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I can tell you exactly how it happens

I can tell you exactly how it will get an invite for one-on-one with your manager (if you are WFH), but an HR rep will be included. Your manager will read from a SCRIPT and tell you that you are losing your job, then turn the call over... read more


She can help look over your Severance agreements, advise and HELP! Possible RALLY even though NATION WIDE - Across states layoffs are occurring ALSO Let me know anyone up for CLASS ACTION! I wonder WHY HCL left Anthem! - and not COGNIZANT!!!

Anthem Salary Info Thread

Since I’m seeing a lot of salary info thrown around feel free to see how you compare to your peers. Glassdoor is all over the place, so this info may help. It is illegal to prevent sharing of salaries so no worries there. You can round numbers so... read more

Hiring Only Close to IT Core

So, in my division the job postings use to be anywhere WFH. However, the last position posted was within a certain distance from an IT Core. Anybody else heard of this?

What Anthem wants

In case this was not posted before - this is exactly what Anthem wants these days: Employers are ideally looking for an employee with the wisdom of a 50 year old, the experience of a 40 year old, the drive of a 30 year old, and the pay scale of a 20... read more

Things have changed so much

I miss the days when retirees were given retirement parties and given a good send off. Now your basically just handed your walking papers and shown the door. How ironic that we are forced to complete the “I am Anthem” training knowing so well nobody... read more

Think twice before moving to Atlanta

RIFs are happening every month. Seems like they are making room for hiring Legato “associates” in India. I am so glad I did not consider moving to Atlanta. I know of people who did and who since got RIF’ed and/or are worries about being next. No one... read more

How your Review and AIP really works

I was going to write a long post but I’ll keep it short. You are first reviewed probably pretty fairly by your manager. Then the staff VP or VP will step in and reduce. All managers are allowed only 20% max of their team to get an exceeds. Your... read more


I was employed by Blue Cross/CaliforniaCare Health Plans/Wellpoint/Anthem for 31 years. In the end when I retired it was not near the company as when I started in 1984 however I would not change my experiences there. I had no idea about insurance... read more

More layoffs coming

More layoffs are planning behind the screen.Expect it by June mid-to-end .I will post update as soon as it is available.

RIFs are happening a daily basis

RIFs are happening a daily basis in March and April, and from what am hearing will continue in May, June, and July, and perhaps further. At that point it maybe to force the IT moves to core locations, and get rid of the rest of associates. The core... read more

More layoffs in July

Does anybody know if there is any truth in this ongoing rumor that we are looking at 1,000 more people being cut in July? And if it's true, is there any more info on it? Which locations will be hit, which departments, when in July? I hate not knowing... read more

Severance info

I keep seeing comments about the lump sum severance going away and it actually went away about 7 years ago. Apparently people don't keep up with this stuff. Just so you know, the current severance plan is always listed on the intranet site for anyone... read more

Class action lawsuit?

I was let go recently and wondering if there is a class action lawsuit already? Jobs are being outsourced to Legato, older workers let go, more experienced workers are replaced with cheaper less experienced workers, jobs moved to Atlanta for... read more

Legato Taking Over

Deloitte resources are now being replaced by Legato with no or minimal knowledge transfers in the middle of Project work. Anthem associates will soon be the next to go and all IT work will be done by Legato offshore. Morale in the company is at an... read more

Laid off- 30 day minimum "varies"

Some people got the minimum...30 days. Others got longer notices. "It varies". This does not seem fair. Getting equal time to job search is vital. 30 days is impossible unless you live in a big city. In short, Anthem is run by sociopaths. I would get... read more

What's going on currently?

Do we know anything new on more Anthem layoffs? It's past April 7, and that was supposed to be day D, but I didn't notice that anything major happened. Does that mean we are safe for now or is the worst yet to come? I can't emphasize enough how much... read more

New associate survey - post layoffs

Okay so there is now an associate survey, the first week in March here, sent out as a “compliance and ethics” survey, that includes questions like the following: My manager is honest and possesses integrity, Senior leaders at Anthem respect... read more

More layoffs at Anthem in April?

All I know is they are not stopping with one wave, there's another one coming with about 50% layoff by April. Where is this info coming from? Can anybody confirm it or is it just somebody wild guessing? I don't want to get worked up over nothing, but... read more

Anthem Money trouble?

Anyone have any idea what is up with Anthem and money troubles? Stock is at an all time high but departments are cutting back...people being RIFd...projects stopping. It’s like we’re fighting to stay in Business or prevent a takeover?

Next round of cuts happening soon

IT is being asked to reduce 2019 budget by over 30%. This Alfred just taking a forecasting haircut of 50% earlier in the year. Other areas within Corp are being asked to slash as well. Time to grab a life jacket before they’re gone.

Using AI to reduce the workforce

Other corporation have used AI to reduce the workforce. They bring in college level coders to throw into hr. They look at real numbers ROI and start reducing the workforce. This is the first thing that companies do when they think "lean" and "agile"... read more
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Lay offs will continue it’s just starting

Expect many more layoffs beyond April, if anything it will calm down for a bit until AI has gathered more info. Layoffs now are just to cut some fat (not limited to any certain departments) the next major round will be to fully implement Gail’s new... read more

Don't work for these creeps!

I used to work for Anthem until I got laid off as a New Years gift in 2016. I thank God every day that I am no longer there, they are a miserable company to work for and incompetently run. Most of their managers are incompetent, although well paid... read more

Layed Off Today in Norfolk

Surprise lay off today. Pay, benefits, work/life/home balance was good til it disappeared. Silver lining. . . Wanted to leave anyways. I'll take my money and run.
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Anthem - Reduction In Force

Occurring today. Company wide. No corporate communication emails. So difficult to tell how deep the cuts are. Every area was apparently asked to cut.

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