Topics regarding layoffs at Optum

Topics regarding layoffs at Optum

Business as usual.

Layoff for provider network management: contractors, developers, leads, and supervisors. President said during the meeting "it's business as usual for now". I'll have what she's smoking. Optum needs to save money after a few egregious business... —  read more 

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LHI /Optum

Just laid off 130+ contractors and developers this morning. Have until September 23 to get placed. Severance package 1 week per year with the company. Wish me luck!!

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Toxic Culture

They layoff the wrong people. All those that are currently left are back stabbing to get to the top of the "cow manure". What a big circle ... jerk party.

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Optum Nursing Home Plan

I recently left Optum - I had a role selling Medicare plans to members of SNFs. Let me just say this: I have never been treated so poorly as an employee in my life. I worked my tail off for this organization for years and all they did was ask for me... —  read more 

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Why are people working themselves to the bone when everyone knows hard work isn’t appreciated here? When will you learn that the company doesn’t care about you? Will it take getting RIFd for you to see the light? By then it’ll be too late! Wake up... —  read more 

UHG Creative Brand Layoffs

Anyone under Terry Clark - his recently combined creative team with UHG UHC and Optum creatives: layoffs coming this August. Get out now unless you are OK doing twice the work once "duplications" are identified or if you are OK being laid off and... —  read more 

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Optum is trash

You would be lucky to be laid off. Then you can find work at a company that cares about their employees. Optum has been nothing but a nightmare since they acquired our company. They merge us with other acquisitions and then let us all fight each... —  read more 

Optum SIU

Layoffs coming for Optum PI SIU. Vendors coming in and taking over work due to high inventory. Don't have date but it's coming this summer.

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I wish I could quit

People around me are quitting all the time and I can't help but be envious of them. I wish more than anything that I could walk away from here, but due to some personal issues, I'm stuck here for at least a few more years. This makes layoffs even... —  read more 

2021 Layoffs Continue

Just when you think the dust has settled they have ramped up the layoffs once more. They've hired overseas workers and are laying off USA workers. This company is listed as a USA company, collects money from USA customers BUT they lay off the USA... —  read more 

Optum Level 28 Salary

What is a reasonable salary request for Level 28 position at Optum? I know that the company has very negative reviews here but I am coming from another firm with awful reviews. Really focusing on maximizing my offer. I was considering asking for... —  read more 

What else can I do?

I’ve been working on an exit strategy for well over 8 months. I’ve polished up my resume to make it look attractive to employers both in and outside of our industry. I’ve networked so much that sometimes I think those in my network are getting tired... —  read more 

All these layoffs...

The layoffs never seem to stop here. I have a feeling there are constant layoffs because every now and then I hear about someone I knew who got laid off. The company is trying to cut costs, they are working in their own interests and not in ours... —  read more 

A better future

I left 2 months ago for a better opportunity. After 10 years I’m finally able to take deep relaxing breaths and my stress level is nonexistent. I forgot what it was to be happy at my career and leaving has brought back those feelings. I do miss my... —  read more 


Has anyone experienced random reorganization’s? I’m getting switched to another team and someone is taking my manager also hired a new employee. No real explanation. Could this be a sign of me eventually being laid off? Anyone else... —  read more 

Anxiety levels?

The biggest reason I fear layoffs are medical benefits. Anxiety is astronomical. I have almost no concentration for work at all because I am constantly thinking about possibly losing my job here. I just hope to find another job soon because situation... —  read more 

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