Topics regarding layoffs at Optum

Topics regarding layoffs at Optum


This company is notorious for layoffs under the 20%, and gaslighting people after a CAP to get them to quit! Make them fire you! Then you can expose their TRUE culture.... TOXIC, and Discriminating.

Finally got promoted

Finally got promoted to Claims Adjuster, something I had already been doing for more than 2 years without the pay and title. Optum Puerto Rico is a joke. Can't believe I'm only getting paid .40 more cents than what I was making. Love these type of... —  read more 

Bye Bye J-Rex?

UNITEDHEALTH CFO ADDED TO LAWSUIT OVER 401(K) OFFERINGS. (google yourself) No kidding they switched to low cost Vanguard. This guy is baked in British Style. CFO has nearly left the building.


I'm really sick of the feeling that everything, even the smallest detail, is being controlled. All the colleagues I talk to complain about the same problem - micromanagement. I need this job because I can't find anything better for now, but I'm... —  read more 


It's that time again! If you're over 50 OR you don't kiss the bosses @55, you might want to dust off that resume! Personally, it needs to be leaked to CNBC..... they talk about other companies laying off, time to mention UHG! They did comment that... —  read more 

Build our case

Favoritism, micromanaging, lack of trust, lack of clarity, hostile and toxic work environment. You can’t trust HR and/or leadership anymore. Go to the attorneys let’s build our case!

Same old thing

Yes that’s right same old thing.. giving team members $15,000 bonus as a form of retention as our only client in SGS placed us on a CAP. Would it be bad for me to take the money and run?

TDP Associate tips?

Joining soon as a TDP associate and wanted to know what tips you got, how to secure a software engineer position after the program, etc... or should just go apply to some other company after I finish the TDP program lol

Fraud and Fake Programs

What business value these brings? TLCP UHG Inventor OptumLab Advisory Srvs Sustainability cr-p Sir Witty how much revenues ($) these fraudulent hot air programs bring? Challenge a bit and soon it will be exposed that big-5 rejects are running... —  read more 

Is HR ever on our side?

Fortunately I have never had any problem that would require me to ask for help from HR. However, I know some people who expected HR to fix some of their problems, but it didn't happen. I get the impression that we have no one to turn to when things... —  read more 

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