Topics regarding layoffs at Optum

Topics regarding layoffs at Optum

Hard to understand

Is it possible that so many people want to be laid off or am I imagining things? I don't understand why anyone would want to lose their job at this moment?

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I am about done with this company, my supervisor and manager suck. Now they put the biggest di-k in a position he shouldn't be in. We are screwed. I told my supervisor to leave me the he-l alone. I am meeting the goals, and she wants to give me at... —  read more 

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Support America!

My fellow Americans, Today is YOUR day. Today is the day to stand up for America! Do you know a company that sent American jobs to other countries? Many states have passed laws making it unlawful for employees (and contractors) in other countries... —  read more 

Gimmicks continue

Townhall was a joke! There was an excellent moment to acknowledge layoffs, it was skirted. Who hired this compulsive pos, low in substance. Oh btw he can’t let go of teenager selfie OCD.

Unrealistic expectations

No one wants to work at a place where they constantly have to fear losing their job. I don't have any motivation anymore. My boss acts as if we should be grateful to be working here, although I believe there are also those who have realized that... —  read more 


Today my four year-old turned to me gravely and asked "Daddy, what does 100x mean?" And when I told him "It's Sandeep's bonus multiplier if he hits his RIF targets", he started crying.


Just heard 5/18 had more layoffs as expected in the ECS BH areas. Next should be 6/1. I have only heard thus far of Edgar (over all of ECS). Anyone else?

No transparency

This is one of the least transparent companies I have ever worked for. Was this place always like this? Instead of sharing the information with their employees, the company is letting its employees needlessly stress out while trying to make sense... —  read more 

Optum Thursdays

Just got the word that another round of layoffs will be coming to anyone who isn’t cross-trained in different platforms. If this sounds like you, I suggest you come up with a backup plan immediately.

Nerve wrecking

I used to be very worried whenever there was a rumor about layoffs. However, the layoffs have become so frequent that I have become too numb to even care anymore. I think I'm not the only one? I can't say that I would like to be laid off, but being... —  read more 

Next layoff May 18th

We have heard that Optum infusion pharmacy will be getting rid of their acute business and keeping chronic only. That will make lots of employees loose their current position as they will be eliminated. Is that lay-off possible May 18th?

My team is very understaffed

I'm just wondering how we're going to continue to function as everyone is overworked and exhausted. Can it get any more frustrating than when the boss says that we are not understaffed but we are actually lazy? It's so humiliating.

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