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Lay Off Impact on Next Job

Folks, I got some tough questions: (1) when you get laid off, will your managers likely to recommend themselves to be your reference? If they do, will they mention you are laid off from UHC when talking to your new job HR? (2) Should you tell your... —  read more 

Optum Layoffs

I was a part of Optum Insight and was laid off. When asked why I was laid off I was told I was a part of a cost-savings lay-off called LEGO? Not sure what it stands for. I was at Optum for 5 years and employees under me weren’t affected. I’m leaving... —  read more 

Lost Faith in CEO and Other Leaders

For those employees who have been with the organization for many years and have been through different CEOs, are you finding that you've lost faith in our current leaders? I feel there has been a drastic change over the past few years since our... —  read more 

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Quality Solutions Delivery Layoffs

UHC has developed a heart! They blessed us with a 6 month notice that on 12/31 our jobs are done. I’m feeling overwhelming dedication to them now. Their “choices” show the obvious it’s all I. Who kisses who’s butt, nothing to do with work ethic and... —  read more 

Employees finally going into the office in June

Some United employees going back into the office mid-end of June after HR working so hard to figure out ways to force employees to be back in. Haven’t seen any other people that I know work in different companies go in the office earlier than us... —  read more 

UnitedHealth Group Layoffs 06/2020

UnitedHealth Group started laying offs company wide. Optum and UnitedHealth Care in the United States have been impacted. Many American citizens have lost their jobs and will continue throughout the month of June.

Layoffs Will Startup Again 06/2020

UHG started layoffs back up again. Optum RX had over 200 employees laid off 5/27/2020 and now UHC will have more layoffs 06/2020. The company mole mentioned 06/04 Wednesday. I can’t believe DOL hasn’t gotten involved with this. Lawsuit really... —  read more 

When will things return to normal?

The last several years have been brutal and things keep getting worse rather than better every day. I know the situation has been exacerbated by the pandemic, but things were bad enough even before that. Will ever come the day when things will go... —  read more 

Bullying is out of control

It was always bad but now it has reached an unbearable level. What, is it too expensive to pay us unemployment and/or severance so they are determined to make us leave on our own? Is that the final goal here? Well let me tell you, I am not leaving... —  read more 

How difficult is it to be fair and equal?

I find it so silly how managers expect us to give them perfect scores yet, managers, give inaccurate scores for their employees. Example: you have an exceptional worker, but that exceptional worker gets 2s and 3s while poor quality workers who are on... —  read more 

Why wait with layoffs?

I'm not sure we are looking at more layoffs any time soon. Why would UHG wait for the dust to settle on the whole coronavirus thing when everybody and their grandmother are laying people off right now with no consequences (and certainly no media... —  read more 

Survey time - Speak up

The Vital Signs Replacement Survey is live now and there's a nice, free-form space for you to fill in what would make UHC a better place to work. If you were one of the many on here that knew when each round of layoffs was coming months in... —  read more 

UHG will start Layoffs in the USA

UHG will start layoffs soon. Upper management is shifting and the bullying has begun to get people to quit so the company avoids “possible” lawsuits.

Is there anyone that can help me with this.

I am wondering what is going on with the provider data services analyst or dental provider area. Is what is recently going on affecting the dental provider department or facility out there. Do you know of any layoffs recently. Will there be... —  read more 

Still Be Grateful!

Still be grateful! I am still employed at Optum. But I do not rest in peace, the pandemic has and will continue to impact our economy for many years. The last financial crisis I experienced was in 2007. At that time, I also worked for a payer(no... —  read more 

Daves daily 5.15

Really does Dave not have anything better to talk about than Rorys haircut. Good grief get to work.

United Healthcare s---s

I am going to vent! I was laid off back in Oct. 2019. I had given 23 long a– years to a company that does not care for its workers! The hourly workers have made the under management who they are. But no thanks from them, just a phone call one... —  read more 

Layoffs Will Start Up Again for USA Workers

They just hired more offshore workers. Now that everyone is going back to the office they will start laying off American workers. This place is a pit! Immature management, high school mentality.. claims are not paid properly and lawsuits our... —  read more 

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I'm so tired of this place

If it was any other time I'd be quitting today. The only thing that's keeping me here is the fear that there'll be so many people looking for a job after this is over that finding anything will be ten times harder than usual. I can't tell you how... —  read more 

UHC/Optum Lay-off start up May 4, 2020

UnitedHealth Group (UHC & Optum) will be laying off employees (Aka Reduction in Force or RIF) on Wednesday, 03/04/20 or Thursday, 03/05/20. UHG has being laying off employees for 2 years in waves. They do this so they can void the Warn Act and keep... —  read more 

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