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UHC layoffs coming 2/6/20

Layoff notifications are scheduled for 2/6/20. Not sure how many positions or exactly what departments, but I know my department will be affected.

Here comes Amazon

www.cbinsights.com/research/report/amazon-transforming-healthcare/#claims Very interesting - The company posted a job opening for a HIPAA Compliance Lead as part of the Alexa Information group earlier this year, but the post has since been... —  read more 

Shame! Shame! Shame!

Shame on doing this town hall in Ireland and talking about a great future for global development after laying off so many employees stateside. This does not make many stateside employees feel good today and for the future


This site is getting overwhelming with posts, most are helpful but some are not. I’m sure we are all tired of looking through posts trying to find real lay-off info so maybe this will help! Please only add comments of confirmed layoffs (already... —  read more 

This sourcing isnt going to work

When you take quality out of the equation and lower your standards for the almighty dollar, the end result will be a subpar product. UHC is following the same model as Boeing, and its destroying... —  read more 

the Hub comments

I did see some of the Hub comments on that Wichmann post and I gotta say, the Optum folks have balls..they DID post the very questions about lack of raises etc on the Hub. Wonder if the comments will be closed on the Hub come tomorrow and /or... —  read more 

February 3 layoffs

Definitely layoffs coming the week of Feb 3, but don't know the impact. Unfortunately, complaining here isn't going to help. It's time that Sr. Leaders of this organization here our voices. We have a huge workforce. Can you imagine if even 1/4 of our... —  read more 

Optum getting rid of ICUE

I heard Optum is getting rid of ICUE- sure that is pointing to more layoffs. Anyone know if that is true and if so- what system will they replace it with?

IDR - Internal Dispute Resolution Process

Has anyone been through the IDR process to dispute their CAP? If so, what was the outcome? Trying to figure out if I should use my time and energy to fight it or to find a new job...

Let go in October

Had 7 + years and let go in October 2019. Best thing that ever happened. Will miss WAH but new employer is treating me much better. No more crazy members screaming or looking for for friends. Have faith, don't be lazy and complacent. Look for a new... —  read more 

Protection under the law from adverse actions

If you are let go after requesting reasonable accommodations for a disability, (including hearing or sight problems, mental illness or even a perceived disability) or your request for reasonable accommodations is ignored, you can file a complaint... —  read more 

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Will this ever end?

With the talk about another round of layoffs in February and then another after that in March, I'm starting to wonder if this will ever end. It looks more and more like we are doomed to continuous layoffs that might stop only when nobody with more... —  read more 

Staff meetings

This is second hand info , but I heard there are upcoming staff meetings where the teams are divided in two or three groups at different times. Entire groups are being eliminated and there is a lucky group that stays. Anyone else here if this????

Employee listening bs

Lol they are towing the company c-ap. Oh we have good results blah blah. Care about your voice. Good scores. McMahon behind the scenes is a totally different story. Employees are nothing but used and abused. Remember that during your annual screw... —  read more 

Listening to the all employee meeting...

As usual....all lies, and bull! I'm amazed that these functioning id–ts can actually speak these lies without laughing. .. talking about vital signs.....lol... they dont get it!

Be proactive

I see so many worried people here just waiting to see what's going to happen tomorrow or the next day. Stressing out will ruin your health, people. There is a better and easier solution. Start looking for a new job. Be proactive about it. It's... —  read more 

Helpful hint to see if you’re next...

All upcoming employment changes By HR are on your ‘secure’ account history. Exact details will not show beforehand but there will be some kind of recent HR request.


Does anybody have any real information. It seems it’s all rumors! Please let us know if you know something. Thanks

The trump tax rebate

Anyone remember the tax rebate that trump gave to big companies? Well uhc got an extra billion at least... and what did they do with it? Well, according to the upper management they " are using it to make healthcare more affordable "... I guess... —  read more 

Training Department

Does anyone know anything if the layoffs will impact the training department’s.

Email about people using mouse mover devices

Received an email from management today that the company has found out that people are using software/hardware to show that their mouse is continuously moving and showing low locked/idle times. Anyone else receive an email like this?

Nothing in the Queues!

So what's up with nothing in the queues for us to work but other queues seem to be exploding? Just putting it out there.


First thing you're trained on is what they define as "corporate culture." Integrity (keeping your commitments) compassion (empathy for others having a difficult time) Relationships (the value of). Then policies (anti harrassment , anti... —  read more 

Has anyone taken their issues to HR? I did.

Lack of communication, no 1x1s, supervisor missing, etc etc. I was told by HR to apply internally for another position if I’m not happy. What. A. Joke. That tells me right there that HR knows what’s going on and doesn’t care either.

Start a Union

This was a great article. Is anyone doing this internally? Is It Time To Start a Union At Your Workplace? Find some coworkers you trust (and be careful who you trust) and speak to them about whether they would be interested in finding out more... —  read more 

Dont take the vital signs survey!

Or whatever they are calling it this week. It's a known fact that for your manager, or supervisor their reviews are affected by participation of their employees on vital signs. So if no one in the group takes it, or better gives nothing but "so-so"... —  read more 

A Thug King!

He makes 70k/hour. More than average employee makes per annum. He is coming from a background of Enron scammers auditor firm. What else you would have expected? Sad part is no one cares.

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