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Optum Schaumburg

Optum Schaumburg Il secretive about plans. Eliminating positions with easy software programs. Metric applications tightened very heavily last quarter of 2016 to near unattainable levels. Many seasoned reps finding themselves on performance issues... read more

Miami Layoffs

I heard some departments in Miami has just been laid off, is this true???

2017 Layoffs

Over 100 people at Optum were laid off in one day. We were told there werent enougj roles for these PMs to become scrum master's or RTEs during transformation.

Layoff October, 2016

Behavioral health care advocate here, found out I along with 30 others are being laid off with a months notice.

More consolidation=fewer jobs

More consolidation in the sector means fewer jobs. Looks like several mergers or takeovers coming...which means...
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UnitedHealth Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of UnitedHealth layoffs in Minneapolis in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.

UHC Optum

I love working for UHC Optum. I am a RN TCM in florida since August 2014. It is a great company to work for, good benefits, great management support. Business changes and products change it has been a positive journey so far.
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UHC in Henderson Layoffs

At least 15 to 20 people in my company at UHC in Henderson were laid off with no warning..... some of them even had 18 years with the company... how's that for loyalty....the morale was so bad in that office I'm actually glad to be out of there... we... read more

Ramping up their security and compliance areas

I am one of those who is contemplating joining UHG but after knowing them and reading these threads, perhaps it is wise to reconsider moving on to a far more stable organization than becoming a statistic as a cast off later on with these... read more

Manager Level Layoffs at UnitedHealth 2015

Our approach to managing the company's management resources is silent lay-offs every 6 months or so, no specific reasons are needed, I think they just want to cut payroll costs. Your performance can be exceptional, you can be an outstanding performer... read more
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Cannot get this company to respond to requests for services. Finding a doctor to even accept this company was difficult. Waiting on approval from United Health Care to get a CT scan. Have been waiting for over a week now and my health problem is a... read more
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No place for sincerity and loyalty

They let you go in 10 mins after working for 12+years of dedication, sincerity and improving processes/procedures. The management requested us to stay when they need with all kinds of false promises, to the extent openly saying in All hands meeting... read more
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massive layoffs

They are talking about massive layoffs in my department too. They said that tenure would work in our favor but from what I have heard from other people who were laid off, this means nothing, or even works against you. We're all just taking it day by... read more

Obamacare and UnitedHealth 2014 Layoffs

Any connection? What do you think, is it going to be better or worse - Sometimes I think that all I want is to survive 2014 and that layoffs will be behind us and that Unitedhealth will be a great company again.

IT is hiring and pays well

yet, they do not do anything. we are forced to let people go and we make the money - go figure - UnitedHealth has it's own ways
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Optum used to be a great company. In the last year, it has been a terrible place to work. This once innovative company is filling with middle managers who are puppets with no creativity. There is a culture of fear and very low trust among employees... read more
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Layoffs have occurred

The layoffs are showed towards older, more experienced persons who are higher paid. From my own observations, none that I know were poor performers. Several departments have been increasing staff sizes in their Indian offices. A colleague was told to... read more

29 RPhs laid off

OptumRx, a branch of united health, announced the lay-offs of 29 Pharmacist's yesterday including at least one who is currently on maternity leave. Ruthless.
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unitedhealth 2014 layoffs

this is crazy, layoffs at this company are constant, you cannot have a single month that somebody somewhere is not laying people off at unitedhealth. good luck to all of us.
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Job cuts are immanent

It's coming, reorg is coming, redundancies are coming, do not be fooled this time around UHG will cut you if they can save money doing it
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Downsizing in age of turmoil

UnitedHealth Group is a well managed company, do not get me wrong, I am no trying to be sarcastic as we are dealing with a number of issues on the operational side. From the finance perspective UnitedHealth manages our money really well and I like... read more
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