Topics regarding layoffs at GE Healthcare

Topics regarding layoffs at GE Healthcare

No need for layoffs

With the amount of employees retiring or exiting on their own accord, really no need for layoffs - just play the "hiring freeze" card. Last 90 days have seen zone Presidents, MVP's, Marketing, PM's, service, sales, operations all leave this company... —  read more 

Covid OSHA Rule

Hi, An email went out last night saying that people leaders will reach out to those who have not uploaded vax proof re implementing the OSHA rule for employers of >100 because it went into effect yesterday? Any idea what this means?

USCAN CEO change

What’s the back story here? Everett finally getting pushed out after failing to do much of anything except force a bunch of good employees and leaders to leave the company???

No place for big ideas

Despite the fact that talented people are increasingly leaving GEHC, there are still a lot of talented people here with great and innovative ideas. However, their voices are not heard enough here. That’s my personal impression, and I think there... —  read more 

40 Laid Off

Announced today that 40 have been laid off. Also announced that our anonymous culture surveys are not anonymous and managers will talk to us about our feedback.

Culp & Two-Jet Jeffey

Culp & Two-Jet Jeffery (Immelt) What will be Culpable's un-doing like Jeffey? Fly around two jet airplanes around the world cause you are so G-damn important... NOT. Covid-19 has that one covered. Whack heads in the guise of Covid... ding... —  read more 


Brian McGarvey has got to be the most incompetent HR leader I have ever seen? Changes his mind every 2 seconds and is letting good people walk from healthcare. Anyone have any good stories about him or our HR in general?

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