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CEO pay cut

Don't see UHG CEO taking any pay cut or increasing pay for front line workers. Big 10 mil donations by the corporation is money made off the backs of the employees...those still there and those let go.

UGH is a great company

I just wanted to add something positive. I think layoffs are always a part of companies. When they hit, they hit and UGH is a big company. Hoping for the best, but this company is one of the best out there.

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Great CEOs Foregoing Paychecks

I'm sure UHG's CEO isn't doing this but a lot of great CEOs of great companies are foregoing their pay and diverting those funds to their frontline employees. UHG's CEO, and actually all C-Suite executives should do this, and divert that money to... —  read more 

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Screen Sharing

This website asked for permission to screen share. Anyone else seen that in their permissions recently?


I've never seen so much entitlement coming from a group of employees in my life. It's little wonder why you are being laid off. I would say 75% of the work force isn't as spoiled and entitled as this group. Just saying. Maybe if you appreciated... —  read more 

Major Layoffs coming

All non essential roles will be part of the biggest corporate layoff ever before our next earnings call.



Never trust UHC!!!!!

Oh, how I know all of this! I was with the company for 17 years. I started in claims, adjustments all on UNET, Customer Advocate and then Reporting for over 12 years. As soon as they hired the new woman, cannot remember her name now all I heard... —  read more 

Screw this company

Trash this company on your way out! All those managers and directors that did nothing but dump work on to you. Make sure they know you and your knowledge will be missed! Don’t train anyone on the way out! Make their lives a living hell so they... —  read more 

3/15/20 COVID-19 email from corporate

How incredibly irresponsible it is to tell employees they HAVE to go to work in an office. I’m disgusted by this company. I can’t wait for the email from HR and the “talking points” for managers emails to go viral on the internet.

Nobody is safe

Working for UHC for over 6 years and being tossed out by a bad script because I don't fit the business model. If you believe that your positions are safe, then look again. UHG lost big in the stock market today. Where do you think that they will... —  read more 

Working from home

How come we haven’t been told to work from home company wide due to the virus yet? With some many older people in the office, company should protect their employees from the virus spreading instead of waiting for something to happen first. I know... —  read more 

Layoffs in March 2020 at UHC Shipping Jobs Overseas

They will be laying off again in March of 2020 AND if not March they will make up for it in April. They are waiting for the Corvaid-9 to blow over. The fact that UHG has laid off over 5,000 and sent the jobs overseas is disgusting! No respect!

UHG plans to lay off many more in 2020

It has NOTHING to do with working harder, having a degree or even knowing how to do your job.... it’s all about how much a_$ you can kiss and if you are the directors bff. I can’t wait to watch this company tank because nobody wants to talk to a... —  read more 


I did NOT receive a bonus; however, I have been on calls where $500 Bravos were given to the first three people to ask a question and then another call where $250 Bravos were given for doing nothing more than asking a question! Again, why did I work... —  read more 

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We did buy into the mission

Because we were directly, or indirectly helping our neighbors, families, and friends. We had a stake in the business. Let's see a omparative, or absolute advantage live up to that!

Any other ideas? >:) Get creative

Ideas on how to "leave your legacy" Encrypt and password lock all important files. Order cases of pink highlighters, incorrect staple sizes (it'll jam), Change the tray paper sizes to outside the parameters. If the tray is off, it will error.

900K+ shares of stock

Did you know our CEO has over 900k+ shares of stock? Guess who is forcing these layoffs that are "fattening" our bottom line to increase the stock price? The CEO and all those higher ups benefit the most out of this. When the company crashes, they... —  read more 

Blacklisted IP response

This morning while connected to the wifi at workon my moblie i tried to comment on a post and recieved the response "blacklisted IP". I took myself off wifi and it went through


I currently work in the cypress ca location. And know first hand from several people in different depts About putting in ur resignation/2 week notice. Do not do that it seems to be better to leave exactly on ur own terms. They have fired the... —  read more 

Lay-off and COVID-19 Connection?

Hmmm - Is it possible that lay-off activity is being delayed due to potential impact of COVID-19? Would UHG/Optum lay-off large number of employees in any geography at this time? If so, the result could severely impact customers.

Drama at work - Due to layoffs

Some of the departments my team works with are revealing some crazy stories due to the layoffs. Major issues are reaching the surface as key employees that were let go last year were not able to transition their years (decades for some) of knowledge... —  read more 

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