Topics regarding layoffs at Anthem Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Anthem Inc.

Job performance

It’s in my best interest to improve my job performance, but that seems like a mission impossible. How to improve job performance when you have more and more work to do almost every day? The quality of work is inevitably deteriorating.


Imagine ignoring natural immunity and mandating a vaccine that puts your employees with prior infection at risk and for no reason. An antibody test confirms protection. It is negligent not to offer that as an alternative. You talk the talk; it’s... —  read more 

What is going on?!

Anthem, United among major insurers behind on payments to hospitals -

People Leaders?

People Leaders? Is that really what we're referring to managers and directors as now? Sounds like something that you'd hear coming out of China. The company probably paid some consulting firm a few million to come up with that after a 9 month... —  read more 

Trying to keep my job

I have become very anxious since rumors appeared that there could be cuts before the end of the year. I work hard, I try to do my best because I really care about keeping my job here for a while longer. It doesn’t matter what I think of the company... —  read more 

Understanding Anthem

It’s true other places in health insurance can suck but I think the problem with anthem is different. There is too much generational power, almost zero internal innovation, and a very strict grip by leadership on personal development( due to power... —  read more 

Good old times

I can’t believe this is now a company I used to love working for and where I stayed even though I once had the opportunity to move to another company for a better job. And what does that loyalty mean to me now? Nothing. To have to look at obvious... —  read more 

I'm looking for a way out

I have to say, I'm not encouraged by what I've been seeing. There are lots of open positions but none offer decent pay and especially benefits. I can see why most of them stay open for a while, who'd want to accept something like that? Luckily, I'm... —  read more 

Trying to add more to my plate

Unbelievable. I have been getting more and more work for months now. As if that wasn't enough, I got even more yesterday. Those who work hard are in the worst position here. If you work hard, you will get more work to do. When is it enough? Is this... —  read more 

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Post Anthem stress

How long did it take you to forget about this ridiculous company? I wasn’t happy with many things, but it wasn’t until after I left here that it became clear to me how terrible this place had been. I've been in a new company for a month now and... —  read more 

This needs to stop, now

I'm sick and tired of certain management members being allowed to use bullying and intimidation as a management method day in, day out without any repercussions. It's destroying morale and affecting productivity. I was considering approaching HR... —  read more 

The worse team ever

Idk about anyone else but the NEW YORK claims team does NOT help with growth. They have their picks believe me. They don’t want to train you but tell you that you should know certain things. If I wasn’t trained on Medicare/Medicaid why would you tell... —  read more 

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