Topics regarding layoffs at ResMed Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at ResMed Inc.

Out of love

I don’t blame the pandemic, it’s the managers. It seems to me that people in management change job roles frequently to cover incompetence. This happened before Covid too but it wasn’t nearly as obvious. The amount of money this company spends on... — read more 


How are you doing since this layoff announcement? I have grieved the job loss and then I have taken actions to move forward. My friend advised me to do a journal entry on how am I going to be stronger after this. I am going to get in better shape... — read more 

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Age discrimination

So many people over 50 were laid off that I think there is a basis for an age discrimination lawsuit. I know nobody will want to risk their severance but it makes me so mad to see Resmed do something so blatantly unfair and most likely illegal and... — read more 

Talent Acquisition

In my long career of TA I have never experienced the disrespectful and passive aggressive behaviour of the people team over the last 4-5 months especially. This is among the worst leadership I have worked with, ego and back stabbing in my many years... — read more 

This makes no sense

Why lay off people with more experience? Shouldn't it be "last one in, first one out" or something like that? We've lost team members who've been here for over a decade and somebody who joined less than a year ago is still here. I don't understand... — read more 

More layoffs 2020

They are continuing to lay people off during the pandemic. This is so sad given they are listed by the President as a company to create masks and vents so you know they have money backing their business. What's worse is their workforce reduction... — read more 

2014 Cuts and Plans For Downsizing

I hear Resmed might be letting people go in 2014 - do you have any additional info on this topic. I work for a competitor but was considering a job at Resmed and since I heard the rumor I am really uncomfortable making this decision. Does someone... — read more 

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