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How to know if layoffs are coming to Becton Dickinson

I worked at BD for 22 years and learned that there is only one fool proof way to determine if layoffs are coming. If you have access to the conference room reservation database look for banks of all day reservations by HR. If you see that get ready... read more
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Spring Layoffs 2019 Maryland

I came to BD, in part, because a sustainability engineer came to give us a presentation. Seeing him in action and hearing from staff how incompetent he is, his training was milking cows. No practice of green farming practices and was laid off packing... read more
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What happened to the CIO?

He just leaves and that's it? It's like he just dropped the mic like, "I'm out, peace!". I didn't even get to tell him thanks for outsourcing me!

September layoffs at Becton Dickinson

The writing's on the wall. almost all projects are out sourced, and not many projects in house. I heard this layoff in September is going to hit MMS R&D hard, and it 's going to be big. Get your resume cleaned up!!! Any more info on this? Is this... read more

APAC region

There were layoffs in several departments in APAC region a few months back. Things will get better at some point, but the thing is, there are layoffs and there will always be layoffs at BD. I hope all is good in your neck of of the woods, enjoy it as... read more

I was able to confirm we should be safe on this Akers thing

Apparently, from what I've been told through my leaders in R and D is that the Akers buy was purely based on their current and even the future pipeline of products. This is going to pay off instantly since most of the Akers products can be produced... read more
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BDX buying Akers?

Rumors are going around now about a soon to be announced acquisition of Akers Bioscience, another NJ based company. Has anyone else also heard this?

Customer Centric Approach... Not...

The issue is that the company is focusing only on appearance, to make good impression on stakeholders. The substance is non existing. Pretending to do what is right, and actually doing the opposite. Pretending to do innovation, and cutting R&D... read more
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March 1 layoffs

There were layoffs in varying departments in APAC region today. Does anybody know more about this? How many? I'm always scared when I hear layoffs have been happening in any part of the world, as that usually means that we will be next in line. I... read more

BD Layoffs in Sparks, MD

Has anyone heard about any upcoming layoffs in Sparks, and who would be effected? The recent waves have had some of us pretty worried. We wish they would do it all at once, doing it in waves creates such anxiety.

Next round of layoffs

Anyone know when next round of layoffs are starting? Rumours I keep hearing are last week of February and March?

Are we done for now?

Anybody knows if the BD layoffs are done for now? From what I can see, dozens of people have been notified in the past three days, but right now it seems like the storm is over. Is this just a temporary reprieve, or can we actually relax for a bit?... read more

January 26 layoffs

Heard the date 1/26. Execs are acting like its around the corner too with making themselves scarce and meeting. We were told Jan. And March so its soon. I heard a similar thing about the layoffs from a coworker, but I don't know who he got the... read more

Another Victory For Oursourcing

The US government is likely to withdraw its move ending granting extensions to H-1B visa-holders who were waiting for permanent residency — the Green Card — which could have led to the deportation of at least 500,000 Indians. An announcement is... read more

BD-Bard Day 1 - day of reckoning

Now that the BD-Bard acquisition has settled how long before layoffs begin? Any ex-employees from Carefusion have any comments? My general understanding is that the mass exodus began about 3 months after BD bought Carefusion.

BDX Maryland Targeted Cuts Coming Soon

The really long earlier thread noting the coming closures in Maryland is certainly in the works. The company is going to take advantage of some of the deregulation at the federal level. BDX Execs want to reduce costs by cutting. They recognize the... read more
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BD lost its soul over the years

anybody else remembers the time when layoffs were only done to make up for revenue shortfalls? like a last resort kind of thing? not that layoffs are the right answer even then, but at least we had a concrete reason behind it... then suddenly they... read more

We are all expendable to increase the bottom line

The long term corporate strategy will yield an increase in already burgeoning profits that will result from a significant reduction in the corporate tax rate, soon to be forthcoming. The reduction in the corporate tax will be coupled with deep across... read more

How to tell if layoffs are coming

I worked at BD for just 1 month short of 22 years. In my time there I saw 47 layoffs. I escaped the first 46 and the 47th was the one where I got "the call". The one certain way I knew when layoffs were coming was via the Conference Room Reservation... read more

Lack of pretty much everything

I was thinking how we lack so many things since BD started focusing exclusively on growth through acquisitions. We lack process improvements that should be our priority, we lack communication between all levels (with the biggest disconnect being... read more

IT layoffs were a huge mistake

I can tell you that the outsourcing of IT has been a burden to those on the business side. The rapport and support that we once had with IT is no longer there. If we had a data or report issue we could actually speak to someone before opening a... read more

Is it coming to Canada?

Canada as far as I know wasn't hit yet. Since we are small and seems like all departments are understaffed, I am wondering if it will even happen. We are hearing that mostly US is being impacted.
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Helping all people live healthy lives

Helping people live healthy lives !!! Hahahaha helping line the directors pockets more like. In the UK BD’s main customer is the NHS a publicly funded entity paid for by tax payers . It spends millions with BD as a supplier and BD say they are giving... read more

More BD acquisitions are coming...

They deserve the negative reviews. SHAME ON YOU BD!!! The "BIG BOYS" at the top continue to pad their pockets with the $$$ that is made for them while all of us underdogs are/were just trying to survive from lone paycheck to another. Hopefully one... read more
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I heard the ITLP's are going to be hit. I guess IT hasn't been gutted enough.

2016 Cuts

Layoffs took place in IT last year... Worst decision by BD. They didn't look at the quality of people. Capgemini folks are incapable and they tend to fake anything for the sake of billing. BD will realize the impact for the blunder decision after few... read more

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