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Layoffs today

Gibraltor effect showing up now. Many gone in HC DT.
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GE Healthcare - San Diego office is closing

The API Healthcare San Diego. CA office laid-off all but 5 of its ~28 office staff on Friday April 12, 2019. The San Diego office is closing its doors for good at end of May. Posted in an older thread, bumped to the top for important info. Originally... read more

GE BioPharma sale

What is the origin of the GE BioPharma business that was just sold to Danaher? Does it stem from the Amersham acquisition of 2004?

Healthcare spinnoff should be good

GE healthcare should do well in spinoff, Profits and reliability of XR products may fare well Since very little of the current systems are actually made by GE. Examples are ; P600 Fluoro room is actually a Toshiba Kahalre system Proteus XRf is... read more
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Is GE Healthcare shielded?

I know GEHC wants to be separate but not sure why would a new person separate a cash cow. And that too when millions are tied to the stock price. Anyway, we should start evaluating employees by a point system where education, credentials, degrees all... read more

Incoming changes

GM of an ultrasound modality will be terminated and Zone Management adjusted to E+W only with personnel changes - Don't envy MK replacement. Any chance we can get any more information on this? (Found the original quote in an old thread but it was... read more
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Any news on GE Healthcare layoffs?

I keep hearing rumors about VBC being sold off and our engineers are leaving for Amazon and Google in droves. The financials s---, so wouldn't surprise me.

Reckless contracting in Services

Less coming in and more and more going out. We continue to sign contracts where we know we will surely loose in millions over time. Flannery is gone, these extra ordinary contracts had no vision but to jack up contract prices and make healthcare... read more

Moved: Jupiter Florida to Oak Creek Milwaukee

Worked for GE Healthcare from 2001 to 2016 in Jupiter Florida. Lost my job when they decided to move our repair facility to Oak Creek Milwaukee. Do to my age they just decide to give me my pension.

madison layoffs may 31 2017

Employees were called together in small groups and told by managers there had been a number of layoffs. It is unclear how many and if it is limited to one side or company wide. Rummor mill says 10-15 in Madison Wi,

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