Topics regarding layoffs at BD (Becton Dickinson & Co.)

Topics regarding layoffs at BD (Becton Dickinson & Co.)

I'm tired of all reorganizations

Both on the company level and those below. I'm not sure how many changes, adjustments, and whatnot my group had in the past five years, but it was more than enough. Funnily enough, the more things supposedly change, the more they stay the same. I... —  read more 

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Engineer cuts at BD

They are planning staff cuts to the engineering department. the first 3-4 engineers cut will be from the R&D department the other 4-6 engineers will be supporter SM/CI/CTW projects and MMP plant. I don’t know what this means, but I just want to... —  read more 

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Terrible non-transparency

My anxiety is only intensified by the huge non-transparency here. There are rumors that layoffs are already happening, but I don't know which business units are affected, nor what is the scope of these layoffs. If anyone has more insights, please... —  read more 


Since I haven’t found another place to get in touch with other Becton mills…In the New York facility we’ve had mandatory mask for 2 years with the exception of a week regardless of vaccination status. We’ve been told this was corporates decision and... —  read more 

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Well I called my boss a du----s and now I'm in the hot seat. I'm 58 years old and make a good pay but I get blamed for everything that goes wrong. I don't get any respect. My boss is 20 something years old and she doesn't know sh-t from apple... —  read more 

I'm so exhausted

I don't know what your situation is like but I have more and more work to do. At this point I'm doing abnormal amounts of work. It is no longer clear to me whether this is happening to everyone, are we simply all becoming overwhelmed with work... —  read more 

Where has innovation gone?

No innovation means there is no bright future here. Why is the company failing when it comes to innovation, I don't quite understand? Is it not important to them? Is innovation too much of a risk for them? I don't know, I just know that the situation... —  read more 

BD IT became COTY IT

BD recruited CIO from Coty , he fired/ shuffled most of BD IT leaders, installed Coty people. Coty should sue this guy. All Coty associates has form cult and ignore other people: Feels like Coty has acquired IT division , all original BD IT employees... —  read more 

This needs to change

This place is filled with lousy managers who hide their incompetence by intimidating everybody around them. They have no experience and have no idea what they're doing, so the only thing they can do is yell and threaten those of us who are actually... —  read more 

Still struggling

I was laid off nearly six months ago and I'm still having trouble coping with it. I've been with this company for 8 years. I was a good employee, always gave 110%. When I learned I was cut I was absolutely devastated. I still am. This is not even... —  read more 

What's getting hit next?

Yes, the answer is yes. Another layoff coming very soon in October. I won't say what business unit but it will impact more than 150 associates. Does anybody who is willing to share know more about this? First whether it's true or not and second... —  read more 

Layoffs in IT

Seems like 60-70 positions got eliminated in the US yesterday; about 10 more around the world. They're blaming COVID, but a lot of this seems to be that they surprised themselves with their own re-org. Back in March they said they were going to... —  read more 

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