Topics regarding layoffs at Anthem Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Anthem Inc.

Lost direction

I think that this could be a much better company, if only the leadership was to finally start making better decisions. However, Anthem seems to have lost their direction. Is it that they are not interested in the future of the company, or maybe the... —  read more 

Top heavy management

Perhaps a radical rethinking of top-heavy structure is needed here. I personally think it would be a breath of fresh air for this company if it were to reduce the number of all these useful managers. Maybe there are good reasons for Anthem having a... —  read more 

The new normal

It's not just Anthem. Across every industry employees are walking away. They are calling it the "Great Resignation". If leadership wants to prosper and grow, they will have to make dramatic changes in the way they view and treat the talent that keeps... —  read more 


Does anyone else find it ironic that anthem made billions last year and this quarter, but the average employee (regardless of how well they did on their performance review) received a merit increase of less than 2%? Its nice that anthem was able to... —  read more 

Are you joking?!

Finally, I honestly confronted my team's leader about not being physically able to meet the demands of my (5 person and growing) workload. I was told to take a time management course. :0

2% of nothing is...? The median employee at Centene earned $71,217 in 2021. The median employee compensation at Cigna was $66,917 in 2021. The median Humana employee earned $64,747 in... —  read more 

Anthem Data Breach

Remember the Anthem Data Breach? Well it just got me. My data was on the dark web and my identity was used last week to open a new bank account. So now I have to become an identity theft expert to ward off the effects of Anthem’s pathetic data... —  read more 


Welcome to WellPoint, Anthem, Hellgate (or whatever that new name is) or any future names (ha). Doing NOTHING good for members, employees or humanity!

Unnecessary initiatives

Of all the unnecessary initiatives, Elephant Health is the winner of the competition for the most unnecessary one. Unfortunately, there are even more of them. Why all these unnecessary initiatives?


Who came up with Elevance name? It sounds like the supplement Ensure, or the aldult diaper Depends. They should have taken the words Health and Elevate and made Helevate. Tag line could be: Get Helevated!

They should burn in he-l

These MFers are so f***king greedy. I’m at a loss for words. After being let go last year without warning or any issues — they are now (a year later) fighting the unemployment I claimed for a measles two months. Greed greed and more greed.

Meeting deadlines

Is it just me or do others also have more and more trouble meeting the deadlines? I’m still somehow succeeding at it, but it’s becoming a growing challenge for me. Deadlines are becoming unrealistic because Anthem obviously wants to squeeze people... —  read more 

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