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ResMed Layoff Around 45 Staff April 2019

ResMed has retrenched around 45 staff, mostly engineers, from their Respiratory Care department and supporting group at their Bella Vista campus. Much of the work for oxygen concentrators has already been previously moved to ResMed's facilities in... read more
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ResMed laid off 250 yesterday January 23,2018

This massive multi billion dollar company handed down a reduction in force and laid off 250 employees yesterday!!! Tuesday 1/23/18!!! They put people out of work, leave them no benefits, and potentially those people will wind up homeless!! Dirty... read more

ResMed to lay off 28 people in Germany

ResMed communicated this morning they are sacking the whole Product Development team in Martinsried, Germany, plus people of hospital care from Gremsdorf – around 28 people total. They are hiring a very good outplacement agency would be hired for the... read more

2014 Cuts and Plans For Downsizing

I hear Resmed might be letting people go in 2014 - do you have any additional info on this topic. I work for a competitor but was considering a job at Resmed and since I heard the rumor I am really uncomfortable making this decision. Does someone... read more
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