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Becton Dickinson Layoffs 2018

Layoffs always happen - don’t freak out - be coooool… you cannot change that fact. Accept it and focus on work. We are not safe here in Franklin Lakes.

It's Chaotic!

As a former employee, the company culture is to hire incompetent management and lay off quality employees. There are some great honest people there, but politically, it's chaos...

MMS Beware

There have been rumblings for quite sometime within the CF ranks of a major shakeup due to BD not actually being in their element with this type of business. It is getting awful at CF due to years and years of group think style management. By far the... read more

Severance package at Becton Dickinson

I was wondering if anybody who was affected by the latest round of layoffs could tell us what kind of severance package was offered to them? It doesn't look like layoffs will be done any time soon, so it'd be nice if we at least knew what we can... read more

Creedmoor, N.C. Plant Closing

They are laying off and closing our entire plant in Creedmoor, N.C. within next few months. They bought us and gave us the bad news! Sparks MD is closing as well.

Layoffs through March 2018

My husband has worked for BD for 40 years. they just.layed off 2 people in his building in the Sparks, Maryland plant. He got a letter saying these layoffs will be done in waves and it will continue through till next March.
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Annual Culling

Every year at this time, too bad that the people who wants to leave they don't let them go. Been there. BD is still a great place to work for.

Folks the Competition WANATS YOU!

Folks at BG: Go to The BD competition WANTS you go anch check it out. It is also in San Diego! They have openings in Chicago too What is the... read more

Been there

Good luck to all affected, I know it's not easy to be laid off, I hope all of you find something better very quickly. I have somewhat similar experience when it comes to layoffs - it was not pretty at all. I was already affected - happened when BD... read more

So, who is to blame?

BD was once a great place to go into and walk out of happy. People enjoyed the good ol' days of BD. Things change, management shuffles. We entrust the Board of Directors to represent the company. The perverbial "torch" is passed on, we've had some... read more

Layoff process at BD

Is there any warning to those who were getting laid off or was it a complete surprise shock? Do they give you any explanation? With layoffs supposedly starting today, just curious if I should start packing my cube early.

Capitalism at its worst

Another corporate monster that works its employees to death, and then throws them out in the streets because they impact the bottom line and the corporate fat cats massive bonuses. Your game is so played out. The revolution has already started. The... read more


I was laid off last year and it was a blessing in disguise. I moved on and found a job that’s more rewarding and pays better. I think the job market for IT is good and one should be able to transition easily if you happen to be cut. I still have... read more

More info on September 18 layoffs

9-18-17 The layoffs have began. Talk is about 30% to be laid off today. Sad day for those who have been there 15+years. No one is protected here. Several locations have been hit yesterday. We still don't know if yesterday was it, or if will carry... read more

Bard acquisition delayed

I heard that the Bard acquisition is delayed to November due to the ongoing court case with shareholders. Whether this will prolong / delay the scheduled layoffs in September is yet to be seen. The dates I keep hearing are September 14th, 18th and... read more

September 2017 layoffs at Becton Dickinson

Heard on good authority that more layoffs coming in Sept. Not really surprising news with the acq. of Bard and since a repeat performance should have been expected after what followed CF 2 yrs ago. If this info is correct, and if you have been at BD... read more

Sparks Facilities Dept being outsourced

Announced today 5/4/17 that Facilities dept being outsourced.all we do the loyalty the dedication means absolutley nothing.i hope Bard is paying attention.BD only cares about money and does not care about people.peole might lose there homes they dont... read more
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Engineers get axed, then train foreign replacements H-1B visa program steals Americans’ jobs By Don Bauder, March 30, 2016 “Knowledge transfer.” It’s a scholarly sounding name for a vile practice that is stealing jobs from American engineers and... read more

Another layoff in BD- IT DEPT.

It seems like BD has decided to offshore application support and announcement might happen next week. Not sure how jobs will be impacted but it is rumored about 2/3. Wish you good luck.

San Jose managers

What I have observed: disfunctional, arrives late/ leaves early, takes credit for subordinate's accomplishments and blames for manager's lack of knowledge, leadership, laziness. Much more, but the main question is: how can a "successful" company... read more
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Ex-Becton Dickinson Exec Lobs Age Bias Suit In NJ

New York (August 23, 2016, 7:21 PM ET) -- A New Jersey-based global medical supply company has been slapped with an age discrimination lawsuit by a longtime former executive who claims the company reassigned his duties to a younger employee and then... read more


Anyone else getting antsy since the one year anniversary of last years' layoffs is coming in September?

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