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What phone number do we list for unemployment?

Hi all, what phone number are we supposed to list on our unemployment application if we've been laid off by UnitedHealthcare? My paperwork seems to have disappeared and I would really appreciate a response.

It’s going to be ok, eventually.

Meanwhile everyone is stressed, p-ss-d, depressed, scared, panicked, cranky, paranoid & feeling betrayed, inadequate, unappreciated, expendable, & ready for the line to the food bank serving up c-ap Mac & Cheese. I just realized though we’re... —  read more 

40 people laid off

Yesterday found out 40 people laid off. Some by March 4 2020 and the rest in July. We were told by director as they read off a script. How cold. More to come. This company does not give a rats a– about their employees. I hope they suffer... —  read more 

Florida Heathplan layoffs

New Florida structure and management cleaning house. At least 10 employees laid off including some on medical leave and maternity leave. No value for dedicated employees unless you are their puppet. Secret promotions and raises for those puppets.

Layoffs 2/6/2020

UCS Learning Performance and solutions having layoffs. 2 managers and 2 lower level staff noted.


What a joke, this company has no integrity. Leadership is horrible!

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UHC Forced distribution of ratings

Managers had little wiggle room and were forced to downgrade ratings even though many poor performers were laid off. Of course this doesn’t apply to leadership

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