Topics regarding layoffs at Anthem Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Anthem Inc.

If they only knew!

Imagine if the majority shareholders were to learn how much potential profit is being lost due to total incompetence. It's actually shocking to see the malfeasance and zero accountability in this company.

It's just a job!

Why spend time worrying about this place? It's just one of many jobs you will have. Year's from now, it will be a distant memory, and it's very likely this company will not exist. Don't waste your time thinking about this place. Update your resume... —  read more 

Cliquey atmosphere

I don't want to deny that there is a very toxic, cliquey atmosphere here, that is, if you are not part of the clique, then everything is much harder for you. However, this problem was also present at the previous company where I worked. Such an... —  read more 

I don't care anymore

It's not easy to work when you have no motivation at all. I watched the company get rid off some of the best people I worked with, who always worked very hard. After that, how can I have the motivation to give my best? My only hope is that I will... —  read more 

The krakan is leaving!

Woo hoo. Gloria is leaving. Blair todt is taking over. Blair, do everything the opposite of gloria. 2023 is here and now. Bring the work environment up to speed on worker engagement and culture. WFH needs to remain. Forcing workers back into the... —  read more 

2/17/23 IT Layoffs

Hi Everyone, On Friday 2/17 nine IT Mainframe positions were eliminated, including mine. The "Finally Happened" thread here is very helpful and I will benefit from that very much. Are there any other threads with helpful information regarding... —  read more 

Well well welcome 2023..

The results are in. Financials reported to the big guy on Wall Street. Analyst are happy .. so here we again . No budget for projects, no budget for defects, nothing getting approved. Lay offs are imminent . Blessings

Bad boss

I'm planning to resign soon. The current supervisor is a pain in the bu-t. I will not go into details but I am tempted to send a resignation email instead of talking to the a-s first. Should cc the boss's boss and HR in that resignation... —  read more 

Has anything changed?

I left a little over a year ago because I was tired of watching me and my coworkers who were excellent and experienced employees get passed for promotions over people brought in from the outside with less knowledge and less experience. Has anything... —  read more 

I won't leave without a package

It's become very obvious that they are trying to get rid of employees in every possible way in order to save on severance pay. Hasn't it? However, unless I get a much better offer in the meantime, I don't intend to leave without a package.

More layoffs

After yesterday, we're all in agreement that more layoffs are coming, right? Sooner rather than later. That message was transmitted loud and clear, right? I'm not trying to cause unnecessary panic, but that's the impression I was left with. Please... —  read more 

No motivation to work hard

I think productivity across the entire company has dropped drastically. Management, instead of doing something to boost the morale of the remaining employees, they further try to destroy it. Who has the will and desire to give their best in a company... —  read more 

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Help needed

Have you ever felt discriminated against in any form while working at Centene? (current or past) Seems they’re back in the news again for fraudulent practices… yet another law suit filed against them! Well I too have filed suit against them for pay... —  read more 

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