Topics regarding layoffs at GE Oil & Gas

Topics regarding layoffs at GE Oil & Gas

Baker Hughes acquisition

I'm curious if we never purchase baker Hughes, do you know if GE would of kept the oil and gas division or spin it off like the health care division? Purchasing baker Hughes is the biggest mistake.

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Chinese acquisition

Hearing we may be sold to either CNPC or Sinopec. State-controlled CNPC already owns BGP, the largest seismic and subsurface imaging company in the world. Rumors abound regarding its leading Chinese competitor - Sinopec - combining with Western Geco... — read more 

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Layoffs & politics at BHGE

Heard about more layoffs in May. Does anyone know when it's happening? There is still a lot of redundancy in some functions. Quality group at JFK site has 3 Managers (SPBs) to manage 6 LPBs while the quality leader himself is most of the time out of... — read more 

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Does anyone care or read these posts anymore ? Got a little work to shut up the masses. It is all gone after May. Start looking

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Baker Mess

We spent sweet $34B on buying Baker Hughes. What for? It's a dying industry and look at the management mess in Aberdeen North Sea. They lost work and revenue big time.

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This was back in February

NOTICE_DATE: 2017-02-01 JOB_SITE_NAME: GE Manufacturing Services - GEMS COUNTY_NAME: Denton WDA_NAME: North Central Texas WDA TOTAL_LAYOFF_NUMBER: 208 LayOff_Date: 2017-04-03 WFDD_RECEIVED_DATE: 2017-02-01 CITY_NAME: Ft. Worth From WARN notice filed... — read more 

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Farmington Closure

Heard this week that effective 9/22/17, GE O&G will cease operations in Farmington, NM, where Cooper Energy Services/Cooper Cameron/Cameron opened a shop in 1988. Primary clients used to be CoP and BP, who have both left the basin. Williams and... — read more 

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GE Oil and Gas layoffs

GE Oil and Gas INC 1150 Schwab Road, Schertz Texas 78132 830-625-1613, started a massive Laying off its permanent GE employees full time hourly and salary employees and keeping its contractors? August 16, 2017 whats going on? All we were told by CEO... — read more 

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pension and 401K

What will happen to GE Oil and Gas Employees who are grandfathered into the pension plans? Will it still be available? What about the GE Oil and Gas employees who were hired after 2011 and were not grandfathered into the pension plan, and are in the... — read more 

Not looking good

With land rigs and oil heading south. The end is coming for GE. With Baker along time to consolidate and regroup meaning people losing jobs. Hang on!!! Yup, this about sums it up. There is no scenario I can imagine that will not lead to layoffs, the... — read more 

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