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Layoff today at Richmond BC office

Hi There were several people laid off today at Richmond BC office in Canada. Will there be more tomorrow or this is it? There was no email so probably not over yet.

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Top-heavy, Trying to sell like Dell

This company hires tons of SVPs, RVPs, AVPs and any other letter you want to put in front of a VP title. Some of the VPs have never been a VP before but come in off the streets thinking they are going to "Change Healthcare". Incredibly top... —  read more 

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Q1 Disaster?

Any news on furloughs, layoffs, or other organization changes during the next quarter? I'm assuming Quarter 1 results are unfavorable like anywhere. No merit raises, but there are funds to match personal donations.


What are the chances these employees even get called back? You see announcement after announcement yet nothing in regards to this. Many of these who have been furloughed play key roles in the business. Now that work is falling so far behind as many... —  read more 

Patient Care is now like checking into a motel

What will CHC think of next? All about that automation

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Going Out of Business

You get up every morning from your iPhone's warning Put your sweatpants on and go to log in The conditions here are s—ing And the pay is almost nothing Get logged on Get punched into Kronos And wait for 5 to chime It's the worst job of all... —  read more 

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All about the Hedges...

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Inhale. Now, feel the burn.

If you don't like the way CHC is run then get yourself a copy of Das Kapital and vote Socialist in the next election. Otherwise this is just good, ol' fashioned, unfettered, American robber-baron capitalism.

I Want My Outsourcing

Look at them layoffs That's the way you do it You send the jobs out to the Philippines That ain't evil All the businesses do it Get your work done for nothing in the Philippines Now that ain't evil All the businesses do it Let me tell... —  read more 

Over it

This place is overwhelming! More pressure on the people that do work! Snakes in sheep clothing! It is a joke working here! No one is happy!

What's really going on?

There is no transparency. I know several long term employees who were laid off with absolutely no notice. One has a mother suffering from late stage cancer, and his father has Parkinson's and severe diabetes. His job helped paid for some of their... —  read more 

Performance is not a factor

I was laid off with most of my team in CA. I was actually one of the best performing managers with a 98% engagement score. Those that were laid off seemed random and a mix of my best and worst performers. Unfortunately they don’t seem to be cutting... —  read more 

Layoff Article Queensbury

Lay offs

Are they doing group calls with managers on the call to let go of employees or are they doing it individually?

Layoffs at Winston Salem office

Some layoffs took place at Winston Salem today. Supposed to be reevaluating the numbers in June to decide if there will be more. They may simply be trying to get around the WARN Act by spacing the layoffs 30 days apart, so they aren't required to... —  read more 

Worker Productivity

And now that we have you doing the jobs of three people while stuck at home taking care of the kids and potentially elderly parents, we want to ensure that we get more work out of you by making you turn on your webcams. We want no "multitasking"... —  read more 

TL confirms that there will be RIFs in Town Hall meeting

He didn't say when, where or how many, just that they will be happening. Fortunately the lady that spoke before him taught us some breathing exercises, so if you get RIFed just take a few breaths and everything will be ok in a minute or two.

Layoff info is useless without a location!

It is pointless to post info about RIFs unless you also post where the RIFs are occurring. And if you have any clue what you are talking about, then you should know where they are taking place. If the RIFs are taking place a particular office or a... —  read more 

Furloughs due to COVID19

Has anyone heard of furloughs being implemented in reference to COVID19? I can confirm this has happened to at least one staff member. Wondering what may be on the horizon for the rest of us.

Change Healthcare - a (not so funny) joke.

Pathetic place to work. Morale is around... well, there isn't any really so we'll just skip that one. All the talented people have been let go by corporate leeches at the top of the company's food chain, leaving it with an army of co-op employees... —  read more 

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Stock exchange

McKesson Corporation (NYSE:MCK) today announced the commencement of an exchange offer for the split-off of its wholly-owned subsidiary, PF2 SpinCo, Inc. (“SpinCo”), which will hold all of McKesson’s interest in Change Healthcare LLC (“Change... —  read more 

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IPA not a tasty brew

Independent process automation (IPA) initiatives gearing up with goal of significant “headcount reduction and right sized alignment.” If the IPA team comes to your area, be prepared for fewer team members though some folks will be told new jobs will... —  read more 


Any news a change Healthcare and more layoffs?

More layoffs

Coming from SLT level- another 1,000 set to be laid off company wide

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