Topics regarding layoffs at Optum

Topics regarding layoffs at Optum

It's the same everywhere

I had an in-law reach out to me last week to ask what's it like to work at Optum since he is considering transferring. He can't stand being overworked and underpaid at Molina anymore while he deals with a toxic work environment. Sounds familiar? Yup... —  read more 

Ranju das

I’m a business analyst and ranju did a townhall today. He told us if we don’t like it here leave. If we don’t like the culture we can exit. What a gem

This can't work out

I know of people who were forced to leave because they didn’t get the exemption, so I wonder if they didn't qualify for the exemption than who did.. Besides, the vaccine is not the only reason people are leaving. A lot of my colleagues have left... —  read more 

'Safer job'

I know no job is safe but rumors about layoffs before the end of the year make me very anxious because that would be the worst possible time to get laid off. Is it even possible to somehow make the job any safer? Work harder than ever, work better or... —  read more 

No more PTO

I was involved in a call last week, where some of the leadership were trying to figure out ways to not allow employees to take their PTO. This was in efforts to cover for the large amount of employees soon to be on “administrative suspensions” for... —  read more 

Worthless Management

It's truly pathetic when you are given (not earned) a management role. She meets with you ONLY to regurgitate EXACTLY what you told her to do as IF it's her idea or DIRECTION... What a total piece of sh-t. Her past completely explains everything! ... —  read more 

The Great Resignation

Any thoughts on the phenomenon about people quitting their jobs or moreover, getting laid off and not going back to work? We as employees are tired of being mistreated, having less and less each year as inflation rises. I remember when everyone got... —  read more 

Are you going to vaccinate?

How many people are going to bow down and vaccinate? I personally telecommute and find it ridiculous that UHC isn’t requiring telecommuters to vaccinate, but their red headed step child Optum is. They can have my job, I’m not doing it.

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