Topics regarding layoffs at Anthem Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Anthem Inc.

Layoff and RIF day

Here we go... all started with emails last week about the new strategy and changes from Gail and Gloria.. today is the day where once again several associates and high level leaders are being RIFed to make room for the new ones and several positions... —  read more 

Deleted Posts

Testing section 230 and Google Cognizant content moderators- the new Big Tech Social Media laws. Are you going to prevent American workers organizing?

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Rinse and repeat

I thought we were done with layoffs. Is this the normal tactic for Anthem? Get rid of employees, post open positions, hire, wait a few weeks then rinse and repeat? I mean, there were layoffs last week (and from the look of it even some this one) and... —  read more 

Applied for a New Position

I just got a lateral transfer after being with Anthem for a number of years in the same role. I just applied for a new position at a higher grade. Do you believe my present Manager will be mad at me if I am granted an interview for the position I... —  read more 

Anthem's Reality

Offshore comments should not be deleted. This is our reality at Anthem, layoffs are happening now with more in the future. IT managers are having to justify keeping work from going offshore, which is not easy. Morale is low, upper management has... —  read more 

Gig workers?

I didnt listen to the entire town hall but is Anthem really going to try to normalize corporate gig workers? As in workers with no benefits? Like no health benefits? Seems like there may be a flaw in that plan.


Does anyone know if there are going to be layoffs in Customer Service? If so when and what departments please? Any details you have are appreciated.

Fresh layoffs in August

More layoffs continue in august after recent departs because of IBM. Entire team I am working was laid off nearly 30 resources and they have extended contract with cognizant for next 2 years. It’s like replacing client with vendor just they did with... —  read more 

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