Topics regarding layoffs at UnitedHealth Group Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at UnitedHealth Group Inc.

Talent mobility

Anyone in the company just sit through this talent mobility meeting and have any idea what is really going on here? I don’t believe for a second it is to “develop the employees” Thank you

Does CAP lead to termination?

Does being put on a CAP usually result in termination? My manager said I was in the initial stages but it doesn’t feel like it. I was given an end date for the plan and my manager basically said “if we make it that far”


Anyone whose been out on a corrective action plan or CAP, do they rate your improvement on a daily basis or your scores at the end of the next month? How quickly can they decide to terminate? They also made the metrics super rigid, expecting... —  read more 

Quiet firing?

Are they quiet firing us? Metrics are super strict now, they basically don’t want us to use breaks or the bathroom—we aren’t supposed to use any aux/phone modes. Anyone else experiencing this?


It’s so sad to see this going on. Seems like the trend is to keep the ones on payroll who have the lowest salaries on teams to keep things still going till some plans dissolve fully. Meanwhile it’ll continue to go downward as they retained the most... —  read more 

What is going on?

Payment side of E&I—past few days have been more strict and rigid metrics than we ever had before, out of nowhere. All of us are stressed. Is this going on anywhere else? Are they quiet firing us? Why don’t they just lay us off?

Was just hired here!

Was offered a job with UHG/Optum and now Im really second guessing leaving my current job. Its a WAH review position. Am I being carless taking it considering the layoffs Im looking at? I don't get why they are hiring if they are laying off?! Also is... —  read more 

Metrics Upped All of a Sudden?

On payment side of E&I—metrics have been increased all of a sudden and everything is more strict. Most of our sales are from people paying by themselves online rather than calling in. Is this their way of getting us to quit? Any one else experiencing... —  read more 

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My supervisor told our team that people need to start taking PTO and time off. If the service levels don’t improve they may ask people to cut hours and if that doesn’t happen lay offs could happen. If we get laid off do they want their equipment... —  read more 

Are you guys looking for jobs with these layoffs or are you going to try to take something internally if you get laid off?

Are you guys looking for additional opportunities or looking for a new job internally once laid off? I heard the severance packages are not really good and not good enough to really hold yourself off a bit until you find new job. And on top of that... —  read more 

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