Topics regarding layoffs at Stryker Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Stryker Corp.

It has started

Layoffs have started at the Lakeland location. It's 88 people, for now, the rest will be let go before the end of next year. I think the only positive thing in all of this is that the job market is great for employees right now and none of the... — read more 

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Major layoffs at Stryker

Stryker to lay off 500, close Lakeland office by December 2023 A Stryker spokesperson confirmed that more than 500 positions at Stryker Employment Company are being eliminated as the company prepares to close its Lakeland... — read more 

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IT Outsourcing

Outsourcing to 3rd parties will result in Layoff's in 2019. rumors are HR will be next. Q3 or Q4 2019. Remaining IT will go, Guessing more finance. I'm hearing rumors that some ERP Project leaders are exiting b/c of the uncertainty of the project... — read more 

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Layoffs at Stryker

There has been layoffs in the Lakeland location. Currently they are moving people around after letting all temp workers go. They have also closed some departments fr a day or two and had employees use there pto or vacation days in place of the su... — read more 

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What’s good for the goose...

I really wish Stryker leadership would make sure that requirements for promotions are equal throughout the company. I know they are supposed to be, but only some parts of the company are actually sticking to them. It s---s seeing other departments... — read more 

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Growth but also layoffs

My wife was let go, the company is growing but sometimes small groups are laid off as they fine tune their labor force. Stryker is a good company and we were happy with the severance that was provided - I do not want to say anything negative about... — read more 

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I concur with Anonymous995

Upper management is two faced and back stabbing. Employees are just a number. The brag about, benefits, all of their ratings, and how decentralized they are but in reality they are closing satellite offices and the benefits are the same as any... — read more 

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