Topics regarding layoffs at Change Healthcare

Topics regarding layoffs at Change Healthcare

To be or not to be

I'm curious how this will all play out. Optum had a recent layoff and CHC is on a hiring freeze. Hopefully it will mean a well balanced team. Optum could use some of CHC culture. I wouldn't stress over layoffs because severance packages will be... —  read more 

I hate the wait

I'd like to know if the merger is going to happen or not right now and I'd like to know if my position is going to be cut or not as a result. Having to wait as long as we have and speculate and worry over it is ten times worse. Just let us know... —  read more 

Playing favorites

Among the things that bother me the most in this company is that it is very obvious that a person cannot progress much if he or she is not one of those yes men among the manager's favorites. I'm sure I'll be leaving because of this and I think... —  read more 

90% of Nurses Ready to Quit Report: 90% of nurses considering leaving the profession in the next year Does that stat catch your attention? Good. Shawn Sefton, RN, talks about the... —  read more 

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We Should Unionize

It's time for Change Healthcare workers to enter into collective bargaining under the Communication Workers of America (CWA). We may be white collar but we work around the clock to produce and our great reward is to be treated like disposable people... —  read more 


Change Healthcare's mostly white male top level management reduces predominantly minority covid vaccine conscientious objectors into second class workers with their new Return to In-Person Activities policy.

DOJ to sue to block merger

Looks like the DOJ is going to block the merger. This is good and bad news. CHC assumed the risk should the deal fall through. They will have to pay UHG 300 million. Rest assured they will be looking to make up that money.

Layoffs in Pittsburgh

Rumors of layoffs coming in the Pittsburgh office per a WARN notification.

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Zotec Partners is hiring!

Zotec Partners is looking for medical billing talent. Please review our current openings at:, apply to any role that appears to be a fit and feel free to email Joe Stajkowski or Shawn Clark at... —  read more 

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Jobs going to India

They don’t care that we are in a middle of a pandemic they axe our jobs only to send them over to India. Basically they are saying we don’t care if you die as long as our friends in India are safe and we pay slave wages to them. I guess upper... —  read more 

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