Topics regarding layoffs at BD (Becton Dickinson & Co.)

Topics regarding layoffs at BD (Becton Dickinson & Co.)

Did not meet expectations

Revenue didn't meet investors expectations even though BD improved its forecast for 2024 from last earnings call. IDS still in the negative. MDS came in flat. Budget forecasts for 2024 includes $239 million for restructuring costs compared to the... — read more 

December 2023 Layoffs

A BD employee in SLC was informed their last day at BD would be Jan. 2nd of 2024. They were also given info that plants/offices have or will have mass layoffs worldwide. This coming from a current employee that knows this person well. As an ex... — read more 

More layoffs

Segment leadership seems to be facing or may have already faced the axe. Funny enough the Presidents of the segments get to remain. There also are cuts in middle management jobs in functions.


Our IDS region did very well and still many layoffs, recently added global marketing know nothing about customer pain points. This is not an global company anymore, rather a US-centric stock market focus company.

Layoffs in San Diego

Reduction in Force today (9/27/2023) at the San Diego location of BD. Cal-WARN ACT providing 60 days of advance warning resulted in laid off employees receiving 60 days of pay in lieu of warning.

BD at it again

Layoff season upon us and just like clockwork they happen before the all hands. What a place to work. Avoid working here at all costs. Don't bother working hard they cannot afford to promote you.

Closing BD Cash Pension

Announced today that starting next April, they will no longer contribute to the pension. Will be closed and your % that is put into it, will now be put in your 401k as a lump sum. In two years, the lump sum will be 3% for all, no matter how long... — read more 

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