Topics regarding layoffs at UnitedHealth Group Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at UnitedHealth Group Inc.

Any Upcoming Layoffs?

I noticed automation has been discussed more for my department. Feeling like my role may no longer be needed because of this. Any rumors about upcoming layoffs?

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Career Goals

I noticed for our weekly meeting that our manager wanted all of us to check out that career goals profile and emphasized that if we wanted to pursue other options we should. I’ve never heard this as a group, the only time my manager talked about it... —  read more 

I'm sick of their promises

When I first came here, I really believed in the promises they make to employees. At this point however I'm sick of hearing them. Does leadership really think it will maintain morale by constantly making empty promises? Does anyone still believe in... —  read more 

Fireside Chat

I noticed the CEO mentioned implementing more AI instead of human work in claims (in the last Fireside chat). Do you think this change will leak into other departments as wel, such as sales/customer service?


Meeting expectations is not enough. My boss seems to go out of their way to find ways to criticize my work, added with passive/aggressive language. And I feel like I’m the only target. I wish I could know if my coworkers are going through the same... —  read more 

Just quitting

I’m quitting this company leaving immediately as I just can’t take the toxic management it’s a bad place to work cannot believe how unprofessional it is. Has been affecting my health.

UHG should take notice

A study showed that 90 percent of nurses are considering not just quitting, but altogether leaving the profession in the next year. I know this is true for me and many more I work with. If UHG doesn't pay attention and improves the way it treats us... —  read more 

Constant stress

I'm so exhausted. But it seems that rarely anyone here is not physically and mentally exhausted? It’s hard to avoid burnout when I constantly have more and more to do. Of course, the company doesn't worry much about that, because they don't... —  read more 

Nurses are fed up

Link below. Report: 90% of nurses considering leaving the profession in the next year Does that stat catch your attention? Good. Shawn Sefton, RN, talks about the results of a new survey of RNs, the key problems it identified – and how technology... —  read more 

Burning out

I'm on the verge of burnout. The manager has noticed a decline in employee morale because it is impossible not to notice it. Now he is trying to raise morale through managing by fear. Is anyone actually happy in this company and not feeling... —  read more 

Employee Survey

Annual survey is next month and HR is worried about getting terrible results after the disgusting compensation funding. Lots of meetings with managers to encourage "feel good" actions. Maybe they should just do what they claim they do and actually... —  read more 

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