Topics regarding layoffs at Anthem Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Anthem Inc.

No wonder Anthem is a mess

Years of cuts and attrition that cost us some of our best talent have resulted in one of the worst management in the industry. You can't expect to see a company do well if you keep promoting the wrong people with the right friends and keep getting... —  read more 

Opportunities Missed

3 phases … Phase 1 : Dependent and learning Phase 2a: Others dependent on you Phase 2b: Help people to be successful without you Phase 3. : Retire 2b is missed for short term gains. Associates in Phase 1 are robbed of opportunities to learn by... —  read more 


I see several posts where we're attacking each other. Not the fake HR and corp monkey posts. The others where we're discounting each other's experiences and feelings about wanting to be RIFed or not. WE, the peasants, are not the problem. We can't... —  read more 

Corporate greed

That's it. That's the only reason why so many people lost their livelihoods this week. There was no need for this. There were other ways to cut costs and there were other ways to improve the bottom line. But this is the easiest way and it provides... —  read more 

EPIC rollout in 2024

With all the RIFs and future RIFs, who the he-l do they have left for the EPIC rollout in 2024? I know so many superusers and trainers who were let go. Whoever on top did not think this through.


Long time lurker, first time poster. Why does the company continue to let Gloria lead enterprise "transformation" initiatives? Has a single effort actually panned out in the grand scheme of things. She's been sponsoring or leading transformation for... —  read more 

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