employees were given an opportunity to cash out of their 80 point plan regardless of age. I got the notice in late summer 2017 and had to make a choice by think it was 10/31/17. The... read more

Shell / Retirement

It’s time for people to start making their own provisions for retirement and not rely on someone else to take care of them. That model is out-dated.
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End of Provident Fund as We Know It?

Heard last week SOC is likely to trim back the Provident Fund scheme to max 6% matching plan. No employee contribution, no match. Implementation end of 1Q19 to allow 1/1 rollout discussions during performance reviews. No more 80pt pension now no more... read more

The 4th Industrial Revolution will NOT Include Big Oil

I found an interesting article speaking to the dramatic changes coming on out everyday lives with artificial intelligence. If these predictions are correct then big oil is going to be little oil in 20 years. Demand will decrease substantially and... read more
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Asked to take a package

I am one of the effected as I'm 60 years old and am at magic number 67 and had a face to face with my manager and was told I will not be chosen in the MOR ongoing as best I take the package. So my best interest is to take the package which they have... read more

Business Lunches/Dinners

Connecting with people we did business with was a big part of ensuring things got done. Personal connections outside or ex-Shell were so important. Small price to pay to make sure it got handled. Status today? Curious. Expecting “dinosaurs”... read more

Rule 70?

Is it true that anybody approaching Rule 70 is automatically added on the layoffs list at Shell Oil? I'm quickly approaching my fiftieth and I've been with the company a little under two decades. A coworker who was in a similar situation was recently... read more

More layoffs incoming?

Been hearing rumors lately about more layoffs at Shell Oil, but it is all very vague and lacking in any details. I was wondering if somebody here has maybe heard something about possible layoffs or if I can just write the rumors off as ramblings from... read more

Shell Pay Grade Information

Do you know where I may be able to find Shell Pay Grade Information? As a full disclosure, I do not work for Shell but I am interviewing right now. Please share if you have more info.

Cutting everybody over 50

Shell is cutting 55+ Shell is cutting everybody over 50, not just 55. It's being done all over the industry. Everybody who has been here long enough to be receiving half decent pay has a target on their back. If you are nearing 50, make sure to... read more

Layoffs going on quietly

I know that Finance and HR layoffs going on at the moment. HR being completely wiped out and sent to overseas. Any word on the street ? Any other groups feeling the pain?? I thought we were good at 60$ a barrel


Hearing more and more In IG circles LNGC a go The Americans needs this

Market is Correcting yet Moral Remans Low

RDS is bouncing back and the market is recovering yet moral internally remains low. Could it be due to ongoing re orgs, lack of growth opportunities as the culture remains in a low trust environment? My networks inform me of ongoing reorganizations... read more

too many reorganizations

shell has been having way too many reorganizations lately... what have they achieved other than helped get rid of a bunch of employees? which i am starting to think is their only purpose... layoffs with a fancy name attached to them... there has also... read more

People are leaving in droves

Anybody noticed people're leaving Shell in droves? Not talking about layoffs, just people deciding enough is enough? A friend left recently when he was passed over for a promotion one more time. He was one of the good ones. I guess seeing nepotism at... read more

We're too big for our own good

I honestly believe Shell Oil could use some serious trimming down. We are so big that even achieving some simpler tasks can be impossible. Bureaucracy has achieved new heights. Of course, there's also the fact that we've become all about who you... read more

No Shell Oil for old men

If you are nearing 55, be ready to be shown the door. Shell Oil regularly uses layoffs to get rid of older workers it pays more and replace them with younger, cheaper workers. Of course, they add a few younger folks into the mix to make sure they... read more

Job grades and salary ranges

What are the various ranges for grade 5 and up? Also what is best possible way to move up a grade and on average how long does it take ? Thanks

Bust after Bust

Bust in Alaska. Bust in shale. Bust in Karoo. Nothing from Albania or Argentina. It's bust after bust after bust for Shell. Meanwhile, ENI hits elephant after elephant in the Congo, Mozambique, EastMed. We need to admit the glory days are over and... read more

No more One Shell Square, buh bye

Regional banking giant assumes naming rights and long term lease. Shell still rents ghost floors.

New Orleans/Huston consolidation at Shell?

The rumors of New Orleans moving to Houston are starting to surface, after the layoffs in New Orleans and people being let go in Houston; a consolation seems likely. The leave from New Orleans will save a substantial amount of office/real estate... read more

Incoming changes and layoffs at Shell Oil

What I know: Cuts at or about the VP level are deep (40+%?). The org charts look crazy. Most but not all jobs in P&T (U.S. and AMS) are changing so employees will have to post for them again. After we post, we get to know our status Christmas week... read more

Shell's global organizational changes

More details on the Shell's global organizational changes. I love it how they keep finding new and inventive ways to say we'll be laying off a bunch of you without actually putting the word layoff in there... read more

Shell to lay off 400 in Netherlands

It seems that more cuts are coming, this time in Europe... Projects & Technology division in Amsterdam and Rijswijk will be hit hardest... Around 400 jobs are on the line... Not sure if there will be more down the line... Best of luck to all... read more

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