Topics regarding layoffs at Change Healthcare

Topics regarding layoffs at Change Healthcare

Layoffs in Pittsburgh

Rumors of layoffs coming in the Pittsburgh office per a WARN notification.

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Zotec Partners is hiring!

Zotec Partners is looking for medical billing talent. Please review our current openings at:, apply to any role that appears to be a fit and feel free to email Joe Stajkowski or Shawn Clark at... —  read more 

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Jobs going to India

They don’t care that we are in a middle of a pandemic they axe our jobs only to send them over to India. Basically they are saying we don’t care if you die as long as our friends in India are safe and we pay slave wages to them. I guess upper... —  read more 

Fired/Laid Off

I got laid off, basically fired and CHC's excuse was that I was missing too much training which was BS! I started a few months or so ago and could have been working there long before that if they didn't drag their @sses with the paperwork and getting... —  read more 


Be prepared

The new OptumInsights CEO is notorious for cutting expenses and maximizing profits. In other words, expect layoffs as always. Automation always happens everywhere. The potential for automation with Change and Optum is very big. If you're scared, you... —  read more 

Wokeness and "diversity" are distractions CHC uses to cover up the company's greed and failure to do real things to help its workers

The executives love to harp about "social justice" in all of their meetings. They spew out all of the standard politically correct verbiage, like programmed NPCs from video games. Well, one popular area of social justice they won't touch is the call... —  read more 

No one is safe

No one is safe at this company, least of all those that work hard and try to make a difference. They are about cutting costs, everywhere they can, they do not see workers as people, we are numbers. Pretty much that is how it is in most Corp America... —  read more 

How bad will layoffs get?

With the merger happening (or acquisition, let's call it what it is,) we are most certainly looking at major cuts either right before or right after the deal is finalized. And considering that we are the company that's being acquired, chances are... —  read more 

Game Over

Sold to Optum. Neil and friends make out with a huge payday, and the rest of us get to look for low-paying jobs during a pandemic and significant economic uncertainty. Truly, this is a testament of what is wrong with self-serving corporate boards... —  read more 


Does anyone else feel so unappreciated???? My team will give spotlight points to everyone on the team but the people who actually do the work. Favoritism put in your face everyday. Managers giving points for people helping out one time and other... —  read more 

Incompetent managers

Is there anybody here who can say they have a competent manager who knows what he or she is doing and who they can turn to if they have a question or an issue to solve? I'm honestly curious because I'm yet to run into one. I nearly forgot, those... —  read more 

Q1 Disaster?

Any news on furloughs, layoffs, or other organization changes during the next quarter? I'm assuming Quarter 1 results are unfavorable like anywhere. No merit raises, but there are funds to match personal donations.


What are the chances these employees even get called back? You see announcement after announcement yet nothing in regards to this. Many of these who have been furloughed play key roles in the business. Now that work is falling so far behind as many... —  read more 

Going Out of Business

You get up every morning from your iPhone's warning Put your sweatpants on and go to log in The conditions here are s—ing And the pay is almost nothing Get logged on Get punched into Kronos And wait for 5 to chime It's the worst job of all... —  read more 

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