Topics regarding layoffs at BD (Becton Dickinson & Co.)

Topics regarding layoffs at BD (Becton Dickinson & Co.)

This needs to change

This place is filled with lousy managers who hide their incompetence by intimidating everybody around them. They have no experience and have no idea what they're doing, so the only thing they can do is yell and threaten those of us who are actually... —  read more 

Still struggling

I was laid off nearly six months ago and I'm still having trouble coping with it. I've been with this company for 8 years. I was a good employee, always gave 110%. When I learned I was cut I was absolutely devastated. I still am. This is not even... —  read more 

What's getting hit next?

Yes, the answer is yes. Another layoff coming very soon in October. I won't say what business unit but it will impact more than 150 associates. Does anybody who is willing to share know more about this? First whether it's true or not and second... —  read more 

Layoffs in IT

Seems like 60-70 positions got eliminated in the US yesterday; about 10 more around the world. They're blaming COVID, but a lot of this seems to be that they surprised themselves with their own re-org. Back in March they said they were going to... —  read more 

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Implode from within

It’s been years since I left this pos place. Life has been good. This place is left with scared kitty kats and r3tarded managementS who don’t know how to run the place other than With fear & politics. All I can say now to these guys is... fvk... —  read more 

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BD begging for HR lawsuit?

Is there a common thread that connects all employees who were recently laid off? What happens when all the ole boys retire? What’s the stock price? 6 months from now? The rich will get richer....

Man up and make the move!

I'm so confused over the good talents employees in BD... why don't you just leave this company? you guys have made good fights... specially those who had worked at least 12-15+ years. There are tons of other good companies in SD. You guys know it... —  read more 

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Layoffs definitely coming

My sound sources say that MD will indeed have huge cuts. They are doing great keeping a relative lid on what will definitely be coming down in OCT-2019 - Feb 2021. New improvements made in MD will help the company with broader tax breaks. The younger... —  read more 

When did this happen?

When did we become the type of company where employees have to fear layoffs on monthly, if not weekly bases? BD used to be a great place to work for... But things have changed so much that it has become nearly unrecognizable. Sad to see what we have... —  read more 

Spring Layoffs 2019 Maryland

I came to BD, in part, because a sustainability engineer came to give us a presentation. Seeing him in action and hearing from staff how incompetent he is, his training was milking cows. No practice of green farming practices and was laid off packing... —  read more 

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