Topics regarding layoffs at UnitedHealth Group Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at UnitedHealth Group Inc.

You'll be happier if you leave

There is life after UHC. The world of Employee Benefits is extremely vast, find leadership in a new organization that places value in their employees and uplifts you when your down. So much this. This place is as toxic as it gets. If it gets to... —  read more 

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The vaccination propaganda video

Anyone actually watch their vaccination propaganda video? All the people in the video appear to be liberal and were spewing off lies from their echo chamber. One guy said the jab doesn’t affect women’s menstrual cycles. Umm the NIH is currently... —  read more 

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Does anyone in this company know the definition of Mandate? If you did YOU would NOT be complying with ANY of this! None of these “mandates” have been put into a bill, voted on and/or have become the law of this country. OUR 1st and 4th amendment... —  read more 

It keeps happening

Northwell Health, New York State’s largest health care provider, announced on Monday that 1,400 employees — less than 2 percent of its staff — refused to get vaccinated against the coronavirus and had to leave their... —  read more 

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Layoffs September 2021

Our managers are on a cap. They have to come up with a process improvements plan and then each week show the progress BUT the others managers have cut him/herout of the data so they are doomed. Along with the entire team (7 people). This is one... —  read more 

So next will be

So next will be UHG and other health insurers will not pay Covid claims for unvaccinated people. Actually surprised UHG hasn't done that already, the greedy ba..rds they are.


I went through TDP right out of college. The program was great and we were exposed to a variety of new emerging technologies. I learned a lot during my first rotation while I did well in my second rotation. People were great but the entire TDP was a... —  read more 

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Mandatory vaccines?

Anyone who works in HR know anything about whether or not we are going to be required to take the vaccine? I did, but I am worried for a colleague. She is going through IVF right now and worried.

Make a plan

If you've been with UHG for a couple of years you know that no matter what kind of results we are posting, there will be cuts. Good or bad, it makes no difference when it comes to RIFs. The only way to deal with this is to have a plan ready. Always... —  read more 

Am I being paranoid?

I've been tasked with training several new hires and for some reason, I have a feeling I might be training my own replacements. I mean, we have been asking for help for a while now but we were being ignored for months and now suddenly we get three... —  read more 

Mandated overtime

My department requires we work overtime every week. Has been 1 extra hr a day and now it’s 2 extra a day. How is this legal? It’s for “business needs”, but we have been in overtime since January. Anyone else dept doing this? Working from home as a... —  read more 

Recovery from UHG

I thought the relief would come right after I left this company because of the unbearable amounts of stress. This is where I first experienced a panic attack. When I came to the new company 3 months ago, I was stunned at how nice people behaved. The... —  read more 

Jumping Queues

Was there a recent layoff for E&I Tier II's? Normally the calls slow down the last 2-3 hours before we close. Now around 4 hrs before we close are queues instantly explode to double digits & the calls are non stop back to back right up till closing... —  read more 

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I quit during the pandemic. It was nice to give them a big F U! I thought I would leave and be free of the emotional distress. It’s taken me months to recover and I didn’t even know I needed time. Today, I can’t handle stress. I can’t do... —  read more 

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