Topics regarding layoffs at Optum

Topics regarding layoffs at Optum

Dear AWwwwww!

Please resign Call Dave W’man to take over Call John S and D to replace 0.000X comedian World will forgive you. Do it before Elizabeth Warren makes a mince meat of you.

Contracts optum

Look up Bloomberg news. Contracts already not being renewed within company. Why would anyone believe home health contracts will be renewed? Hello!!! We need some good leadership now who will ask questions!! Stop with all the "quality" cr-p. You have... — read more 

2nd Ransom Demand

Does anyone know what’s going on with the second ransom demand? Apparently UHC was given an April 19th deadline or the hackers would start posting member data on the dark web. I wonder if that’s why Witty blew off the Congressional hearing. — read more 

Profit over people

Its rather pathetic that a company that preaches how the value people and how important they are they constantly demonstrating profit comes before people. Even when they boasted about revenue BILLIONS over forecast during COVID they changed the... — read more 


Search Optum on Linkedin and sort by newest. It is SPAMMED with recruiters posting jobs. Im sure in attempt to hide any negative posts. All the posts have the same text. Was the entire recruiting team given a script to post on Linkedin?!

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