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Job being automated

7 out of 75 were laid off on my team in the last wave. Parts of my job have slowly been automated over the past 3 years. Is the writing on the wall for the rest of the team? Should I leave if I get another job offer even if the pay/benefits are less... —  read more 

Time for a union?

With all the layoffs happening at Optum, with no end in sight, in addition to the fact that the jobs are not being eliminated but moved to India or Philippines, is it time form a union? I am curious what others think?

Stop the layoff's Optum.

While I can dream that someone in Optum Leadership will read this, I can still dream, right? Two of the five Cultural Values are Compassion and Integrity. When you lay off people in wave after wave after wave, you show zero compassion and your... —  read more 

Don’t Be Afraid

I was part of the June layoff and landed a better role, at a better company, for better $$ in just over a month. I came here today because a former colleague informed of the blood bath last week. If you are impacted, here is the plan I... —  read more 

Lay-offs are not done

You absolutely need to be prepared. Update your resume. Start thinking about other job opportunities. I will also add that if your boss/manager promised you that you were safe, that was irresponsible on their part. Promises like that should never be... —  read more 


Everyone knows by now, especially coming to this site, that an Optum layoff is always in the future. Why put yourself through this misery every few months of stress? Don’t you AND your family deserve better? Stop blaming others and take control of... —  read more 

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The slime balls at OptumRx have been laying folks off, as soon as the work gets done and implementation is over and they are ready to hand the clients over to account management. They don’t care about their staff at all. Meanwhile, the VP’s and... —  read more 


I'm curious if Rory Mcllroy got rif'd. Optum constantly talks about cost savings... How vital is this "ambassador" to healthcare? Optics and profit are obviously more important than value to the actual customer. Rory do you have any humanity?... —  read more 

OptumInsight Layoffs Today

Job cuts are in progress, it's affecting many at OptumInsight. Both directors and VPs are being let go - managers and below as well. It's really bad and folks are emotional. We are minting money so I really do not understand why do they have to do... —  read more 

Payment Integrity News

Any news on payment Integrity? I’ve been so nervous these past few months... does anyone who has left the company have suggestions on where to apply? I’ve worked here for ten years and my skills are so specific to this company... I am lost for where... —  read more 

Just stop

Please stop buying the c-ap the company is spewing about how great Optum is or how safe you are from being cut. Or better yet - stop saying those who were RIFed deserved it because they had no value. Unless you accept what kind of company and... —  read more 

What a shock…NOT!

I was part of the recent layoffs, but what did I expect from a company that only cares about profits. I mean seriously, who couldn’t see the writing on the wall when ELT is slowly running the company into the ground while the toxic culture is... —  read more 

Optum Layoffs today

Heard that urgent conference call held this morning where participants were told of Optum layoffs happening today... again no details but those on the call were not part of the group. Any info?

OGS - IS this legal?

Dennis comes in and replaces Lee. Then Dennis starts pushing people out and bringing in his folks from DXE. Six people now? Question is: Is bringing in all the new people with No job postings to existing employees, no notifications, no... —  read more 

OptumCare OGS?

Anyone know WTH is going on over here? Almost no communication. Several reorgs, people are scared onshore is being let go. Specifically in the ART area. It is a mess! There are some hush hush meetings going on. rumor is someone opened a case against... —  read more 


This is getting unbearable. Managers are rude, belittling, cold. Mark P must have enough complaints to terminate him if Optum cares about us. We are asked to do things to manipulate metrics. We’re not doing nursing! Idk what to even call this... —  read more 

Just got laid off

Yep, today's the day all right. Just had my call. Sounds like it's gonna be a grim day for many. As for me, a mix of panic and relief. Was told it's all about "efficiencies" and "numbers" so my job was eliminated. Yeah, I'm sure now that they don't... —  read more 

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