Topics regarding layoffs at Medtronic Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Medtronic Inc.


Medtronic stock returns Since GM took over as CEO (April 1 2020): MDT: -10% DJI: +65% S&P500: +86% Medical Device ETF: +33% This is a lot worse if you look at this starting Nov 2019 (when GM really took over the company) Medtronic leaders - Geoff... — read more 

Continued Employment

I can’t come up with one reason why the board is still in place. I don’t mean this sarcastically but can anyone else? My guess is there are agreements with the big investors and current leadership or a purchase of an outside company. Thoughts? — read more 


How come we are expected to be loyal to Medtronic but that loyalty is not reciprocated? We are treated as an expense instead of an investment. We can be laid off at any point without a good reason or explanation, but somehow in all of that, we’re... — read more 

Job search

I don't know if there's anybody still reading this after being laid off, but if the answer is yes (or if somebody is still in touch with those who were laid off) can you share with us please how your job search is going? Are people able to find new... — read more 

Why can’t we innovate?

I’m seriously asking. Or everybody basically gave up on this company, so it’s only about stock and upper mgmt pay? Letting so many talented and experienced people go all the time, together with all other cost cutting measures, in exchange for the... — read more 

Fire Geoff

Our competition is destroying us while he travels in the company jet. What is it going to take to fire Geoff and his cronies including Greg Smith and Scott Cundy?

MIP - 94%

Hi all! I received an e-mail saying the MIP is 94% . We missed the EPS target. Is this % the same for everyone this year? Or can it vary per OU, region and function?

MECC is a joke

No one knows what's going on, leadership promotes cliques. People don't feel comfortable speaking up. Directors think they are "making it easy to do work around here" when in reality it's a struggle to get straight answers from anybody

MIP Payout

In today’s quarterly meeting the president said the MIP payout would be between 80-95%. Anyone know how your end of year rating factors in? Does a 3 payout at 95% or is that a 5?

So, what happened?

Newbie at MDT. What caused the company to get to where it is? Bad leaders, bad products, bets that didn’t work out, too much fat in the org..???? Did we get here overnight or a gradual decline?

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