Topics regarding layoffs at Dresser-Rand Group Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Dresser-Rand Group Inc.

How are things these days?

I was laid off during the acquisition culling. I found a good replacement job so I hold no ill will towards the company. It's actually been a while since I thought about this place but with everything going on, it occured to me check on my former... —  read more 

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Bernard in LinkedIn

Is anyone else sick and tired of seeing Bernard Looney’s face plastered all over LinkedIn??? I do not want to be inundated with his “personal brand” while I’m looking for a better job somewhere else.

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Heard they are looking to eliminate redundancy and reduce management, anyone else hearing the same? Hearing massive layoffs later this year, anyone else hear the same? With oil prices and gas prices being down, our performance expectations are below... —  read more 


This companies management is a complete disaster and joke? How the hell does company put the people they do in charge? They have no sense, no idea how to run a business and are totally incompetent in the jobs they are assigned. God I hope Siemens... —  read more 

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More layoffs?

Anyone know if there will be more layoffs? With oil prices tanking and business being slow, I don't see how we will be able to avoid another round. Very stressful climate at my location. Wondering if anyone has heard anything through the grapevine.

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cuts where? the VERY last line: “Siemens, which is in the midst of a restructuring program that includes roughly 13,100 job cuts, could see restructuring costs of up to €1 billion for... —  read more 

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Canada layoffs 2015

Do you have any updates here? There are many rumors floating around and people are freaked out. Anyone knows more about what is being planned?

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