Topics regarding layoffs at Anthem Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Anthem Inc.

Bad boss

I'm planning to resign soon. The current supervisor is a pain in the bu-t. I will not go into details but I am tempted to send a resignation email instead of talking to the a-s first. Should cc the boss's boss and HR in that resignation... —  read more 

Has anything changed?

I left a little over a year ago because I was tired of watching me and my coworkers who were excellent and experienced employees get passed for promotions over people brought in from the outside with less knowledge and less experience. Has anything... —  read more 

I won't leave without a package

It's become very obvious that they are trying to get rid of employees in every possible way in order to save on severance pay. Hasn't it? However, unless I get a much better offer in the meantime, I don't intend to leave without a package.

More layoffs

After yesterday, we're all in agreement that more layoffs are coming, right? Sooner rather than later. That message was transmitted loud and clear, right? I'm not trying to cause unnecessary panic, but that's the impression I was left with. Please... —  read more 

No motivation to work hard

I think productivity across the entire company has dropped drastically. Management, instead of doing something to boost the morale of the remaining employees, they further try to destroy it. Who has the will and desire to give their best in a company... —  read more 

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Help needed

Have you ever felt discriminated against in any form while working at Centene? (current or past) Seems they’re back in the news again for fraudulent practices… yet another law suit filed against them! Well I too have filed suit against them for pay... —  read more 

Perfect timing

I'm referring to someone's thread below: isn't it fascinating how a company that otherwise doesn't care about employees at all, cares very much about each of us individually when it is necessary to pick the right timing to deprive us of something... —  read more 

Finally happened

Yup .. I'm out a here people .. got issued my walking papers this morning and after 24 years of service .. going on 25 this Dec .. I was informed my last day is Sept 9 ... I was also told since I was being let go before the 4th quarter that I was not... —  read more 

Is that a bad idea?

Some write here that they informed their manager to sign them up in case of any future layoffs. I would do the same, but I'm afraid of the negative consequences. Any advice? I believe that you need to have an excellent relationship with the manager... —  read more 

HR is not even in house

Don’t bother filing any associate relation concerns. HR has such a backlog it takes them 7+ weeks to respond and then they encourage you to withdraw your concern because of their delay. HR department is contracted labor, they could care less about... —  read more 

Lost direction

I think that this could be a much better company, if only the leadership was to finally start making better decisions. However, Anthem seems to have lost their direction. Is it that they are not interested in the future of the company, or maybe the... —  read more 

Top heavy management

Perhaps a radical rethinking of top-heavy structure is needed here. I personally think it would be a breath of fresh air for this company if it were to reduce the number of all these useful managers. Maybe there are good reasons for Anthem having a... —  read more 

The new normal

It's not just Anthem. Across every industry employees are walking away. They are calling it the "Great Resignation". If leadership wants to prosper and grow, they will have to make dramatic changes in the way they view and treat the talent that keeps... —  read more 


Does anyone else find it ironic that anthem made billions last year and this quarter, but the average employee (regardless of how well they did on their performance review) received a merit increase of less than 2%? Its nice that anthem was able to... —  read more 

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