Topics regarding layoffs at Change Healthcare

Topics regarding layoffs at Change Healthcare

Got laid off this week

I foolishly thought we'd be safe till after the first of the year. I know two other people who just got laid off, one I don't know well enough to comment on, but the other was an extremely loyal hard working employee who would have been a great fit... —  read more 

Layoffs are continuing

6 of us had a group layoff via a teams meeting today. Talk about cold and impersonal. Seems as they chose the ones with least seniority and that’s how they decided who to lay off. I had a feeling this may have been coming with the merger. The layoff... —  read more 


You must think we're a bunch of stupid people working here. Why would we help the individuals who are trying to setup centralizing processess, such as refunds.??? You're taking away job responsibilities which translates at this juncture to "we don't... —  read more 

To be or not to be

I'm curious how this will all play out. Optum had a recent layoff and CHC is on a hiring freeze. Hopefully it will mean a well balanced team. Optum could use some of CHC culture. I wouldn't stress over layoffs because severance packages will be... —  read more 

I hate the wait

I'd like to know if the merger is going to happen or not right now and I'd like to know if my position is going to be cut or not as a result. Having to wait as long as we have and speculate and worry over it is ten times worse. Just let us know... —  read more 

Playing favorites

Among the things that bother me the most in this company is that it is very obvious that a person cannot progress much if he or she is not one of those yes men among the manager's favorites. I'm sure I'll be leaving because of this and I think... —  read more 

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