Topics regarding layoffs at Anthem Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Anthem Inc.

Layoff before retirement

I understand it’s all business and money, but laying off people who are about to retire? I’ve heard that some of them were only a few months away from retirement but they were still laid off. What are these people going to do now? Is Anthem doing so... —  read more 

Hiding behind the Pandemic

Employees who seriously think Covid is the cause for the troubles we’re going through need a reality check. The frequent changes in upper management didn’t just start in 2020. The fact that there is no room for career growth didn’t spawn overnight... —  read more 

What happened?

Years ago when I joined Anthem it was one of the better places to work for in our industry. Now it's a place everybody is looking to leave as soon as they can. How did we get to this point? When did the leadership team start thinking employees are a... —  read more 

Idolize the oppressor?

from another post I left in March on my own , right after the AIP had cleared my back account , no notice, just resigned. With what I have followed on this forum, I would have been clipped soon after my most excellent exodus. No regrets here.. .. —  read more 

How to survive in Anthem

Always look for a new job after one year. Only apply to jobs you know you have a good chance at getting- otherwise if your boss knows about it and you don't get the job- you'll be on the yearly layoff list. Never go to Anthem HR to complain-... —  read more 

GBD layoffs

So, now that the "new" Medicaid sites are being launched (with some hacked-together coding because the requirements and time crunches were ridiculous and leadership didn't understand the product or know what they were doing), when do you expect the... —  read more 

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COVID Vaccines and Executives

After laying off thousands due to COVID, how many executives will use the savings to skip the line and get vaccinated.

“Wellness Day”

Anyone else get the email about the Wellness Day (New Year’s Eve, “company wide holiday”) only to be told today we can take it as a floating holiday between Jan - March, as it’s kinda sorta suggested that we work on our “Wellness Day”?

This makes little sense

We are having major attrition in the middle of a raging pandemic at the end of the year when nobody is hiring. Imagine how bad of an employer do you have to be to have people walking out under these conditions? And of course, we are not hiring... —  read more 

Layoff and RIF day

Here we go... all started with emails last week about the new strategy and changes from Gail and Gloria.. today is the day where once again several associates and high level leaders are being RIFed to make room for the new ones and several positions... —  read more 

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