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Alaris class 1 recall ooooowwieee

There was only 1 A team who can face this FDA class one recall and the entire team is gone now. Good luck Alaris enjoy this class 1 MMS trolls from Pyxis.

New CIO / FLKS / Org Changes

keep hearing Org change are coming. Considering all scared and beta folks working here forever, I am really skeptical to get anything out here. But hope to hear from some folks who have higher self esteem. Bonus and raise is already low this year... —  read more 

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Implode from within

It’s been years since I left this pos place. Life has been good. This place is left with scared kitty kats and r3tarded managementS who don’t know how to run the place other than With fear & politics. All I can say now to these guys is... fvk... —  read more 

How does that saying go?

What goes around comes around. Don't like to see anyone lose a job but for some, it's simply a payback for all their good deeds to others.

Anyone in Facilities Targeted for Outsourcing

BD will soon be adopting a model of facilities management similar to the one soon to be integrated into Lowes. That model will result in thousands being laid off at Lowe’s. Permanent reductions to increase the bottom line. Maryland will be the first... —  read more 

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BD begging for HR lawsuit?

Is there a common thread that connects all employees who were recently laid off? What happens when all the ole boys retire? What’s the stock price? 6 months from now? The rich will get richer....

Man up and make the move!

I'm so confused over the good talents employees in BD... why don't you just leave this company? you guys have made good fights... specially those who had worked at least 12-15+ years. There are tons of other good companies in SD. You guys know it... —  read more 

Layoffs definitely coming

My sound sources say that MD will indeed have huge cuts. They are doing great keeping a relative lid on what will definitely be coming down in OCT-2019 - Feb 2021. New improvements made in MD will help the company with broader tax breaks. The younger... —  read more 

When did this happen?

When did we become the type of company where employees have to fear layoffs on monthly, if not weekly bases? BD used to be a great place to work for... But things have changed so much that it has become nearly unrecognizable. Sad to see what we have... —  read more 

Life Sciences Maryland...Everyone Wake Up

Life Sciences Maryland looming pending layoffs-yes. Keeping it hidden very well. The post of Life Sciences Maryland is right on target. People have to recognize that the obligation of the corporate leadership is to the shareholders not employees... —  read more 

Life Sciences Maryland. . . Prepare Yourselves

Life Sciences in Maryland will face big time cuts in Fall 2019. Managers from Facilities to IT to you name it first in the upper echelon HR pipeline targeted for reducing costs to increase profits. Although some may believe that they are too... —  read more 

Quality org restructuring?

Does anyone have more details of Quality Org restructuring? I know they were some changes at Baltimore and FLakes. Can you share more info if you know what is happening?

Spring Layoffs 2019 Maryland

I came to BD, in part, because a sustainability engineer came to give us a presentation. Seeing him in action and hearing from staff how incompetent he is, his training was milking cows. No practice of green farming practices and was laid off packing... —  read more 

What happened to the CIO?

He just leaves and that's it? It's like he just dropped the mic like, "I'm out, peace!". I didn't even get to tell him thanks for outsourcing me!

Who manages BD 401k funds?

Could someone let me know who manages BDs 401k accounts. Bard uses Vanguard, wondering if BD is the same.

September layoffs at Becton Dickinson

The writing's on the wall. almost all projects are out sourced, and not many projects in house. I heard this layoff in September is going to hit MMS R&D hard, and it 's going to be big. Get your resume cleaned up!!! Any more info on this? Is this... —  read more 


They should shut the whole place down.

APAC region

There were layoffs in several departments in APAC region a few months back. Things will get better at some point, but the thing is, there are layoffs and there will always be layoffs at BD. I hope all is good in your neck of of the woods, enjoy it as... —  read more 

BDX buying Akers?

Rumors are going around now about a soon to be announced acquisition of Akers Bioscience, another NJ based company. Has anyone else also heard this?

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