Topics regarding layoffs at Optum

Topics regarding layoffs at Optum

It was exhilarating

Over a week ago I posted that I had a problem and considered taking it to HR. Many advised against it and instead to bite the bullet until I could find a replacement. Well, I got lucky and I found a replacement which starts in a few weeks. So I... —  read more 

Project/Program Managers

Does anyone have any insight if project/program managers are being slowly faded out? Lately, pm’s have been removed from various tasks in timeline process and left out of conversations. Your feedback is much appreciated!

Awards and bonuses

Are awards and bonuses indicative of keeping your job? I keep getting them somewhat randomly but truly feel my job is being digitized and will be eliminated eventually and I have been applying elsewhere. Any insight?

Should I take it to HR?

First and foremost I want to say that I am in the process of looking for another job and I’m not evening waiting for the next “layoff”. The problem I have is with my manager. I can take criticism with the best of them. I’m an adult but to demoralize... —  read more 

This is a toxic company

Optum managers don't care about anyone but themselves . The love the bullies and encourage them to make as many people miserable as possible so we will quit. This is such a toxic company and it gets worse everyday . I am sorry that I decided to work... —  read more 

Lack of innovation?

There is a saying that goes something like "the companies must innovate and grow or die". Does it seem to you that Optum can no longer boast of its innovation? I think something must be done about that because if we stand still the competition will... —  read more 

Overtime for a whole year

Is it normal / acceptable for companies to be requiring mandatory overtime from 45-55 hours per week? Why not hire more people? The burnout is real and the Rph profession is going to sh*t. PBM is becoming retail.

Stop Complaining

Please stop complaining about your job. If you don't enjoy the stress of waiting to get fired or laid off, start looking for a new job. We all know how this ends. It took me well over a year to find a better position with a better salary. Put your... —  read more 

Lay me off

Please just lay me off. I’m still young, ambitious, smart and have dreams, and don’t want to age or retire in such an environment. 7 years here is enough. But apparently I just need some more balls to do the deed myself, and say goodbye to the 401K... —  read more 

Feeling on the Horizon

I have a feeling Optum is going to be laying more people off...does anyone have any insight? I heard April was the next time, but also heard through conversation that they were possibly looking at one this month as well.

Walked out

I had planned to give notice after my shift was completed but instead my project manager p-ss-d me off badly. I thought screw it and just turned around and walked out. The funny thing is that with every step that took me closer to the door I felt a... —  read more 

Optum Home Plan

I am a Sales Account Manager for The Optum Nursing Home SNP. We have a mandatory months end meeting - thinking this is going to be bad.... anyone else have thoughts on this?

Networking paid off

Over the last year I’ve been using contacts to help me get out of this godforsaken place. Went to a few interviews that didn’t pan out but I never gave up. I wanted out but I couldn’t just quit with nothing to fall back on. Thankfully that... —  read more 

Will layoffs ever stop?

I'm so, so, so tired of learning about new layoffs every other month. Ffs, just stop! This is mentally exhausting! You want to lay people off? Fine! Do it and be done with it. Grow a pair and just have one huge round so that the rest of us can stop... —  read more 

Optum Layoff News (KLAS)

More layoffs in the news - Optum RX this time WARN reports Optum RX and The Smith Center will layoff more than 300 employees LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — More layoffs are expected to hit the Las Vegas valley. According to the Department of Employment... —  read more 


**Have any product/project managers been laid off? If so, what department were you in and for how long? I feel like my product services are no longer needed as they have brought on some offshore people Just wondering if I should start to apply... —  read more 


Been lurking here for awhile some stuff is off the wall insane but most is true. How hard does optum dispute unemployment behavior lately from management is insanely psychotic.


How long were you all at Optum before being let go? I was only there for 5 years with nothing to show for it. Next job, I’ll make sure my PTO rolls over continuously. That’s a nice cushion to have when you can cash it out when you leave... —  read more 

Thanks, but no thanks

An Optum recruiter contacted me last week via LinkedIn. I had previously worked at Optum for a year as a Lead Engineer. I told her thanks but no thanks. The environment was toxic and the worst place I have ever worked in nearly 20 years. I didn't get... —  read more 

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Hiring spree!

Is it me, or does Optum seem like they are on a hiring spree. I’m looking on linked at Optum employees and most are from external companies and have only been in there role for 4months to a year. Why are they hiring but firing at the same time? Are... —  read more 

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