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Optum Analytics / Advisory Board Layoff

Around 90-100 of us Optum Analytics colleagues were laid off today thanks for the new Advisory Board acquisition. OptumInsight senior executives are making some major cut, and it’s sad to see my 7-year with the company gets let go like this!!! Very... read more
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Paving the Way for Sir Andrew’s Arrival

Hearing recently that no replacement requisitions are being approved at Optum for departing team members. Looks like the organization wants the financials to be ship-shape for the arrival of the new CEO on July 1. Good news for those fortunate enough... read more

VSIP - phase 2 underway

After releasing positive Q1 earnings on April 17th, where UHG net $1 Billion in profits, I guess they had no choice but to fund the remaining VSIP employees that accepted their original offer. Employee releases granted under a phased approach over... read more
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MedSynergies to Optum360

Optum360 purchased MedSynergies a couple years ago, but we did not 'transition' until 12/24/2017. Since then, they have severance more than half of our employees. They claim this is due to losing a major client (CHI) in September 2017. They assured... read more


I was laid off in July 2017 as part of the layoff. Two of us on my team were laid off and we were the oldest in age. Two younger more recent hires were kept on the team because they had worked with our boss previously and were his favorites. The... read more

Common Review today - bad news

I’m in late 30’s, grade 28, Optum Operations; after earning mostly 4’s and some 5’s on my review (which is solid performance), I only no raise and no bonus!!!!! WTF!!! I usually get 10% bonus in the past 3 years, and my manager hinted that Norman... read more

Duluth Layoffs

30 were laid off in Duluth a couple of weeks ago As expected, 2018 will be a repeat of 2017
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Optum layoffs july 2017

What happened in July - how many folks were let go. What groups were targeted.
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