Topics regarding layoffs at UnitedHealth Group Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at UnitedHealth Group Inc.

Covid vaccine mandate update

Any new info ?? All I see here is from 2021.. My company just got bought by UHG and the id--ts have come with vaccine confirmation by October 1st! When even cdc says the vaccine isnt doing cr-p!

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There were layoffs/restructuring done on the provider side of my department. Does that mean other roles will be cut or moved around too? Is it in phases?

Cross trained

My role is supposed to be cross trained soon but we already have enough responsibilities without these new ones. Anyone else experienced this—how did it go down? Does it stay long term? Can we still get laid off if they are cross training us?

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I hope....

I don't have any so I can say this: I hope I see the day UHG gets blasted by the Feds, state governments and 100's of lawsuits where they must dish out billions of dollars and the stock price to drops to $35-40/share.


It's that time again! If you're over 50 OR you don't kiss the bosses @55, you might want to dust off that resume! Personally, it needs to be leaked to CNBC..... they talk about other companies laying off, time to mention UHG! They did comment that... —  read more 

I'm done with this place

I'm tired of not being good enough no matter how hard I work. I won't even bother trying anymore. I know this is not about my work, it's about managers playing favorites. I can't beat that and if I can't, then I'll stop trying. I'm looking for a new... —  read more 

Optics - Tracking

Need to log in everything we do on a weekly basis, must add up to 40 hrs. The bullsh-t justification is this will provide leadership a better understanding of the work we do. No, the justification this is going to be used for layoffs. So, Sr... —  read more 

Build our Case

Favoritism, micromanaging, lack of trust, lack of clarity, hostile and toxic work environment. You can’t trust HR and/or leadership anymore. Go to the attorneys let’s build our case!

We are doing great

I don't understand why there's talk about layoffs when we're doing great. The stock is up by nearly 20 percent year-over-year and all I've read about tomorrow's expected earnings are good things. If we are hearing about layoffs when things are going... —  read more 

Career Goals

I noticed for our weekly meeting that our manager wanted all of us to check out that career goals profile and emphasized that if we wanted to pursue other options we should. I’ve never heard this as a group, the only time my manager talked about it... —  read more 

Fireside Chat

I noticed the CEO mentioned implementing more AI instead of human work in claims (in the last Fireside chat). Do you think this change will leak into other departments as wel, such as sales/customer service?


Meeting expectations is not enough. My boss seems to go out of their way to find ways to criticize my work, added with passive/aggressive language. And I feel like I’m the only target. I wish I could know if my coworkers are going through the same... —  read more 

Just quitting

I’m quitting this company leaving immediately as I just can’t take the toxic management it’s a bad place to work cannot believe how unprofessional it is. Has been affecting my health.

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