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So the BPQM Town Hall...

Sr Leadership fielded soft ball q's. They worked "vigorously" to "redeploy" people.. according to Bethany. She didn't address people. She stated that "the actions taken were for our constituents" and in regards to further layoffs..she wouldn't... read more

750 laid off from Quality

I heard that UHC laid off 750 people last week from the Quality department. Dies anybody know if this is true? It seems like a really large number of people to simply fly under the radar, but I haven't heard anything to indicate that this many people... read more

Stealth recession

Yep, check this site under "Latest Posts" where you will find lots of companies desperately trying to hide their layoffs via tactics like you describe. We are in a stealth recession, which the powers that be want very badly to cover up. They will go... read more

Layoffs Sept 2017

Another round of layoffs. They got rid of an entire quality department. Looks like this is a monthly thing now with uhc. They must doing it in increment so the media won't know.

OptumRx layoffs

Depending on the state, if a company eliminates jobs, they must notify the Stagte agency that administers unemployment insurance. I suggest we compile a list of those agencies, by state, and share that with each other Let's start with Minnesota New... read more

outsource legislation

We, the people of this great nation, must insist that our elected officials pass legislation to require companies such as UHG to disclose the number of jobs moved to countries, such as India and the Phillipines Some people think that a few hundreds... read more

Optum layoffs

The American people have no idea how many jobs UHG and Optum transferred to India In total, thousands of jobs were transferred to India, Hyderabad, Gurgaon This is all about Greed. the more jobs move to India, the more millions senior management... read more

July 18 Layoffs

Two people have been laid off at our UnitedHealth location yesterday. Has anybody else been impacted by this, or is it an isolated incident? And should we worry that this is just the beginning and there are more layoffs incoming this week? In any... read more


Overall morale is down in the Optum IT area. More experienced workers are being released as young kids out of college are being hired. In Basking Ridge the overall headcount has remained about the same. The corporate position is "that your position... read more

OptumRx outsourcing to the Philippines and India

OptumRx is outsourcing to the Philippines as well as expanding India location while simultaneously ceasing hiring in the US and becoming more strict with employees and easily firing agents. No big layoff yet but clearly headed there. This is just a... read more

Unitedhealth Outsourcing

Unitedhealth started outsourcing years ago. I was there thru it all. Of course it was then kept quite done on the hush hush. I watched and I mean I was physically there seeing my coworkers friend's being let go. I was given the opportunity to go to... read more

Cuts were too deep, way too deep!!!

Its not like the TDPers are getting raises to support their new responsibilities. Everyone just gets screwed across the board. Just pure greed is all. I've already heard rumblings about having to hire people back in 6 months because the cuts were too... read more

Offshoring @ UnitedHealth

Do you think they will continue to offshore jobs? In the meeting Sam Ho said they sent 900 jobs offshore, so they are still doing it. I guess my question is how much of this offshoring are they going to do - ultimately, they can send all of the jobs... read more

Senior folks fired over new hires

In my dept over 40 were let go and rumour has it more were let go. In my case they chose to keep several people with same skill set who were more recent hires and younger..which has me alarmed. Anyway 11 weeks per year of service and pays PTO... read more

Layoffs are real- they will only intensify

Whoever the a-- clown is that believes that this isn't real is in for a rude awakening. People are being walked out each day, they are replacing older workers with good service records with the younger TDP'ers. This is United's future. Younger... read more

Refer your friends!

UnitedHealth Group sends out emails to refer your friends while throwing away people left and right each month. Yes, let's send people we like to be treated that way. You can say staffing cuts are just business but UHG are B-B-Billlllions profitable... read more

Raises are a joke

Salary increases when employed at United Healthcare are minuscule at best. The only time you will be able to self direct your earning potential is upon hiring and when you accepted at your next job. Carrot is dangled, then they change the targets and... read more

Heads are rolling

Was not let go today but alarm bells have been ringing. Some key Senior Management stepped down about 6 months ago. Since then it has been nothing but red flags, "re-orgs" in Network and Security, IT budgets absolutely slashed, finance auditing... read more

Optum Technology IT staff layoffs

This is true, up to 10% for Optum Technology IT staff is what we have been told, it is probably larger by the sounds of things. They are targeting multiple pay grades from Senior Director on down to Business Analysts. Many of the resources have 5-10+... read more

UHG/Optum Monthly Layoffs

UHG/Optum will be laying off every month this year to close financial gaps; instead of doing it in one big event to avoid negative press. I suspect when they are done it wouldn't surprise me if the the numbers reach 10k or beyond. Amazing; and of... read more


Regarding Obamacare vs. AHA, yes it can be about Trump and the direction the GOP are taking. UNH removed themselves from the ACA marketplace due to struggling profitability. There is a lot of talk of potentially prolonging the ACA rather than repeal... read more

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