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Winter is over!!!!

There will be raises this year!! No more layoffs. The darkest of days are over. Too bad none of the sacrificial lambs will be called back. It is for the best. No use in looking back. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and the light is good.

GE Schertz downfall.

Schertz has had basically one major contract in the past 3 years which has been a complete and total failure. The profit margin which was $150 million is gone as of august last year. The TMS division came in and took over for the DTS team in August... read more

Service manager

Not to much to say GE being in the oil field we lost all our customers and all lost our jobs. The people in upper management do not know the oil field.

Layoffs at HHP

Just heard they are gonna be laying some people off on the 14th of this month. Hope its just a false rumor ... maybe thats why they are letting people work the weekend and theres no work.


A few layoffs this morning....nobody special.

Trump Wins

Does GE have to pay taxes. Or make the employees pay more
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Montrose plants to close.

I know you guys just got letters, but it's pretty well known that the plan is to close both production facilities. There's no end to this current oil recession.

Game Faces on People

This is a sinking ship. Will everyone wait till the layoff to start job hunting? When the state starts laying off and also outside businesses, it's time to wake up to reality instead of being on here acting like a bunch of girls. Look for a job, line... read more

P.O. has been cut

so I heard it from the horses mouth that GE hires a company to produce the yellow packages for the workers who will get laid off. Apparently GE has already cut the p.o. for this company to work on consolation packages . So in fact there will be... read more

The end is nigh!!!

Rumors of the west way kind. kidz are crunching number after disastrous q. Don't be looking good for home team. Look for consolidating and forward situation maneuvering.

That one manager who...

Tells you you're not doing enough, but when you explain the circumstances and ask for support all he does is shoot off emails from his little laptop. Same sh** you've been doing. Genius. Keep this going!! That one manager who...

This just in

Get ready for 3rd week of September my friends. If you haven't got a job out of GE...well be ready to get screwed. You will get a nice constellation package.

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