Topics regarding layoffs at Optum

Topics regarding layoffs at Optum

20% of Clinical Laid Off/Terminated

This week until the end of February will be rough as 20% of clinical will be let go. They trimming from the top first so many of those in a grade 27 and below will be moved under different management. Cross your fingers

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Lawsuit Against UHC/Optum

UnitedHealthcare Tried to Deny Coverage to a Chronically Ill Patient. He Fought Back, Exposing the Insurer’s Inner Workings. Wickman paid $140 Million in 2021

February 2023 Layoffs

More layoffs and terminations will ramp up this month. Management has been asked to put together project plans for their teams so that as team members are let go they can divide the work left over to others. They want to ensure nothing is dropped... —  read more 

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Finally got laid off.

The funny thing is that they make you do all these unnecessary surveys, like employee experience surveys where you tell them that management is the problem and why their scores are so low just so they can fire you and your colleagues. 🤩

Layoffs today

From reliable source : layoffs happened today and will continue to happen. Not sure how far down it will go but still at a higher leadership level. PS. The highest of the Hierarchy knows about this site and is monitoring and trolling.

Side gig

Kudos to those who manage to have a side gig, but considering how overloaded I am here, it wouldn't be feasible in my case. However, it seems that there are quite a few of those who have side gigs?

I'm NOT Astrophysicist

There i said it! I put it in writing and emailed it out. It's NOT in my job description and I've never held that position..... So put in a CAP.... twist the words so when you talk to the Senior VP they quote what you said. They should be fired... —  read more 

Toxic Management and Culture

I'm so surprised that the shareholders haven't pulled their money out yet. If they know about the upcoming lawsuits due to the toxic, discriminatory manner people are treated they would do a major reorganization starting with Sh!%#y W!#%ty.

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