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Wells OR Batch in July

Does anyone have any details on this OR batch? Heard about from my line manager after being told I was unmapped for Avanti, and they spoke about it briefly in today's global wells townhall.

Chances of making it through OR/MOR with a job?

Unmapped being told “competitive” in group for jobs that will be posted. Seems like they don’t want us to realize that we’ve effectively been laid off. Is there a chance to actually land a job with the company?

Euro expats in the US - only token repatriations?

So I am a mid-career employee in the US, and have good visibility into the biggest money making divisions in the US upstream. Is it me, or was the whole repatriation story a bit of a scam? A few technical folks are getting sent back (no more senior... —  read more 

Should I Jump Ship (less than 1 year experience)

Hi all, Buisness analyst Relatively new to shell (less than 1 year) from college. My buisness line is going to do a reorg. I have a job offer at a manufacturing facility and they are not flexible with their start date. Should I take it and leave... —  read more 

Shell Reorg

Will the reorg happen after SVS is completed? Is a forced MOR planned by Q4?

How does someone go from JG5 to JG4?

I am in an IT group in Houston. I have 6 years with Shell, (14 years in IT overall) all in JG5. Is there a set criteria to go from JG5 to JG4. I talked to my manager 2 years ago and got an ambugious response.

Collecting Unemployment if SVS Accepted In Texas

Hi Everyone, Recently got the “you’re at risk” speech and weighing my options. Is it better to take SVS now (3 weeks/yr) or wait till after the MOR postings and get fired (historically 3 weeks/yr but not sure.) Does this change if you can... —  read more 

Hourly Layoffs

Just heard once staff layoffs are complete Shell will be going after hourly personnel

No more layoff

I personally think that no more layoff because oil price is $30. Somebody tells me otherwise.

Throw off ballast

any rumors about layoffs in the loyalty program division? Anyone can help me with informations to calculate the risk to get fired?

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Refinery Sales

Shell's plan to sell two more refineries in Anacortes, WA and Mobile, AL. They unloaded the complex and lucrative Martinez, CA in January. Suppose the integrations with the mid and upstream assets perhaps it makes sense to hold onto the last 3... —  read more 

Canada layoffs

Any rumors about Downstream Canada - SVS not an option fir Manfg. Is that good or bad?


Will the May MOR be the standard JG 2 and above roles and expat roles? Or will there be additional roles baked in?

The future of downstream is

It's going to be krakow and manila for sure. Why pay someone 4000 gbp when abroad it can be done for 900? Jobs will still need to be done, and activities carry on. What do you propose will happen to these positions? They magically don't be needed... —  read more 

Work from home until end of year?

Farmers Insurance just announced all employees nationwide are to work from home until the end of the year. More and more large companies are making these proclamations. Will Shell and other energy companies follow suit?

What about Expats and STIAs? Should they be recalled?

Expat positions cost Shell a ton of $$. STIAs not as much, but still a high cost. Shouldn't they be recalling as many exPats as possible right now? And STIAs as well? Or does anyone know of any businesses/functions that are already doing this?

Layoff Schedule

Voluntary layoffs will begin mid May... Reorg layoffs will begin in June... Layoffs will end by end of August...

Shell downstream layoffs

All contractors have been fired and have 1 month left within the UK and Germany. I hear jobs in downstream / lubricants will move to krakow.... Already stated seeing positions open for German positions in krakow. What's the future going to look... —  read more 

Solving layoff problem

The main reason of the lay off comes from oil overflow and out of space for storage. There is a propose solution. Get all the cars in the world out to fill up the tank for free for the next 3 months (as a start). This will let the refineries... —  read more 

Saving in Oil and Gas

Copied from OXY site. How much of monthly expenses should you have in case of a layoff. 3-6 months? Or more?

Shell Pay Bands or Pay Grades

Hi guys, I'm currently interviewing for technology positions and wanted to see if anyone could post information around pay grades. What is the pay grade and pay range for a Senior IT manager type position? Thank you.

Martinez Layoffs

Do you think there will be layoffs in Martinez due to the sale of the refinery? —  read more 

Martinez Refinery Sold to PBF

If there was ever any doubt about Shell's view of fuels in the U.S. it's very clear now. They were down to 4 wholly owned refineries in the U.S, Martinez, Anacortes, and two in New Orleans. They are 50/50 owners of the Deer Park Houston refinery with... —  read more 

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