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Not many people want to work at Cisco. It's not s-xy, nor is it part of the attractive larger companies (Amazon, FB, Google, Netflix, Apple). Even the big telcos (Verizon/ATT) have better focus on delivering software based applications. Not many people looking to keep their skills current think, "I can't wait to build the next router!" And Cisco is still trying to figure out SDN, as they've made TWO acquisitions in this space: Embrane and then Viptela. (Notice that both of those companies were led by former employees from Cisco. #Nepotism.

Retention RSUs

How these get doled out is absurd. I'm in a BU that is about to be shut down and retention RSUs are being handed out. They're going to people "in the know" like middle managers and Project Managers and such but none of the engineers that are actually required to keep the product going are getting them. 100% of the women are getting them for fear of lawsuits (one just returned last week from 6wks of maternity leave). #Nepotism

Really? #Nepotism is only one problem here - how about managers who cannot and do not want to manage...

This is a shit company to work for, Nepotism rules. Bunch of incompetent people always making the wrong decisions.

Not sure about Microsoft Layoffs in 2016 but here is my complaint

I joined Microsoft about a year ago and I can tell you that I've been noticing super high level of office politics - judging on what happened over last 12 months and few years prior there are way too many reorganizations, things are being shuffled left and right without too much reason. Sometimes layoffs follow and I am sure Microsoft will have layoffs in 2016 again... As for the reorgs, one of my peers has been around for about six years and she had 11 different managers during that time - you go and try to figure that... Finally, #nepotism - I always hated it and we have a few cases of that...

Not really, but my old employer (small company, less than $100M in revenue) was a cesspool of #nepotism - it really messes up the culture, there is no leveled playing field and people do favors for each other based on family relationships