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2019 UHC Layoffs Discussion

Just wanted to have a consolidated place for current layoff discussions. I have heard rumors of layoffs in M&R but I'm not sure of the validity.
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The only way to win

We need to start having our provider advocate for us. We all know they hate UHC's offshore reps. We need to somehow get the word out to them. The providers have the real power and if they start threatening to pull their contracts the powers at be may... read more


What kind of severance is UnitedHealth Group offering? My mom has been really nervous lately, I think she is worried about being laid off. If that's true, it'd be nice to know if she'll receive a decent sum or if I need to help her out in the... read more

UHC to lay off at least 500 employees

I am a former employee of UHC. I have friends who still work there, all have 10-20 years with the company. They are being told that there will be layoffs in provider services department very soon. They are being given the opportunity to apply for... read more

Age discrimination

If you are over 40 years old, you must know about this important Federal law The great thing about a Federal law is that it applies to all 50 states It doesn't matter what your age it If you are laid off, your employer must provide you this info... read more

2019 UHC Prov. Services Layoffs

Various segments of the Provider Services departments with United Healthcare have been told in rolling meetings that the skill queue was being downsized as it as moving in a different direction. The reason, providers are using the website... read more

Layoffs today at UnitedHealth

Somebody said in another thread that more layoffs have started at UnitedHealth today - but I'm not hearing anything here at the office. Is this true? If it is, what's being hit? Any ideas on what might be next? How bad is it? I hate having to guess... read more

Are you on Medicare


Please learn more about this Medicare issue

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Executive Compensation

According to this, the CEO of this company made over 17 million dollars last year https://www1.salary.com/David-S-Wichmann-Salary-Bonus-Stock-Options-for-UNITEDHEALTH-GROUP-INC.html

Clover Health Massive layoffs

Health insurance startup Clover Health just laid off 25% of its staff months after raising $500 million LYDIA RAMSEY MARCH 27, 2019 Clover Health on Wednesday told employees it's laying off 25% of its staff. In a statement sent to Business Insider... read more
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International Falls office closing

Back in early January they announced they will be closing the office by Sept 1st. and transition everyone to telecommute. The office is a claims processing hub for Optum and UHC for over 30 years. Optum has been in the process of sending people home... read more

Some Questions about the WARN Act

I have several questions about the WARN act -- the wording states: A “mass layoff” is defined as a reduction in force that: (1) is not the result of a plant closing; and (2) results in an employment loss at the single site of employment during any... read more

OWBPA and being laid off

If you were laid off, there are multiple laws you should know about. One of them is the Older Workers Benefit Protection Act (OWBPA) As part of the OWBPA, your employer must give you a document that has the job titles and ages of all laid off... read more

Older workers beware

If you are an older worker, you need to educate yourself before the layoff comes https://www.nytimes.com/2017/08/07/business/dealbook/shown-the-door-older-workers-find-bias-hard-to-prove.html

Just got RIF'd at United Health

Wednesday Aug. 30 - got laid off from Optum Technology (subsidiary of United Health) - along with 27 others, beware of this company, the do not care about their workers!!

Optum IT US Layoffs

Cutting IT Project Managers and Engineering Architects so these jobs can be off-shored or replaced with Cheaper H1B visa holders. Another blow to US STEM workers.

UHG R&D (Savvysherpa)

Anybody knows anything about this group, Savvysherpa? My former manager (and around 10 FTEs of his) joined the group last month, and this month, 3 of them already got cut! I heard they are doing innovations (e.g., burning money....yeah right) for Mr... read more
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New employee

After going through a layoff with my last job, I thought I'd get on here prior to taking this one. Are there really a lot of layoffs here? I'm going to be working in the customer service department. And I'm a little worried now.

Good advice

Do not sign the severance. That is an ironclad legal document. You will have no rights after you sign. Go to the Department of Labor and report the failure to give WARN notices. UNH will be fined 2-3 months pay with interest across the board. HR... read more

UNH Layoffs

More layoffs? We've had layoffs nearly monthly lately thanks to the company's decision to ship as many of our jobs as it can across the border (i hear Philippines are currently the destination of choice.) Anybody here knows if we are looking at more... read more

TAA Benefit

Many UHG jobs shipped out of the country. layoffs result. Connect with your Displaced Worker Program and inquire of the TAA Benefit TODAY.
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Success @ UHG/Optum in Leadership Role.

A) Criticize everything and praise Amazon/Facebook/ Google B) Turn around and do everything you just criticized C) Do not work on anything accountable D) Keep hiring from your clan E) Talk a lot and produce vaporwares. F) Just do whatever your boss... read more

QuEST/BPQM Employees in Ireland

We were told last week the jobs for BPQM/QuEST employees in Letterkenny were moving offshore. Don't have a number of how many affected, but know personally of 3.

Toxic Culture

OPTUM Technologies has new leadership and from what I witnessing they are forcing everyone to work weekends and this has created a toxic workplace. In my honest opinion I think this is by design. To make your work environment so miserable that staff... read more

Optumrx Ineptitude

Far as I am concerned Optumrx should get rid of everyone and see if you can acquire a company that knows what they are doing and have systems that actually work. I have never worked with a company that was as totally inept at operating on every level... read more

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