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NaviHealth want to see you on camera all the time. I guess they want to watch you while you work and not pay people overtime. The Siegel Law Group, the Sattiraju Law Firm, P.C., Lee & Braziel, L.L.P. and Hegpeth Law Firm P.C. have filed a lawsuit... —  read more 

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PH New Orleans

I hope you are ready for a new wave of layoffs. The fat senior staff is drooling to make cuts. Ss & Wm aren't sparing you. They like to toast while thinking of their next move.

Employee survey

What have people heard for the employee survey results? We had negative responses for UHG being a great place to recommend to others. Not surprised! Being asked for why that is, what can be done better but it’s really up to top leadership to change... —  read more 

Some Advice Here...

It's better to be aware of what's going on so you can start making a plan. I wish I knew about this site before my layoff wave. I was completely surprised when I was let go and had no idea they'd been laying off large numbers of employees each... —  read more 

Lay Off Impact on Next Job

Folks, I got some tough questions: (1) when you get laid off, will your managers likely to recommend themselves to be your reference? If they do, will they mention you are laid off from UHC when talking to your new job HR? (2) Should you tell your... —  read more 

Optum Layoffs

I was a part of Optum Insight and was laid off. When asked why I was laid off I was told I was a part of a cost-savings lay-off called LEGO? Not sure what it stands for. I was at Optum for 5 years and employees under me weren’t affected. I’m leaving... —  read more 

Why wait with layoffs?

I'm not sure we are looking at more layoffs any time soon. Why would UHG wait for the dust to settle on the whole coronavirus thing when everybody and their grandmother are laying people off right now with no consequences (and certainly no media... —  read more 

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