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Missed Most Recent Town Stall( Hall)

Hi, I missed the most recent town stall, what did I miss? Are we still playing in the muck or are there any real bright spots?
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"May Day" updates?

Lots of groups in suits passing through Donelson last couple days, and some flustered looking D-levels, as well as a bunch of meetings that have seemed to pop up and take priority. Any word/info on the possibility of a May Day right-sizing?

Hammer and Nail are building self worth and nothing else

Face it, this new CHC is much too big for anybody to lead it well. Jonny rock star was way over his head just with MTS and he is much more of a leader than Nail. This is looking more like a ruse everyday for a way hammer and nail to make hundreds of... read more
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Anniversary date of Merger

And more RIF's - what a surprise. It's so hard to see this happening, but really, is anyone surprised? As this p--pstorm moves toward an IPO, I would expect it to be even greater.

H1Bs Paid More Than Americans?

How would you feel if you were going to the bathroom and on the door was a legal notice for an H1B visa application for your same title, but with the bottom of the salary range $7,000 per year higher than what you were making now? That is exactly my... read more

What did I miss?

I missed Nails latest and greatest town stall, I mean town hall. Did I miss anything?

Change Healthcare March 2018 Layoffs

Heard that impending layoffs scheduled for this week have been moved to after HIMSS to avoid leadership/sales receiving customer flack. It won't matter. They will hear it anyway. Support can't support due to lack of training/knowledge. Services has... read more

Good read and good point

I think we should just go ahead and fire all the people over age 50 and deal with the consequences. We would have to rebuild a great deal of our IT systems given that the few old engineers who weren't replaced long ago with short-term offshore... read more

Change Don'tCare

I was laid off from Change Healthcare last year. It was a long journey to find another job but I am in a much better place now. I changed the words to "Jimmy Crack Corn" and would sing it when I needed to smile. It was especially funny given that... read more

Change Healthcare IPO - Pricing expectations

What do you guys expect to happen once the Change Healthcare IPO takes place. I am primarily interested in the price aspect - my hunch is that the price will not appreciate after the IPO and that they will start to lay off after that so they can... read more

COBRA notification

My wife is afraid she is on a list for layoffs, due to the COBRA continuation of health benefits we just received. Is this a standard notification whe you join CHC?


Wipro offshore resources (India) will be replacing a few departments with FTEs. Ask your manager if they have received contracts/emails about offshore resources and see if they squirm. Apparently some of the layoffs will be announced as early as this... read more

New PTO/Holiday Schedule

According to a close source(s): Legacy Change/McKesson: US New Year's Day. January 2 Memorial Day: May 29 Independence Day July 4 Labor Day. September 3 Thanksgiving Day November 22 Christmas Day December 25 2 personal floating days PTO: (Harmonized)... read more

IWS layoffs in next few days or weeks

I heard a rumor that Richmond based IWS Change Healthcare sold their Production and Logistics department to WIPRO Indian based company. Looks like there will be some layoffs on the horizon. Anybody knows something about it?

Incoming Change Healthcare layoffs

I just received reliable information that there will be significant cuts within legacy McKesson/RelayHealth products during December 2017 through January 2018 prepping the RIF for the IPO. The company will replace staff with cheaper offshore... read more

Not a CEO

Change Healthcare laid off people with families. Just horrible. Keep hiring people overseas......way to keep America strong. Its all about keeping money for the the fat cats.

Change Healthcare Layoffs 2018

Let's use this thread to consolidate any info we have about layoffs that may be happening in 2018. I know there will be a ton of rumors, but let's see what we can come up with.

Monday Support call on "go forward" products.

Today we learned Legacy McKesson Clearance and Assurance products will be used going forward. There were talks of cross training Legacy Change employees on McKesson products and vice versa for support purposes. I can't help but wonder why we weren't... read more

Layoffs should have been handled better

When the layoffs happened in our office in May, they called people into the office and they listened to a conference call and were therefore informed that they were let go. They were not allowed to return to their work areas and their belongings were... read more

IWCS- in big trouble?

With the recent merger and all of the high profile resignations I feel like IWCS is holding on by a slender thread. I think this week has been yet another round in a non-ending flow of executive meetings. Anyone have any insight into what is... read more

Waiting for layoffs at Change Healthcare

This is nerve racking. How are we supposed to produce quality work and serve our customers when we think the axe might fall everyday? What happened to "This Mck-Chg merge will provide opportunities for our employees"? We get these "rah rah" emails... read more

Layoffs Sept 18-22

Big announcement on Friday, September 22, 2017 @ 10am. Who has a town hall on a Friday? No good.

Well sunshine

almost 12 months into the honeymoon===somebody looking to declare bankruptcy and run? c;mon you cut support to one person per function- you are just asking for it...might as well have your cars brakelines serviced by Edward Scissorhands

Late August restructuring at Change

I communicated May layoff previously. Expect to see restructuring in mid to late August. RIF to follow in both sides of the house. They are now starting to pick which products live and which get sunsetted to prep for IPO. You will see exodus on the... read more

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