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More Optum layoffs?

Anyone have insight on the next round of layoffs? Work is inconsistent, it seems like our days are numbered.

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Optum Customer Office Activation Team

Has anyone heard about any upcoming Optum Customer Office Activation Team layoffs? I heard they were going to lay off the whole team in August so am looking for confirmation.

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Q2 Results = More Layoffs

For those of us that were part of the last round of Optum layoffs on 6/17, you have to love this comment, taken from the Star Tribune article on UHG/Optum's Q2 results: "Earnings from operations at UnitedHealthcare jumped from $2.6 billion in the... —  read more 

BAY Area

HPSM is hiring for Provider Contracting Specialists Bay Area

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I was laid off on 6/17/2020. Has anyone received the severance check yet? Unemployment is sooo slow and bills don't stop.

Please HELP with Internet

I have had internet paid by our company for over 15 years. I am in fear of this being cut off any time, any day b/c I was laid off. I did call our local internet company, but they cannot start services until Optum stops it. How did others deals... —  read more 

There are a lot more layoffs to come

People, UHG as a whole is using the Covid19 reentery (meaning going back into the office) as a means of hiding how many people they are going to layoff. The are doing what they call restacking or densification where they are either telling people... —  read more 

Report UHG/UHC/Optum to The EEOC and NY times!

Make sure you report age, race, religion discrimination to the EEOC!! No matter how much these racist folks donate to say “Look, I’m not racist!” It’s not going to work! **Even if you’re still employed there, don’t be afraid to go through... —  read more 

I got laid off today

I guess I'll just be singing to the choir when I say what a terrible company they've become. Don't even get me started on how badly management has been treating myself and fellow/former employees over the last few months. Time to move on. Good luck... —  read more 

Laid Off Today

Here is my first ever post! I thank those who give information and I have valued your insight. Today I was laid off from OptumRx, it was by a sudden meeting called “Chat” by my 1 up (Director). Best of luck to everyone I was also given a list of... —  read more 

Address for returning computer

Does anyone know the address where we return computer equipment for being laid off? What do we return and is work supposed to provide the shipping label? I didnt see any info. about where and what to return for work equipment in the severance... —  read more 

Laid Off Today

I was laid off today. I must say that this was definitely a weight that was lifted off of my shoulders. I've never worked for a more unorganized, incompetent, antiquated and disrespectful division in my life. I was advised that I would be laid off... —  read more 

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This is not sustainable

Optum keeps cutting and cutting and cutting and those of us who are left have to continue picking up more and more work because there is simply not enough people to do everything that needs to be done. How long do they think they can keep this up? Is... —  read more 

OAS (Payer) layoffs...were you affected?

Hello. I am hearing that some lower level folks have been laid off within ADRT/OSS (26, 27, 28s) and some higher level folks have been laid off in other parts of OAS? It's confusing as who was affected and why? Any insights would be great. What a... —  read more 

Wicks Weekly Canceled

Anyone else notice that Wicks Weekly is canceled for the rest of June? Wonder if he’s avoiding questions or comments about the massive layoffs happening? Or is it just a coincidence?

Write off your lost salary...

From the Star Tribune "UnitedHealth Group said it will pay for the college education of George Floyd's children and donate more than $10 million to help Twin Cities neighborhoods hurt by the riots of the past week." Now we know how the above... —  read more 


I was just laid off. I hear it’s impacting quite a lot of people today. Prayers for us all. I was in Data Mining/Analytics.

How do I know if I’m laid off?

I’m older (over 50) I’m not a high performer just 3’s been told or warned of being a 2. I make high mid grade salary for my grade. I’ve also not been doing well lately. Would management assume I should be laid off? I’ve been here for over 10 - 15... —  read more 

WHO Sir Witty

Is he still employed? POTUS stops funding cronies.

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For anyone seeking change I recommend avoiding this.

I worked at aetna and I would recommend avoiding applying to any of these facilities located in southern california area. If you are seeking another place to go to. I was an account administrator for a long time at this place. They honestly don't... —  read more 

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Why are they acting like covid is over?

In Dave’s daily or wicks weekly or whatever it’s called now he acted like this is over. Numbers going down, things looking great and he’ll Have to think of other things to talk about with dr migliori. We know this isn’t true as some states haven’t... —  read more 

Layoffs 5/27 Optum

Optum RX 209 customer service reps, supervisors and managers let go today Wed. 5/27 all locations except offshore of course.


Has anyone witnessed retaliation? I had a front row seat to my manager retaliating against a member of our team when they complained to upper management about the manager's lack of knowledge. This manager would have meetings where they ignored the... —  read more 

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Criteria for Laying Someone Off

Can someone give some feedback for what the basic criteria is for RIFs? I’m assuming it’s money, so if you are on a team and you make a higher salary then you will go. Is there a range they look for? I also have heard from past employees who were... —  read more 

Who ownes this website?

Does anyone know who owns this website? It has tons of posters, so somebody is making money off this website. I always like to follow the money and see the agenda behind things.

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