Topics regarding layoffs at Medtronic Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Medtronic Inc.

Layoffs in December 2023?

Ex claimed in October that 100 to 200 tech support employees were going to be let go in December. Supposedly his last day was this Friday, Dec 8th. He said "They let us off at noon and told us to log regular hours." He was at Sullivan Lake Campus... —  read more 

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Any layoff rumors out there?

I haven’t heard anything since last quarters financials were released. I still get the feeling there are a couple more cents can be squeezed out and have heard rumors of project cancellations. Hoping 2024 will be better than 2023. Good luck to all. —  read more 

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Is anyone else surprised that turnover seems to be lower than expected this year? I have my feelers out in the market, but in general it's very clear that Medtronic is no longer the premier employer. No dental insurance cost sharing, 2% merit... —  read more 

You love to see it

After the bloodbath earlier this year where Medtronic showed so many talented people the door, or drove many long timers to retire, its been heartwarming to see so many of those former colleauges posting on Linkedin as they land new roles - and good... —  read more 

Just a few more days

Only a few more days until the annual shareholder meeting October 19. This is the decisive moment to determine if the Titanic will either continue to sink or survive. Hopefully institutional investors make the right decision for employees and... —  read more 

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