Topics regarding layoffs at Optum

Topics regarding layoffs at Optum

The Great Resignation

Any thoughts on the phenomenon about people quitting their jobs or moreover, getting laid off and not going back to work? We as employees are tired of being mistreated, having less and less each year as inflation rises. I remember when everyone got... —  read more 

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Are you going to vaccinate?

How many people are going to bow down and vaccinate? I personally telecommute and find it ridiculous that UHC isn’t requiring telecommuters to vaccinate, but their red headed step child Optum is. They can have my job, I’m not doing it.

Three months since I left

I stopped here briefly just to see what's going on here now. Looks like the situation hasn't improved much? _ _ I’m still not used to working at another company because it's weird not experiencing stress everyday. After so much time at Optum it... —  read more 

No one is safe!

Basically we can all be sure of only one thing and that is that no one here is safe. Judging by the behavior of my superior, everything indicates that I am a target for the cuts very soon. I take his drastic change in behavior as a big red flag... —  read more 

Offshore staffing

My leadership is mandating that new employees are hired from overseas. I feel like this is the start of something bad. Has anyone experienced this and how long before you saw US positions eliminated?

Is it really worth it?

So many people are hanging in there hoping to get a severance payout before taking the initiative to find another job and leave. The question I have is what will you do once it’s exhausted and you haven’t found a job? Is it really worth holding onto... —  read more 

Forcing Employees Out

Optum Tech has resorted to forcing people out.. (resign or be terminated), despite MAP rating of 5, for example) especially women. Employment is “at will”, so unless you’re up for a legal battle, there is no recourse. HR buries complaints and cases... —  read more 

Business as usual.

Layoff for provider network management: contractors, developers, leads, and supervisors. President said during the meeting "it's business as usual for now". I'll have what she's smoking. Optum needs to save money after a few egregious business... —  read more 

LHI /Optum

Just laid off 130+ contractors and developers this morning. Have until September 23 to get placed. Severance package 1 week per year with the company. Wish me luck!!

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