Topics regarding layoffs at Medtronic Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Medtronic Inc.

What a depressing place to work

I was hoping to use the MIP to pay down a hospital bill and put some money in my kids’ college funds. Instead I’ll just keep grinding away for the scraps this company provides. I used to feel valued at Medtronic. It’s been years since that has been... —  read more 

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Town Hall

What a tour de force from Geoff and excom today. Geoff’s usual business lingo word salad heavily seasoned with “uh” and “um”, the beaten-to-death reminders of all the external factors negatively impacting performance, the assurances that this time... —  read more 

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"innovation" ---- done

Martha keeps hiring B-team grifter execs. Everytime a long-time Medtronic successful leader exits, he finds some bizarre non-related-industry to jump in and mess things up. But, yeah, Ford Autonomous cars and Amazon consumer robots have been... —  read more 

Bonus multiplier

They’re going to give us a bonus so that they don’t lose the entire workforce, they’ll just make it small so they lose a decent number of us. Anyone have word on what the bonus % will be?

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DRM program

Curious to know peoples opinion on how DRM is rolled out for Medtronic? I'm a fairly new employee with loads of dfss, dmaic, reliability experience from other companies but it seems like as much as we like to promote DRM, we don't have time to... —  read more 

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This is the bitter truth

From continuity planning, I am reading layoffs will be quarterly/semi-annually but as a cover to remove individuals who either costs above the median of their pay band or individuals who have received a developing on their review. PIPS will be... —  read more 

Time to Leave

I started applying for jobs with the title and compensation I’ve regularly discussed with my manager and let me tell you that you are severely underpaid. I just accepted a job offer with a 15% raise for a similar position and here’s your reminder... —  read more 

Good times

We had it good so good for such a long time. Bonuses, stock options, raises, great slogans, you could not beat a job at Medtronic. Well good times always end somehow; either bad and greedy management or poor response to market (lack of products... —  read more 


There have been no rumors about layoffs and that's making me nervous. I guess Medtronic leadership broke me, since now I see no news as an intro to bad news. Am I stressing over nothing? What are the chances of another round of cuts within the next... —  read more 

Compensation Range

I’ve been in my current role for two plus years and genuinely wanted to know where I fell on the pay band. My manager sent me the information and I am only being paid 6% more than a person with absolutely no experience and not considered “proficient”... —  read more 

People still have hope

I too would like to have hope that this place will be fixed, but maybe that's a bit too much to expect? Some are still hoping for improvements, but unfortunately, it is unlikely that anything will change except for the worse.

Looking to leave

I have to ask, is there anybody at Medtronic who is not currently looking to leave? The last layoffs round seems to have been the last straw for so many people that it feels like there is a huge exodus in the making right now. Everybody I talk to is... —  read more 

Redeployment emails

Someone mentioned here that they've sent redeployment emails to those impacted asking them to consider open roles. Is that really true? And what kind of reaction do they expect? I can't imagine anything other than negative.

WFH is not the issue

WFH actually affords a company to obtain more productivity and cost savings on physical spaces. If anything the lines between home and work gets blurred and I work over 8 hours/day. How many of us can say the same thing? I believe the majority. I... —  read more 

IT is a mess

Don't talk about Global IT. They removed hundreds of people without knowing what they were doing. Now to move something to production, I almost need a DNA test and the approval of the President! No accountability of those who approve either. The... —  read more 

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