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New associate survey - post layoffs

Okay so there is now an associate survey, the first week in March here, sent out as a “compliance and ethics” survey, that includes questions like the following: My manager is honest and possesses integrity, Senior leaders at Anthem respect... read more

More layoffs at Anthem in April?

All I know is they are not stopping with one wave, there's another one coming with about 50% layoff by April. Where is this info coming from? Can anybody confirm it or is it just somebody wild guessing? I don't want to get worked up over nothing, but... read more

Anthem Money trouble?

Anyone have any idea what is up with Anthem and money troubles? Stock is at an all time high but departments are cutting back...people being RIFd...projects stopping. It’s like we’re fighting to stay in Business or prevent a takeover?

Next round of cuts happening soon

IT is being asked to reduce 2019 budget by over 30%. This Alfred just taking a forecasting haircut of 50% earlier in the year. Other areas within Corp are being asked to slash as well. Time to grab a life jacket before they’re gone.

Using AI to reduce the workforce

Other corporation have used AI to reduce the workforce. They bring in college level coders to throw into hr. They look at real numbers ROI and start reducing the workforce. This is the first thing that companies do when they think "lean" and "agile"... read more
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Lay offs will continue it’s just starting

Expect many more layoffs beyond April, if anything it will calm down for a bit until AI has gathered more info. Layoffs now are just to cut some fat (not limited to any certain departments) the next major round will be to fully implement Gail’s new... read more

Don't work for these creeps!

I used to work for Anthem until I got laid off as a New Years gift in 2016. I thank God every day that I am no longer there, they are a miserable company to work for and incompetently run. Most of their managers are incompetent, although well paid... read more

Layed Off Today in Norfolk

Surprise lay off today. Pay, benefits, work/life/home balance was good til it disappeared. Silver lining. . . Wanted to leave anyways. I'll take my money and run.
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Anthem - Reduction In Force

Occurring today. Company wide. No corporate communication emails. So difficult to tell how deep the cuts are. Every area was apparently asked to cut.

Anthem destroys what it touches

When Anthem was wellpoint and they bought the Va Beach Medicaid/Medicaid firm, they did so because that company had many years of consistent profitability and beat the snot out of Anthem/WellPoint at every turn in that market, Then Anthem... read more

Question about anthem benefits and waiting periods

It looks like anthem has some benefits that they did not have in the past. I see that they now have parental leave. Do you have to work for the company for a certain amount of time to be eligible for parental leave?
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Layoff outlook?

With a lower than expected AIP, and massive structural changes with top leadership, what does that mean for the regular workers? Will there be a big layoff soon?

Anthem is Hiring

Locations: Chicago, IL; Indianapolis, IN; New York, NY; Various Locations, CO; Tampa, FL; Mason, OH & more. Positions: Data Scientist, Advanced Analytics Consultant, Designers, Business Info Analyst, Regulatory Compliance Manager, Test Data Mgmt... read more

Anthem found a loophole

Not to mention Anthem also created their own outsource company in India. I wouldn’t be surprised if even clients that require their claims to be processed on shore will be processed in India in the near future. If Anthem owns their own off shore... read more

Are we expecting layoffs?

Are we looking at any layoffs at Anthem as part of the latest acquisition of Aspire Health? There is always some consolidation, but I'm thinking it'll be more felt on Aspire's part then on ours. Although we are talking about layoff happy Anthem, so... read more

Anthem layoff

The NEW YORK Medicaid Department just got rid of a lot of folks which included the Director, medical director, VP, nurses and more. Anthem is out sourcing vendors outside of United States to do the work here to save money. The in-house staff are... read more
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Layoff season

We are almost at the annual layoff season, how is it looking out there this year?
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I worked at Anthem for a total of 28 years. When I received an offer for early retirement I had mixed feelings about taking it. I decided to take the offer and run. It was the best decision I've made for my career. The environment is TOXIC. The... read more

If you're not already looking for a new job, start NOW

Don't sit around until these creeps decide to boot you out like some drunk in a bar at 2am. Find something else and walk out of this landfill on your own two feet and on your own terms so you can hang on to your dignity and self respect.

More layoffs

Well Fond du Lac, WI office just received word today that there were more layoffs. We have had 3 occasions of layoffs in the last year! Now more than ever people are fearing their jobs. More claims are getting sent over to Accenture who can't process... read more

Anthem is not a nice company to work for.

I worked for Empire Blue Cross & Blue Shield which became Anthem in 2004 for 21 years. In 2012 ten people were laid off nine of which had over 20 years. Anthem is a terrible company to work for, they have no regard for seniority, don't want you... read more

Clueless leadership

I have to agree with all of the posting that I have read about Anthem laid offs and all of the negative comments. I used to work for Anthem for three years and I reported to leaders that can't spell IT nor have a clear understanding of delivering IT... read more
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We need proper leadership

Management at Anthem is a joke. Half of them have no idea what they are doing, and the other half will do whatever it takes to make themselves look good at your expanse. Instead of supporting talented workers, they will promote those they know will... read more

Anthem denies reasonable accomodations

Whomever said Anthem is getting uglier is right. I am disabled and I am being denied a reasonable accommodation which is a violation of IDEA. They discriminate and are leaving me out to dry.

Anthem is not what it used to be

If you can, stay away from Anthem. People get laid off on yearly bases, and you are expected to pick up the slack, with no compensation. My caseload keeps increasing, my pay stays the same, and I don't even get paid for overtime, which is necessary... read more

Anthem, never stable and becoming uglier

My #1 complaint about Anthem is layoffs, they happen all the time and at least one time every year. Some groups have mulitiple layoffs, so it's hard to have any stability when you know you may be laid off. Also, I do not know why we do constant... read more


LEASE FOR NEWBURY PARK LOCATION - ANTHEM: From what it sounds like Anthem will not be renewing the lease for their Newbury park location and will likely move operations to Georgia. I left fearing for my job months ago but still speak to people... read more

IT updates

Mason OH being added as a new core location but there is not any word on what the competency will be. Guess Tom had to realize that most of the talent at Anthem would rather leave than be forced to relocate. The glories of Transformation that the... read more

Denying Unemployment Benefits

Anthem has not only let good, long term employees go, they are also denying unemployment benefits in mulitiple states, even though they said they wouldn't deny those benefits. It's dishonest and completely insane.

Merger back on

Soon after Swedish visit to White House

It's a little too quiet.

Things have been real quiet lately, with the merger and the new administration, changes must be coming. Any updates out there on any pending layoffs?

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