Topics regarding layoffs at Genpact Ltd.

Topics regarding layoffs at Genpact Ltd.

Genpact cuts 365 in Richardson

"Genpact’s OpenWealth business expects to lay off 365 people in Richardson next month after a client contract ends, according to a notice filed with the Texas Workforce Commission. Genpact, a global professional services firm, expects the permanent... — read more 

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They’re laying us off and also trying to fire us ahead of time to avoid having to pay out severance. They are giving us the bare minimum. 1 week of pay for every year you’ve been here. That amounts to less than $5,000 per employee. Genpact does not... — read more 


They need to learn a lesson and the nincompoop CEO Tiger should be fired. They don’t have what it takes to compete with the Big 4

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200 Layoffs

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Genpact COVID Layoffs 2020

This week Genpact has laid off large number of people. In some teams such as Transformation the team sizes have been reduced to 50% due to not staffed on billable projects in US. Similar downsizing is going on in other geographies including Europe &... — read more 

Low pay for a lot of work

It’s hard for most of us to realistically look at the conditions at our company and even harder to know how things stand at other companies. I left Genpact after three years, not because I thought the grass was greener at other companies but... — read more 

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NOTICE_DATE JOB_SITE_NAME COUNTY_NAME WDA_NAME TOTAL_LAYOFF_NUMBER LayOff_Date WFDD_RECEIVED_DATE CITY_NAME 04-May-18 Genpact Mortgage Services, Inc. Collin North Central Texas WDA 124 01-May-18 04-May-18 Richardson Look at 2018 --... — read more 

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Order management to India

Starting to hear the rumblings that OM will be moving to India. Announcement expected late December '16. Work to begin transitioning in January? Anyone else hearing this...?

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