Topics regarding layoffs at UnitedHealth Group Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at UnitedHealth Group Inc.

Got bonus = safe?

It would make sense to me that people who got the bonus can relax a bit because they are safe. However, in talking to colleagues, some of them think that this is not the case at all and that the bonus does not mean that the person will not be on the... —  read more 


What are the chances that some of the people who were laid off during the pandemic will be called back once the situation settles a bit? With the economy the way it is, plenty of us haven't been able to find new jobs yet. I actually know just one... —  read more 

You should NOT work hard

After the company changed the ESPP policy from 15% discount to 10% and removed looking back, you should know the company is running by some stupid misers. They don't care about employees any more. What could the company save by doing this then, it's... —  read more 

E&I Small Business?

Any word on potential reorg in E&I small business? I fear the worst. Any info would be greatly appreciated. I have a young family, and the tiny severance UHC offers wouldn’t be enough to stay afloat.

Any New Layoff Rumors?

Personally my metrics have been suffering due to a combination of tools (programs) constantly malfunctioning, LOTS of claims that are submitted by members that are denied about 99% of the time, those same claims having multiple dates of service with... —  read more 

Layer off after 16 yrs

They called a meeting Thursday and laid 18 of us off. They said it was due to COVID 19. Problem is, they kept an employee that does the exact same job as me because she has only 1.5 yrs with them. I have watched this company destroy peoples lives... —  read more 

Any *good* depts left?

Are there any departments or business segments that are good anymore? By good I mean ethical, put customers first, treat their staff right? You know, live up to all the things the keep saying (but I only see the opposite)


I consider myself fortunate to still have a job but I keep hearing about other people losing their job, which s—s for them, and then my workload keeps going up. Tier 1's have been replaced with newbies so they always reach out to other agents for... —  read more 


They always layoff. But this year they laid off because they want to stay ahead of the Covid-19 issues that have effected the bottom line through loss of elective services and shutdown in March. They lay off loyal and hard working people because... —  read more 

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