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Wellsville layoffs

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Heard they are looking to eliminate redundancy and reduce management, anyone else hearing the same? Hearing massive layoffs later this year, anyone else hear the same? With oil prices and gas prices being down, our performance expectations are below... read more


This companies management is a complete disaster and joke? How the hell does company put the people they do in charge? They have no sense, no idea how to run a business and are totally incompetent in the jobs they are assigned. God I hope Siemens... read more
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Olean layoffs?

Heard some people were let go in Olean. Anyone know which departments?

Siemens Dresser Rand layoffs

Anyone thinks that layoffs may stop soon and that thighs may return to normal?
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More layoffs?

Anyone know if there will be more layoffs? With oil prices tanking and business being slow, I don't see how we will be able to avoid another round. Very stressful climate at my location. Wondering if anyone has heard anything through the grapevine.

cuts where?

http://www.wsj.com/articles/siemens-profit-hurt-by-low-oil-price-1438232767 the VERY last line: “Siemens, which is in the midst of a restructuring program that includes roughly 13,100 job cuts, could see restructuring costs of up to €1 billion for... read more
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Sales Force Layoffs

Things are bad. The last to go in any downsizing is the sales force. Word has come down that some of us will be let go sometime in September.

No news of furlough in news...

I find it odd that the furlough will take place in the coming weeks yet it has not been made public. Clients have no clue yet. The whole thing has been severely mismanaged.


So the word had just come down that dresser rand is sending everyone employed home for a week no pay....

Canada layoffs 2015

Do you have any updates here? There are many rumors floating around and people are freaked out. Anyone knows more about what is being planned?
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5 minutes layoff

I was given 5 minutes to pack my shit and leave the premises. Back-stabbing good for nothing ashols....

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