Topics regarding layoffs at UnitedHealth Group Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at UnitedHealth Group Inc.

Lawsuit Against UHC

UnitedHealthcare Tried to Deny Coverage to a Chronically Ill Patient. He Fought Back, Exposing the Insurer’s Inner Workings. Wickman paid $140 Million in 2021

Heads up!

If you are not a top performer good luck! From an EVP who accidentally shared the plan on their screen during a meeting. UHG will have a 7% RIF across the board! C&S Government Programs and Optum will be hit the hardest. Due to acquisitions and... —  read more 

Micromanagement is awful

I've been working here for a long time and I've never been micromanaged as much as I am now. I guess I'm not the only one. What is the point of creating so much pressure on employees? Is their goal to get many of us to leave or what?

Layoff or Quit

I feel like my team could be laid off but I also don’t want to wait it out for too long. They’ve given us so many responsibilities that weren’t in the job listing (including those of the ones who have already been laid off) and haven’t increased the... —  read more 


Can someone lay off the person who thought it was a great idea to have a SHAREPOINT website as our homepage? I thought this company made billions of dollars in revenue. They can’t even get a decent interface, lol.

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