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Layoffs are here

We knew athenahealth/Virence Health merger would bring layoffs and here we finally are. The management is saying that less than four percent of corporate employees have been let go, but that seems like a huge understatement compared to what we've... —  read more 

AthenaHealth products will largely win out

Veritas just bought GE Healthcare's Value-Based Care division, which has the GE rev cycle, Ambulatory EMR, and workforce management products. Veritas has no need for two sets of products that do exactly the same thing, so can bet your job that there... —  read more 

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Expect Major Cuts

Corporate raiders have arrived. Veritas Capital and Elliott Management agreed to buy Athenahealth for more than $5 billion, and that will trigger “cost saving” measures

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Loss job

Because of Athena I had loss my job not once but twice. I been medical records person twice at 2 different places and when Athena came it decease my job duties. To where I had enough to do but look for another job. They tell people that you will... —  read more 

A look into the future

I worked at two companies where Elliott came in. First they buy a lot of stock. Then they force layoffs to cut costs and improve earnings per share which they hope will increase the share price. Once the share price goes up enough they sell out and... —  read more 

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Trail of Distruction

Just check out Elliott Management's record of forcing companies to do mass layoffs - they want to free up cash flows to pay themselves - check out layoff pages here on this website Cabela's, Citrix, Alcoa, Quest and others that Elliott is destroying... —  read more 

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All seemed to be fine, and then: LAYOFFS

Ii used to work at athenahealth, i am an engineer - worked there for about five years. the pay was good, the people are fairly smart and supportive. overall, the whole gig was a lovefest until layoffs started - we went through a couple of rounds of... —  read more 

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athenahealth layoffs 2018

Let's use this thread to consolidate info about 2018 layoffs at athenahealth - I am sure many will miss, but at least some rumors will likely turn out to be true.

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Athenahealth laid off wrong people

As one of those laid off I understand why the company needed to restructure and become leaner, but as so many times before the decision to make changes seemed so ill advised and short sighted in nature. After 9+ years with the company, I have seen... —  read more 

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Oct 2017 Layoffs

Anyone have details yet on the scope of the layoffs or the reorgs that will follow?

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